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Hello, dear readers! Today we would like to tell you about rewriting, the process, which is widely used in writing your essays. Certainly, each our professional writer has a great experience in rewriting. Every action that we take is aimed at providing you with a perfect essay, without any mistakes and plagiarism. Moreover, we want to acquaint you with such method as rewriting. Let us consider the main types of rewriting, in order to answer the question: what is the quality rewrite? Our best resume editing services strive to provide our customers with works of best quality using different techniques, and rewriting is one of them.

 The fact is that in most cases the quality is of great importance: the perception of the readers and search systems depends on how qualitatively the text is rewritten. It is necessary to find cheap rewriting service, and we would like to remind you that our prices are at moderate level.  We will describe methods of rewriting that are usually used:

1. Synonymization. This is the easiest way of rewriting of extremely low quality, consisting in simple replacement of words with synonyms where it is possible. There are special computer programs and online services that perform synonymization of the text, but the experts of editing and rewriting recommend not using them.  The result is of a very low quality; it is difficult to read, a reader will immediately notice the use of synonymization, while reading this text.

2. Minor rewriting. It is something like synonymization, only this time it is made by hand. That is a rewrite that is made by rearranging the words in sentences, replacing words, some non-essential revisions of the text in order to achieve its high uniqueness. However, this text, as opposed to computer synonymization, should remain readable and easily perceived by readers. You can also check some useful information concerning skilled cheap paper editor.

3. Deep rewriting. It is a full retelling of the original text in your own words, something like a school presentation. In this case, the target text is supposed to be completely different and new, but it should preserve the same meaning, revealing the same topic. Sometimes, to perform deep rewriting, a rewriter uses not one but several original sources, and such rewrite is already close to copywriting, to the authentic text, and therefore has the highest value. Our experienced editors and proofreaders use the most effective methods to correct all omissions and mistakes in your essays, you may read about our rewriting services here:

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We tried to define the most important points that will help you make a good rewriting of the texts.

1. Read the original text for several times. Remember its meaning and structure. Then think about how you change the structure so as not to lose meaning.

2. Find other articles on a given subject by searching, read them, take into consideration how they differ from the original text, and think if it is possible to use their elements in your rewriting.

3. Think about the full structure of your rewrite by paragraphs - what you will write in the first paragraph, second, third, etc. Take into account that it is better if the structure is not similar to the original.

4. Think about whether it makes sense to change the style of the text (for example, journalistic to business, information text to marketing, news to the analysis, the first-person narrative to the third and so on)

5. Think how you can "decorate" your text to make it favorably different from the source one, add lists, subheadings, interesting turns of phrase (suitable for the occasion), etc.

6. Choose key phrases to the text and fits them neatly in your rewrite in order to increase the visibility of the text for the search engines, including "to excel" source text in this respect. If you find the process of rewriting difficult, do not feel upset, contact our qualified experts, and they will do everything instead of you.

7. While rewriting, it is necessary to avoid "milk-and-water” in your text (meaningless and repeating phrases).

8. After your rewrite is done, pay attention to the inspection of its uniqueness. You can easily find a rewriting service that will help to check it on the Internet. Best of all, if the uniqueness will be equal to 100%, but the main thing - coincidence with the original text is excluded. If uniqueness obtained is low (less than 90-95%), correct the text, without distorting its readability and meaning, until uniqueness becomes high. Our best essay editing service always obtains the highest uniqueness because our team hires only the best specialists in different fields. If you would like to know about peculiarities of academic editing services, welcome here:

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  • We have a professional approach to every stage of work on paper.
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  • We perform all the required adjustments free of charge.
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Learn How to Lead Your Text to the 100% Uniqueness Level

Education will never lose its leading role in the life of people. Whatever problematic the issue of time is, it should never affect the quality of education that you receive as well as your academic performance. Today it is easy to solve the problem of lack of time with the help of professionals, especially when it goes about writing or correction of different types of academic papers and other student assignments.

It is always better to turn to professionals when you need to have your paper fixed. Just do not be afraid and appeal to the experts at once. The specialists of our company will do a thesis paper, a term paper, coursework, an abstract or an essay of any complexity level considering all the set requirements. Our company provides professional custom writing services. We do not sell ready papers due to the reason that such a paper cannot meet individual demands of a client.

The members of our team are qualified and experienced copywriters. This fact allows us to work with all kinds of subject matters without facing any obstacles or hardships with the provision of a high-quality product. We provide our services taking into account modern requirements of the system of education.

It is hard enough to choose a company that will do any student assignment competently. Such companies are so numerous on the web, and it makes the choice even harder. However, there are many reasons for why students should give their preference to Essay-editor com. We want to mention some of them:

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  • We have a discount and bonus system;
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What Is Dissertation Proofreading?

What is proofreading and why is it necessary? Proofreading is a careful check of a written text before presenting it. Everything should be checked: general impression from reading, proper division into paragraphs, presence of the mistakes and misprints of different kind, as well as the percentage of uniqueness. Even experienced writers should not neglect proofreading. Just like uniqueness check, human proofreading and proofreading using various programs are not a mere formality but a necessary working tool.

Why is proofreading necessary? For example, PhD candidates need to proofread their dissertations and ask someone else to do it due to the fact that they are too well familiar with the content of their work, and it prevents them from noticing mistakes and other inaccuracies. Almost every person makes the same typical mistakes when creating a text. A professional proofreader will notice and remove them, making a paper error-free and properly written in such a way.

Sometimes, in order to increase uniqueness of a text, some people use the following tricks, so-called mechanical replacement:

  • Insertion of original fragments in the text parts with low uniqueness;
  • Replacement of symbols, for example Latin symbols with Greek or Cyrillic;
  • Replacement of tables with screenshots that a program cannot recognize;
  • Use of synonymizer, i.e. special program that finds the words with the same (or almost the same) meaning.

Mechanical replacement has a great disadvantage – if it is used, a paper cannot be presented immediately. It is necessary to proofread it and do the required corrections again and again.

In order to get an outstanding plagiarism-free paper, it is recommended appealing to the specialists who will proofread and rewrite, if necessary, the paper and increase its uniqueness. When you begin writing any academic paper, especially thesis or dissertation, it is necessary to know what the percentage of plagiarized elements is in the text. Or you can just send us your document, and our professionals will do everything required to provide you with an excellent paper.

In conclusion, we would like to give you some pieces of advice. Always remember that any rewriting can be approached from all sides: not only try to modify or replace certain words and some phrases but strive to dig deeper, you can even make bold to change the style or structure. Do not turn your work into an endless tedious routine, break stereotypes, and switch on your imagination. As a result, you will quickly receive the text that will be just as well or even better than the original! In case, it is no go, remember that our editing and proofreading service is always at your disposal. Be sure that all your tasks will be done at a very high level. Do you find our article useful? Have you ever had the experience in rewriting? What sources to check the uniqueness of the text do you know? We appreciate your opinion and defer to your comments and remarks. Do not hesitate to share them with our professionals. Join us!

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