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Revision is getting easier and more effective

What do you usually do when you choose to revise your essay

During your education, you receive numerous tasks, have to read a lot of books and scientific works, pass your exams. An essay is the task that at least for once (indeed, many times) disturbed your reckless reality.  Especially when your yearly grade depends on it. That’s when you take this seriously, you’ re not just writing your essay and forget about it.

No, you’re thinking of it even when you’re not writing, you read it again, with your eyes or aloud and most of the times you find out that there are plenty of things to change. That’s when you’re starting to revise it.  

Essay revision

You begin to think the topic isn’t revealed properly, the proofs are not sufficient, the thesis could be better connected with the conclusion… Ah! Shouldn’t a comma be here? Or a semicolon?.. Here I need to give more examples, another one, one more… Oh no, too much examples. Oops… There you are, got stuck with all those “improvements”. Remember that if you’re in doubt as to the ways to improve your essay our online paper editing service is the key to all your concerns!

The reason is, when revising your paper, the first thing you’ve got to avoid is the mechanical search for deficiencies. You start with your first sentence where you find an orthographic mistake, and begin correcting it. Then you throw a glance at the next paragraph and it seems incongruous with the previous. You eagerly get down to modifying the paragraph and spend several hours for it. Upon this, to your dismay, you find out that the paragraph goes opposite with the whole text. You end up thinking that initially, your essay wasn’t so bad and probably there was no need to revise it.

Revision is not as simple as it may seem, and it takes integral approach to make an excellent result. Let’s settle the why’s on this issue.

What is revision of an essay?

 If you answer something like: “Well I just look at it and see that nothing bad happens” – primitive as it may seem it is quite close to the truth. The orthography, grammar, punctuation are important but if there are no major mistakes, some minor variations can add a tint of uniqueness to your essay, a kind of charm of its own. The devil-may-care style of narrating may be quite appealing though officially frowned upon in the scientific paper.

Yet the interesting idea put through in the text gaudy with mistakes looses a lot of its appeal and crumbles the impression of it. The important tips about the professional proofreading and the pitfalls of the quality proofreading are described in the article .

The thing is, the professionally revised essay should have been checked on three levels reflecting the main characters in this “play”:

  • Author
  • Text
  • Reader

Let’s see what is the core meaning of each level and how the revision must be performed on each of them.

  1. The Author level – it reveals the author’s personality, personal opinion on the topic, sometimes background. It characterizes the author’s individual style and background, mentality, traces of the character. While revising, you need to double check your personal attitude to the matter described and see whether it is clearly deduced from the text.
  2. The Text level – this level operates with the textual categories. The revision checks if some mistakes have been left unattended in terms of the grammar, punctuation, logical consistency, concordance of the thesis and arguments with the conclusion and so on. If any problem whatever minor it may seem, has occurred, you can always check our 24/ essay revision service’ support.
  3. The Reader’s level – every text that’s been created was written for someone to read it. That’s true even if the only reader and the author are the same person. To revise on this level you must check your text for its style, ease of perception, loyalty to the reader and existing moral and ethical norms.

We can see that though the levels complement each other they also are in the partial contradiction. The Author strives to produce his own sense in his own way, to fix his flow of ideas while the Text and the Reader demand a stale structure, common style, complete tolerance. The Text is longing for the formalization and the conservative style while the Author and the Reader require some unusual zest to prompt the former to write the Text and the latter to read it. The Reader wants (sometimes unconsciously) to find the support to his ideas while Author’s point of view may be quite opposite which is echoed throughout the Text. Check for the popular tricks of the essay writing described in the simple yet comprehensible manner in the article .

Now as the intrigue has developed let us sum up the factors that propel the student to revise or not revise an essay.

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Pros and Cons for the essay revision


  • If you decide to make the revise of your essay you pay close attention to the proofreading.  The important stages of the proofreading process make the punctuation and orthography check. Yet they do not complete the list. The grammar, punctuation, orthography, mistypes of different kind – all that should be considered and amended, where needed. Correcting all this mess will certainly make your text more attractive for the Reader. Sometimes even replacing the Mode or the Tense may engage the Reader into the Text and discussion with the Author. Compare:

In my opinion Napoleon would have won the war, should his connection channels be more sophisticated.

Let’s try to imagine the Napoleon’s connection channels became more sophisticated. Would he win the war?

By the way the recent post in our blog is dedicated to the correct use of the Tense – “Where Appropriate to Use Past Indefinite Tense”.

  • While going through your text from another viewpoint (that of the Reader, for instance) you are able to trace the text’s weaknesses such as style deficiencies, logical consistency’ ones, insufficient proofs and arguments, incomplete and/or irrelevant examples etc.

Come on let’s chat about this coop! – with regard to the scientific topic. Instead:

Let’s discuss this interesting phenomenon.

  • You can generate fresh ideas or change your viewpoint on the problem while you develop your essay. Sometimes the details or facts that seemed unworthy or of less importance gain weight when you read the arguments once again. If you engage the assistance of the professional editor, his or her  background as well as the knowledge of the topic and linguistic peculiarities may be quite different to yours – and quite helpful, too. Check the feedback on our website and make sure we provide the high quality proofreading and editing service!


  • While industriously looking for the grammar mistakes, counting the words in the sentence and putting the commas now and then you tend to forget about the more important things – the content of the text and its mission. The more detail-oriented you go the less ample and integral your text becomes.
  • Striving for the perfect logical connections between the thesis, introduction, arguments and conclusion, as well as for the unification of the style, you can find out in the midst of your revision that your essay is not unique anymore. Somehow, all these minor changes of grammar and Co. have erased the individual style of the text. The more appropriate writing clichés, the required grammar forms, the deduction principle make you change your essay further to its complete loss of uniqueness. Would like to remark The professional editor will never crumble the unique content, but like a jeweler, will put it into the appropriate decorations so to emphasize its shining. Choose the knowledgeable specialists of our editing and proofreading service!
  • Lack of time. This external factor is none-the-less has a great importance nowadays. The students get so many tasks both in their studies and in everyday life, they simply do not manage to embrace all of them and address them appropriately. The very writing of an essay seems already a completed task. Why to revise if you are satisfied with your essay and do not have time to check it properly?

Both of these sets of factors may be written further. Yet they clearly show the main problem lays beyond the professional skills of the student (save the linguistic ones). It is more an issue of the broad-mind capacity and ability for switching between different kind of tasks. Let’s see what you can do if you finally decided to revise your paper.

Reaching balance – make a smart revise of your essay

So, what to do now, an attentive reader would ask. Is it possible to cope with all those levels and make them harmonize? It most certainly is, and the integrity is the key word to this puzzle. While revising your Text you’ve got to be an Author and the Reader at once, take it critically yet don’t forget to express your personality. Check for the words’ endings but keep in mind the plot line. Make it logical and allot some place for emotions. Go general and stay focused on details.

Here are some tips for you to organize the revision of your essay:

  1. Start your work with the fresh eyes. Upon writing an essay, let it lay unattended for a while. Deal with the other occupations. Returning to the text may reveal some other ideas appeared that amplify your essay, or another mistype can be detected.
  2. Break the revision into the separate tasks: to spellcheck, to check the grammar, to check the logics, to check for the emotional content. Don’t try to perform the different level’ tasks simultaneously.
  3. Change the direction of your search. Go from specific to general once for a while. This may help to find the logical structure deficiency as well as provide for the different viewpoint on the text.
  4. Check your style when you finished with the technical revision (proofreading). The essay may combine all of the determined scientific text types without much preference to any of them. However it most certainly must not be a colloquial style. No slang is admitted as well unless it is a free topic essay.
  5. Read your text aloud when you finish the revision and ask yourself: “What is it all about? What can it say about me?” Remember that the key feature of an essay is the reflection of the author’s own thought and individuality. With the proper grounding, for sure.

Thus the formula of the Perfect Essay goes as the balance between global view - attention to detail; loyalty to the linguistic rules – unique content; straight logics – a grounded emotion. Reach the equilibrium and you will get the unique and impeccable essay!

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