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Many people still think that professional services are not affordable. Some of them do not trust online writing agencies. One thing is sure: they all are greatly mistaken. Today professional rewriting services are affordable to all. Our site offers the lowest prices on the web. The most competent experts in the field work for Essay-editor, providing the best services and ensuring the result of the highest quality. Whatever you may need, including the most competent editing service,  you will get from our team of specialists. In order to introduce us better, we want to present and share with you a couple of our professional tricks. If you use them in your writing, your texts will get improved greatly.

What rewriting is: the methods of rewriting

Rewriting is the procedure of the creation of a unique text from a ready text. We want to share a couple of rewriting tricks, which we use in our work. Thus, you will have a better idea of what we do.

What professional rewriters can give you

Rewriting is not a new phenomenon. This is not something brand recent at all. The result of rewriting is a new unique text, which maintains already existing thoughts, ideas, and knowledge.

What for rewriting is needed

Rewriting became commonly used thanks to the following facts:

  • It requires less time and knowledge to create a rewritten text.
  • A rewritten text is good training for the beginners (for those who are engaged in professional writing).
  • A rewritten text costs less compared with an author’s text written from scratch.
  • A competently rewritten text does not differ from author’s text.

In such a way, rewriting requires the minimum financial expenses from the client’s part, and it is among the most affordable services.

Rewriting can be superficial or deep

  • Superficial rewriting

You get a ready text and rewrite it sentence by sentence, using the methods described further. The structure of an original text is preserved and the uniqueness of text often reaches 100%. Superficial rewriting has a very significant disadvantage: it is necessary to turn to the original text all the time, line by line, and it takes much time.

  • Deep rewriting

In the process of deep rewriting, you get a text that transfers the main ideas of an original text but is written using completely different language and structure. At school, pupils are asked sometimes to listen to a text and write it as much accurately as they can. So deep rewriting is something similar.

One of the most frequent questions is what the difference between deep rewriting and “pure” author’s text creation is. Well, technically, there is no difference. However, the creation of an author’s text is the tool to transfer the author’s thoughts. Rewriting, from its part, uses the thoughts of another author as a tool to create a new text. That is the difference. In fact, rewritten text is someone else’s text, but it composed and processed in such a way that no one will recognize an original text.

Rewriting methods

The art of rewriting is rich and has a lot of methods and techniques. Let us show you the most common ones.

1. Synonyms. The easiest way to rewrite is to replace as many words as possible with their synonyms. This is the basic principle of the synonymizer programs. They are funny but do not bring much practical benefit (just like automatic translation systems). Eventually, it is necessary to polish such a text and waste even more time than if such programs are not used at all.

2. Replacing the verbs with the nouns. Many verbs have corresponding nouns (either a verbal noun or a word with a similar meaning). This method allows diversifying rewriting greatly.

3. Turning direct speech into indirect. Any text may contain quotations. Usually, rewriting does not imply the use of quotes. That is why it is better to turn them into indirect speech.

4. Manipulations with sentences. Another very handy way to produce a unique rewritten text is to change the structure of sentences. The sentences are usually either united or split.

5. Use of passive voice. Speaking about rewriting in general, it can be noticed that passive voice is the second most popular method, right after synonyms. If you want to use passive voice, it is just necessary to reverse the predicates. The drawback of this technique is that, when it is often used, the constructions do not look nice.

Bonus method: stylistic author’s inserts. This is the freest rewriting method that a rewriter can allow when immersing in the writing process. The number of these inserts defines the deepness of rewriting.

Using the presented rewriting methods, you can diversify your texts, increase their quality and value.

About rewriting in more detail

As we have already determined, rewriting is a process when you change an original text and, as a result, you get the text of high quality, keeping the idea of the original. There are cases when there is no need to create a totally new text. Logically, text rewriting is a perfect option.

For instance, when it is necessary to rewrite an article, its text is changed in such a way that it contains the keywords, using which a search engine will find this article on the internet. However, such work on text is not enough if it is necessary to provide a website. For effective promotion, it is required not only to rewrite a text but rewrite is professionally. This is what exactly our online service offers. Read about article rewriting more:

Professional rewriting from Essay-editor is the guarantee of your text uniqueness. Your texts will not have much chance for success if their content is plagiarized. If it turns out that a significant share of text is a low-quality rework, you risk getting many troubles. If you need a text for site promotion, you need to order rewriting services with an increased uniqueness level.

Cheap essay rewriting service from the best rewriters of Essay-editor

Of course, you cannot rely only on uniqueness: it is not a professional approach. A text can be 100% unique but if it is not readable, it will never be highly appreciated. In this case, a special approach is required. You need a high-class rewriting. The team of rewriters of Essay-editor site can secure it. A customer gets just a text with inserted keywords, not a senseless set of phrases, but a unique competently written interesting and useful text. Such texts are highly appreciated and can bring the site to the top.

Rewriting services from Essay-editor are provided by English native speakers (more details are here: The best rewriters in the USA and the UK do their best to provide you with the highest quality texts. They have a tested and working mechanism of services providing, which makes the collaboration with our website easy and pleasant.

Cooperation with our website is not only convenient but also profitable. The prices for rewriting services from Essay-editor pleasantly surprise our clients and make them our regular customers. We know what other expenses our clients often have that is why we do not set high prices for our professional services.

The most optimal combination price / quality allows our clients always get rewriting for cheap. We achieve this with the help of comfortable and advanced mechanism of work of our site that satisfies the needs of even the most demanding client. The customers of Essay-editor are guaranteed to order rewriting service at the reasonable prices and get the expected wanted result.

So if you are interested in getting unique high-quality texts, if you need professional rewriting online, then cooperation with our site is the best decision. Experienced writers, easy use of the site, and affordable prices are the components of our work and your success. Order rewriting, the cost of which will pleasantly astonish anyone, and you will learn what high-quality result really means. Essay-editor is your reliable assistant that is always ready to give you a hand.

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