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Annually, the subject experts of this thesis editing service crew assist thousands of graduate school and university students in earning the highest grades by offering dissertation editing services.

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  • What about ESL students?

    An ESL student may not worry about technical accuracy or punctuation mistakes or any other English language inconsistencies. Why? Because Native English speakers will identify common mistakes in the writing style, vocabulary, grammar, spelling, in text citations, word choices, etc.

    Clarity of idea expression, meaning, and appropriateness of arguments provided is ensured. By reading the research document - both thesis and dissertation - in sexuality studies, the best editor assigned to work on the creative writing of graduate students will reduce errors, meantime enhancing the register, grammar, academic tone, and language of the thesis.

    Professional editors provide feedback on dissertation editing through MS Word track changes, which show PhD candidates what has been done to the thesis. The track changes also include recommendations on how the customer may improve the writing and avoid similar mistakes in the future.

  • Excellence as the mission of these dissertation editing services

    You aspire to have the best thesis, don't you? So do we!

    The crew of these academic proofreading services will maximally use their expertise in thesis proofreading and editing to improve the writing of the client in social sciences or any other academic field. What is important, each proofreading service editor strives for the best value.

    All customers of this editing and proofreading website acquire two services - proofreading and editing services - which means the research documents will be thoroughly polished with the highest focus on the subject matter.

Thesis proofreading services - what to expect

The university document or the dissertation of advanced degrees will be proofread by the editors of these academic proofreading services in compliance with the journal guidelines and university style formats required.

  • The process of editing

    The editing process implies that editors review and proofread the university document based on the following criteria:

    • Thesis proofreading alongside the correction of grammar, sentence structure, word count, language, etc.
    • Provision of comments regarding the improvement of arguments or other ideas to strengthen the paper based on the university instructor's instructions and requirements
    • Review of the research document from the field-specific perspective and suggestions on the improvement of particular sections of the dissertation
    • Ensuring the university paper is compliant with the expectations of the area of study regarding several parameters like formatting, references, language, writing style, etc.
    • Editing of the correct use, appropriateness, and consistency of the research field's terminology
    • Improvement of the tone and flow of the writing piece under consideration
    • Editing of the overall dissertation organization and adherence to a particular formatting style like headings, table of contents, tables, footnotes, figures, and other components
  • The process of proofreading

    The process of academic proofreading includes the following:

    • A professional proofreading service implies a slight correction of different errors in the dissertation, without making heavy edits and changing the sentence structure or leaving comments
    • The university essay is proofread on the basis of punctuation, grammatical, and spelling errors
    • The consistency of syntax and style is handled
    • Adherence of the university student’s writing to the expectation of the area of study is verified in relation to formatting, language, writing style, etc.
    • Proofreading of the overall dissertation organization and adherence to a particular formatting style like headings, table of contents, tables, footnotes, figures, and other components

Advantages of cooperating with this website, offering proofreading and editing services

  • A hub of 350+ editors specializing in thesis editing

    Each editor employed in this thesis proofreading crew has rich expertise in the thesis proofreading business due to the university degrees obtained by them previously.

    We place a high emphasis on the professionalism and analytical skills of editors as well as their talent, creativity, and creative fantasy, which prove to be an integral part of their work.

    Thesis proofreading technology

    The editors of our crew have access to the most developed and improved grammar correction tool and the plagiarism checker.

    It enables them to pay higher attention to the editing and proofreading process of important components of the assignment, while artificial intelligence identifies typos or other small errors.

    Attractive prices and very nice bonuses for all users

    Considering a bundle of analogous editing and proofreading services over the Web, it is fair to state that the services offered by this agency are neither the highest nor the lowest.

  • We try to keep the balance and deliver top-quality final results at attractive prices. Moreover, we suggest good and encouraging bonuses for all customers to help them cope with the financial burden of using the services and receive the proofread university essay.

    The customers rate is high for this proofreading service, you may check it on your own!

    Excellent ability to fit within the deadline

    A client selects the turnaround times by himself. It is a great privilege in this case because each editor of this professional thesis hub is able to proofread any assignment specifically within the timeframe chosen by the customer.

    It is we who understand your striving to get the proofread essay by the deadline you have selected. Punctuality and accuracy are the features that describe this agency's work completely.

    Confidentiality and security

    The issue of confidentiality and security is addressed with accuracy by each editor and proofreading expert of this thesis proofreading hub. It concerns both the privacy of the university student and the thesis they hand in for proofreading.

    Cooperation with this thesis proofreading agency implies a strict adherence to the rules of this company that emphasizes the issue of privacy and never discloses data to a third party.

    A thesis provided by the client is encrypted so the editor does not see the personal details specified by a university student, thus staying anonymous to the editor.

What else can we write to motivate a student to utilize these services?

  • Don't miss a chance to follow the academic career of your choice

    The majority of universities are very strict in terms of the thesis sent by a student. Approximately 20% of the student's mark is dependent on the thesis quality.

    Thesis editing experts of this crew will ensure the writing piece delivered by a user is free of mistakes that may result in lower grades. Be sure that the academic tone, format, and register of the thesis will be significantly enhanced to help you receive points from the grading professor.

    Working with ESL students and academics

    Composing an essay in a second language is very difficult because you need to develop thoughts and convey the meaning in the language, different from your own. Generating a paper in an academic tone and based on the standards of academic essay writing is even more challenging.

    There are a multitude of unclear stylistic elements that turn to be complex to educated individuals, who are native speakers and who also find it difficult to deal with the creation of an academic document.

    Since our editing experts are former and current academics, they are perfectly aware of the requirements put forward by professors regarding the development of a thesis.

    Receive the support of the most experienced academic experts in editing

    This crew ensures the submission of the final result in the most effective way possible by attributing it to the academic expert with the experience in a specific area of study.

  • Above 5000 theses and research essays are reviewed by the hub of this agency annually. All of them are written on a wide range of subjects for students and academics of different academic levels.

    The feedback left by this website’s customers is mainly positive, and the task of this agency it to work hard and do best for each order to continue making clients happy.

    What steps to follow to cooperate with us?

    1. Place the order

      Placing an order implies giving precise instructions, uploading the essay for editing, and selecting the necessary parameters for the thesis to be of the highest standard.

    2. The editing procedure

      The essay sent by you will be polished by the most competent expert in the area of study upon order placement and payment implementation.

      If this order is not the first you placed with this website, you may choose the preferred editor by putting his ID in the particular field in the order form.

      A letter informing about the order completion and delivery will be sent to you and you may see what edits were done to the content.

    3. Review the essay and send it to the professor

      This is the time to get the essay reviewed and send to the professor with the highest confidence that the thesis is a truly worthy piece of academic writing.