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Surfing through the Internet looking for the suitable company to perform the editing of your essay in Natural Science? Need a quality rewriting or revision performed impeccably within a tight deadline? Wonder where to get the best price for it? We are delighted to invite you to our website! The exhausting and comprehensive list of services together with the transparent pricing system; live chat system of communication allowing for the prompt reaction to any of your query or remark; a strong team of professional essay editors knowledgeable in any area of science; non-censored feedback page featuring only the real feedback from our constant and new customers; individual approach to every client do not make the full list of our advantages. Flexibility is a key feature allowing us in the majority of the cases to reach the agreement suiting perfectly both parties. If you wish to estimate the quality of our job, browse the feedback on the Web, or simply visit our blog, which is the very essence of the editing activities. Designed to help the customers to create their own impression of the fascinating area of editing, it also has the divisions dedicated to studies of the English language. Learn about the principles of creation of the unique written texts, the rules of usage of the future perfect tense, the polite expressions used in the daily communication. Recommended for signing up regardless of age and occupation, as well as of the current level of the English language!

Today we shall dedicate our post to the editors and shall find out together what their role is when they have to deal with the college essays.

College essay editor: occupation obliges

The “editor” is the occupation marked by the constant demand for development. The editor cannot just learn the grammar and the structure of the language along with the spelling rules once, and never upgrade his or her knowledge. The latest in a year he will discover that his skills are not sufficient for the most of the tasks he is challenged with.

The reason is, that the language is not a frozen form having a rigid structure and difficult to introduce any changes into. Quite to the contrary, in the modern linguistic paradigm, the language is considered as an organism of its own marked by the constant movement and development. Every day and even every minute new forms and new notions appear, the old ones fading away or being adjusted to the new reality. The connections between the concepts in the mind get stronger, develop new connotations and associations, or weaken, get farther from each other. As the language reflects the mind to some extent, it is in a while that we witness the same processes in the language, between its elements. For example, as we stated in one of the recent posts about the English language’s development, the word thou and its conjugation thee and possessive pronoun thy were used frequently in the XVIth century. Today, though the word is still present in the language, it is considered archaic and is used only on the ritualized occasions (for instance, when making wedding vows, “I, [name] take thee, [name], as my wedded wife”). See more of the interesting examples of the specific issues in the English language in our tailor-cut articles concerning the English revision of the papers.

Therefore, the editor’s important feature is the constant strive for development and improvement of his or her performance. Such people are employed by our unique editing company, and the highest level of their skills is confirmed by the relevant certificates, as well as the positive client’s feedback! The editor must be aware of all the recent changes in the language and be able to embody them into his or her practice. This does not mean, however, that the editor must plunge deep into the linguistic scientific studies and stay aloof of the whirl of life around him or her. The changes happening to the live language are sometimes even more important than the ones taking place in the language’s theoretical foundation. The appearance of the new words, especially in the IT area (geobragging, ego surfer, noob), is quite frequent recently, and certainly, the editor must be aware of them, if he or she works with the texts related to computers and digital technologies.

The college essays editor thus, has to be quite a sociable person, constantly evolving in the circles that might provide a new information for the subject of the texts he or she is working with. However, this is not the only reason for the editor to be sociable and communicative. A person with the poor communicative skills is not able to provide a quality consulting and / or explain the conditions of the cooperation. Besides, the well-developed communicative skills make the communication with the editor more pleasant, thus winning the loyalty of existing clients and attracting more new ones. The editor who can be friendly and sympathetic is always more popular than the one positioning him- or herself as regardless of such spheres as emotion and empathy in communication. These qualities and their implementation in reality are well described in the assortment of the interesting posts we have on our website.

The obvious quality the editor must have on an unconditional basis is the ample knowledge of the language’s system, including grammar categories and the rules of their usage, the principles of their composition (syntax rules), execution in writing (rules of spelling and punctuation). The editor must know in full the most popular versions of the language (for example, the British and American versions of the English language). He or she has to be aware of the writing styles (formal style, scientific style, popular style, colloquial style and so on) and be able to work with any of them. In short, the editor ought to have the exhausting knowledge of the system of the language and the way it works, be it the particulars of the verb usage in the future perfect form or the global revision of the foundation idea of a thesis.

All the listed qualities will also help you to write an excellent essay. Thus, they are desirable not only for the editor but also for any person who is going to be engaged in writing.

Let us outline the above-mentioned positions in brief. The following qualities make an integral part of the editor’s “toolkit”:

  • Perfect knowledge of the system and structure of the language;
  • Awareness of the existing processes in the language and the ability of their implementation into editing practice;
  • Sociability as developed communicative skills, friendliness and empathy.

Certainly, there are other qualities that the editor must possess (for example, professional attitude, proper education, sufficient experience). The need for a specific quality also depends on the editor’s qualification. For example, the skilled dissertation editors and proofreaders have to possess the ample knowledge of the linguistic rules as well as of the technical vocabulary related to the topic. We shall talk about such factors in the next clause. Meanwhile, the above-mentioned attributes play the foremost part in the editing activities, as well as in the establishment of editor’s success in the market.

Editing college essays: secondary requirements

We have stated the primary requirements to any editor’s qualification, that make the “must have” features in the editing business. There are also the secondary ones that, though being highly important for the editor’s success in the market, still play a backstage role in comparison with the already mentioned principal factors. The following qualities are also applicable to any profession as they outline the framework applicable for the proper fulfillment of any job:

1. Professional qualities. By this, we mean the responsible attitude, fast fulfillment of the orders, accurateness and thoroughness, attention to details, the ability for the global overview. A full description of the editing tasks and the qualities required to perform them can be found among other useful information in our blog.  Imagine you have filed the order with the editor, agreeing on the final date of the order fulfillment to be Mar. 25th. However, you do not receive your text back until April. You have failed to meet the deadline your teacher has established, and certainly, you did not have time to make another check of the final version of the text. You finally submit your assignment on Apr. 1st and receive it back with grade B. You wonder what the reason is: was your argument too weak or the essence of the subject not fully revealed? However, when you go through your text you see there are petty mistakes there! You go back to your editor in rage and receive humble excuses or just a blatant ignoring of your appeal. In any case, your grade would hardly improve, even provided you’ve got some compensation from the editor. That is why the professionalism is one of the key features any customer is looking for in the supplier.

2. Education. Though in the modern world everyone realizes the importance of the scholar education, yet the number of people applying for the alternative ways of education increases yearly. The Internet is full of stories of the people who did not receive a college education yet became successful in some profession, or just became rich. However, though we already mentioned the editor must be aware of the modern state of the language, the proper knowledge of the rules applied in writing is most easily obtained through the scholar education. A person might be a man of letters, reading a lot and knowing much about grammar, punctuation, styles of narrative and so on. However, the systematic approach to language includes also other subjects like Philosophy, Psychology, Mathematics and so on. The college / university education allows receiving all the needed data from a single source. The distance education mode makes these opportunities even wider. Ask Google today where to learn English with the 100% result, and you will be offered thousands of schools from all over the world. Meanwhile, only a decade before you would be most likely directed to the British / American schools and colleges only. What’s more important, combining different areas of science, the scholar education allows building a comprehensive system of knowledge with a clear structure. It teaches to use the data of the subject in its connection with the other spheres, thus providing a systematic approach. Besides, all prominent scientists in the linguistic field work on the basis of some university. That is how the access to the serious fresh research works in the area is gained “off the firsthand”.

3. Experience. This factor is the most flexible among the ones already named above. The experience in editing can be received via working out the orders, as well as by editing the essays written by the editor him- or herself. The editor working in the editing company usually has a lot of orders that allow him or her accumulating the experience and creating the efficient working templates. Experience can be estimated by the range of tasks the editor has encountered during his or her practice. For example, if the majority of the tasks the editor had performed featured proofreading as the main goal, then it is much probable that other editing tasks (e.g., rewriting) will take considerable time for fulfillment, and will show less satisfactory results than the proofreading would show. See how much time and effort the editing can take, and make up your mind as to the optimal cost for it. However, the professional workshops and linguistic conferences, as well as awareness of new trends in editing might make a good basis for editing performance, even without actual experience.

Another side of the editor’s experience is represented by the ability to deal with the different groups of customers, and thus different requirements for editing. It is much probable that the literary editor, faced with the task to edit the student’s essay, will make it a masterpiece of eloquence, sometimes sacrificing the fixed structure and the flow of the argument in favor of the flowery language. To the contrary, the editor constantly editing college papers would hardly manage to edit the fiction novel from the first time. The lack of the required active vocabulary, the concentration on different text parameters, the usual clichés fit for one sphere yet completely alien in another (for example, basis the stated arguments, considering the above mentioned, we have reached the following conclusion – are quite appropriate idioms in the scientific sphere, yet they would seem unfit in a popular fiction novel). Besides, the sound experience usually provides for the editor’s awareness of the most modern editing technologies like trustful grammar fixing website, efficient spelling checker, reliable scientific vocabulary and so on.  That’s why the flexibility and multi directional experience play a significant part in the editing activities.

As we see, the framework of the secondary qualities required from the efficient editor can also be applied to any profession. Used and developed properly, these qualities allow any person to enhance regularly his or her performance and get more profit, both material and moral, from the work. In the next clause, we shall examine the working process of an editor and describe the influence of the mentioned qualities on the editor’s performance.

When you put the order for the editing: at the backstage

Any activity or occupation has two sides: external and internal one. The external side is usually open to everyone. It consists of the list of the services and their prices, person’s or company’s image (created by different means, e.g. personal appearance, office interior, administrator’s friendliness, website design, client’s feedback and so on), the way of communicating with clients, advertisement. The external side also includes the way of dealing with the client’s requests and remarks. If you apply to the editing company stating the urgency of your order, like “Please, proofread my document urgently!” the good manners and the business etiquette prescribe that you must be replied within a few hours. Sticking to the rules can win a company a lot of benefits, among which there are a good reputation and the customer’s loyalty.

The internal part of the activity includes the processes not obvious to outsiders and usually concealed from them. These encompass the internal audit and finance, the corporate ethics (see the principles of the team building and corporate branding), the connections between the staff employees, the working hierarchy. The internal processes may be hidden from the customer’s view, yet their influence on the fulfillment of the customer’s orders is immense. Poor connection and communication between the employees, unclear distribution of responsibility, flaws in the verification procedures may result in delays and imperfect performance of the orders. Meanwhile, a good organization of the internal processes is able to compensate the insignificant flaws in the performance of a single employee, as it will be spotted and fixed at the stage of the preliminary or final verification, before the actual submitting of the fulfilled order to the client.

Here we shall talk about one of the internal processes in the editing activities that directly influence the processing of your texts. It is the procedure describing the way the order gets worked out. It is relayed in stages, starting from the first contact with the editor, until the final submitting of the edited text. Anytime you approach the editor with the request “Revise my English essay!” your text will be passing through these stages.

The processing of the order for the text editing unfolds as follows:

1. Receipt of the order. At this stage, the qualification and experience of the editor can be proved. An experienced professional, when first casting eyes onto the order, can see immediately what gaps are present in the technical project, what clarifications should be made, what volume of work awaits him or her, and in what time he or she will be able to perform it. See the background of the editing work in our post about the nontrivial essay checking tips that the editors know of but rarely share. In case, you receive a well-built clarification inquiry stating all the questions systematically, it is a sign of an experienced pro. If, however, upon receiving the first e-mail with the inquiry you get another in two minutes with two more questions, and then yet another with the “last one”, this may signify the lack of the editing experience in the subject of your text.

2. Estimation of the cost and timing of the performance. The editor who is well aware of the existing rules applied to the written texts, and who has more than a hundred of them edited in his or her portfolio, does not spend much time for the estimation of the order. Such editor’s experience allows him or her to outline the time limits the order may be fulfilled within, and assign a fair price. The accurateness and analytical mind allow such editors to plan the order fulfillment, along with other tasks he or she might have, in order to meet the established deadline. The professionalism at this stage also can be traced by the way of pricing the order. If the price had been changed several times (and the text and technical project have stayed the same), and you confirm the order without knowing for certain how much it will be estimated for, this indicates a lack of experience and professional attitude on the editor’s part. The well-known editor having his own flow of clients will not risk his reputation by modifying the conditions of the service contract for several times, without a solid reason. Check what system of the cost’s rating is applied by your editor and select the most attractive offer!

3. Receipt of the confirmation from the customer. This stage reveals editor’s social skills. The editor may be a high-class professional with a sound reputation, yet if the correspondence or live conversation are held in the repelling and arrogant tone, if your questions are answered with one word, or simply impolitely, such editor might lose a lot of existing and potential customers in the near future. To the contrary, in case the editor puts a lot of additional questions, constantly bombarding you with the clarifications and petty unnecessary details, yet doing this with an amiable and friendly disposition, many flaws can be forgiven, and the customer might wish to lodge another order with such editor. If you wish that your communication with the editor, as well as any routine or unusual conversation, would improve, check how much useful information we provide by means of our blog on the English grammar and editing. For example, we have a witty and original advice how to prompt yourself for learning English quickly and efficiently

4. Appointment of the persons in charge and distribution of the tasks (if applicable). If you deal with the editing company, it is most likely that your order will be processed or at least verified by at minimum two editors. If the order implies that several editing tasks will be performed (e.g. if you stated, “I need to revise and proofread my thesis with all addenda, it is in Egyptian Archaeology”), it is also likely that these tasks will be done by different editors, and verified by yet another one. For example, if you submit a thesis in Microbiology for the editing, it will be verified for mistakes (proofreading), checked for its contents and structure (revision), verified for the need for the rephrasing of some fragments (rewrite). Besides, the specialist in Microbiology will also be asked to review the final text and make corrections, if needed. It is also probable, that the distribution would be held following the principle “one document – one person”. Anyhow, in the end, some other editor, experienced in the field, will also verify the document.

5. Actual performance of the editing. This is the stage at which editor must implement all his or her skills, except for the sociable ones. The editor must embody all the knowledge of the language structure, grammar, existing rules, all the experience gained out of the performance of the previous orders, all the changes that had happened to the language recently. The editor working with the text must be attentive and diligent; there should be nothing distracting the professional from his or her task. Even the slightest sound or the change of the graphic picture may lead to not noticing a tiny mistake. That is why it is highly important that the working area of the editor should be organized properly. See some tips how to organize the working area for comfortable and efficient work.

In order to be the top-class professional, an editor must possess the opposite qualities. He or she must be shrewd and attentive to the tiniest details. Only the scrupulous attention can allow detecting a mistype in the following sentence: I must seek him immediately. This sentence can pass as the right one, while the original intention of the author was to write I must see him immediately. At the same time, the editor must be able to perform the integral analysis; he or she must be knowledgeable in the subject of the paper and be able to trace the misused or misplaced passages. Like in the following example: Local rules are applied in this case, lest if they repeat the Constitutional rights. Only being immersed into the text and grasping its meaning correctly, the editor can be able to fix the mistake: Local rules are not applied in this case, lest if they repeat the Constitutional rights. It also requires having a certain knowledge of the legal sphere to be able to trace such deficiency. Get on with the professional essay proofreading service for a cheap price for any of your legal papers!

6. Verification of the performance. The obligatory final verification of the fulfilled order is a sign of the editor’s professionalism. Apply only for the best editing and proofreading service to avoid a headache afterward! The real pro never relies solely on his or her skill, however developed the latter might be. The conclusive proofreading is the obligatory requirement for any kind of the professional editing. It is performed with all the thoroughness and attention as any other proofreading. No “leafing through” or hopping on and off the paragraphs. Certainly, such operation takes additional time, yet the result is fully worth it. As the editor working with the text can have a “cheating eye” for it (implying he or she can miss the mistakes due to the frequent going through and over the text and getting used to it), such task is often entrusted to another editor. Thus, the final performance looks impeccable indeed. For the verification, the editor uses a wide range of the proofreading instruments, allowing to check the grammar consistency, proper placement of punctuation, spot any minor deficiency in spelling, estimate the choice of words and the general impression the text produces.

7. Submitting the edited text to the customer. This stage seems simple enough, yet to be successful and agreeable for both parties, it must be held properly. The editor should not just drop the result of the editing into the client’s mailbox. The principles of the good practice require that the document must be supported by the breakdown of the deficiencies spotted and rectified; in some cases, the recommendations as to the improvement of the writing skill can also be provided. The proficient online essay editor must be aware of these principles and adhere to them. The editor efficient in the social marketing would also preempt the client’s probable inquiries and requests and try to deal with them beforehand. For example, deciphering the specified editing terms (like copy editing, the percentage of grammar deficiencies, syntactic structure of the text and so on), explaining the essence of some stages of editing (for example, listing the programs used for the editing and for verification of the result) etc. Efficient performance at this stage allows reducing significantly the next one or dropping it completely.

8. Dealing with the customer’s questions and remarks. The remarks and queries can concern as the contents of the text and particulars of the editing process, as the auxiliary spheres like submitting the paper for the teacher’s examination, paper’s publishing, financial questions and so on. The editor’s task is to deal with them all patiently. Check the optimal way of acting when you’re short on your words and get to know the editor’s point of view. Sometimes it happens that the client, especially if English is not his or her first language, does not understand the explanation properly, and asks the same things over and over again. It is important not to get irritated at the numerous requests and be tolerant and sympathetic while answering. The editor must be flexible looking for the different ways of explanation, using the simple and clear words and aiming at full and transparent explanation. He must be able to ground his position and backstop it with the reliable sources of the information.

Thus, we can see that the editor performs a huge mass of work, only a part of which makes the actual work with the text. In this regard, we can underline once again that the knowledge, staying up-to-date and sociability are the key factors of the editing performance. If your chosen editor possesses them all, the chances are quite high you will be satisfied with his or her performance and would scarcely think of finding another editor. Check the easily available college essay editing service possessing all of the listed merits!

Stay tuned to the bustling editing world! Check the updates on our websites concerning new and time-proven technologies and techniques that are implemented in the text processing. Find out how you can get more benefits when dealing with the online checkers or approaching the selected online paper reviser. Here are the links to some of the most interesting posts from our blog describing the actual issues in editing:

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Whom to go with: editing company or freelancer editor

The professionalism of the editor is certainly the number one priority for any customer wishing his or her text to be represented in an optimal way. However, there are also other issues to be considered when you select a suitable editor for modifying your texts. We provide the editing services for different kind of papers. Request the quality student editing services for cheap, and analyze the performance of our editors by means of the present article!

Presently, due to the global Internet connection, people are not propelled to spend their working time in offices. Some companies still require it due to the inner reasons (control over the quality of works, ensuring the proper connection between all the participants of the project, building the corporate team spirit etc.) However, today we have a lot of people, many of them being worthy professionals, working on their own. Such people are called freelancers, and this mode of cooperation becomes more popular each year. See the definition of freelancing and the principles of the freelance job.

Some occupations are more appropriate for the freelance job than other activities. For example, if you are a builder, a doctor, a waiter, there is no other choice for you but to be present on the spot and deal with the customer or with the object of the work directly. Meanwhile, if you are an architect, an artist, a teacher, you can easily manage a great part of your job at home just sending the result via Web to the customer. With regard to teaching, it can be performed via popular means of connection and different applications, such as Skype, Telegram, video platforms and so on. If you decided to hire a proficient academic editor, you could consider the option of engaging a freelancer as well.

What about the freelancing in editing? On one hand, it seems quite fit for freelancing, as the discussion of the order does not necessarily require the actual face-to-face contact. In case, you deal with the trained and certified essay proofreader, many of the inconveniences can be dropped. On another hand, lodging your order with the freelancer, you are subject to more risks than contracting a legal company.

Let us list the advantages and drawbacks of both types of editors and then summarize them.

The freelancer editor can provide the following benefits:

1. Flexibility. When a person works for him- or herself, he or she is able to adjust the schedule, the conditions and the price of the order more easily. Such editor is not constrained by the corporate requirements, is not bound with some plans not depending on his will. He does not need to agree on the editing with the management, he can avoid requiring the advance payment in some cases, or can establish the system of payment suitable for the customer. So, if you lodged an order initially for proofreading only, then changed your mind and dropped a message with the editor like “I need also to rewrite and edit my article”, the chances are quite high that your order will be changed swiftly and without the unfounded additional payment.

2. Low price. Though some of the freelance editors are quite well-known due to their professional qualities, most of the editors working on their own do not have the proper means for the self-promotion, or simply do not consider it important. That is why in order to compete with the companies they have to put the lower prices for their work than the editors working in the legal entities. Besides, their actual expenses are less than the expenses of the company (no expenses connected with the office maintenance, with the staff’s salary payout, with the controlling bodies’ inspections and so on). Compare our prices with those of freelancers! State your need in the assignment proofreading service, and we’ll get back to you with our best offer!

So, the freelancer’s offer looks quite attractive provided his or her working qualities are the same as the ones of the editor working for the company. However, the moon has a dark side, too. Let us list the drawbacks the attentive customer might find while dealing with the freelance editor:

1. A freelance editors usually have less experience than the editors working in the editing companies. The companies usually accumulate more orders, many of which are complex and unusual ones (for example, the order for revising a thesis in the Geochemistry, the proofreading of the essay in Astronautic maintenance etc.) This gives the employed editors the brilliant opportunity for developing and polishing their skills. As to the freelancer, he or she cannot physically manage a large mass of orders, thus the freelance editor’s experience would always yield to that of the employed editor. Find out what editing tasks are the most difficult and require the developed editing skills, and apply for your discount for the thesis proofreading now!

2. Freelance editor can count only on him- or herself. Encountering the complex order, such editor would be propelled to upgrade his knowledge in some area that might lay far beyond his or her experience, and thus spending additional time on the order. As the deadline for the editing order is usually quite tight, there is little chance that the editor, however brilliant in studying he might be, will manage to study the subject profoundly. Thus, some of the deficiencies may be missed and not rectified or be corrected improperly. If you plan to order rewriting editing services for the text written in an original style or featuring the non-trivial topic, consider twice your decision to approach the freelancer. The freelance editor also does not ask his colleagues for verification of the final version of the text. Having read and corrected the text for many times, he or she can pass by the tiny mistakes without noticing them, thus the final edit would be imperfect.

3. With the freelancer, you receive no reliable guarantee. Certainly, the editor who values his reputation will strive to fulfill the order in the best way and within the established deadline. Yet, with the freelancer, you have almost no legal levers for influence. If the deadline is not met, if the quality of the edit is poor, if some other conditions that were agreed beforehand, are not fulfilled, it might be quite difficult to propel the editor to adjust something or to reduce the payment. Thus, lodging an order with the freelancer is rather risky. If you are looking for a safe cooperation, the fast and cheap company-based proofreading service is here. Try once and stay with us for long!

Now let’s perform the same analysis for the editor employed in the editing company. The advantages of lodging your order with the editing company consist of the following factors:

1. More knowledge and data accumulated. Usually, the reputable editing companies have a sufficient background and the profound knowledge of editing as well as of other spheres accumulated through the years of work. The company is targeting at the considerable flow of clients (otherwise it won’t be able to cover its expenses in full and earn some profit), thus it undertakes a lot of orders. If the knowledge sharing and backstopping processes are established well within the company, each of its employees is able to enrich his or her knowledge in the different spheres of science and Art (first of all, the Art of writing), and to train his or her skills daily. Browse the comprehensive overview of the most fascinating writing samples, available on our website. Therefore, if you have an unusual paper (e.g. on a rare subject like Ceramic Pottery) the chances are quite high that in the company you applied to, there will be an editor accustomed to such a subject.

2. More experience in editing. As we already mentioned, the scheme of the text processing in the editing company usually includes the text verification by more than one editor. Thus, each editor gains more experience out of each order and starts to process the new one with the already improved knowledge and skill. The companies also usually organize the inner workshops and case studies; they regularly encourage their employees to upgrade their level of performance by participating in conferences, writing and editing contexts and so on. All these means of the performance’ enhancement are available to freelancers, too. Yet the company has more possibilities to implement them. It also possesses more opportunities for the consulting. Taking advice from our company, you will learn not only the fastest and most efficient ways to study English grammar, but will also get the advice for learning the English language with ease and fun.

3. Reliable guarantee. The company that has a long history and values its reputation will definitely guarantee you the perfect result within the established deadline. Besides, if some discount can be applied to your order, you may rest assured you will receive it. Even with the young and relatively small companies, the justice is on the customer’s side and the customer is able to use the Law to argue some conditions or the unsatisfactory result and to request the payment back. Besides, the company also guarantees your text or its abstracts won’t be used anywhere without your permission. In this way, you will be safeguarded against the undesirable usage of your ideas and the possible plagiarism. Thus, you can feel much more secure when entrusting your paper to the editing company. Our editing and proofreading company provides the guarantee for all kinds of the services offered. You can rest assured your order will be performed within the agreed deadline, for no additional payment, and its contents will be kept confidential.

Now that we have outlined the advantages of the editing company, let’s turn our attention to its disadvantages and examine them:

1. The company is more expensive. In some cases, when the market is full of the offers, the prices of the companies may go even lower than the ones established by the freelancers. Yet usually this is not the way. In the stabilized market, the offer of the company will be more expensive due to the higher expenses (rent of the office, paying salary to several employees, advertising expenses) and employment of several people for the performance of one order. At the same time, as we have seen from the above, the editing company has several advantages in comparison with the freelancers, first of all relating to the quality of the edit. Thus, we can talk about the well-balanced proportion “price - quality”. This mechanism is clearly described in our post dedicated to the advantages and disadvantages of essay revision service, featuring also some other editing techniques like rewrite and proofreading.

2. Less fast. We have already described the framework of the order processing at the editing company. One can notice that the considerable time is spent for the agreement of the order’s particulars by all parties and for verification procedures. This may prolong the time of the order’s fulfillment while the freelance job is free of such delays. However, the listed procedures influence the quality of the performance and allow improving it significantly. Therefore, skipping them might result in the less satisfactory result than expected. However, if you happened to request the term paper editing service on our site before, you definitely know that there are exceptions to this rule. We strive to provide the quick yet precise service in accordance with the demands of our clients.

3. Imperfect flexibility. The order concordance with all parties and multi level checking imply that there is less opportunity for introducing any changes. For example, if you have ordered the technical proofreading and rewriting and then decided you can go with proofreading only, it is most likely that the rewriting process has already been put into operation. Thus, you will be charged the cost of both operations. It is also more difficult to change the conditions of the payment and the assigned price, as the company’s part of expenses is larger than that of the freelancer. So, if you decided to put an order with the editing company, you should check thoroughly all the conditions beforehand and decide whether they are acceptable for you. On our part, we offer the most favorable conditions of cooperation. Proofreading your papers by our experts, you will enjoy the fast and precise work of our editors and the payment conditions are subject to discussion in each particular case.

As we see, both types of the organization of the editor’s work have their advantages and disadvantages. The freelancer editor can provide a faster result and better flexibility, while the editing company gives a more reliable guarantee and secure results (in terms of quality and of keeping of the deadline). So, in each individual case your decision might be grounded on different speculations, and thus the outcome would be different, too. The more detailed discussion of the freelance editing, as well as of other curious facts about editing is held on the pages of our Web blog.

If you still have doubts regarding the editor whom you are going to approach with the order to rewrite or proofread your paper, check the articles on our blog. It is designed to keep you updated on the most recent innovations in editing and contains the interesting reviews dedicated to different issues in the English language. There you will also find the information about the implementation of the editing techniques, the establishment of prices for editing, and many other interesting topics. The blog is an integral part of our website that provides a lot of information about our activities and performance. You can browse the list of services we offer, the costs’ breakdown, and learn what our customers think of us. The reviews in the blog are not boring and overly scientific, but are relayed in the simple and animating way. We always strive to make our performance more satisfactory for our clients, and we often offer considerable discounts for the loyal customers and newcomers. Join our community today and get our personal discount for your first order!

We also provide the full support for non-native English speakers. Apart from the comprehensive and clear consulting on all of the editing issues, we offer the clarifications for the most complicated and fascinating topics concerning the English language and its usage for the academic studying and everyday communication. For example, among our informative articles, you may find an information about the optimal methods to learn and implement the Aussie (Australian) English. Check some of the articles listed below in order to make a clear picture of our activities:

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