Profanity in modern literature: The usage of adult language in fiction


Modern novelists have varied opinions when it comes to swearing. Some believe that profanity, if used smartly, can make the character more vivid and relatable. Others stick to the opinion that cursing is inappropriate in most genres.Using profanity in literature is one of the most debated questions. US academics have found out that the use of the 7 common swearwords has increased by 28 times in 2005-2008 compared to books published in the 1950s. Therefore, the writers increasingly use ...Continue reading

Brackets usage in English: General guidelines and rules


Brackets are one of the most confusing punctuation marks in English grammar. Generally, they are used to add extra details to a sentence (an explanation, additional comments, or clarification, like in this sentence). If you remove the bracketed content, a sentence should make sense and its meaning should not be distorted. Also, note that brackets are always used in pairs.Students are often confused because there are several types of brackets:- round brackets, or parentheses: ( )- square ...Continue reading

How To Hire An Editor: Top Things To Know


An editor often becomes an underestimated participant of the writing process, especially when it deals with serious projects. Meantime, a good specialist can raise your text to a new level. The most important thing is to find a reliable and effective one. And we'll show you the best way to do it.In this post, we'll tell you about:when you should hire an editor;the main criteria of the true specialist;various levels of contemporary editing;how and where to find a suitable professional ...Continue reading

How to Do Remote Proofreading Job Well? Top Tips


Remote Text Proofreading: Proofread Job & CareerProofreader: a bit of explanationA proofreader corrects all the spelling and punctuation mistakes in a text, secures that a text has a uniform style, and prepares it for publishing. This is a linguistic profession for disciplined and hard-working people who are capable for long-term concentration on work.A proofreader is a person engaged in proof reading, i.e. correction of errors of any kind in texts. This can be spelling, typographic ...Continue reading

How to Edit a Paper? A Step-by-Step Guide


How to Edit a Paper? A Step-by-Step GuideText editing means a clean-up of a particular material. Unlike proofreading, editing of a text is limited to work on language, style, presentation of thoughts, accuracy and logic of statement, as well as the depth of content. The main goal of this process is to polish material, make it maximum readable and interesting.If you need to edit many texts and do it often, this post is right for you. One who works a lot with texts knows everything about ...Continue reading

Proofreading Documents Is Easy with Best Proofreading Service


Essay-editor Offers Professional ProofreadingEveryone knows that there is no need to waste a lot of time doing text proofreading on one’s own. There are other more convenient ways: to purchase services and to cooperate with the experts in this sphere.Our agency ensures super quality of offered services for already more than ten years. We have gathered the best experts in the field to secure top-notch result. They have experience and advanced knowledge of the subject.If you ...Continue reading

How to Find an Editor: Looking for Right Editor Tips from Essay-Editor


Things to Consider Looking for an EditorHow to recognize good editorsIt is a pretty challenging task to find a good editor. However, it is not impossible. The problem is that everyone has his / her own needs and demands. That is why there is no solution that will fit perfectly absolutely everyone. Nevertheless, we want to share some information about how to choose an editor, and to what points it is necessary to pay attention to be sure that your choice is right.First and foremost, you ...Continue reading

Need to Hire an Editor? Things to Consider When Hiring an Editor


Hiring an Editor: What Things to Consider?Dear friends, please don’t embarrass yourself – show your mistakes to an editor but not to the readers. Hire an editor and a proofreader here. By providing professional editing services, we polish your text and make it shine.There are many reasons to hire an editor.There are many people who need an editor. Who needs editing services?Avoid clichés and often-used phrases. A professional editor knows how to do it competently.An ...Continue reading

Complaint Letter: Make Everyone Take You Seriously


Letter writing is not as easy as it might seem, especially when it goes about formal letters. A letter of complaint is one of them. The most important is to be accurate, direct and considerate at the same time. If you are not sure that your letter meets all the requirements, use letter editing services provided at complaint letter: easy or tricky?It is not a coincidence that one of the common written assignments at different language exams is to write a letter of ...Continue reading

Essay-Editor Knows How to Choose Good Editing Websites


Essay-Editor is on the top of the best editing websites listWhen a competent online editor is wanted, Essay-Editor expert team comes to the rescue. On our site, the customers get professional assistance, are provided with helpful advice and any other necessary support. Our writers are MBA and PhD degree owners. They work with all the types of academic papers. We offer a wide range of academic writing services from qualified experienced professionals. The best document editing service is ...Continue reading