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  • Have the Enago's editing team to edit your academic writing hassle free!

    What do the dissertation editing services imply? They include the correction of grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, writing style, word choice, and spelling.

    It includes structure check and clarity check, giving the dissertation or thesis an academic tone and ensuring it is well versed.

    A thesis editor with extensive experience will improve the language of the dissertation and give a personalized feedback to your thesis so that you understand the flaws in the clarity and structure of your dissertation.

  • Considering the academic fields, the most suitable subject expert will be selected from the experienced editors of this best dissertation editing services agency and will work on your thesis.

    An important fact, the work of the editor undergoes a plagiarism check to exclude the possibility of plagiarism issues in the edited document. A plagiarism report is sent upon the customer’s request.

What does the thesis editing expert polish in the provided dissertation?

  • Sentence structure

    The editing process involves the improvement of the language of the MS Word document (you may also send the link to the Google docs and the editor will access it, for the ease of use), covering everything from typos and grammar errors to sentence structure and academic style of the reviewed document.

    The aim of editors is not simply to help a customer get rid of the careless mistakes, but also result in the improved style and ensure technical accuracy of the dissertation.

    Feedback regarding your writing and helpful suggestions

    Why feedback of a proofreading thesis expert is important?

    It helps students to improve their academic and professional writing skills n any academic field.

  • The editor highlights all the changes made to the creative writing sent for proofreading. Moreover, the practical suggestions are given by the editor concerning the improvement of the weak areas to make the thesis the best piece of writing.

    The accurate style guide

    You think that the work of an editor is restricted to correcting the visible errors only? Definitely, no!

    Editors are professionals with the vast experience, who also correct verb tenses, informal language, abbreviations, references, formatting, word count, and a number of other aspects!

    Their mission is to ensure the edited document is free of errors and ready for submission and publication.

Check the benefits offered by this thesis editing service

  • Did you write an important project in social sciences or sexuality studies?

    Do you think it’s time to refer to professional services of editing and proofreading?

    Do you need the right editor to give a line edit to your precious paper?

    Look what these scholarship editing services suggest!

    Professional editing: punctuality and availability

    No doubt, deadlines are of great significance to all customers visiting this copy editing and proofreading service agency. It is you who set the deadline to receive the edited paper back.

    This website does not have weekends and operates around the clock because each member of our perfect editing service team realizes that the work may come at any time of day or night. Our goal here is to help customers whenever they need it.

    If there is a need to place an emphasis on a particular aspect or areas within the dissertation, please make sure to tell about it in the instructions to your order. The editor gives feedback to the places you specify as essential.

    Nice system of prices

    Since students typically refer to us with their professional school essays, they have an opportunity of a free sample edit, but it requires time to wait for the edited paper delivered to a large number of people, who strive to have their dissertation edited for free.

    Therefore, if your paper needs to be edited in 12 or 24 hours, we recommend using the editing service offered by this editing and proofreading company. You may select a number of free services in the order form or some services, which require an additional fee, but you will be sure that the paper will be 100% delivered within the established timeframe.

    You may check the prices on your own, to identify the prices starting based on a parameter selected. You may also identify the price by asking for an instant quote from the online support representative via the chat window.

    100% joy guarantee

    This editing service agency is 100% sure that the delivered edited paper will be of great, impeccable quality. Even among two editors, which are super professional in your field namely, the best expert will be chosen to edit your thesis.

    Nevertheless, if the customer is not satisfied with the edit totally, it is your right to contact the administrator and the editor to find a resolution to the issue.

  • If the questions arise prior to, during, or after the procedure of editing, the customer may cooperate with the polite and attentive support team, who is ready to provide help at once, as needed. Contact them through chat or via the order form.

    Customer-editor cooperation: Ask you editor the questions and share your concerns regarding the thesis

    It is no doubt that the majority of writers may have a number of queries and concerns related to the edited paper.

    On the part of our team and agency, we provide an opportunity for the timely cooperation with the editor to discuss the concerns until the quality of the dissertation editing totally satisfies the customer.

    We focus on customer-editor and customer-support cooperation because we value each customer and tend to provide them with the best quality service.

    Discounts for regular customers

    This editing service platform offers discounts for dissertation editing. Why?

    Since a dissertation or thesis is typically a voluminous type of scientific paper, the price per page may be high based on some parameters (for particular students).

    Therefore, this reliable editing service agency has developed a discount system for this type of paper namely and for regular customers, in particular. It helps save money, but the quality of the service remains the same.

    We value each customer and tend to increase the customer rate by offering more perks and thus meeting the needs of our precious clients.

    Word reduction to approximately 10% of the content

    Afraid that the words count of your manuscript is something bigger than it should be?

    The editors of this editing service team will professionally reduce the number of words in the dissertation, without removing the important information and exceeding the word limit set by the journal.

    While they maintain the language accuracy of the thesis, editors also work on preserving the original meaning and content.

How much should I charge for the thesis or dissertating editing service?

  • The price for this type of service is different and depends on the individuals you want to hire. While some editing experts offer their own fee to polish a whole thesis, others establish the price on the basis of either the number of pages or words.

    The price for dissertation editing is also dependent on the kind of the editing service delivered by the editor. If the customer only started to write a thesis, the editor provides a more fundamental editing, which turns to be more expensive. This is due to a more involved work on paper improvement or reorganization of thesis chapters.

  • The later stages of the process of dissertation writing may require copy editing when the focus of the editor is made on grammar, punctuation, readability, word use, clarity and spelling.

    Proofreading is required when the thesis is finalized. It helps reduce minor errors that are still there in the paper and ensures that the thesis looks professional and free of errors.

    Definitely proofreading is the cheapest service as compared to editing. The fee for editing increases based on the experience of an editor in dissertation editing, turnaround time, and length of the paper.

How can I utilize this company’s editing service?

  • Send the dissertation and choose the necessary parameters

    Choose a service that suits you best alongside the parameters specified in the order form like deadline, number of words, academic level, etc. Remember that the price depends on these and other suggested options for customers to select.

    The administrator selects a suitable editing expert based on the document the customer provides.

  • The editing procedure and prompt delivery

    The assigned editor works on the improvement of a dissertation, leaving comments and highlighting the areas that were edited. The paper is delivered in the deadline set by the client namely.

    Review the edited dissertation and accept the track changes

    You may download the edited file and look through the edits made by the editor. You may ask questions regarding the comments or leave your feedback.