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Final touches determine the success of your text. Be it an essay, term paper, or any other piece of writing, editing is a must. And in this situation, you have at least two variants: to edit everything yourself or hire a professional. Let's begin with the first one. Our experts have gathered and systemized recommendations that really work.

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Check my essay: A comprehensive guide for your self-editing

It all begins with the general picture. There is no sense to focus on little typos or sophisticated grammar nuances if your essay is not relevant to the given issue and does not sound good. Avoid double work — first, start your paper editing with global moments. Otherwise, you will have to revise the spelling and punctuation several times when changing the structure, rewriting phrases, adding new paragraphs, etc.

1. Evaluate if your essay is purposeful

The essay is a popular genre in the contemporary world aimed to reach various goals:

  • demonstrate your knowledge of the subject (give answers to the given questions);
  • show your creative skills (highlight your personal findings and insights);
  • prove that you're the best candidate for the job position (university).

2. Informativeness is decisive

The value of a good piece of writing lies in providing helpful information. Make sure your document has enough:

  • arguments and facts proving your conclusions;
  • explanations of your ideas and hypotheses;
  • information that interests the reader.

3. Check the readability

This parameter is especially crucial for such papers as a college application essay, speech, presentation, etc. Pay attention to the transitions between paragraphs and chapters. Everything must be smooth as sharp changes of thoughts make your story chaotic.

4. Improvement of the writing style

When delivering online editing help, our professionals encounter a big variety of styles. Reread your document and analyze if you have chosen the correct tone of voice and manner of writing. The understanding of purposes will help you select the correct technique. Pay attention to the words and figures of speech that you use. Remember that publicist, academic, creative styles have different peculiarities.

5. Grammar and punctuation check

Correctly spelled words and suitably situated punctuation marks are the main things clients expect from our editing services. Orthography should be treated seriously, as it determines the sense of your paper. Besides, poor grammar speaks of the student's insufficient basic knowledge.

Examine every sentence, word, and symbol. It is easy and fast to do with a proofreading tool (Grammarly.com, Typely.com). If you doubt the correctness, use online dictionaries. Oxford Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Collins are some reliable variants. One can also turn to our writer or editor and order a proofreading service.

6. Plagiarism check

We do not doubt your uniqueness but automated programs can. It is all about frequently used common phrases describing popular events, people, objects, etc. We often hear and read materials on our subjects that eventually stay in memory. Please, make sure you do not repeat somebody's phrases, modern software will help you with that.

7. Adjustment to specific assignment requirements

Revision according to the general standards of writing might be not enough for your specific projects. Thus, dissertation editing covers fact-checking, analysis of the offered hypotheses, adaptation to the correct citation style, etc.

Professional essay editors recommend: Multifunctionality does not work well when you require editing of the text for your crucial project. When you try to check everything at once you lose concentration. So you'd better revise it several times and focus your attention on different points step by step.

How to edit your essay? Free checklist from our editing team
1 Does your text answer the given question?
2 Is it informative? Does it provide valuable information?
3 Is everything logically written?
4 Is it easy to read and understand?
5 Do you use a suitable tone of voice?
6 Does it contain enough explanations and facts?
7 Is the structure balanced?
8 Check the spelling - every single word!
9 Revise punctuation and constructions of phrases
10 Is your text unique? (Generate the report with the help of the given program)
11 Format it properly
12 + Any other specific requirements from your professors or whatever

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Practical pieces of advice for effective editing

The above theoretical recommendations are still not enough to make your texts perfect. The understanding of the main criteria for worthwhile essays does not guarantee their successful implementation.

What you require apart from these pieces of advice is a good action plan. The representatives of our essay editing service have decided to share some episodes from professional practice.

1. Control your writing process

Make a habit to notice grammar issues at the stage of composing your text. It is more effective to foresee everything in advance than to check and correct a bunch of errors. Train your writing skills, and you'll spend less time on further editing. Read more and what is more important — pay attention to spelling and stylistic techniques in various genres.

2. Create new conditions for your mindset

How often do you find mistakes in your texts? The average student is rarely able to detect all the mistakes in his/her paper. It is because we think that everything is correct by default in what we do. Our possibilities are restricted by knowledge and attentiveness, yet we can help you broaden these frames.

Try to read the text without paying attention to grammar mistakes. Instead, concentrate attention on the flow of thoughts.

⇒ Read it aloud. By doing so, you can notice how your ideas sound and, thus, catch weak moments. Or use one of the online tools to convert texts into speeches. For example, Typely.com offers this opportunity alongside free proofreading.

⇒ Look at your text from a new angle. This advice is not about the fresh set of eyes only. Change the visual form of the written text.

  • One can look it through on another screen. For instance, instead of a PC, use your smartphone or laptop.
  • You can also change the font or just the size of the letters. Do not forget to restore everything.
  • Revise it backward. It will not help you recheck the sense of your work, still, this method works well to catch mistakes in words. During such a method of paper editing, the brain refocuses on every symbol.

3. Give your essay some time

If you do not hurry, let your story wait. Check every page the other day when your brain relaxes. We can say from experience that new insights can arise, and some typos can be noticed after a while.

Modern ways on how to edit the essay

Contemporary authors have at least three ways on how to revise and improve their texts.

1) Become the editor of your texts

Students, university graduates, and aspiring authors often have to cope with editing without any help. It might be challenging, tiresome, annoying... yet still possible. Have patience, be objective, follow our recommendations, and you'll definitely succeed.

2) Rely on AI

Do not ignore existing technologies — the contemporary programs can quickly find typos in your texts, as well as suggest ideas on how to make them better. Try several variants (Paper Rater, Grammarly, Typely, etc.)

3) Purchase essay editing service

Obviously, it is the fastest and most effective way to improve the quality of your essay. The only thing is to work with trustworthy websites, and we are one of them. Our agency is an officially registered enterprise running this business according to existing laws (all rights reserved, etc.)

Professional advice: It's not a good idea to turn your friends into editors. Your request "please, edit my paper" can result in an awkward situation. Firstly, your classmate can lack expertise in this field. Secondly, editing is often so bothersome. You'd better work with our college paper editors. Splendid results and nice cooperation are guaranteed!

Edit my paper: Free online instruments

We move with the times and never ignore existing technological opportunities. Maybe in the near future, AI will be enough to check texts. And for now, we use it only as a support tool.



We've appreciated the convenience and multifunctionality of this instrument. Alongside proofreading, it also provides helpful stats on the document (the number of words, reading time, the richness of vocabulary, etc.). It is far more than an online instrument catching grammar mistakes. The user gets access to the modern online environment with forums and helpful blog articles.

What is special about it?

It does not overload the user with a bunch of corrections and suggestions. Its algorithms focus on the general impression from the text rather than on typos. One can adjust this program to specific requirements — mark parameters that are essential for your purposes.


Unlike the previous online tool, this program likes to detect a bunch of nuances concerning spelling, punctuation, stylistic details, and many more.

What we've liked about it

It's very convenient to install the Grammarly extension for Google. Thus, you receive a sort of paper editor for your emails, messages, Google Doc files, and other online documents.

The instrument is extremely attentive and catches a lot of details, including conciseness, tone, tautologies, typos, etc.

Our experience of using this service

Our professionals use its extension in combination with our internal programs, and this symbiosis is effective. Even the free version works pretty well; however, there're paid extensions for business and premium goals.


It is a simple yet very precise tool. As a student, you might use Google Docs to type texts for your projects. So do not forget to mark "Spelling and grammar check" as well as "Show suggestions" in its "tools." Our practice shows that Google Docs detects some errors that are skipped by Grammarly, for instance.

Google Docs

Expert advice from our editor

Adjust the personal dictionary of Google Docs according to the subjects that you study. One can also use this tool in combination with Grammarly. Joint efforts of these two algorithms bring awesome results.

And one more thing, if formatting is your biggest issue, try online citation tools, such as Citation Machine, for instance.

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What if I do not want to edit my essay?

The reluctance to spend time on editing papers is clear. We realize that you work hard on your projects and usually have no strength to revise everything. Let alone rewriting and adjustment to any new requirements. You can safely rely on our academic paper editors in this matter.

Editing is a broad concept. For someone, it boils down to fast grammar check, while there are authors requiring in-depth analysis. It is all about the seriousness of the project and your personal expectations from the final result.

Our website is exactly the place where you can safely receive any type of editing service and even more. We work with all types of texts written in English, beginning from little essays and to big dissertations.

You'll appreciate cooperation with our professionals, and here is why.

⇒ Hire our academic paper editor to receive a professional evaluation of your college projects.

⇒ Save your time with our fast editing service.

⇒ Receive consultations from the support team whenever you wish.

⇒ Feel free to opt for any pricing plan depending on the level of complexity, the volume of work, and extra services.

⇒ Forget about mistakes, enjoy amazing results and tangible improvements.

Use the benefits of the modern time — hire our college paper editor!

The world changes so does the approach to education and science. Some actions of learners, authors, researchers can be successfully implemented by automated programs. For instance, it is awesome that now you do not need to search for information in printed books and magazines. Global digitalization and Internet technologies make access to data easier.

The same is about online services. Why spend hours on editing and proofreading if you can delegate these functions to our specialists? We're sure research, writing, investigations are more interesting tasks for you in comparison with the boring checks. We give you an opportunity to focus on them, and we promise to edit everything in the best light.

Is there something that stops you from ordering our service? Please, ask your questions on the chat — our support agents are always online to dispel your doubts. Drop us a line!

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2) Let's decide what you actually need to edit

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3) Payment procedure

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4) Discuss the nuances

The key to our successful cooperation is a clear mutual understanding. If you doubt any moments, we are ready to explain everything. Do not hesitate to ask questions on the live chat. The openness to a constructive dialogue helps us deliver effective services.

5) Download your professionally edited paper

Check your email, we usually send files much earlier than the deadline comes. We're sure you'll enjoy the result. Your positive feedback inspires us and gives you a discount for the next order.

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