Content editing services for businesses and individuals

We are a leading editing agency providing copyediting, proofreading and content enhancement services for businesses and individuals. With a team of 100+ editors, we provide comprehensive content editing for different industries, preparing the copy for publication in shortest terms.

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We offer professional editing services to for all types of content

  • Blog editing services

    Having a corporate blog is a great way to engage the visitors and establish the reputation as an authority in your field. Moreover, running a blog where you share helpful information with the audience increases your brand's credibiligy. Our skilled content editors will polish every blog post before publishing to ensure it's free from errors, the tone of voice is consistent and the post is properly stuctured.

    Website content editing

    People often evaluate a business based on the quality of its website. If the landing page is informative, tailored to the customer's needs and wants, and free from any errors, it creates interest to your brand and helps build credibility. Our experts will not only correct grammar and spelling, but also improve the word choice and logical flow to better convey your value proposition.

    SEO editing

    It is essential to adapt the website content and articles for SEO to improve your website's position in search results. Our team has experts in SEO and digital marketing. We can help adjust your content to SEO requirements and add high-value keywords to streamline your digial promotion efforts.

  • Article editing service

    Need to polish a guest blog article, white paper or a press release? experts can correct the written piece and ensure that it is of the highest quality. A content editor will fix grammar, spelling and punctuation as well as implement stylistic changes to help get your message across and improve your brand recognition.

    Manuscript editing

    Apart from web content editing, we can proofread your manuscript and prepare it for publicaiton. Whether it's a book or a journal article, an editor who understands your field will fix mechanical language errors, improve the structure and give recommendation to strengthen your ideas and argument. We will also format your manuscript according to the recommended style guide.

    Original content writing

    Need professional blog or content writing? Our site has 100+ experienced writers specializing in 65+ industries. We can produce original website content that outlines your competitive advantages and drives sales, engaging blog articles that boost the brand visibility and develop any other website content on your demand.

Improve your brand's visibility with professional content editing

  • Even the small mistakes can undermine the effectiveness of your content. Typos, grammar issues and overall sloppiness can turn the visitors away from your website or other platforms. Like it or not, people evaluate companies based on the quality of the content it distributes. If you would like to build a stronger online presence and get a reputation as an influencer in your industry, consider content editing services.

  • In 2022, it is essential for every business to publish only the high-quality content on the website, blog, and social media. Professional editing services is the cheapest way to achieve just that. Unlike many of our competitors, we use a holistic approach to editing content. Our experts not only fix typos, grammar and syntax, but also look at the logical flow of ideas, the stucture of your copy, and tone of voice. As we edit your text at all levels, you receive a publication-ready piece that will attract a wider audience.

How it works

  • Step 1. Place an order

    Upload the document for editing and explain your expectations in detail (whether you need structural, substantive or line editing). Pay the order using your preferred method. All payments are secure thanks to our special encryption system.

    Step 2. Editor is assigned

    We assign the best qualified editor on your project, choosing a professional who understands your industry or area of knowledge. After that, you can discuss the project with an editor directly.

  • Step 3. Download your content ready for posting

    Your edited piece is delivered via email. We provide a version with tracked changes so you could approve them, as well as the clean version ready to be published. An editor may also suggest improvements in the argument, ideas or the article structure.

Why hire us

  • All types of content editing services

    From comprehensive developmental editing to simple proofreading, we provide all types of editing for businesses and individuals. Discuss your goals with us to determine the most effective service for your needs.

    Educated editors

    All content editors in our team have a Master's or a PhD in Linguistics, Journalism, English Literature or relevant field. We assign your project to an editor who understands your niche and can present your business in the best light.

    Free revisions

    If your content editor didn't fully meet your requirements or you'd like further improvements, we offer revisions free of charge. Let us know your concerns, and your editor will continue polishing your creative piece, content or manuscripts until you are happy.

  • Timely delivery

    When working with our content editing services, you can choose a deadline and we will stick to it. We guarantee the delivery of an edited piece on time, even if you order with a 12-hour deadline, and all quality standards will be met.

    Transparent pricing

    Our prices are stated for one page (275 words), and you can see the final price of your project before ordering. The price depends on the type of document to be edited and the deadline, and attractive discount offers are available.

    Customer support 24/7

    We provide content editing to customers around the globe, so our support team is online 24/7, no days off. If you have an urgent piece for editing, don't hesitate to reach out - we have a large network of availble editors.

About our content editors: Our advantages

Having started as a small academic editing agency, we have grown our editing team to 100+ professionals. Today, we offer editing and proofreading to academics, individual and business clients. Here's what differentiates us from other content editing services.

  • Well-trained editors

    We have a strict selection process for content editors. Every editor has a university degree, prior editorial experience and specializes in one or more field of knowledge. Moreover, we test all writers in English to ensure they have an excellent knowledge of the language. With such a meticulous approach, we can guarantee top-notch editing of every type of contnet.

    Rigorous quality control process

    Every edited piece is checked by our Quality Assurance specialist before sending to you. We make sure that the editor followed all requirements and met our internal standards. If you are looking for even better quality of editing, you can order Premium services that assumes checking your pages by one of our Top-10 editors with the higest customer rating.

  • All types of editing services

    Depending on your needs, we offer many types of content correction services:

    Content editing

    An editing service includes correction of your text according to the standards of English writing. The editor can correct grammar, syntax, punctuation, as well as word choice, flow, writing style, and remove/add some text. Please specify what type of editing you need (structural, developmental, substantive or line editing) for a better result.


    Rewriting means paraphrasing your text in different words and expression. The writer saves the original meaning of your blog post or content, but expresses is differently. We guarantee that a rewritten piece will be 100% plagiarism-free.


    Proofreading is focused on the correction of typos and minor language errors. In this case, our content editors only fix typos and mechanical issues, and in-depth changes or rewrite are excluded.

  • What does professional editing involve, exactly?

    Contact us for a content edit service, and you'll get advantages as follows:

    • Correction of grammar, spelling and punctuation in your copy for a visually polished impression;
    • Improvement of word choice, writing style and tone so that your article better resonates with the readers;
    • Ensuring the logical continuity and flow of ideas so that every paragraph contributes to an overall message;
    • Strengthening the text on a sentence level for a better readability;
    • Formatting and citation according to your required style guide;
    • Tailoring for SEO requirements (optional) to help your content get higher rankings with the top search engines.
  • Get your web copy improved by top content editors

    Perfectly written and error-free web content helps attract more potential clients, improve your brand's visibility and reputation. Do not puzzle over how to improve your content - entrust this task to experts! Order top-notch content editing now and get a 20% discount off your first order with us.