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Rewrite an essay

Do I need to rewrite my essay? The backstage of rewriting

How many famous writers do you know? For sure, many will name more than 20 names. Now, what about well-known rewriters? Not that easy here, right? Yet, if you think of it, almost all the authors of the textbooks and manuals are, technically, the rewriters. Another point, all the scientists that we know of, did not built their theories purely on their own thoughts and conclusions. They had used all the vast knowledge gained in the field of science that other people already developed – and described writing. So using the basics for their academic papers, the scientists partly work as rewriters, as well. Let alone the statement’ writing tasks almost everyone had in the high school – that is, to tell the story in the different words.

Thus, rewriting makes a part of studying activities of almost any person in the world [who can write]. Nowadays it has also become a part of the business activity. Its result is a unique text that can be sold and bought. The most popular product of the rewriting activities is an essay on the predetermined topic.

There are several reasons the student may have to rewrite an essay. They can be divided grossly into four groups:

  1.  Text deficiencies – your essay is ready, but it doesn’t look what you wanted it to be. The paragraphs do not correlate with each other, the sentences are too wordy, the text looks and sounds monotonous and lacking harmony. The efficient rewriting is capable of solving such issues not changing the meaning of the text. It is much the same as editing the text and choosing the best essay editing service for such task seems quite reasonable.
  2. Plagiarism – due to lack of time, superficial knowledge of the topic, the self-doubt, need for the higher grade the student has downloaded the already existing essay and  needs to change it in order to look unique.
  3. Clashing styles of the essay sources – the student needs to use for his essay several sources, that are performed in the different styles. Upon compounding the text it’s found out that some part of it contain, for instance, the technical vocabulary, the other – the one of the popular science, yet another – colloquial language. To produce the harmonious text, the essay must be rewritten. The professional article rewriting service can be of considerable assistance here.
  4. Repositioning the essay – you’ve written a good essay, let us say for your Literature class on the topic “The Simple Elegance of Words Depicting a Lifetime. W.S. Mougham”. Most likely, got an A or A+ for it. Now you’re at your Social Psychology class and get the task to make an essay “The Social Background of the British Literature Tradition in the Beginning of the XXth Century”. You’ve already written about that, haven’t you? Why not just put it the frame of another field of science and make another great essay?

The more detailed account of the reasons to rewrite the texts can be found in our blog .

Ways to rewrite the essay – rewriting types

Now as we are straight as to the reasons one has to make a rewrite of his an essay, it’s time to ponder over the ways it could be done. The least time- and effort-consuming one is to order the rewriting at one of the trustful essay editing services. However even if you entrust the specialists to perform this task, it is advisable to know at least the general frame of the rewriting process. Thus you’ll be able to verify the result, as well.

There are three types, or grades of the text’s rewriting. They differ by the extent to which the changes are adopted, and by the targets they are aiming at. These are:

  • Superficial rewriting – it concerns the changes within a separate sentence and doesn’t relate to all text as a whole. Mostly it is performed by exchanging the words in the sentence to their synonyms;
  • In-depth rewriting – this type of text’s conversion foresees the complete renovation of the text, while the initial meaning is preserved without alterations. It can be performed by the change of the text’s (or its parts’) style, general re-phrasing, interchange of the blocks of sense;
  • SEO-rewriting – this type of rewrite is used by the web-developers and is targeting at the text being high-ranked at the Internet browsers.

 These types of rewriting differ by the grade of the difficulty of their performance as there are few or several techniques, simple or complex, that are implemented. Certainly it also affects the price for such services. If you’d like to know where to rewrite article cheap browse the relevant websites and always check for the feedback from clients. If you wish to do it yourself or at least to know the way it should be done, let’s head on to the rewriting techniques.

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Essay rewrite techniques

So far we have determined the reason and the type of rewrite for your essay. The task is to change the text not changing its meaning. It is worth noticing that the rules of the English grammar must be adhered to. Now let’s see how it can be fulfilled – the rewriting techniques:

  • Use of synonyms – exchange the words in the sentence with their synonyms. Vast instead of large, to destroy for to eliminate, vase for vessel. Pay attention that the synonymous words must not distort the meaning of the sentence. In the sentence Her face was simple the word simple may be interchanged with placid, but not with easy.
  • Change of the parts of speech – use the noun instead of the adjective (Difficulty lays in… instead of It is difficult to…), verb in place of the noun (Intelligence isn’t enough in the social communication. It isn’t enough to be intelligent in the social communication), gerund in place of the verb (Proofreading it was an easy task. It was an easy task to proofread it) and so on.
  • Replace Direct Speech with the Indirect one. Lisa answered: “That’s my paper”. Lisa replied that the paper belonged to herPay attention that the grammar mood and other categories can be changed as well. Stephen smiled weakly: “I wish I had more time to spend on this coast”. Smiling, Steve has confessed that his wish was to stay more on the coast. In case you feel confused with the grammar moods check the recent article in our blog “How to Master the Subjunctive Mood”. 
  • Substitute the Passive Voice and the Active Voice. Remember the Active Voice is more preferable in the English texts, so the Passive Voice must be used with awareness. The coat was put off the hanger and wrapped around the freezing child. The gentleman took the coat off the hanger and wrapped it around the freezing child.
  • Modify the structure of the sentence, or the paragraph. Break the wordy utterances into two or three short ones, combine the short sentences into one, change the order of the words / sentences. There were hedgehogs under the pine tree and the red and blue balloons above it, depicted in that picture. The picture showed the hedgehogs under the pine tree. Above the tree there were blue and red balloons.
  • Make stylistic inclusions (epithets, participles) where it won’t harm the general meaning and consistency of the essay. Ronald was stroking the dog’s hair. Ronald was gently stroking the dog’s fluffy hair. Make use of the tips on this and other editing techniques while reading our blog: .
  • Concretization of the facts. This technique must be used cautiously, the information you are going to add ought to be double checked. As the ancient wise man asked: “Quo Vadis?”.  Quo Vadis, the eternal question of the Roman philosopher Seneka.
  • Change the structure of the text in terms of the logics. Use induction instead of deduction and vice versa. The joyful children voices were heard from outside. The acacia smelled lovely and the bees were busily buzzing at its buds. The Spring has come.       The Spring was there and the acacia smelled lovely already, busy bees buzzing at its buds. The children voices full of joy were heard from outside. 
  • Stylization of the text. Depending on the destination of the essay it must be written in the different styles: academic, colloquial, technical etc. It is crucial to maintain the same style for the whole text of the essay.   Academic: The average temperature on the Earth surface is rising gradually. Colloquial: It becomes warmer every day on the Earth.

As we see there are quite many techniques one can use while making another version of his or her essay. What they have in common is that mostly all the listed methods serve to the enriching the content of the essay and at the same time simplifying its structure. In other words, making more sense with simpler words. The professional and innovative academic editing services can assist you in this task at any stage of your essay rewriting.

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What I get if I order the rewriting for my essay

If by some reasons you decided to trust the rewriting of your essay to the specialists, the following facts will justify your decision:

  1. The rewriting is performed by the reliable English editor service that guarantees the optimal result: unique and consistent text that preserves all your thoughts and the gathered information  without perversion.
  2. The editing services of the essay are also provided, that ensures there are no mistakes and the text is a high-quality one.
  3. You are able to monitor the changes and decide as to their acceptance in your essay.
  4. Learning the way your essay can be rewritten and optimized, you learn the ways and techniques of the text composition and improve your language skills.
  5. You save your time and effort that can be dedicated to other important things.

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