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Proofreading cost

Got tired of the numerous offers for editing, promising cheap yet turning a fortune in the end? Did it happen to you to browse the site, study the college paper editing prices, lodge an order and get the result together with the bill for twice a higher amount than you expected? If so, we propose to heal your frustration by filing your next order for editing with us! (Apart from that, studying the mechanism of the careful selection of the service suppliers would also be useful.) Our rating system is clear and transparent, the price is agreed before the final confirmation of the order, and the quality of the works is commendable! Use the advantages of our online paper editing service to a full extent! Enjoy the open attitude of our virtual reception desk via the online chat; get the full support at each stage of placement of your order. Our editors are the reputable professionals having a sound education in linguistics; they are experienced in working with students and post-graduates and can easily adjust their work to the customer’s requirements. Learn now how to benefit from our services and enrich your own knowledge and skills. Get to know how to compose an essay for A+! We have a transparent system of the costs’ estimation, and strive to make it clear to each of our customers! See the proofreading cost’s establishment analyzed in the present post, so you will have an ample knowledge of the economic background of all of the editing!

Get paid to edit essays – analysis of the expenses

The cost of the service represents its fundamental pillar. Any service provider before establishing him- or herself as such, usually performs the preliminary economic estimation of the service’s potential profitability. See the link for the description of the correct estimation of the economic factors of the price. It includes the analysis of the available facilities, the potential costs and expenses, as well as the potential income. The latter depends much on such factors as the provider’s reputation, presence of the clients’ database / some contacts in the field, the quality of the services provided. The “facilities” imply material and intangible assets the services’ provider has available at the moment, or is able to acquire later. With regard to the editing, these include but are not limited to editor’s relevant education (confirmed by the diplomas, qualification certificates etc.), the reliable PC or laptop with the relevant software and the constant Internet connection, experience in the different kinds of paper editing (the brief review of the different types of the editing activities can be traced via the link with the particular accent on rewording), knowledge of the target auditory (mostly students) and its demands.

The analysis of the expenses also must take into account both physical and non-physical expenses. The former encompasses, first of all, the cost for the maintenance and / or acquisition of the material amenities and intangible assets (buying or signing up for the professional editing programs, for systems of the text analysis; upgrading the PC; getting the necessary license or certificates and so on). Find out how to check your essay in Math or Chemistry in the easiest way! The non-physical expenses include the spending of the personal intangible assets of the editor, like his or her time, working skills, experience in the area, communication skills etc.

The mentioned factors also prove the editor’s level of efficiency, as well as stand for his or her credibility. Meanwhile, if your tight deadline does not allow you to perform a thorough check of the editor’s assets, if you are jumping onto the Google search desperately with an appeal “Someone revise my paper, quick!” than the best solution would be to approach the editor from the reliable and / or recommended website. Just a quick glance through the website will allow you to form your own opinion regarding the experience and reputation of the company. Choose the professionals!

Together with the listed factors, the editor, as any service provider, must also consider his or her desired profit; and analyze the possibility of its earning. The amount of the planned profit may be grounded on the expenses’ account; in this case, it usually makes some percentage of the physical expenses born for the fulfilling of the particular order, or includes a part of the monthly editor’s expenses. It can be established in accordance with the editor’s needs; however, in case it is higher than with other editors, such profit must be backstopped by some unique assets. The history of the editing field shows us that the unique assets may be represented by a sound experience in some narrow field of knowledge unpopular with other editors (for example, Nuclear Physics), impeccable reputation, perfect working skills (e.g. high speed and quality of the performance) etc. They also can be supported by the editor’s special education. For example, there are just a few English editors who can boast being the MBA essay editing service company. The profit, however grounded it may be with regard to the actual expenses and unique assets, still must not make the service uncompetitive. If there are more than two suppliers, the average market price must be the benchmark for an adequate price offer. For example, if the average proofreading thesis cost makes from USD 3 to USD 7 per page, putting your offer at USD 12 will certainly not bring you more clients, however perfect your editing skills might be. If the editor's expenses for the particular order or editing activities, in general, are proportionally higher than the average market price, then the solution lays in dealing with the expenses' reduction first. See these issues explained exhaustively in the best English blog for editing! You will find plenty of useful yet not boring information about proofreading as well!

All the above-mentioned factors participate in the establishment of the price for the editing costs. A thorough search and comparative analysis might bring you to order the most economical yet effective academic editing services. The editing is a vast field including the tasks of the different complexity and different price level. Let us examine the formation of the price for the proofreading analysis of the text as the example.

Meanwhile, in case you are curious about other methods and techniques applied in editing, as well as about the editing economic background, you can always check one of our unique posts about the editing business outlining the causes and sequences of working with the editor.

Proofreading is the processing of the text aiming to spot and fix its external deficiencies. It deals with spelling’ correction, the proper placement of the punctuation marks (as they are usually completely missing from the text), the primary analysis of grammar and its correction. Apply to the fastest essay proofreading service at reasonable prices! Proofreading does not include the estimation of the text structure, logical connections, justification of ideas and arguments. Thus, proofreading takes the lower level in the editing tasks’ hierarchy. Nevertheless, it is a task requiring the significant spending of the above-mentioned non-physical skills. The editor must be knowledgeable in the English grammar and basic principles of the text composition, as well as in the subject of the text, be well aware of the requirements for papers in this particular field of knowledge. He or she must be an accurate and thorough in his or her analysis, have sufficient time and good working area in order to perform efficiently the task requiring a scrupulous analysis and close attention. Give us an account of your needs, for instance, "Help me to proofread my document and to revise its structure, if needed”, and we shall deliver the fastest and the most economical service!

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Let us summarize the mentioned statements briefly, in the form of the list.

Proofreading cost includes:

  • Physical costs’ estimation:
  • Tangible assets’ expenses (PC’ / laptop’s purchase or rent, office rent etc.);
  • Intangible assets (hardware and software, license’ / certificate’ acquisition).
  • Non-physical costs’ estimation:
  • Professional skills (knowledge of the subject, linguistic skills, experience in editing. For example, not all editors working with the students, can boast to be the certified professional dissertation editors);
  • Auxiliary skills (thoroughness, responsibility, sociable character etc.);
  • Time spent on fulfilling the order, communicating with the customer, execution of necessary formalities (contract signing (if applicable), receipt of the funds, report preparation (if required)). If the time is your key resource, apply to us for the fast proofreading. Tell us “Proofread my essay in 6 hours”, and find your paper right there neatly proofread in five and a half hours!
  • Editor’s profit. Can be based on different grounds (expenses’ estimation, average market price, personal preferences and so on). 

We have examined the general principles of the price establishment for proofreading. Now let us delve a bit deeper into the matter and study the specifics of the rating system for proofreading services. Scroll down now! Or have a look at the smart article about proofreading a PhD thesis and the pitfalls that might await the inexperienced post-graduate on his or her way to the perfect dissertation.

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Proof reading cost per word or per page – why does that matter?

When the services’ providers establish the price for their offer, they usually need to ground it and present its analysis. This is the marketing technology aimed at gaining more clients, attracting them by the simplicity and transparency, persuading in the provider’s honesty and reliability. The means for such presentation is the rating system. Read more about the modern marketing technologies, as some of them might be used for making your texts more readable and attractive. The rating system usually represents the breakdown of services and their cost’s estimation in relation to some aspect. The latter can be the volume of the work (with regard to proofreading, this can be an essay or a thesis), the time spent for its performance (for example, the same order may be fulfilled within two hours, within one day, a week, a month and so on), the established unit of the working material (for instance, proofreading per word, per page, per clause, per document). Check out our new options of student’s servicing by ordering student assignment proofreading service for your paper in Quantitative Analysis and Experimental Psychology!

If you wonder where to look for the proofreading of a high quality yet supported by the affordable price, check the next post about our tailor-cut services. We work with students and post-graduates and have an ample knowledge of the colleges’ requirements.

Read the essays providing the comprehensive analysis of all of the editing systems and auxiliary programs, accumulated in our professional editing-oriented blog! Search for the issues you are interested in and let us know if you’d like to have more details about any of them!

With regard to proofreading we can talk about the rating system based on the established work unit. The most popular units for proofreading cost’s estimation are the word and the page of the written text. See other methods of the independent unit’s definition applied for text editing, used by different editors throughout the world. We shall talk about each of them with regard to their positive and negative features.

Proofreading costs per word imply that the word is taken as a starting point for calculation of the price for the fulfilment of the order. Order quality editing and proofreading service at the appealing price! The proofreader performs the editing, then the quantity of words is counted in the text (today we have automated systems for this), then it is multiplied by the established rate. The result is the price for the performance of the order.

This system has the following peculiarities:

  • Positive:
  1. It is one of the most precise systems of estimation. The method of calculation is generally clear and available for anyone. Besides, it takes into account every independent unit of the text. Such rating systems are usually adopted by the cheap reliable proofreading service companies, who are at the stage of establishing themselves in the market.
  2. It provides for the justified payment for the work. If the rate is based on a word, you can be sure you won’t pay additional costs if you have fewer words on the page number four than on the page number one. It works especially well with the texts containing a lot of charts, tables, diagrams and other drafted material. If you had the experts revised or proofread your essay, you probably already know that such elements as pictures, tables and so on are charged on a different principle of pricing.
  3. It is handy. You do not have to perform the complex calculations in order to find out how much you’ve got to pay for the incomplete page (having a written text for two-thirds of the page), for a page performed in the font different from the rest of the text, for the page where there are six paragraphs instead of eight and so on.
    • Negative:
  1. To some extent, it can be estimated as unfounded. There are a lot of auxiliary words that do not require much effort to be used / to be written, and that we do not consider as a meaning unit when using them. These are articles (a / an / the), prepositions (on / above / after), some adverbs and adverbial modifiers (meanwhile / thus / as a matter of fact) and so on. These words are usually produced automatically by our mind, and we tend to make little mistakes in them. Some of these units consist of more than one word (as it is with the adverbial modifiers), each of which is counted when calculating the price. In this way, the price might be quite high, while the actual quantity of words requiring proofreading might be insignificant. Submit your essay for the trustful English grammar editing services, and we shall agree on the optimal way of pricing for your paper!
  2. Absence of the single way of the words’ calculation. Some editors count the auxiliary words that we mentioned above, when calculating the price, some do not. Some editors count the grammatical abbreviations like don’t, she’d, I’ve as one word, and some – as two. With some editors, you may find out that the digits (1, 21, 587) are not counted, while the others consider them as full words. This leads to the uncertainty of the customer when placing an order and to lengthy discussions and clarifications held before (and sometimes after) the final confirmation of the order.
  3. This method is not universal. In some languages, such rate system might be inacceptable. It concerns first of all the agglutinative languages like German and Finnish that combine words into phrases by means of their “gluing up” together. In this way, some word-combinations or even the whole sentences might be expressed just by one word. Thus, if you are going to apply for the cheap term paper proofreading services for your essay in German, you should double check the way of pricing assigned for the order.

Therefore, we can see that establishing the rate for proofreading per word has its advantages with regard to the simplicity of the method. At the same time, this system is not applicable in some languages, and the principles of the definition of the term “word” must be agreed beforehand. The explanation of the term “word” as it is understood in editing can be traced in the separate subdivision of our multi-directional linguistic blog on the Internet. Just throwing a quick glance at the contents you will see it contains all the information you need to know about English editing and the English language. For instance, learn how to compose and write your thesis smoothly and quickly, and get numerous wholesome tips for punctuation improvement. Pay us a visit today, and stay tuned!

Curious where to find the optimal academic proofreading rates but do not want to spend your time for plunging into petty details? Find all the answers here and file your order on our website!

Proofreading costs per page take the standard page of the text as a benchmark for the calculation. Usually the other text parameters are also considered when establishing the rate. For example, on the editor's website, you might find the following description: Rate per standard A4 page of the typed text, font Calibri 14, space 1.5. If your text is less than a page or has several pages, the price would be reduced or increased proportionally. However, some editors do not split the costs and consider even the page with a few symbols as a full one. Test our rating system, as well as the quality of our performance, by lodging an order for express article rewriting service!

The rating of the proofreading services per page has the following distinctive features:

  • Positive:
  1. It allows for the wider analysis of the text, when the editor processes the text as a whole, not being distracted by the separate words. The linguistic researches of the reading process show that, when we are aiming at comprehending the whole text, we understand it better, grasp the basic meaning faster, and analyze it more thoroughly, than when we are only looking for some particular elements of it. See the perfect example of such analysis in our essay editing samples for writing. At the same time, when we concentrate on some textual units, we do not pay much attention to the general sense of the text. In proofreading, it means that if we look for the mistakes in the words, we may pass by the following phrase without taking much notice: She had a good role there. Meanwhile, if we analyze the text in full and notice the previous sentence was They decided to dine together at the Japanese restaurant last evening, we would see that most probably the next phrase must read She had a good roll there. Therefore, the reliance on the larger scope when processing the text provides for its better understanding and thus more thorough analysis.
  2. It favors closer attention to details. Similarly to the previous point, when the text is considered as some meaningful integral unit, the outstanding details, such as mistakes, typos, missing punctuation immediately spring to sight. (Wish to avoid simple but annoying grammar mistakes? Consult our grammar specialist!) Compare the following extract: It was yesterday knight, she regarded him with suspicion. The sentence seems quite grammatical, though there some doubt might arise as to its consistency. Meanwhile, if we read the text carefully and find out there is no word about any knight or someone who may be called so, we can see that the phrase should read as It was on a yesterday night, that she regarded him with suspicion. Thus, the analysis of the text aimed at its meaning, can provide much better results than just looking for the spelling mistakes. Aiming at the global comprehension, we can catch more of petty and inconspicuous details. That is why proofreading of the secret and / or important papers must be entrusted to reliable professionals only, having a wide scope of services and profound understanding of the task.
    • Negative:
  1. Probable overpricing due to the rounding of the cost's amounts. The problem we already mentioned is that the incomplete page can be calculated by some editors as a full one, thus bringing another two to ten bills out of the customer's pocket. That seems unjustified, as, for example, the title list usually contains no more than 50 words, and charging the same price for it as per the page of 700 words seems unfair. This issue may be solved if the editor and the customer agree to calculate the price per each page proportionally to its volume.
  2. Inadequate rating in case of the tables, diagrams, drafts and so on. Here the situation may turn out to be unfavorable to the editor, as well as to the customer. If the diagram is large and requires just a short explanation, the customer suffers losses. However, if there are several drafts and tables on a page, having lengthy explanations and numerous remarks performed in the tiny font, the editor might find him- or herself doing more job for the same payment. The probable solution, in this case, may lay in discussing such particulars in advance and agreeing on the way of the pricing beforehand.
  3. In order to receive an adequate quote, you should format the text beforehand, so that each line is performed in the same font and size, with the same spacing and so on. This method allows reducing the negative impact of the factors mentioned in the previous points (rounding the costs to the bigger amounts, overpricing due to tables’ usage and so on). However, the inconvenience for the customer is obvious. Upon receiving the result, he or she would have to make all the spacing, font and size changing, bolding, underlining etc. anew. Therefore, another half an hour or even more would be spent on the text formatting. That is frustrating, if you intend to rewrite or proofread your essay for money, as you have to both pay for the work and do a part of it yourself.

The benefits the customer receives from the application of the proofreading rate per page lay in the wider and more thorough analysis of the text, usually applied in this case. They also imply the better understanding of the text by the editor. The editors from our team are particularly keen on attending to the client’s needs. Whatever is the issue you are currently interested in: be it the social and legal background of editing, or an inquiry how to travel and learn English efficiently, they are always there to help! See some example of their work in the special section of our linguistic blog. As to the drawbacks, the described system of rating implies that the same way of calculation should be used for the different elements of the text. Such situation may be favorable or not agreeable to the customer. The solution is the detailed discussion of the pricing that should be held before the performance of the order has been started.

Summarizing the listed factors, we can say that both methods of the proofreading’ pricing are not perfect. Each of them has its drawbacks that lay either in the way of calculation, or in the way of perception of the text. However, provided all other qualities of the editor are impeccable, there is always the possibility to adjust the rating system to the individual format of your paper or at least to have it explained exhaustively. Check the reliable proofreading companies and their pros and cons in a tailor-cut post from our blog, designed for helping the students to make their best choice!

Let us remind you that we do not require your personal data to be presented to us. Our editors are trained in the best practices of the business etiquette, and if you do not wish to disclose your personality, your intention will be regarded with respect. Click here to order anonymous student editing services, for no additional price!

Remember that on our website you can browse the breakdown of prices for the editing services, including proofreading. In case some information is unclear or needs additional clarification, you are welcome to use our contact page or a live chat to relay your questions or propositions. We hire only the professional staff, knowledgeable in both editing matters and the social communication. Test the skills of our editors today! Whatever is your order (proofreading an essay in Social Dynamics, quick revision of paper in the Experimental Geometry, rewording an assignment in the Basics of Surgery), the qualified and friendly editor will provide you with the best prices and will be open to discuss any query or any offer on your part. Here is a post from our editing blog describing our services in more detail. We have a special program of supporting the non-English speaking customers that includes additional consulting on all of the editing issues. Drop by our blog to find out what we are doing today, and join the vast family of our loyal customers!

The professionalism of our staff and simplicity and comprehensiveness of our blog are best described through the actual examples. You can see some of them listed below. We are delivering the smartest and cheapest university / college essay editing service, and compose our blog in accordance with the student’s needs. There you will find not only the essays and posts about rewriting, proofreading, copyediting, revision and other editing tasks, but also the comprehensive reviews on the most complicated and obscure issues that the non-native speaker might encounter while studying the English language:

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  6. Data exchange (i.e. order placement and result delivery) is performed via the website.
  7. Already thousands of students have tried and experienced professionalism of the specialists of our company.

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It is very easy to become a client of our company. All you need is to send us a request pressing the “Order” button. You will be directed to a page with an order form that you need to fill out. The details to mention are the type of service, subject matter, requirements and instruction, deadlines and contact details. You can pay for our services in any way that you prefer.

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What is proofreading thesis cost?

When you decide to hire a professional to check your paper, you probably wonder if you can afford this kind of service. So what is the price for paper proofreading? Today, proofreaders usually charge per hour. The minimum rate is about 25 pounds (or 31 dollars, or 28 euro), and the pace of work is about 2,500 – 3,000 words per hour. In this case, the cost per word is approximately £0.007–£0.013, or $0.01–$0.016/€0.008–€0.014. Thus, if you need to proofread a text of 300 words, it will cost about $3-4.8 approximately. As you can see, you can afford it!

Of course, the prices vary greatly. Freelance writers and professional companies have different pricing policy. You can search and choose the best option for you. However, we can assure you that the most affordable prices and the best price/quality ratio are provided by our company. Do not hesitate to contact us, and we will be happy to assist you. provides the best professional proofreading service in the UK!

Have you encountered the different methods of the pricing for editing before? Was everything clear and transparent or there were some issues to be clarified? Let us know what made the biggest difficulty for you. Write to us!