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One final touch — and your writing turns into a powerful text! It is not magic but professional service from our editors. When knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm come together, amazing results are possible! Send us your paper — we'll make it flawless in all respects!

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Editing and proofreading services: Our pros

The main advantage of this agency lies in the optimal ratio between costs and benefits for the clients. The sum of money you pay to our proofreaders and editors is the minimal possible compensation for effective results and convenient service.

  • Impeccable knowledge of the English language (Linguistics, Philology)
  • Years of practical background in proofreading and editing business
  • Specializations practically in every modern academic subject
  • Fast turnaround without sacrificing the quality
  • Affordable prices adapted to a contemporary student budget
  • Free features and a pleasant bonus system
  • A super friendly support team working for you 24/7
  • Total immersion in your project

Let the transformation of your document begin! Please, register on our portal, upload your assignment, and place the order!

Reliable proofreading and editing services

A good editor often becomes a go-to guy for the writer. With a professional view on crucial aspects of writing and an eye for detail, he/she transforms the first draft into an awesome text. This is precisely what we do here. The way to perfection is quite long, and it starts, above all, with trust.

An honest price based on word count and the level of complexity

Confidentiality of students, authors, businessmen, and other clients

Total safety of information during our online communication

⇒ Documents edited in accordance with the points of your Order Form

⇒ Absolute compliance with your time frames (on-time delivery)

Decent quality of the edited (proofread) document

⇒ An opportunity to get an online consultation at any time

⇒ The money-back guarantee if we break the points of your Order Form

Editing and proofreading are boring and tiresome unless you delegate this task to professionals.

Forget about your complicated documents — we're here to do it all for you. Order now!

Professional editors: The value of our services

The labor of proofreading and editing specialists often remains unnoticed. Yet it in no way means that it's pointless. At first sight, the volume of the text remains approximately the same and the sense of the paper does not change. Yet if you look closely, you'll feel the difference. We're one of those companies that focus on impactful results!

The meaning of our editing service

We see the sense of our business in raising your texts to a new level. We'll show you that after our check everything is getting better. With properly selected words, correctly placed punctuation marks, and a perfectly organized flow of thoughts, your writings look great!

The one who edits texts at the expert level is responsible for the final result. Herein lies the meaningfulness of this profession.

Get qualified editing assistance here! With our serious approach and client-centered philosophy, you receive what you expect and even more!

Editing process in our company: What we do

Great plans inspired us to establish this agency. Thus, we leverage all available instruments and methods to edit your paper. Years of fruitful experience have shown us that such a comprehensive approach brings the best outcomes.

Exceptional Editing and Proofreading Services for Academic and Business Documents

At, we are a top-notch editing and proofreading company that provides high-quality editing and proofreading services for academic and research institutions, business professionals, and individuals alike. Our expert editors are skilled in proofreading academic papers, research papers, and other academic documents. Our average client review score is a testament to the quality of our work, with clients consistently praising our attention to detail and the effectiveness of our editing and proofreading services.

Our academic editing services are designed to help you produce clear, concise, and well-organized academic documents. We can edit documents of any type, including research papers, admissions essays, and more. Our editing services include substantive editing, proofreading, and more. We even provide a free sample so you can see the quality of our work for yourself. With our affordable prices, you can receive fantastic work from the best editor in your field.

We pride ourselves on effective communication and providing editing that meets your specific needs. Our qualified editors have experience in various fields and can provide editing for any document type. We understand the importance of meeting deadlines and offer a quick turnaround period to ensure that your documents are ready when you need them. Our editing and proofreading company is highly recommended by our satisfied clients who appreciate the quality of our work and the affordable prices we offer. Trust us to provide you with the best editing and proofreading services for your academic and business documents.

Editing by the professional team: Our opportunities

In our work, we deal with various kinds of documents and texts. And there are different algorithms for checking each paper. For instance, application essay editing focuses on the manner of your presentation, while the analysis of the academic paper also includes the check of formatting rules. Here are our most commonly used stages.

⇒ Detect and correct grammar errors as it is the first requirement for a comprehensible text.

⇒ Work with punctuation marks to ensure clarity of the document.

⇒ Check the usage of words written in your document and improve the vocabulary if necessary.

⇒ Examine the structure and logic of reflections to make your manuscript readable and understandable.

⇒ Analyze stylistic nuances and enhance the tone of voice (for businesses, marketing campaigns).

⇒ Adjust articles to particular editorial policies for academics.

⇒ Research for additional facts in case you require rewriting assistance.

⇒ Review the general picture to make sure the document is perfect.

Multidimensional editing (proofreading) service

The text is becoming a common instrument of communication in the modern world.

⇒ It is your dialogue with a professor (where you prove the knowledge of the theme, as well as your analytical and creative skills).

⇒ The way to convey the message to the reader (be you an author of literature, lifestyle blog, or science article, your text expresses your intentions).

⇒ Reflection of personal opinions (your reviews, essays, speeches, and actually all individual documents form an impression of your personality).

Understanding the popularity and importance of good texts in all spheres of contemporary life, we've built this one-stop online service.

• Quality editing for all types of documents for learners

Let's face the truth: an academic style of writing is tiresome, especially for freshmen. So we're glad to offer our support with any kind of college/university project.

• Document editing services for international students

Language issues should not prevent you from earning a good rating. We'll fix all mistakes in your papers, and nobody will even guess that you're an ESL learner.

• Business documents editing

Your partners and clients will appreciate clear texts without any mistakes. Send us your presentations, unique selling points, business plans, etc., we'll improve your style.

• Editing for academic purposes

It is our belief that research and analytical talents cannot be overshadowed by strict writing rules. Send us your piece and forget about tedious standards.

• Preparation of documents for the publication

Studying the strict editorial policy can take you more than an hour, let alone adjustment of the text to their requirements. Do not worry about all these issues — just send us your article, and we'll do everything!

• Help for aspiring authors

The world of writing art is not easy for newcomers. If you are a beginning author of a novel, an online journal, fiction literature, etc., we can give you a professional review. Make your first steps as a writer easier!

No matter what text you require to edit, we'll tackle this problem! Contact us on the chat!

The pricing policy of our professional editing service

We want our website to be affordable and convenient for any client. That is why our enterprise establishes a flexible approach to services. The final cost of the edited documents depends on the range of factors, and you are free to choose the most suitable combination.

⇒ The number of pages

It determines the volume of work and consequently the amount of hours to be spent on your order.

⇒ The degree of the editing service

An in-depth analytical check and rewriting cost more than standard proofreading.

⇒ The urgency

One can choose a longer deadline for our proofreader and, thus, pay less than for urgent orders.

⇒ Premium offers are also available

Your special projects deserve maximum attention: hire our top writers at an additional cost.

Do not deny yourself this amazing opportunity — hire our editors and enhance the quality of your writing! We're always online to support you — let's get started!