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Our team consists of 100+ experienced academic editors who have corrected thousands of papers for college students, academics, and professionals. Let our experts eliminate mistakes, polish the writing style and format the text correctly and return you a paper that brings results.

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Why choose our editing services?

  • Get all mistakes corrected

    After quality editing and proofreading, your paper will meet the norm of academic English writing in terms of spelling, grammar, and punctuation. An editor will also format the text and cite sources as per your requested style guide.

    Avoid plagiarism

    All academic papers are checked for plagiarism in your institution. Order a rewriting service, and our expert will paraphrase the plagiarized parts so that your paper is original. You will receive a free report from us proving that the paper is plagiarism-free.

    Help from expert editors

    Every editor in our team has a verified college degree and 2+ years of experience with academic papers. We test all editors in English language proficiency and formats to ensure that they can deliver quality work.

  • Proofreading and editing in 65+ disciplines

    We provide essay editing and proofreading services in every discipline, including Arts, Linguistics, Economics, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, and more. We will match you with a degree or prior experience in your area of study.

    Timely delivery

    We guarantee the delivery of every editing order within the chosen time frame. In case of non-delivery of your paper on time, we offer refunds. In case the additional edits and improvements are required, you can ask for a free revision.

    100% confidential

    Your personal data remains confidential and is never shared with the third parties or published online. We work with in-house editors who keep your private details in secret. Payments are safe and secure thanks to a special encryption system.

Our expert editors will help strengthen your text

  • When you are focused on content of your paper, it's easy to overlook typos and mistakes. Experienced editors of not only will help you get rid of punctuation and grammatical errors, but also will improve the overall quality of text to better get your message across. With a team of 100+ editors who specialize in 65+ academic disciplines, we will match you with a professional who can take your college or university paper to the next level:

    • polish the text by eliminating grammar, spelling and punctuation issues;
    • correct the formatting and citations according to your chosen style guide;
    • improve the sentence structure, writing style, tone and word choice to help you sound convincing;
    • perform structual edit, help strengthen your argument and suggest furhter content improvements.

Editing your own work can be challenging, moreover, an experienced academic editor will definitely spot more issues and help your paper look flawless. You will also receive a tracked version of edits that you can use to learn from mistakes and enhance your writing skills. Our advantages

  • Knowledge-based approach

    We do our best to connect you with a subject matter editor. If you need a Marketing research paper edited, we will assign an editor with a background in Marketing. As a result, you can count not only on excellent English language in your paper but also on helpful suggestions from an editor who knows your field.

    Direct communication with an editor

    Once you've ordered an editing service, you can talk to the editor directly using our messaging platform. Discuss your project in detail or ask questions about the changes they've made. Our editors are responsive to your comments and do their best to deliver an edited research paper that matches your expectations.

  • Editing services are available 24/7

    We offer editing and proofreading services to customers around the globe, including the US, Canada, Australia, Europe, and more. Customer support team is online 24/7, no days off. So, if you place an urgent order late in the evening or during the weekends, rest assured that we will deliver it on time.

    Positive customer feedback

    Our website offers quick turnaround time, near-native and native English editors, and 2 weeks of free revisions. 9 out of 10 customers mentioned that they 'definitely recommend' our services.

Tips for effective research paper editing

  • If you wish to proofread an essay on your own, take these professional tips into account:

    Distance yoruself from the written text

    Experienced editors do not recommend checking the text immediately after you've written it. Instead, put the paper aside for a few hours and focus on other things. Return to your document later or the next day. In this case, you will review the paper with a fresh eye and are more likely to spot more mistakes or find the elements in the text that need to be rewritten.

    Stay focused

    Quality proofreading requires concentration and a meticulous approach. Make sure that nothing will distract you during the process. Find a quiet place when nobody will distract you - if you study at home, ask family members or roommates not to disturb you. Turn off notifications on your phone. People make a lot of writing mistakes because they are interrupted by distractions, and to eliminate these mistakes, you need to focus on the material completely.

    Don't rely on online spell checkers completely

    Using a spell checking software is a simple way to speed up proofreading and editing. However, such software will not find all types of mistakes. It usually cannot spot homonyms and has a limited dictionary. So, after you've used a spell checker, proofread the text manually to accurately spot all kinds of mistakes.

    Avoid passive voice and repetition

    A good research paper should use a rich vocabulary. If you use the same words from sentence to sentence, consider replacing them with synomyms to enrich your vocabulary. Thus, your paper will sound more solid and persuasive. Overuse of passive voice is another popular mistake. Whenever possible, use active voice in sentences, as it makes your meaning clearer for readers.

    Follow the style guide manual

    As you check formatting, page numbers and citations, make sure to follow the rules outlined in the recommended style guide (APA, MLA, Chicago etc.). These style guides offer the rules for formatting the paper and citing the sources used, as well as general writing guidelines. Your research paper should closely follow this guide, otherwise it will not be published, or your instructor might not accept it.

  • Watch the sentence length

    Avoid using long, complex sentences that take several lines. Your text should flow easily, and you need to read it in one breath. If one breath is not enough, chances are the sentence is too long, which makes the essay difficult to read. If you have many such sentences, consider paraphrasing them or splitting into shorter ones.

    Write one idea per paragraph

    In essay editing it is important to make sure that one paragraph has only one main idea. If you want to proceed to the next argument or make another point, start a new paragraph. This is the simplest way to make your writing focused and present your ideas clearly. Make sure that each paragraph starts with a main thought and this idea is logically developed in this paragraph.

    Print out the paper

    It has been proven that we perceive the text printed on paper differently than from the computer screen. Many students are more focused when reading from a piece of paper, so use this trick when proofreading your piece. Grab a pen and mark errors that need to be fixed, and then edit the text in your computer.

    Read the text aloud

    Another trick that will help you to improve the quality of text is reading the essay out loud. If you do this, you will immediately notice awkward phrases, incomplete sentences, and incorrectly used words. Moreover, if you cannot read the sentence in one breath, consider breaking it into two. Reading aloud is a great way to improve the readability and ensure that all ideas run smoothly.

    Write simply

    Whenever possible, use simple words and phrases. Some students prefer using complex words trying to sound smarter, but the truth is, if you use difficult words here and there, it will only make the paper difficult to read. Check your university paper for filler words as well and remove words and sentences that do not add any ideas to your paper. Thus, the paper will be easier to perceive.

    Self-editing helps understand your mistakes and improve your writing skills. However, the help of an experienced editor is invaluable if you want to improve your grades or get the paper publised faster. We offer rush editing services within 24 hours - place your order now with an attractive discount!

How to find the best paper editing service?

As you choose an editing service for your college essays, documents or business papers, make sure to choose a reliable service provider. Here's how to identify a good online proofreading agency:

    • Ask about editors' qualifications. Good companies do not work with overseas freelancers and have native English experts in their team. Ideally, if they assign projects to editors who understand the subject matter;
    • Check the guarantees. The best agencies offer free revisions or refunds if you are not satisfied with the service;
    • Understand the terms of service. What is their turnaround time and a final price per word? Will your research paper be checked by one or two editors? Are refunds possible? Learn this in advance to avoid disappointment;
    • Read customer reviews. Wonder what other clients had to say. If the company has tons of positive feedback on their site and review websites, chances are that they are professionals.

If you have come to our website, search no more. We have 100+ editors with subject expertise in 65+ areas, including technical ones. We will match you with a specialist who will proofread your university essay quickly and effectively.

We offer proofreading and editing services at a fair price

  • We keep our prices for paper editing services affordable for students. Proofreading of one page (275 words) will cost you from $7.99. The final charge will depend on the academic level and the deadline. Unlike many other paper editing agencies, we offer cost-effective services at a fixed price. For example, a proofreading service involves academic proofreading and formatting, so you don't need to pay extra.

  • If you order an editing service, note that proofreading is already included in the package. You will receive a 100% submission-ready piece. If you cannot decide on the service package, contact us on chat for a free consultation.

Do not miss your chance to have the paper improved by an expert at a discounted price. Contact us on chat to receive a 20% discount for an editing service.


  • Do you guarantee satisfaction with your editing services?

    According to our Satisfaction Guarantee, if we didn't follow your initial instruction or if you are not happy with the paper we delivered, you can request a free revision within 14 days since the delivery date. We also issue refunds in case of non-delivery.

    How fast can you edit my paper?

    Our shortest turnaround time is 12 hours. However, if you need a proofreading service faster, contact us on chat and we will discuss a shorter deadline. Timely delivery of all orders is guaranteed.

  • What are qualifications of your editors?

    Our editors have college degrees and expertise in different academic fields. Moreover, we test all editors in English proficiency, and our team comprises native and near-native English experts.

    Can I choose American or British English for proofreading and editing?

    Yes! You can choose an American or British editor as you submit the order. We will adjust the writing style according to your local requirements. Be sure to specify the correct citation style as well.