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When it comes to the serious PhD level, you need only the best proofreaders and editors. And you can find them right here. We guarantee in-depth checking, constructive corrections, and meaningful suggestions.

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College life is challenging, and you might have already done a lot to become a senior student. It was a long way from the first course of the university till now when it's time to present your dissertation or thesis. Even a diligent hard-working learner needs help at this stage. It is because you cannot risk your reputation and give up everything one step from your dream.

Our editors are here to provide all types of editing services and related assistance. By ensuring competent and tangible solutions, we contribute to your academic success and make your life easier and happier.

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Our proofreading and editing assistance is quite affordable, meanwhile, you get rid of numerous issues and receive fast and effective improvements for your dissertation.

Professional PhD Editing Services to Elevate Your Academic Documents

At, we offer top-notch dissertation editing services, proofreading services, and editing services for all academic documents. Our team of experienced editors understands the importance of academic writing skills and academic and professional writing. We specialize in thesis editing service and dissertation editing to ensure that your academic documents are error-free, technical accuracy, and adhere to academic style guidelines. Our proofreading service is designed to make your life hassle-free, so you can focus on writing quality content.

We understand that as a PhD candidate, you have a lot on your plate. That's why we offer scholarship editing services, research papers, and professional school essays editing to help you put your best foot forward. Our editing process includes an in-depth review of your writing style, sentence structure, and technical accuracy. Our thesis editor ensures that your academic documents are well-organized, easy to read, and adhere to academic style guidelines. We guarantee that your document will be the best thesis it can be, and we will work tirelessly to ensure that you receive great quality services.

At, we pride ourselves on being the best company for all your editing needs. Our experienced editors have the expertise to take your academic documents to the next level, ensuring that they are error-free, technically accurate, and adhere to academic style guidelines. Trust us to provide you with the best dissertation editing services, proofreading service, and editing services for all your academic documents.

We'll make your final steps to the PhD less complicated, — please, hire our editors!

Risk-free dissertation editing assistance

  • Trustworthiness underlies our online business. It is the core principle protecting our clients' rights. Due to this honest and reliable approach to dissertation editing assistance, we manage to earn a good reputation and appreciation among clients across the globe.

    • Tangible results

    Editing often remains unnoticed for readers; still, the editor makes a significant impact on the text. Journal articles, theses, dissertations look better after a skilled specialist checks and improves them. We, on our part, guarantee effective services, which imply full compliance with your Order Form and general rules of academic writing.

  • • Timely implementation of your order

    Deadlines and schedules belong to crucial rules of the academic world, and we are not going to break them. With a coherent team and well-established working processes, we always deliver your texts on time. If something goes wrong because of unforeseen circumstances, we'll send your money back. However, it is an extremely rare situation as we are interested in prompt delivery and earning income.

    • Safe editing service

    Graduate students do not have to worry about their confidentiality or data breach. We guarantee a safe format of online cooperation: your private information, as well as files and messages, are reliably protected by the newest technologies. We care about the safety of every single client and take measures to build a reliable Internet environment.

Level up your academic writing — use our editing service

We are sure your PhD project is awesome. What we offer is checking for possible mistakes, as well as quality improvements.

  • Students usually focus on the research results, calculations, analysis of information when working on their dissertations and theses. And it is an absolutely sensible approach to such projects. Indeed, the value of this work lies in the in-depth investigation and innovativeness of ideas. It is natural that grammar, punctuation, stylistic nuances become secondary issues. Our online agency is built just to help you with the above difficulties.

    • Eliminate typos and spelling mistakes

    You might lack time to check every single symbol, and you should not do it on your own. Our employees will revise every word and sentence to detect and correct possible errors.

    • Check the vocabulary

    Our dissertation editor will check your words. If you work with a narrow topic, this offer is quite helpful to find possible wrong terms.

    • Review the structure

    When you write such a comprehensive project as a dissertation or thesis, the structure is decisive. It determines the plan of work and emphasizes crucial moments. Our experts can give helpful pieces of advice on this issue, if necessary.

  • • Enhance readability

    We can say from experience that the full text of the dissertation is read by several people. Yet some of its parts can be reviewed and cited by a big number of readers. Our team makes your project clear and understandable by eliminating tautologies, unnecessary words, and other weak places.

    • Fact-checking

    Reliability of information is a matter of accurate results and valuable findings. Our assistants can double-check the correctness of your citations and the data relevance.

    • Add new ideas

    Apart from editing services, we also provide rewriting assistance. It means that our employee can rewrite specific parts of your manuscript. If you feel that your dissertation lacks arguments or explanations, we'll help you with that.

    • Formatting

    It might take you hours to adjust every page to the particular citation standard and other rules of the academic format. Send us your documents, and we'll do it all for you.

With flawless grammar, proper style, and correct formatting everything becomes better. We'll make your thesis look brilliant. You'll like it — try today!

How to order our editing service

We realize the specifics of PhD projects. Since they imply big volumes of work, we can do them part by part. For instance, it is possible to send the edited text chapter by chapter. Thus, you will monitor the progress of our service.

  • 1) Welcome to our professional editing space

    Look around, check out our website. Read about our services, try an online calculator, leave feedback on the chat if you want. Your testimonials inspire us to develop this business.

    2) Sign in on the website

    It is an easy, safe, and quick procedure. Please, fill out the Form and join the team of our registered clients.

    3) Formulate your Order

    Please, tell us about the specifics of your dissertation, thesis, or any other paper that needs to be edited. Mention the number of pages, the subject matter, the level of complexity, citation style (Chicago, APA, etc.), and other crucial parameters of your assignment. If the Form is not enough to cover all the issues, upload the file with your instructions.

    4) Pay for the service

    Since we adhere to an affordable pricing policy, you never overpay for our service. Plus, a money-back opportunity and reliable payment systems eliminate all the risks for you.

    5) Download your document

    Revise the file with your edited text. We usually send it earlier before the deadline comes. If you have any notes or questions, we are ready to discuss them.

    User-friendly support system

    Free online consultations concerning your order and our academic editing services are available online at any stage of our cooperation.

    • Let's get acquainted

    Are you new here? Is it your first experience of hiring professional editors online? Our support manager is willing to explain everything in detail.

  • • Issues with placing an order?

    If you cannot fill out the Order Form, our assistants will give you helpful hints. The online chat works without days off.

    • Learn the details of your order

    It might take several days or even weeks to edit your Ph.D. documents. You can contact us at any time and learn how it is going.

    PhD editors: Who works on your papers

    We realize that it is not enough to learn the nuances of English language grammar to edit a PhD project. Unlike a simple high school essay, a dissertation requires in-depth knowledge of academic rules (tone, clarity, reasoning, citing, etc.). That is why our team of PhD editors contains only true specialists in this sphere.

    • Significant expertise

    The history of our editing agency covers about ten years, and most of our first employees still work with us. Your academic paper is checked by an experienced specialist who knows all the nuances and details of this profession.

    • Punctuality

    Our academic editors do everything on time with respect for your deadlines. All the stages of work are implemented according to the plan and schedules. Plus, we have managers monitoring the timeliness of our services.

    • Vast knowledge

    Our dissertation editors are serious specialists with solid theoretical backgrounds. Wide knowledge in the scientific and research areas enables us to evaluate PhD projects with skill. This principle is reflected in appropriate corrections and valuable improvements of your texts.

    Of course, our experts are native English speakers; importantly, we have specialists in British and American dialects. Please, point out what type of language you require, and we'll select a proper professional for you.

Big goals are challenging to achieve, yet they are worth your efforts. We offer competent editing assistance to minimize stress and save your time on the path to your doctorate degree. Take this awesome opportunity — hire our PhD editor!