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Remember the last time you sent or received a real letter – that is, the paper one brought by post. Or crossed the city early in the morning to wait until the opening of the music shop to catch the record of your favorite singer. If you are from the year 2000 and up, you probably do not even know what it is all about. The thing is, today Internet is inseparable part of our life, determining many of its aspects. One of its powerful tools is the online mode, such as revision tool online. Editing essays online is one of the most popular editing-related requests in the Web browsers. Let us see what services and quality we can get out of it.

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Revise paper online

Business is one of the imminent features of a modern human being. We are always in a hurry to manage this, get that, meet those and go there. In the meanwhile, we are writing to each other via social networks and look for the advice how to faster do that and manage this. We always struggle for time and are eager to receive still more fresh information from the different sources. We simply do not have time to allot for other tasks in full: we seldom allow ourselves to go on a full-day shopping or dedicate several hours to our hobbies.

That is why the online communication and online services have become so popular. You don’t need to spend your time anymore for reaching the shop or the office and to ramble about looking for the optimal good or services. Instead, you make a few clicks with your computer mouse and here is all the variety of choice before your eyes. All you need just make a choice and click on a selected item. The service or good will be delivered to you without wasting the time on your physical attendance. Isn’t it a miracle?

Yes, it is! Many people would say. Especially if the quality doesn’t suffer. This issue is the most important with the services requiring discussion and agreement. Such as the editing services. However, if you deal with the professional, the interaction will be organized properly and you wouldn’t feel amiss at any stage of the working out of your paper.

Now let us consider such task as the online revision of the papers. It is well described in the articles of our blog dedicated to linguistic and editing issues. The text revision is a process of modifying its shape without harming the contents, making it thus more readable and comprehensible. Revision can touch the following aspects of the paper:

1. Overall sense. If the main idea of your essay or term paper is rather weak, simply putting it in other words won’t make it any stronger. However, changing the framework may represent the present paper as just the part of a solution for the issue in caption, while there is perspective for the further ones. Compare two sentences:

Mary sat a t home reading Jane Austin novel. Mary had to stay at home because of the pouring rain and was reading Jane Austin novel, for the Wi-Fi was not working.

The second sentence brings a more detailed and animated picture; besides, it gives hints and clues for the further development of the things (when the rain will be over and Wi-Fi connection reinstalled).

Having doubts on the contents of your essay, you may approach other people to read it and help you. However, in most of the times, it requires a knowledge and experience of the professional linguist to hit the deficiency and rectify it properly. Place an order like “Edit my essay online” and we’ll revert to you within few minutes!

2. Structure and composition. The most brilliant idea can be dim and boring if it is represented in the mess of arguments, evidence, unfitting examples and irrelevant conclusion, the latter with no likely reason being inserted into the thesis. To untangle such a ball of the components requires a sharp analytical mind and a logical thinking skill. Check some tips how to improve your logical thinking, meanwhile the efficient editor will make a miraculous transformation. Your disorganized essay will come as a solid piece of academic writing, consistent and meaningful. Here’s a simple two-sentence example:

The best wine comes from France. The Bordeaux valley produces the plentiful harvest each year. The Bordeaux valley, in France, is popular for its abundant harvest of the perfect vines. This is why France is known as the world trendsetter for the vines.

If you’re not a native English speaker, this issue may represent quite a difficult matter to you. However, there is always an opportunity to get all the support you need on our website. Check the link

3. Correctness in grammar, orthography, punctuation. The checking of these aspects is called proofreading, however, it is also a part of the text’s revision. Check what a professional proofreading is, by lodging the order on our website “Proofread my paper thoroughly online!” We bet you will be satisfied both by the speed and the result.  Sometimes the right punctuation may change the meaning and style completely: We were bound to choose not only to decide. We were bound to choose not, only to decide. The grammar correctness is an imminent requirement for any text, academic or private. Besides, the grammar mistakes may also blur the meaning of the paper.

We have call phone many time at the evening set. This sentence can be understood either as We have called a phone many times as the evening set down. Or We had a call on the phone many times at the calling set. There are still other versions available. So it is crucial to have your grammar absolutely correct and in line with your ideas.

It is quite easy to reach with our efficient online essay editing and proofreading. All you need is to contact us and relay your problem. We shall gladly consult you on any linguistic issue and shall be happy to fulfil your orders in the optimal way!

Some parts of the grammar may represent a difficulty to the non-native English speakers. For instance, to learn the subjunctive mood in the English grammar is rather a difficult task for the Chinese and Finnish students as in their languages this mood is expressed by the other grammar means. Thus, it is crucial to enhance your English regularly and have the god means for checking your text.

As to spelling, certainly the annoying mistakes happen now and then with all the writers, even the most experienced and talented ones. However a thorough revision or just a proofreading of the text will easily spot and cure these deficiencies:

Flees plough reed may pepper an rea vase eat. Please proofread my paper and revise it.

If you need the efficient proofreading for your text, all you need is to put an order like “Proofread my document online!”. Your paper will show the irreproachable grammar and punctuation, while your time can be spared for other tasks.

4. Style. If your paper is written good but lacks the academic flavor, it means it is performed in the inadequate style. Revise your text by considering not the words, but the sentences. Look for too much personality to mollify it by adding some impersonal or Passive Voice sentences, as well as excessive wordiness – to cut it out. Check the useful hints on how to avoid excessive Passive Voice in your paper.

I studied the theoretical background of the problem upon which I decided to undertake an exploration of the topic myself. The theoretical background was studied thoroughly and the decision was made to conduct an independent research.

Use the specific terms whenever appropriate, in order to make your narrative succinct and professional.

We have studied the process of the species’ ability to interact beneficially for both parts of interaction. We have studied the basic principles of the species’ symbiosis.

The style can be estimated only upon the completion of writing of your paper. That is why such issues are rather boring to deal with, when all the main work is behind. Our diligent professional editors will take this challenge and correct your style to perfection. Check the samples of our work and make your decision!

5. Format. Your essay might be perfectly composed showing the interesting ideas and straight logical structure, along with impeccable grammar. However it may be absolutely unreadable due to the poor format adjustment. Uneven sizes of the letters, different fonts, absence of or excessive bolding, capitalizing, underlining can do a bad service. Check that your academic paper is fulfilled in one font and size; all important moments are marked by the appropriate means (including the double empty lining). Make sure the numbers correspond to the Contents section and the Title page is executed in accordance with the college requirements. Pay close attention to the reference list and citing execution – ensure your style corresponds with the requirements of your college or your teacher. The format guidelines may vary significantly, even depending on the kind of paper you are writing. You may be required to put your references into round brackets, square brackets or just mention them in the footnote. The character of the punctuation for the citing may also be different. It may be required either to put into double or single quotation marks or to be inserted as a remark or a footnote, or to present it by re-phrasing. In any case, make sure all the allusions to the other texts are properly indicated.

Learn what we can do for you within each of the aspects – check our article

Thus, if you contact a paper reviser, you may count on the above mentioned aspects to be thoroughly adjusted in your paper. However, our topic highlights the specific side of the revision services – the online revision. Let us deal with it in the next clause.

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Online revision – pros and cons

While the Web constantly conquers all the spheres of our life, some of the services are still let outside the online mode. These are the ones requiring the physical presence of a man: construction, gardening, agriculture, various repairs and so on. While they may be ordered online, their result can be delivered only personally. As to the editing services, both its prime material (text) and the result (worked out text) can be provided through the Web. However, can be the revision itself be performed online? Let us find out.

Before going further, it might be useful to browse again the types of editing and their peculiarities, as outlined in one of the posts in our blog

At first, let’s determine on the words:

  • Online services – performed on the Web, within a short period of time (about 5-15 minutes), in most of the cases automatically; check our fastest service for college essay editing online. Get you discount today!
  • Offline services – the ones performed outside the Web, though the initial and end material can be supplied through the Web. Can be performed as shortly (within minutes), as for the longer time (up to several days). Are performed manually or with the auxiliary help of the automatic programs.

Today we have the following services available on the Web: spellchecking, grammar checking, punctuation checking, synonimyzers. Learn some more about the ways to reword your paper, out of the useful post in our blog Out of the list, only the last one can be related as the revision component. As to the others, their work is limited by the formal approach – they check the shape, not the meaning of the text. Thus, their results must be rechecked as well. The online program will not mark the mistake in the following sentence: The landscape grew dumb. The landscape grew dim. It will not spot the deficiency in the phrase My dogs ears fluttered in the wind. It should read My dog’s ears, in the correct version. They won’t correct your positive affect or the state of effect either. As to the synonymizing programs, the synonyms they propose to substitute, sometimes can be inappropriate due to their sense:

She had a bewildered look. She had a speechless look. – She had an excited look.

If you are going to look for the synonyms manually, use the reliable sources and vocabularies.

Sometimes even such basic and comprehensible rules as the usage of the Present Simple Tense, can be disregarded by the online checkers. For example, the following sentence looks good from the formal point of view, however it does not agree with the previous tenses used:

 My aunt who is on your left, has been to the USA recently. She cooks the dinner now. – Correctly, it should read She is cooking the dinner now.

So, while the automatic programs performing some of the editing tasks exist and can be used, their result must be always checked manually. For that reason, though the interface of the editing website and the communication with the editor or administrator can be performed in the online mode, the actual work with your text will be always performed offline. However, with an experienced editor, some minor tasks can be performed within the same time or even faster than online programs would do. So, when you wish to place an order for revising an essay or another paper online, you must comprehend that the actual part of the work will be performed in the offline mode.

Check our website to learn more about the editing and revising of the papers. If you wish you can always put a deadline to the task, like “Reword my paper within 24 hours”. Our editor will estimate the text, and it is most likely that your order will be accepted and fulfilled – timely. We also have an assortment of useful articles in our blog explaining the difficult parts of the English grammar. Meanwhile if you need your texts to be led to perfection, you can always enjoy such advantages as 24/7 attendance to your needs, live online chat, fast and efficient editing performed by the professionals linguists – English native speakers, together with the friendly attitude and free consulting on a constant basis!

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