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Reasons for rewriting an essay

Went on rather well with your college essay but something has come out wrong, finally? Do not get upset that easily, give yourself some free time to rest and distract from the paper. Follow your other occupations, the more active they will be, the better. If the weather or other circumstances do not allow walking, just do some training at home. The aim is to free your mind for a while and concentrate on some occupation not requiring a constant and diligent attention. Meanwhile, if your occupations have consumed all of your attention, you always have an option of approaching a professional editor to solve your predicament. The outline of the services and the algorithm of the essay modification can be traced on Enjoy the smart description with plenty of wholesome information! Apart from boosting your general knowledge about editing and linguistics, you will have an opportunity to enhance your practical skills, to avoid complicated grammar errors and ensure the highest level of correctness for your papers!

Got it right? Now you can freely return to your essay, however hated it might be until this time; and browse through it again. Try to concentrate on the text itself, imagine you are reading an essay by your friend, not the one by your writing. What drawbacks do you spot immediately? What are the strong points? In order to discover what is wrong you will have to perform a thorough and unanimous analysis (otherwise, you might order the professional paper revising at a fair price and receive the corrected text within the determined period). Start with the global things (idea, arguments, evidence, logical flow of the thought), but pay attention to the details as well (even commas and articles). Even the slightest mistake, such as the absence or incorrect placing of the article, an incorrect preposition, can spoil your text greatly. Check some examples of the casual involuntary mistakes in writing that may change the text greatly, as well as pervert its meaning. Compare the following extract.

Content analysis in applied linguistics is method for linguistic working out of a text. It is based on the quantitative analysis, when a frequency of word is calculated during each text. Usually two texts are taken at comparison, but maybe more. Word frequency not a single factor who is taken for calculation. Also a context of word usage is considered.

You can also fix the time of your reading of this fragment. Then compare it with the recital of the next one:

 Content analysis is a method for the linguistic working out of the text. It is based on the quantitative analysis, when the frequency of a word is calculated in each text. Usually two texts are taken for comparison, but may be more. Word frequency is not a single factor that is subject to calculation. Also the context of the word usage is considered.

By the way, the content analysis and its basics will be also studied in the special division of our blog. Coming soon!

As you see, the second text prevails in both the grammar correctness and readability. If by chance, you have but a vague notion of what is readability and what techniques can be used to increase its parameters, check the smart outline on readability factors of the academic texts. Thus, sometimes just correcting the small mistakes is sufficient to improve the overall impression and appearance of your paper. See the principles and methods of correction gathered and analyzed in the part of our professional blog named “Services”. Its articles will help you to stay updated on the recent changes in the area of editing, and make up your mind as to the need for some or another editing technique.

However, in some cases even the thorough proofreading does not improve the text greatly. What you need is to find a reliable and efficient article and essay rewriting service, if you aim to go beyond the level of the visual grammar correctness. Such situations happen when the reasons of the text failure lay deeper than just fixing the commas or verbs’ endings. Here is the short list of the hypothetical situations proving your paper requires a deeper editing, – rewriting:

  1. The topic is changed within the essay. If you write an academic paper, you have to stick with one theme. That is the golden rule of the science. It is also valid for the blog posting. At least the divisions of the blog must maintain the same topic. A good example is our blog aiming at educating the students and introducing the editing’ basics to them. Certainly, your paper may touch other topics and even involve the knowledge from the different fields. Yet the focus must be maintained on a single topic that reflects the main idea of your text, the others serving as auxiliary means of proof and illustration. For example, describing the physical process of the frost creation within the freezing devices, you can use different math formulae. However, it will be inadequate to abandon the description of the fridges’ type and physical properties in favor of unfolding further the math formulae, not concerning the process of the frost creation. If such thing happened somewhere within your paper, analyze each sentence of it, constantly answering the question “What does it have to deal with my main idea?” This will help you to spot the deviation from your main topic and to fix it, eventually. If you’re not sure of improvement coming as a result of your correction, the assistance of a top-notch academic editor will come in handy. Get clear on the advantages as well as the cons of the essay revision service, and determine whether it is suitable for your essay. Ensure the highest quality of your texts, by choosing the best level of the rewriting services on our website!
  2. The logical narrative is inconsequent. You may have the brilliant and innovative idea, support it by the strong and persuasive evidence, illustrate it by the number of the matching examples. Still, if you are inconsequent in your description, if your logic can not be described as a clear one, and the arguments do not represent a proper connection with each other, the impression will be smudged and rather unfavorable. Get the notion of the basic principles and characteristics of the logical narrative and its proper execution. You might try to fix the flaws yourself, but even if you choose to do so, it is better to have someone knowledgeable checking the result. The hints as to checking the essays can be found via the link, the information can be replenished by means of other posts. If you are not keen on logic, attempt to peruse the text as if you are an indifferent reader who is not acquainted with the topic and needs to understand it. Then spot the places where the thread of the argument unfolding is lost. Analyze the nature of the problem. Is there insufficient evidence? Have you skipped some stage of argumentation that seemed obvious to you but might be unclear to the outside reader? Haven’t you unwillingly changed the meaning of the notions during your argumentation? Answering these questions will help to identify the problem and successfully fix it afterwards.
  3. The citing and referencing system does not correspond to the college requirements. If you cited some sources directly, while your teacher requires you to rephrase the citations, you will definitely need to rewrite the most of contents of your essay. Use the methods and techniques outlined in the one of the most comprehensive of our posts, for transforming the direct speech and citations into the indirect one. Do not forget to mark the reference properly. The proper execution of citing and referencing may be tricky enough, as each college usually puts its own requirements for the student’s papers. Sometimes the rules may be quite copious and diversified, so that the highest editing qualification is needed to enable adhering to them. Check the relevant compartments of our website, where you can request the services by the experienced dissertation editor at the affordable price. You can also get the services in the fastest mode, for example, proofread your college essay online. Get your essay shaped at its best, beating even some of the thesis’ works!
  4. The examples are insufficient or too abundant, or do not match the paper in whole. When your illustrations are scarce or too lavish (if they take more than 50% of the text), again if some aspects are illustrated well and others lack proper representation, you can simply cut and / or add the necessary illustrations. However, if your illustrations do not match the overall content of your paper, you will have to provide the other ones, or modify the existing words and sentences, maybe the whole notion of the illustration. Make sure your examples are correct from the point of grammar, too. If you need an advice, consult our ingenious posts on the grammar tenses in English, each dedicated to a separate tense. If you are keen on having a sample of the excellent academic writing, with just optimal quantity and quality of examples, check our blog compartment “Free samples”. There you will find valuable information as to the basic principles of the academic writing as well, and have the notion of what the matching text examples must be. Don’t forget to proofread your text upon inserting the changes, as it is much probable that the overall meaning has been changed. The experienced and skillful paper proofreader can check both the presence of involuntary mistakes arising from matching the new piece of writing into already complete text, but so much the sense of the notions and theoretical positions presented, illustrated by the examples. Such proofreaders may be found within the skillful and reputed proofreading company, striving to maintain its reputation and the high level of services, so to ensure the best of client’s satisfaction.

Listed above are the basic reasons that may lead to the rewriting of your essay. Together with the descriptions, you are also granted the number of hints relating to the correction of the mentioned linguistic flaws. Nevertheless, if you are not a linguist yourself or English is not your first language, it is advisable to entrust the task of the rewrite of your paper to the trusted specialist, who can offer the rewriting services of the foremost quality, providing you with the chance to pursue your other duties and occupations. Among our selected services is the cheap proofreading service where you can place an urgent order for swift but competent proofreading and other types of editing for your papers. Still, you will have a chance to boost your own editing potential, should you need it. The professional linguist will be glad to answer your questions regarding the flaws and remedies for your text, so that you can avoid the similar mistakes in the future. State your request, like, “Reword my paper for cheap and quickly!” and we shall contact you in a wink!

Let’s discuss the ways to define the suitable editing service in the following chapter.

In the meantime, you might be interested in the subdivisions and specifics of the editing field. If so, the following illustrations of our editors’ skills might turn useful:

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Selecting the optimal performer for the top-rated rewrite of your academic paper

The field of the professional editing encompasses many types of the modifications that the academic texts are subject to, from proofreading to the deep revision. The professionalism and experience of the editor are defined by the range of tasks he or she can undertake and successfully fulfil. Proofreading, modification word-by-word, restyling of the report or the essay, comprehensive rewrite or revise of the final version of the paper, deep transformation of the sense layers and so on.  The more complicated and important is the task the editor can efficiently fulfil, the wider is the scope and diversity of his or her services. Thus, it is impossible for a specialist in linguistics to perform an efficient rewriting, but not being able to make a good proofreading. The tasks of the “higher” level necessarily involve the trained skills and the basic knowledge needed to fulfil the tasks occupying the “lower” levels. That’s the reason it so hard to come by an editor specializing on rewriting solely. It is also quite improbable to spot the editor involved only in some or another division of the linguistic field. Make sure that if you question an editor on how to improve and systemize your punctuation, he or she will also be glad to enlighten you regarding the syntax, parts of speech, phonology and morphology basics.

When contacting the editor, apply some additional effort to receive an ample information in reply to the most whimsical of your requests. Ask the editor about the license (if applicable, as some countries do not support licensing for the editing activities), certificates of compliance, diplomas. Inquire about the standards, accepted norms the editor adheres to, the direction of linguistics he or she is working within. For your guidance, visit the next blog page, dedicated to the issues of selecting the trusted and skillful specialist in linguistics, aimed to disclose the field of deep and light editing and providing the unique and essential data reflecting the peculiarities of communicating with the editor.  

However, this information gives a hint for the estimation of the overall level and presentation of the editor’s skills. The wider is the circle of issues that the hired editor deals with, the more suitable he or she should be considered for the efficient processing of your essay. Meanwhile if the editor is limited by the orders by only preliminary corrections and is engaged in rewriting solely by method of the synonyms’ replacement, the proper recommendation would be to look for another specialist. Among other companies, spare another quart an hour to study the contents of our website. We can deliver you the speedy online paper revision at the modest cost, and simultaneously warranting the highest quality of the performed editing.

So far as you intend contacting the selected editor lodging the request for the correction and enhancement of your literary or academic text, you are required to be well armed by the developed linguistic abilities or at least some linguistic knowledge. Having an idea regarding the general principles of editing along with its types, the aims and techniques, can come in handy when contacting the editor and determining whether he or she is fit for fulfilling your request at the desired level. Our advice is to search for the lacking or insufficient data hard, and ascertain to have read it thoroughly. Ensure doing your best for not to stop on a first suitable offer. Upon getting some idea yourself, you will be able to estimate the editor’s offer and the scope and quality of the proposed services, at the same time to control the final version of your paper.

Meanwhile, if you plan to enhance your English successfully but cannot attend to classes or enter into the live communication, at all stages of your learning you can gain a great support from reading. There are plenty of books helping to learn English rapidly. If you already have considerable knowledge of the colloquial English and some live speaking skills, reading will also help you to maintain your level and increase your vocabulary. From a smart essay posted recently in our blog, you will also learn the best practical methods to enhance your English, and will even find the list of destinations fit to learn English fast and easy. Check the theory, and set off for practice!

In order to get acquainted with the editor’s portfolio and abilities, you also need to look for additional information, apart from browsing the company’s website. You’ll need to collect the independent reviews and customer feedback on other websites and related forums, analyze them on subject of objectivity, make a picture of the editor’s skills and experience. See whether the editor is professionally fit for the task of providing the editing and consulting services to students. For example, whether he or she provides the term paper and course paper editing service, or can edit professionally an admission essay, whether the thesis’ editing is his or her strong point. Through our website, a student can find the competent PhD dissertation and addendums’ proofreading service, together with all the collateral services. All this is rather a tiresome task, requiring a lot of spare time as well. Look for more tips on the algorithm of choosing the right specialist for the improvement of your academic and literary texts and other papers, and benefit from your knowledge about editing and other aspects of your sketching skills’ enhancement Other bonuses also apply, like a full account of the methodology and engaged techniques the editors use, while working with the texts. All this data will enable you to imply these tips and tricks yourself, as well as control the final result of your editing!

In order to simplify the procedure of the editor’s selection, we offer to put some simple yet somewhat tricky questions that will help you to define the qualification of the editor and his or her level of experience in the field. Following these steps, asking questions and estimating the answers, you will be able to hire a competent paper editor, with less effort and for a reasonable price. What is more important, you may stay assured your essay or other academic or literary paper will be analyzed and edited in the most thorough yet authenticity-wise way. Don’t forget to be polite and correct when approaching the editor. Our post on how to implement the polite constructions in your speech will help you to avoid arrogance and contempt, but to sound professional and tolerant. Apply the polite constructions we offer, and your requests will be always welcome!

  • What is the difference between rewriting and revising? The well-qualified essay editor and proofreader will not probably reply at once, as there can be no simple answer. You will need a short lesson on editing and its basics first. From the outsider’s view, there is no difference at all. But that certainly can’t be the point of the professional, who is engaged in performing both of these tasks frequently. Rewriting is the simpler task, not dealing with the deeper layers of sense and logical narrative. For the most part, it includes the changes in the shape of a sentence and its components: exchanging the words into synonyms, transforming passive voice into active, direct speech into indirect and so on. Revision involves the modification of the phrase and paragraphs’ construction, replacing of the paragraphs, the smart processing of the information and its transformation into the similar piece of writing.

Some types of papers require revising more often than rewriting. Such are, for instance, admission essays. It is not enough if you just replace the words and change the appearance of the paper. In case your admission report or an essay do not comply with the college regulations, the deep revising will be probably the best solution. Check our top admission essay and admission report editing service, which is a certain clear path to your admission!

  • Can you rewrite a technical text? The peculiarity of the technical texts lays in the profuse usage of the special terms, usually representing the single irreplaceable word for a notion, and in the engagement of the writing clichés. Like The resistance in the network equals to the summarized resistance of the conductors. Rewriting of such passages is possible, yet it would involve unnecessary additional descriptions and make a text wordy and blurred. Like The added indication of the resisting power of each circuit’ conducting device makes the resistance of the whole chain of circuit. That is why, though the rewriting of the technical text is a possible task, the positive effect may be reached only where the narrative or some free descriptions are involved. In this regard, the editor who set his works as fit for the students must be efficient in the technical texts’ editing. The optimal paper proofreading services especially designed for students can be ordered at request on our website. For more information on the topic, catch the hints regarding the composition of the technical texts.

For the technical texts, the need for the editor is usually limited by the orders for proofreading. Usage of the special terms and non-standard phrases may lead to somewhat insufficient discerning of the words and symbols by the text editor. This will result in the abundant underlining of the words as incorrect ones, among which you can easily miss a real mistake. Be careful to select a competent essay proofreading service, fit to deal with your technical papers, as well as with all the other ones. Be careful, though, not to rely too much on the automatic means of the text verification. For example, not each fixing grammar professional website can provide for the efficient editing. Peruse our essays on the point, on purpose to be warned and to have an ample possibility to choose the fitting website.

  • Do you provide plagiarism-free texts? There are editors who do not have scruples in providing their clients with the texts found on the Internet or in other sources, as well as the ones previously written or edited by themselves and already published. Going straight with this point from the beginning will spare you the tiresome clarifications afterwards, as well as show the editor that at least you get on well with the task and have the sufficient knowledge as to the estimation of the results. On the part of a skilled specialist, such approach can be welcomed only. To discover the nature and key factors of the plagiarism, as well as other writing factors, peruse the articles collected in the special division of our blog named “How to”, reflecting the actual issues in the modern English mode of writing and providing the optimal solutions for them. For instance, you will obtain thorough and simply relayed studies on the different parts of grammar and syntax constructions of the English language, together with the hints for the best English study for beginners and for disciples of intermediate level. Set your inquiry and we’ll find the matching result!
  • Will my ideas be modified in the result of the rewriting? The prime goal of the rewriting is to preserve the author’s ideas intact, as well as the logic of the narrative, unless the change was explicitly requested. If you receive an answer that your thoughts will be changed to some, even slightest extent, it is advisable to continue your search within the diversity of the editing companies. The editor only performs an adjustment from the linguistic point of view, without touching the global fundamentals such as the basic idea, style of the thought’s unfolding, argumentation and so on. Ordering our services and consulting, you will enjoy the effective college essay and report editing service at cheapest prices, besides, you will have all the information support you might need on any aspect of your writing, and the possibilities of its enhancing.

Choosing any supplier for the services you need is always a somewhat prolonged and risky task. However, you can secure yourself (and your academic essay as well) by contacting the reliable editors. Check what are the best professional qualities for the English editors who deal with the texts by non-English speakers and with the texts written by novices in academic writing. The relevant outline is accessible on the page The staff of our editing company consists of such editors, meanwhile we offer you to peruse our website for getting the relevant proof. You will find a comprehensive table with prices for the most popular types of editing. We provide selected and specific services for postgraduates and students, for example, proofreading and editing at home assignments, correcting the essay for college admissions etc. In order to make a complete picture of our activities, browse the blog designed to help the students and postgraduates who are novices in editing or are not the English native speakers. For example, here you can get the useful hints for the English words’ efficient memorizing. The blog has four sections that reflect the most recent updates in each field of our activities and knowledge: editing, writing, popular topics and English grammar. Contact our administrator through the live chat and you will receive the answer to all your queries immediately, and will be able to discuss a special price for the editing of your essay. Contact us without delay!

Our editors have prepared several interesting essays on different issues of English writing and editing. Hope that some of them will be of use and interest to you. The rest may be found on our website.

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Has the rewriting become an easy task for you upon reading this post? Tell us about your success! We are always waiting for your comments that you can post in our live chat!