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We offer comprehensive editing services for everyone

Whether you're after business, scientific, academic or manuscript editing, we've got you covered. Our team offers multidimensional editing for any purpose:

  • Academic & scientific editing - need to have your article published in a reputable peer-review journal or to polish a PhD dissertation? We will match you with a scientific editor specializing in your subject area, and they will work hand in hand with you until the paper meets the top standards of the journal of your choice.
  • Student editing - boost your grades for research papers, essays, case studies and other assignments. We offer an advance editing service which entails the correction of content and accurate formatting to your chosen style guide. After a quality spelling grammar check you'll get every chance for an A.
  • Author services - even the great writers relied on editor's services. Whether you have a book, e-book or manuscript, our experts will help get rid of all kinds of language errors and thus take your writing to the next level. Let the native English speaker improve your writing, preparing your manuscript for publication.
  • Professional editing - business documents should have a clear structure and serve their communication purpose. For job-seekers, we offer English language editing of a resume and cover letter to help you get noticed for the job of your dreams. For businesses, we offer content, press release and white paper editing to maintain your professional image across all channels.

We help clients with 5 major types of edits

The term "editing" is quite broad and includes everything from correction of minor grammar issues to structural enhancement of your copy. At Essay-Editor.net, we offer premium editing of multiple types including:

  • Developmental - this editing type is usually applied to large writing projects, such as books, dissertation chapters, or a manuscript. An editor looks at the "big picture", making sure that arguments and ideas are logically structured and the text doesn't have logical holes or shortcomings. In this case, our editor will recommend deleting/adding some information.
  • Structural editing is similar to developmental. The main difference is that at this stage editing expert focuses on style, tone of voice and overall quality of writing. This includes focusing on the "big picture" as well, yet the editor gives more applicable, practical recommendations pertaining to how your ideas are expressed in writing.
  • Copy editing stands for language check, including grammar, word choice, and the writing style. A writer with editing certificate will typically eliminate passive voice and phrases that are too conversational or sound awkward. This also involves manuscript formatting and making sure references and citations are correct before paper submission.
  • Line editing - at this stage, your native English speaking editor goes line by line, spotting poor word choice, cliche phrases, unnecessary abbreviations and other common writing issues. They simplify your writing and strengthen the impression it makes so that the paper serves its communicative purpose and sparks clarity.
  • Mechanical editing is the final step of advanced editing. An editor gives your paper or manuscript finishing touches, fixing spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. This also entails formatting to your preferred style guide. Consistency of capitalization and punctuation is also ensured.

At Essay-Editor.net, we offer comprehensive, advanced editing of any paper or text. An editor in your subject area examines the text holistically and determines where it needs enhancement. Or, if you would like to get certain edit type (for example, structural edit only or only correction of mistakes), you may specify that to your editor directly.

Whether you order academic editing, manuscript formatting or author services, we will send a clean version of edited text and a document with tracked changes. You will see what exactly has been fixed and receive advanced suggestions from your editor.

How to self-edit your writing?

Want to try and perform the editing on your own? Make sure that you follow these principles:

Make sure you're wearning the editor's hat

Do not confuse editing and proofreading. Editing is not about cleaning the text from typos and incorrect punctuation marks. First and foremost, it is about reinforcing the manuscript or research paper, its sentences and paragraphs. So, focus on the logic and flow of the text as well as on the clarity of writing in the first place.

Edit on your computer and track changes

Editing on paper is sloppy and inefficient. Try an editing mode in your word processor, and soon will get used to the new format and soon realize that this method is much easier than editing on paper. This function allows you to review every change you made and accept or reject it. Among other things, this is also a great way to double-edit - the first time you make changes and the second time you approve them.

Keep grammar books and style guides handy

When you edit a manuscript or a research paper for journal submission, you need to be meticulous. If you don't know some grammar, spelling, or punctuation rules, consult the grammar reference book or style guide. Having these books at your fingertips will streamline the editing process and will help you edit well.

Start with automatic spelling and grammar check

Before you proceed to in-depth editing, use an online spell checking software. Such software will not detect all errors, but they will spot the most obvious ones and save your time and energy for further editing. Use the Find and Replace feature to quickly find and fix a recurring error.

Read the text aloud slowly

To improve the written paper, you will need to evaluate each document or manuscript in its entirety, checking the readability, structure, and fluency of speech. Moreover, you will need to pay attention to word, checking your work at word, sentence and paragraph level. For that, you will have to go through the text many times. To stay focused as you edit, read the text aloud slowly. In this way, you will find previously unnoticed errors and awkward phrasing.

Listen to the rhythm of English

Editing involves more than just checking grammar, spelling and punctuation. As you read aloud, pay attention to the rhythm. Do sentences alternate in length, or are too short or too long sentences that sound monotonous? Break some of these long sentences and combine the short ones together to give your writing more musicality.

Mind the formatting

Academic or professional formatting rules vary, and they usually dictate the use of font type and size, idents, references, spacing, and more. Chapter titles and subheadings, for example, should have the same font and spacing. Citations should be formatted in a consistent sequence according to a certain style guide. Be careful to avoid any inconsistencies.

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The importance of editing can't be overlooked when it comes to getting your research paper published, receiving an A for your term paper, or winning a scholarship with a prestigious school.

  • 100% confidentiality - your personal details remain in secret and aren't visible to anyone online. All payments are secure through our double encryption system;
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  • Premium editing options - get your work checked by a PhD editor who is a native English speaker from the US or UK;
  • Price depends on word count and deadline only, no hidden fees. You can know the final fee prior to making an order;
  • Free plagiarism check for all writing orders to prove that your work is 100% original and cited properly;
  • Bonuses with each order include a free cover page, formatting, and outline - you pay for the paper content only.

Our team offers editing support from native English speakers to every student, professional and researcher. We will adjust your copy according to the standards accepted in your subject area or industry. If you're not a native speaker, we will fix your writing so that your English sounds natural. To get started, contact us and specify your word count and other requirements.

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We carefully handpick editors who specialize in a certain subject area. Every editor in our team has a college degree and vast experience with editing academic or business papers. To provide you with high-quality, advanced editing services, we work only with editors who are fluent in English. Let us take your writing to the next level - place your first order with a 20% discount!