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Writing a thesis is a daunting task, and we offer to make its final stage easier. You must not skip editing as your reputation is at stake, yet you can order this service from our experts. Save your time and get perfect results with our help!

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Benefits you get from our dissertation editing

The main thing you get from our editors is a flawless paper meeting expectations of your professor and your personal recommendations. This means that in practice you receive the following results.

⇒ Elimination of all possible grammar errors

While working on a thesis, the author often concentrates on the sense of content rather than on its formulation, and that is fine. It is not a problem for those who leverage our editing service. One gets rid of typos, spelling, punctuation, language mistakes. We do not want you to get distracted by orthography, commas, quotes, and other marks and symbols. So, concentrate on your research, analysis, predictions, etc., and we will take care of the rest.

⇒ A proper format of the thesis

Since every academic institution has its rules concerning formatting, we always clarify this moment. Our specialists edit your text in accordance with the citation style you have chosen in the menu of the Order Form.

⇒ The best traditions of the academic writing

Our thesis editors have studied hundreds of guidelines for composing science and research papers. For now, we have enough skills and experience to turn your thesis into a brilliant paper worth the attention of your professors and the progressive world, in general.

The skills and maturity of our specialists have already transformed into professional intuition. Due to this feature, we work efficiently. As a result, you get a logical paper containing clear explanations, in-depth thoughts, well-grounded ideas, etc.

⇒ Additional suggestions and recommendations

It is nice to know that our agency offers an opportunity on how to enhance your thesis. Typically, thesis editing does not imply changing the sense of the project or adding any meaningful ideas. Still, if it is allowed, our assistants may offer some advice. Our experienced editor can share his/her thoughts and observations in case you need it, yet our services are not about imposing our views.

⇒ Informative comments

All our changes are clearly explained in notes. The client can always track and check what we changed and why we did it. Besides, one is free to contact us via chat and learn more about the details of our work. The editors and support agents give full answers to all your questions.

⇒ Fact-checking

We are glad to offer the verification of the facts and other data used in your project. It helps to avoid misconceptions concerning the subject. The thesis editor attentively checks the validity of cited resources, statistics figures, the accuracy of calculations, etc.

⇒ Plagiarism detection

The uniqueness is a crucial requirement for Ph.D., Master's, and other types of theses. When we edit dissertation, we never forget about this principle. All the pages are checked with modern software to avoid the possibility of plagiarism. To make sure that your paper is unique, our editor generates a report with the help of this program.

All in all, our editors reshape your piece of writing in accordance with the generally accepted academic norms and given requirements.

Editing service for your thesis and much more

The use of the word "thesis" is different in various countries and educational institutions. We want to assure you that our team of editors copes with any papers for your university. works with all types of theses and dissertations, as well as with their separate parts and related documents:

  • Bachelor's thesis;
  • Master's thesis (dissertation);
  • Doctoral thesis (dissertation);
  • thesis chapter (introduction, conclusion, literature review, annotation, etc.);
  • manuscript-style thesis;
  • scientific article, etc.

Even professional writers can get confused with the peculiarities of theses writing. Let alone young people who compose this document for the first time. Keeping all the rules in mind is tedious; the same is about endless editing and corrections. Actually, you should not do it on your own, we’ll help you with that.

Hiring an online editor (dissertation coach) is a smart forward-looking decision. It saves your time, intellectual energy, and life forces. Meantime, you get a fresh and objective review of your thesis.

Editing services change your life

There are benefits of our proofreading, editing, rewriting, and related help which are not noticed at first glance. However, you will feel them eventually after becoming our client. A perfectly edited PhD thesis brings a bunch of positive moments.

Make you closer to the academic degree

It could take you a couple of years to write a thesis and prepare for its submission. Our editor provides quick help with checking and rewriting and, thus, saves your time. And it is not about several hours, as editing is a lengthy process.

✓ You improve the reputation

When the thesis is written in accordance with all requirements of the academic style, you earn the status of an honor student and a talented young scientist. With our editor, you get confidence in a perfect outcome, as we always provide effective and tangible results.

✓Contribution to the science development

We are happy to help you move the progress forward. Who knows, maybe your thesis will become the start of new inventions or discoveries? And our agency, on its part, is glad to propose editing services for this purpose.

How to edit a thesis? Methods used by our experts

You have a right to know our editing techniques, and you can ask any questions concerning this issue. As a bona fide enterprise, we have nothing to hide from our customers and users. So here are some episodes from the working routine of our editor.

Actually, our thesis editing service consists of two primary directions: proofreading and editing.

Theses proofreading

It is about detailed reviews aimed to search for mistakes in symbols, words, sentences, etc. The main purposes of dissertation editors, in this case, are the following:

  • to detect and correct orthography and punctuation errors throughout the text;
  • to enhance the sentence structure so that it sounds good;
  • to check the vocabulary (our specialists monitor that your dissertation contains only native English words and relevant professional words);
  • standardization of writing single-type elements;
  • check of numbering, etc.

Theses editing

In comparison with proofreading, editing is about a bigger picture of the check. It deals with:

  • overall improvement of the academic style;
  • elimination of tautologies, and inconsistencies;
  • check of the logic in suggestions;
  • terminology unification, etc.

These two main approaches underlie our expert editing assistance. We have established well-considered methods of editing to optimize every process of our services.

A thesis is an important stage in your academic path. It is not only about written text, but about its presentation. You need to discuss your topic and answer the questions. Having delegated dissertation editing to our agency, you get more time for the preparation for the above tasks.

Editing services built on expert knowledge are a good idea. Thus, our thesis editors have enough competencies to guarantee the effective improvement of your projects. Make sure, we fix a fair price per page on our editing service and promise foolproof support. Most of the clients come back to our website again, and we hope to see you among them too.

Avoid using dubious helpers promising to check your thesis, dissertation, or any other huge document for a suspiciously low price. In this case, you risk facing unfair online cheaters.

Why choose the editor for dissertation here?

We do not doubt that your thesis is a worthwhile project rich in valuable findings, logical reflections, and outstanding results of research work. Yet if you shape thoughts wrong, the academic society will not take it seriously.

The mission of services is to adjust your text to modern educational standards. We cannot eliminate bureaucracy and strict requirements for writing a dissertation. Still, we are able to transform your paper into an excellent project fitting in the academic world.

One more argument in favor of our expert thesis editing is about a fresh set of eyes. Even if you are perfect at English grammar and an academic writing style, you may not notice your own mistakes. This is how the brain of people works and even professional specialists are not exceptions. You might lose clarity of thoughts while writing such a long text and not spot it.

Do not hide your intellectual and research capacity in the shadow of poor grammar, incorrect formatting, bad structure, etc. We are here to turn your thesis (dissertation) into a brilliant paper worth an academic degree. Try our editing service to see it in practice.