Proofreading and editing services of academics: The Basics

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  • What is the actual process of an academic editing service? To achieve academic success, research students at Pennsylvania state university should realize that creative writing is insufficient.

    Academic proofreading is a required step that should be taken prior to the presentation to the audience or publication in academic journals. Once the student believes it is the time to check the document for typographical errors, an academic proofreader will carry out basic proofreading of the entire paper, taking into account the formatting, style, grammar, and other errors in the final document.

  • What is important, the final paper may be revised several times, and each time, new errors may occur. These revisions play a critical role because they focus on ensuring the effective organization of documents and their easy understanding.

    The editing process implies the reduction of errors in a paper, but the revision of the documents allows focusing on the sense and idea presented by the content of the paper.

    When the revisions are made to the Microsoft Word document, there may still remain the missed details like typographical errors, punctuation errors, letters that were not capitalized, and many others. Therefore, it is time to have academic proofreading of the paper.

The final step of the writing procedure is the academic proofreading and editing process

  • What is the final step of the academic writing process? Definitely, it is the paper academic proofreading.

    This is the chance to identify the weak areas in the document and correct them. It does not matter if the author of the academic work is a student or a faculty member.

    Academic proofreaders ensure the correct grammar, reduction of typos, the consistent spacing between the sentences of the document, the required word count, and sentence structure.

    In contrast to the traditional proofreading service editors working in the publishing sector and implementing the proofreading and editing of documents for several times based on the correction of the minor issues, the academic proofreaders revise the provided paper as many times as needed.

    In case there are a large number of different errors in the paper, the academic editors may give recommendations concerning the weak points of the essay and the ways to avoid them in the future when academic writing will take place.

    However, it is necessary to understand the difference between academic proofreading and editing.

    Academic proofreading services typically include a slight overview and correction of the errors identified in the document, i.e. making the document free of errors.

    Definitely, all students strive to present a document without typos and errors to make it appear more convincing to the audience to achieve academic success.

    The academic editing process is more extensive than academic proofreading because it makes sure the words as well as ideas of the edited document are provided professionally.

    What qualifications do you need to be an academic proofreader?

    How does it take

    Multiple techniques may be used by the person to become a professional editor. Of course, there are a number of academic disciplines, in which proofreading and editing experts may have expertise, such as cultural studies, social sciences, life sciences, political science, etc.

    To become subject matter experts, individuals should have a university degree in a particular subject. This is one of the major qualifications an expert proofreader should possess.

  • Another important element is being native English speakers, because speaking the English language in a perfect manner is highly important for academic editors.

    For the majority of proofreading careers, the necessary skills and expertise are the key components as compared to particular qualifications. Frequently, the skills of experienced academic editors are tested during the process of application.

    Academic proofreader skills

    These academic proofreading services may enumerate the skills the proofreading experts should possess:

    • Excellent knowledge of the English language
    • Superb written communication skills
    • Attention to detail
    • Thoroughness
    • Determination and perseverance
    • The ability to effectively cooperate with others
    • Flexibility and openness to change
    • Computer skills

    How to become a professional academic editor

    Examine the various ways to receive the role of a professional academic editor.

    Getting this position is possible via:

    • An apprenticeship
    • Developing to get this role
    • Undertaking the university courses
    • Attending specialist courses provided by private organizations and professional institutions

    Concerning the university courses, individuals may focus on the following areas to obtain a degree in:

    • Digital media
    • The English language
    • Journalism
    • Publishing

Can a student become a proofreader?

  • This question may be answered in two ways – yes and no.

    Academic proofreading is more than reading an essay and identifying some errors you are seeing. No.

    Students should develop the proofreading skills and it takes a particular period of time to gain them. Therefore, they need to be patient. Yes.

    You need to be very thorough and attentive when revising the paper to realize the weak points and how they should be improved.

    In fact, becoming an expert in proofreading is not an easy task and requires taking special courses or obtaining a degree.

    Here are some tips for students to become proofreaders:

    • Realize the responsibilities of a proofreader
    • Select the proofreading specialty
    • Improve the proofreading skills you already have
    • Keep adding new details and qualifications to the portfolio you are developing

    How much do you get paid to proofread?

    Well, it's a very interesting question to ask. Becoming an academic editor, you will be able to earn enough to establish a bank of trustworthy, reliable clients.

    This question cannot be definitely answered because it depends on a number of factors.

    Various specialty areas require various rates

    Whereas the publishing sector may suggest the highest rates in the market due to the medical, science, and technical documents that require editing services, the social sciences area is known for the average rates.

    In the trade publishing domain, the recommended rates approach the CIEP.

  • Recommended rates for the editing process

    In the United States, the average rate for 1000 words is $10.00, whereas a minimum rate in the United Kingdom is £25.40 per hour.

    Surely, the ability of a student to earn is dependent on the clients and the skills the same editor has. Currently, customers tend to shift from the hourly rates, preferring the fixed rates per a particular editing or proofreading job.

    Establish the rates on your own

    It’s absolutely fair to establish your own prices if you look for the proofreading jobs.

    It’s you who provide the excellent service of proofreading the document for publication. Also, it’s you who follow the guidelines strictly and adhere to the turnaround time.

    Some more perks

    A career of an editor in senior academic will allow a student to have numerous advantages like:

    • To take the amount of work you can handle
    • To work from any place and at any time
    • To get involved in other areas of interest while working as an editor
    • To develop skills to utilize with other customers

Proofreading services for students

  • Definitely, students may become academic editors, but it would be more effective and helpful for them to get the best editor to proofread the piece of their academic writing.

    Improve the grades by ordering proofreading services

    The proofreading and editing services offered by this agency will help students submit their edited document with the correct apa style formatting or any other formatting style, free of grammar and spelling errors, with the correct punctuation and overall paper organization and structure.

    The expert team of editors of this academic editing service agency will assist students in correcting all types of errors identified in the documents, improving the academic voice, tone, and style of the paper, fixing incongruities, and outlining the places that require clarity, making sure the ideas expressed by students are conveyed clearly.

    A dedicated team of editor experts

    The documents and writing pieces of customers are polished by the editors that offer their proofreading services.

  • They correct the mistakes found in the articles for publication, thoroughly proofread the document, and provide feedback and suggestions as to what should be avoided by students in the future when writing a research document.

    How this editing service team cooperates with students

    Prompt document delivery

    Need a prompt delivery of the document? Select the most suitable deadline and the editor will upload the corrected paper.

    Fair pricing

    The cost per page is based primarily on the length of the articles you provide.

    You may have an instant quote by using a calculator placed on this page.

    Proofreading experts and referencing

    All referencing styles can be edited and polished by our editing experts, so do not hesitate to choose this service as your proofreading rescuer.