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Why order editing and proofreading assistance here? has already established itself as an effective and affordable service for checking all types of texts. With us, you receive tangible results and do not pay much for them.

✓ Expert level of services

The only way to deliver worthwhile editing (proofreading) services is to be an expert in this stuff. We do not cooperate with amateur freelancers, as the results of their copyediting can be unpredictable.

That is why we have invited only well-educated specialists to our company. Thanks to their solid experience and in-depth knowledge, every client's document turns into a flawless piece of writing.

✓ We cope with urgent orders is created to deliver the best proofreading solutions. Understanding that clients might have time-sensitive projects, we have foreseen the opportunity to order urgent editing services. Despite tight time frames, you can always make sure, that the quality of our work is decent.

If you require editing, proofreading, or a revision service in twelve hours, please, let us know. The professional level of our experts is enough to cope with this assignment.

✓ Affordable prices

We do not charge a lot for our proofreading and copy editing services. Our prices are not the lowest ones in the United States. Meantime, they are balanced in terms of impeccable quality, safe cooperation, and fast speed of order fulfillment.

The cost of our assistance depends on the number of words, the complexity of the essays, specific demands to the work, etc. However, it is affordable for most students.

✓ Understanding of the language nuances

Unlike some other copy editing agencies offering content writing and proofreading service, we realize that there are several dialects of the English language. The United States of America, Great Britain, Canada have peculiarities in the way their population speaks and writes.

We build our business across the world, so we have proofreaders for all categories of English-speaking writers. Our professionals correct all the linguistics errors in your project bearing in mind the dialectic aspects.

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Guarantees of editing, proofreading assistance

Our business is built, above all, on reliable relations. Due to this principle, has a high level of trust from clients and blog readers. If it is your first experience of using our portal, check out our guarantees.

✓ The guarantee of the decent quality

Whether you hire our proofreader or copyeditor, the result of the work is always impeccable. We know how to do our job. All the points in your Order Form are taken into account; let alone general standards of copy- and academic writing.

If someone wishes to order revisions, he/she can do it within a specific period. In case something goes wrong and you find errors, we correct everything for free. Money refund opportunity is available too.

✓ Timeliness

We respect your time and the right to receive a ready-made project on time. Thus, departments responsible for copy editing and proofreading work day and night so that to cope with work in the shortest possible time.

All the orders are controlled by the main editor who sets inner deadlines for our employees. This approach helps us to promptly redistribute the work and thus meet even the shortest deadlines.

✓ Safety of information

Secure and reliable cooperation in the sphere of copy editing and proofreading services is decisive. We guarantee risk-free online communication and data exchange. Do not worry about the information you send and receive from our editor.

With respect for your wish to stay anonymous, we do not disclose any facts concerning your experience of using our editing assistance.

Our editors are willing to improve your text right now. Send it to us and receive a free quote!

Principles of our work

Professionalism comes to the fore when it deals with proofreading. Indeed, only experts can make high-quality check. Otherwise, results can be the opposite. Imagine that nonprofessionals revise your text and change the sense of your story or add mistakes.

✓ Knowledge-based approach

An in-depth understanding of English grammar enables our copy editor to check your texts properly. Every writer, proofreader, editor of our team got knowledge at college (or university). Besides, our team members constantly develop their skills. They study professional books and other materials on writing techniques, editing methods, current grammar rules, and many more.

✓ An eye for detail

Any type of editing is about noticing tiny details. Whether we talk about checking grammar in fiction or academic books, typos and mistakes are not acceptable. Our specialist attentively studies every page and symbol in your paper. This is how we ensure a perfect level of work.

Not sure about texts for your crucial project? Trust our professionals!

How to hire our proofreader

Your document can become perfect in several simple steps. We have created a convenient ordering system so that you could easily use it.

1. Welcome to our proofreading portal

We are glad to see every author on our website. If you strive to make your text ideal you are in the right place. Look around, surf our web pages, learn about our wide capabilities, read the blog.

2. Join the team of our registered clients

Push the button "Order Now" and follow the link "I'm a new customer." Fill in the fields and get access to your personal cabinet. We do not require any personal documents from you, just some contact information (including the e-mail) and that's it.

3. Decide on the details of your order

Select the topic of your project, point out the number of pages, choose the complexity level. On our website, you can hire a proofreader from the United States of America or the United Kingdom. Other additional options are available too: editing, rewriting, revision, etc.

Besides, you can write down your individual preferences and requirements in the corresponding field.

4. Pay for the services

The work of our professional proofreader does not cost you much. The price depends on the number of words, the academic level, and the presence of nonstandard demands. Nevertheless, the cost of our assistance is affordable for students.

5. Check your inbox and enjoy the result

We always send your document before the deadline. Our proofreaders have enough professional capacity to cope with your orders in the shortest possible time.

We are sure you will appreciate the result of our effort. Go to step 3 whenever you wish to boost the quality of your text.

If you have any questions on the order procedure or any other aspects of our editing and proofreading assistance, please, contact our specialists on the live chat.

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When to use our copy editing service

We are glad that more and more people start using our services. Due to our individual approach and wide specialization, everyone can find an optimal solution to his/her issues.

Without spelling errors and punctuation mistakes, everything looks better. Whether you are an academic student or a marketing specialist, people judge you on your texts.

✓ Foreign learners

If English is not your native language you might experience difficulties with its grammar and vocabulary. If your level is less than advanced, send your papers to our team. We will eliminate all the weak places in it.

✓ Amateur authors

If you are an aspiring author, please send us the first draft of your book. Our editor has enough competence to check it with skill. It is a perfect opportunity to receive a professional outside perspective. Our services cover the check of both non-fiction and fiction writing, as well as other types of books.

✓ Website content writer

Our proofreading comes in handy if you post plenty of articles on websites. We understand that it is tedious to proofread all the texts, be they yours or written by the other copywriter. For instance, if you tend to cooperate with a freelancer, send his/her texts to our experts. We will competently revise them before publishing.

✓ Public relations firms

The cost of a mistake is rather high for the reputation of both the company and person. Misspelled words and wrong punctuation can change the meaning of your phrases and lead to misunderstandings. If you do not want to ruin your good name, please, order our proofreading. With an eye on detail, we detect every single nuance.

✓ Everyone who values the time

It is not time-consuming to check the page. Yet when it deals with big texts, proofreading is getting so exhausting. The optimal way is to delegate this assignment to the professional. Our assistance does not cost much - request a free quote to learn the price.

Tired of proofreading endless texts? Hire our experts!

A strict selection procedure of our proofreaders

All the copy editors, writers, book editors, and proofreading experts have to pass through a strict procedure before joining our team.

1. Document check

We attentively revise certificates and diplomas of our future employees. The Bachelor's degree is a minimal condition for our team members. Meantime, proofreaders must obtain a Master's degree or higher. Obviously, a good candidate must receive knowledge in English Linguistics, Philology, and other related disciplines.

2. Proofreading skills assessment

Understanding that college education is mainly about theoretical knowledge, we always check the practical skills of our future proofreader too. Firstly we have an effective system of testing tasks. Secondly, our candidates have a probation period. This is how we select only the best professionals for you.

3. Evaluation of personal skills

Images of professional proofreaders would not be complete without such features as responsibility and a serious attitude to work. We always check if the person is able to work in the team, follow the instructions, meet the deadlines, etc.

Do not miss the opportunity to receive competent proofreading services at good prices! Order here.

All you need to know about our proofreader |FAQ

We want you to make sure that our portal is a convenient way to boost the quality of your text. It deals with essays, copy for business goals, a blog article, fiction, non-fiction, etc. The below answers give clarifications on the most popular questions concerning our editing assistance.

How is it possible to hire a proofreader?

The best way to get a good proofreader for your college papers is to go to a reliable website specializing in this field. For instance, is an appropriate variant. Its specialists have good professional experience and a clear understanding of current educational requirements.

  • Get in touch with their support manager.
  • Discuss your issues.
  • Place the order.
  • Enjoy your new impeccable version of the text.

One can also turn to freelancers on one of the popular platforms. Still, this way is less reliable and effective. It is challenging to find a freelancer precisely for your project. For instance, such people rarely specialize in non-fiction book editing.

The same cannot be said about our agency. In comparison with freelancers and narrow-specialized companies, we have wider capabilities. It is all due to our big team and rich collective experience in various spheres of editing.

What is the salary of a freelance proofreader in the United States?

Fifteen-twenty dollars per hour is an average salary of a good online proofreader. A professional freelancer in this sphere asks about one cent per word.

However, it all depends. For instance, full-fledged non-fiction book editing costs more than the spelling check of the essay for a pupil.

The salary of the specialist in this sphere depends on his/her level of expertise, editing experience, workload, etc.

I need to proofread my book. How much does it cost?

The price of this assistance usually starts at one cent per word. Meantime, factors are influencing its level.

This cost can be higher if:

  • your book is devoted to the complicated topic (i.e. contains little-known professional terms as in non-fiction or a scientific article);
  • the deadline is extremely tight;
  • the text is poorly written and contains numerous errors.

Do people often hire proofreaders in the United States?

Authors tend to use professional proofreading services in the modern world and the United States, in particular. It helps them to eliminate mistakes and thus improve the rating of the text significantly.

Interestingly, proofreading is ordered not only by book authors. Foreign students, bloggers, college applicants have already appreciated the convenience of this online service too.

Writing a project for your study or any other projects is often so tedious. Having completed your last sentence you rarely have the power to reread and edit the text. And actually, you should not. Simply send us your paper, and we will check everything with skill. Get a free quote and place the order!