Why to Rewrite Assignments?


Rewrite assignments

Has it happened to you that you prepared your assignment well beforehand, staying confident you’ve got it ok and not bothering yourself anymore until the day before submitting it? But then, when you read your text, you realize it is not the way you’d like to present your work.

To solve your problem, there exists the professional college essay editing service. The efficient and experienced linguists will examine your assignment and advise the optimal ways to edit it. If the overall sense and contents are agreeable and the deadline is pressing, it is most likely the rewriting will be the key to the issue.

Five reasons to rewrite assignments

Sometimes it happens that you spot some deficiency in the text however cannot articulate precisely its nature. Maybe it just needs a slight reconstruction or a more thorough proofreading? Or you are just too critical for yourself and your assignment matches the requirements of your teacher perfectly? How to determine the quality of your paper?

The most obvious answer would be to approach the specialist. The experienced professional keen on the academic papers editing online will supply the specific grounded linguistic conclusion regarding your text within no more than 20 minutes. He or she will also suggest the ways to enhance the paper, should it need improvement.

What reasons make the rewriting of your assignment necessary? Let us examine them.

1. The inconsistent or inappropriate style. If you are not on close terms with the academic style, it may happen that colloquial and even jargon lexis can be present in your paper. Besides, the scientific style also prescribes the use of the certain speech patterns that you should be aware of before you are starting to write your assignment. For example, subsequently, grounding on the mentioned above, considering the listed factors and so on. There are also some grammar-oriented patterns that must be also applied: the Passive Voice constructions are more appropriate in this style of writing than in other ones (The conclusion was drawn, the experiments were held, theoretical grounds were applied). Thus, for adjusting the style rewriting works perfectly – all you need is just to change the frame, without affecting the contents.

2. Composition deficiencies. If some of the essential structural parts of your assignment mingle with other ones, e.g. conclusion isn’t presented separately but has to be derived from the arguments and evidence, your paper needs rewriting. If the theoretical background, problem itself, evidence and conclusion seem incongruous or fall abruptly, without transitions, rewriting is a key to it, again. In the first case you need to detach the conclusions’ parts from the other compositional elements and form a separate conclusion. In the second case, use linguistic means for shaping the transitions. Use stable patterns, such as in this regard, in accordance to, further to the abovementioned etc.

3. Improper accents. Your assignment is composed in accordance to all the requirements and represents a good piece of writing. However, when reading it you do not trace exactly the main point throughout the paper, though it was described in the thesis sentence. Here again rewriting may help you. Introduce your idea into each part of the document, present it as an unfolding thought. For example, introducing the idea of the importance of the father’s part in the children growing up into the phrase stating the disarray in the gender roles in the modern society would look as follows:

Today the gender roles are not strictly outlined in the modern society. The more important grows a role of the father in the self-identification of a child.

4. Format deficiencies. If your assignment has a consistent idea and strong argumentation base, yet it differs from what the college sets as requirements for such paper, try to make a slight rewriting of it. If you are not sure as to the citing’ execution, avoid the direct quoting by rephrasing it. For example, rephrasing famous Einstein’s quote regarding education would go as follows:

The basic knowledge imprinted firmly in your mind even in a lapse of years, form the real core of your education.

While formatting is not such a difficult task, it takes a lot of time and requires close attention and the accuracy in details. The efficient editor possesses all the needed qualities and opportunities to perform this task impeccably. Derive more from the selected useful posts in our linguistic and editing blog https://essay-editor.net/blog/the-best-paper-editor-will-edit-your-course-paper.

5. Need for adding to or reducing the text. If you have discovered some important information that would sufficiently complement your assignment and improve its contents, rewriting will help you to insert it smoothly, in line with the main text. If your text turns out too lengthy and you’d like to cut some information without harming the contents, here again use the rewriting techniques. Try to use the words encompassing the meaning of the two or more ones (e.g. self-restraint instead of restraining oneself, particulars instead of specific features and so on). Weed out the “empty” words not bringing any more sense to the text, like absolutely, profound, next to nothing. Cut or replace the colorful attributes as well. There is no room in your academic papers for magnificent, ghastly and breathtaking.

Have you spotted any of the mentioned problems in your paper? If so, you know now what editing technique would suit your text the best. If you decided to entrust it to the efficient editor, like our best essay and dissertation editor online, that might be a wise decision. The experience of the editors engaged in the more complicated and serious tasks can help to rewrite your text in the optimal way. In the following clause, we shall talk of how to make a right choice among the variety of offers presented on the Web.

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Choosing the best rewriter for your assignment

We have determined on the reasons, the task and the ways to implement it. What is left to define is who will be performing the task.

If you have a proper education, some bits of linguistic talent, read a lot in English and have sufficient active vocabulary, you can well do the rewriting yourself. For that, check the most popular ways as to how to rewrite and revise an essay or other academic paper.

Meanwhile, if you are not the English native speaker and doubt your ability to edit the text in English efficiently, it would be reasonable to entrust the rewriting of your paper to the professional linguist. Yet, how to choose one among the thousands offers on the Web?

There is more than one answer to this question. However, not all the obvious solutions turn out to be appropriate ones. Let us examine them closer.

  • Check the website. The design and clear navigation of the website prove the solid and client-oriented approach of the editing company. However, do not let the colorful design and abundance of the promising description delude you. Briefness and consistency are the key qualities for the efficient editor. It doesn’t mean, though, that you’ve got to reject at once any appealing site. Just make sure it provides the consistent services, not only advertise them as such. See how proper advertising may affect our choice, and be on guard with the selection of an editor for your academic paper!
  • Check the feedback. Monitoring the feedback about any service provide might be quite useful, however requires a critical mind. If the feedback is 99% firm positive and 1% slightly positive, it is most likely it was properly organized that way. Browse the independent feedback forums or the ones dedicated to linguistic area. Pay attention to all the feedback – both positive and negative one, analyze what strong and weak features the company have. If the final picture coincides with your impression of an efficient editing company, go for it. If now, search for another one.
  • Check the performance. Most of the professional editing websites post the samples of their work. However, be keen on not to fall into the trap of the unscrupulous opportunists. Always check such text with the plagiarism checker. If it relates the links to the other sources, except the editor’s website, it is better to look for another one. Pay attention to the contents and the quality of the posted samples, too. It may happen that they won’t have the level of efficiency required by your paper. See some samples of our best works on our website dedicated to the essay editing services in USA and UK. We work with both variants of English – the American and British English respectively.
  • Check the attitude. Lodge a primary request or just ask a question via the website’s contact tab. If you are not replied within half-an-hour, or replied dryly and not clearly, it is reasonable to approach another editor. See, however, the different types of the people personalities and their way of communication. Do not blame the introvert for succinct remarks and the extravert for abundant descriptions. Remember, though, that the attitude towards the client may not affect the efficiency of the performance, however it may influence the result as representing quite a different matter from the one you expected. The overly genial and informal welcome, though, can hardly make a part of the professional linguist’s way of communication. Select the business-like, clear and concise editor sensitive to your requests and remarks.

Certainly, these are not the exhaustive guidelines on the rewriting matters. However, grounding on the suggestions, offered in the present post, you most likely will make the right choice regarding the rewriting of your assignment. Among the reliable offers, consider our website as well. Our staff consists of the well-educated experienced linguists specializing on the academic writing and editing. Our editors will meet your strictest requirements and will be ready to answer any of your enquiries at any time of the day. Besides, lodging an order just now you can win the discount for your paper. Try us! See more tips on our performance and the way of dealing with customers in the following article https://essay-editor.net/blog/why-do-people-use-essay-editing-services.   

What makes us the best essay rewriting service?

We are here to improve your essay writing or any other texts, and we’ll do it in the best way. Here is why:

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The modern ways of how to rewrite essays

Today one can find helpful software helping to rewrite essay or any other content:

  • essay rewriter tool (it is also known as an article rewriter tool, paraphrasing tool, rewording tool, texts rewriting tool, etc.);
  • programs checking if your essay contains plagiarism free content.

Please, try our rewrite tool and share your feedback on the chat.

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On our website you can check the services we provide and place an order for the rewrite or other editing of your paper. See the animated posts our professional writers have prepared in order to introduce the world of English to you! They give the exhaustive information on the editing matters, as well as the tricky parts of the English grammar. Enjoy!

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