Cheap Proofreading – Friend Or Foe


Cheap proofreading

Cheap proof reading service – what to expect?

The modern educational standards are quite demanding, obliging students who wish to earn high grades, to work tirelessly and diligently throughout the year. The volume and quantity of assignments continually increase; the topics and tasks become more elaborated and specific. It requires a certain resilience and motivation on the part of a student, and also takes considerable time for the preparation and fulfilling of all the tasks. Should you like to outsource the auxiliary tasks to be able to concentrate yourself on the primary ones, you may well consider our reliable thesis editing service. While you direct all your efforts to the preparation to exams, gathering of the required documentation, searching for additional scientific proofs, arguments or solutions, you can relieve yourself of a proofreading and formatting burden, resting assured it is in the reliable hands.

Meanwhile when you take the decision to outsource the secondary part of your activities, let us say, proofreading, you always face the choice: whether to order from the company with an animated website, or with the one with the dull website however good feedback on the Web. Whether to choose the cheaper freelancer or the more expensive company service that comes under guarantee. Certainly, the decision would depend much on your actual resources: time, money, skills. If you’ve got time, you can order less expensive proofreading but with the longer period of preparation. If the money is your current strength, you can order the lightning-fast and efficient proofreading. If you are talented as a linguist and have proper skills, you can do the proofreading yourself.

However, the final choice is not that easy as it usually includes multiple auxiliary circumstances: other occupations and assignments, physical weariness, economy considerations, forthcoming birthday of a friend or your mom etc.

Let us examine the last case, when you lack the money or do not have the possibility to spend a lot of it, and you order a cheap editing service. Let’s see what you can expect as a result.

  • Prolonged time of the order fulfilment. As the popular saying goes, you can get only two of the three things at once: less time, less money, more quality. If you wish to get the cheap, yet quality proofreading you cannot expect your order to be performed within six hours. If your deadline permits a few days of waiting, you can go ahead firmly and lodge your order.
  • General approach. If, beside all the folklore and traditions, you have managed to order the cheap yet quality and fast proofreading services, you should be prepared there will be probably no personal approach to your request. Most likely, it will be treated on the general terms, in the order of the general queue. It also means you cannot count on some additional bonuses like free of charge revision, or the free thesis editing.
  • General feedback. The differentiation of the texts submitted for editing relates not only to the character of the task, its importance, volume, target auditory. It also includes the factor of the personal remarks and additional request. If you lodge an order for proofreading, remarking you would welcome a revision if needed will involve additional services of the editing company. Certainly, additional services bring additional money; that is why when you encounter the highlight “Cheap editing”, make sure to check whether it relays to all of the services or just one of them being discounted, the others go for a double price. However, the trustworthy service will not take advantage of your remark and will advise you of the need for additional editing, should the text prove to be insufficient. Learn more about the core editing principles via one of the comprehensive articles in our blog
  • Loyalty bonuses. If you are a constant customer, even if you order the services for the less cost than usual, you still can expect your loyalty will be taken into account. It also may happen that the cheap services will be offered to you as a result of your several consecutive orders. In this case, certainly, you can count on all of the above factors not to be applied to your order.

Thus, we see that the overall result of the cheap services ordered from the professional editors, is still quite beneficial. Your text will be thoroughly proofread, and all the mistakes will be fixed. Yet it may take more time, or less personal approach, or the absence of some bonuses. However, speaking frankly, these factors are not crucial for the text editing process, and usually do not influence its result.

Having a number of tasks to be performed simultaneously or with the close deadline can lead to the overcharge of your brain. Getting to write an assignment, to perform a lab or a practical and to sign the acceptance pass to the restricted area of the laboratory at the same time will probably lead to a number of the small mistakes and typos in your occupations. Keeping too much in mind can result in the complete disorientation of focus and the mental ignorance of the most regular and accustomed rules. Even the present simple tense basic rules can be violated when you are overwhelmed with too many things to hold in your memory and to be worked out by your brain.  

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Pros and cons of the cheap editing services

While you weighting on your mind scales the pros and cons for ordering the proofreading for your text, we’d like to remind there cannot be a regular all-fitting decision. Your case is unique, as are your circumstances, and that is why for the first time you most certainly will be wondering whether you are making a right choice.

To help you determine your priorities, we have complied a list for both advantages you can possibly get out of the cheap editing services and disappointments that might weigh upon you. Being warned is being armed, so, before taking your final decision, throw a glance at the below text. Maybe you will find the answer to the very question you constantly turn over in our mind.

The factors voting for the inexpensive proofreading:

1. Cost. It seems obvious; however let us look at this issue more closely. When you’re short on money, there is no other way than to choose the cheaper services. However, when you’ve got the sufficient funds yet lack the motivation to spend them on the editing of your text, the adjective “cheap” may work as a lure for you. Just make sure it is cheap, indeed.

2. Quality doesn’t suffer. If you order from the solid company with a good reputation, the quality of performance will not depend on the price. Whatever is the reason of a low price (general discount, loyalty discount, celebrating campaign), your text will be proofread thoroughly and all the needed corrections will be introduced.

3. Good offer for the short papers. The establishment of the price is usually based on such factors, as the difficulty of the task, the volume of the text, the time and effort spent on the task, specific skills needed to perform the task, the price offers for the similar services in the market. However, some editing companies establish fixed prices on services ranging greatly basis the volume of the texts. For example, proofreading a text of A4 sheet may cost thrice less than proofreading A4 sheet and a half. This is where you can get full advantage of your short papers.

The requirements for the academic papers vary in their strictness and scope. However, usually all educational institutions split them in accordance with the target auditory. The preciseness and proofs required for the dissertation differ significantly from the rules of the essay’ composition. That is why we have a special direction in our editing approach that is tailored-cut for the demands of the students. When you order the proofreading of your text, mention it is a student assignment or just place an order like “Need a quality proofread for student”. Such reference will allow the editor to apply the standards set for the student’s papers and will considerably reduce the time of the editing performance. It won’t affect the usual top-rated quality of our services, though. Make your choice!

4. Conservative techniques. While the grammar does not change radically within few years, but needs a century or so to introduce even minor changes, the techniques for its proofreading and correcting remain the same. They can vary, though, depending on the presentation of the text. There are more possibilities to enhance the proofreader’s work while working out the electronic copy. Yet, in general, the proofreaders do the same job they used to a century ago. Read the text, spot deficiencies in the grammar, syntax, punctuation, orthography; correct them; read again. Sometimes the first two parts may be automatized. However, that is not the case with the reputable proofreading companies. The imperfectness of the modern spell-, grammar- and other checkers cannot allow the professional editor to rely completely on these programs.

Now that you know what points you can score with the cheap editing, let us see if you are going to lose some, and how many, if so:

1. Limited range of services. When ordering proofreading with the trustworthy and professional editing company, you can count on some additional services, like rewriting, revision – to a certain extent. If upon all the corrections your text looks somewhat incongruous, the efficient editor will rectify it without further notice. However, when you order a discounted service or the one positioned as a cheap one, most likely you won’t be able to count on such complements.

2. Would-be cost-effectiveness. It is certainly not the way with the reputable companies offering discounts or revising their prices due to the market development. However, with the less known editors, it can happen that ordering a cheap service you will be propelled further to order some additional ones, as we mentioned in the previous paragraph (rewriting, revision, rewording etc.). Or it turns out that only a part of the service is estimated cheap, while the other one is to be provided for additional cost. For example, the proofreader checks the orthography only, and provides you with the statement showing your text has several grammar deficiencies that can be corrected at a certain cost. In the end, such trick may lead to the double pricing of the service. Needless to say, that it is better to avoid such companies. For that all the conditions, volumes and price must be discussed and confirmed before the acceptance of the order.

3. Insufficient or poorly organized feedback. Such things can happen with the novices in the editing activities or the ones not dedicating much attention to the needs of their customers. The proofreader replies with a brief OK to your order and in a while, you receive the text only close to the one you have earlier submitted. It is reasonable to avoid such companies as the result may vary significantly from your expectations. Though it still may be well proofread, some passages outlining your individual style may be erased or turn to be out of context. Pay close attention to the correctness of the initial messages of the editor, and be sure to choose the experienced and professional paper editing service.

As we see from the above, the cheap editing services have more advantages than drawbacks, though differing in their specifics. The main criterion to be used when choosing the proofreading services for your paper is not a price, but the efficiency and reputation of the company. If both these factors are high-grade ones, go ahead with your order – you will receive the grammatical text tailor-cut to your needs, and at a fair cost.

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How to choose a good yet cost-effective proofreading service

Upon finding out the inside of the cheap editing services, it is reasonable to mention how to find one that provides the best prices and the quality service. Below you will find the indicators that depending on the reaction show you a red light to order from some particular company.

  1. Delayed response. Craving to receive a good result, we often are ready to pay more than it actually costs. However, provided there is no haste, you may well dedicate your time to the analysis of the offers at the market, studying of the editors’ background and the diversity of services, testing their approach to clients just sending a question and so on. If you type in the inquiries’ section “What service should I order to edit my essay?” and get no reply within two hours (but be sure not to approach the day working companies at night or after office hours) or too formal one (like “We have a wide range of services. Consult our website “Services” page”), think twice before lodging your order to such a company. It may happen, though, that the editor has got a lot of work and doesn’t have time to make his reply personal or showing interest in the client. Analyze the situation thoroughly, and from different perspectives.
  2. Scarcity of words and comments. Though it may seem a superficial factor for the editing services, yet it may play a significant part during the performance of your order. Even if you are not pressed by the imminent deadline and have plenty of time to submit your assignment or a term paper, it would still be helpful to realize the time limits of the order’ fulfilling. Let alone the questions that might arise during the editing, or your sudden wish to change the order or reduce / increase the volume of it. Encountering dull and formal replies, you can get disoriented as to the stage of editing your text currently is at, of the quality of the process and other important factors. It is also might be difficult to discuss the results with people adopting such way of communication. Read more about the interaction between client and editor in our recent article
  3. Grammatical errors in the exchange. If your proofreader does not pays much attention to the way he or she writes, even if it is the interaction via the messenger, it is a no way sign to continue the cooperation. The experienced proofreaders know all the grammar rules by heart, and will never allow a slight typo to spoil the impression of their text.
  4. Lack of interest. If you approach the editor and receive too formal answers even to the specific requests (How much would it cost to proofread an essay for two A4 sheets on the engineering topic? – The cost is determined by several factors, such as …), having the impression you talk with the robot, it is also a stop sign for going further with this company. Though a person might be quite alive one, the communication gap may cost you much more than just spending time for rectifying a common misunderstanding. You may receive the result entirely opposite to your expectations, that may incur the breaking of the deadline.
  5. Unfavorable feedback. If browsing the feedback for a specific company you encounter at least 30% of the negative one, it may work as an argument against lodging your order with it. However, pay attention to the feedback content. If it is too general, just the estimation adjectives (poor, unprofessional, dishonest) without any feasible grounding, you can disregard it. Consider, though, any specific feedback from different users outlining the same feature of the company (They did not keep the deadline with my order. The service was OK; however, I waited much more than was promised. Cancelled my order upon receiving no reply within three days). It may illustrate both disadvantages and favorable features (The service was OK) and help you to form the adequate impression of the company and its services.

Thus, we can say the proofreading allowing to save money can be a good solution if you need to save your money. However, if you wish to obtain a professionally checked text, you need to make a thorough research on the company you are going to approach. Use our advice above and proofread your text with professionals and at the fairest cost!

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Where can I find cheap proofreading services?

Internet today provides us with almost unlimited options. On the one hand, it is great, but on the other hand, it creates additional problems. Thus, when you need to find a company that offers custom writing services, all you need is to search for it, and you will find thousands of options. However, how can you know which company to choose? Which one is professional and credible and which one is a fraud?

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find a really good and trustworthy website. So what can we do to help solve this problem? We would recommend you to cooperate with Essay-editor com that has already proved its credibility and high quality of provided services.

Essay-editor com is a reliable partner that offers the students of various educational institutions help with their papers and assignments for over 10 years. It is an international company that has offices in the UK, the USA, Australia and other countries. We believe that our biggest advantage is the team of qualified and experienced specialists who perfectly know their job.

We trust our clients, and our clients trust us. Our company provides guarantees, fulfills all the agreements, and meets every requirement. Regardless complexity of an assignment and deadlines, Essay-editor team ensures premium quality and affordable prices at the same time. It is really tempting!

Such an approach, when a performer offers affordable prices, discounts, bonuses and refinement free of charge, distinguishes favorably our online company from other websites that offer similar services.

The team of Essay-editor com secures high quality of written and fixed works: content fully corresponds to the set demands, and uniqueness of a text is always high. We also pay a great attention to the support of a customer and his / her order. Thus, as it has been already mentioned, we not only create and correct papers, we also perform refinement absolutely free of charge.

Another warranty that our customers get is total privacy. Any personal data of a client is safely kept and never disclosed to the third parties.

The team of our company works with different subject matters and specialties: humanities, economics, law, exact sciences, and so on. The members of our team are the holders of a university degree, qualified and experienced copywriters, proofreaders, editors and revisers. They know how to do and fix any student assignment in compliance with the requirements set for it.

Our experts can also do drawings, calculations, presentations, help with projects, research, etc. We offer our professional assistance to the students from all around the globe. If you have internet, there is no problem to place order online.

How much do people pay for proofreading?

Usually, the first thing that interests every customer is the cost of a service. It is important to know the cost for particular kind of services not to overpay if you order it the first time. Also, if you work with a freelancer, there is always a chance to negotiate and lower the price.

So what is the price for a proofreading service? Today, proofreaders usually charge per hour. The minimum rate is about 25 pounds (or 31 dollars, or 28 euro), and the pace of work is about 2,500 – 3,000 words per hour. In this case, the cost per word is approximately £0.007–£0.013, or $0.01–$0.016 / €0.008–€0.014. Freelance proofreaders usually ask about $1 per 1000 symbols for proofreading services.

Naturally, the prices vary greatly. Freelance writers and professional companies have different pricing policy. You can search and choose the best option for you. However, we can assure you that the most affordable prices and the best price/quality ratio are provided by our company. Do not hesitate to contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.

Is it hard to proofread?

A proofreader should have a profound knowledge of language, sharp attention, ability to work with many manuals and dictionaries. A proofreader is not just a literate person. A proofreader should be an expert in complex language rules and linguistic subtleties.

A well-established proofreader can count on continued cooperation with serious customers. In fact, everywhere, where a serious text is published, the services of a proofreader are wanted. Proofreading is a difficult and responsible work, and the requirements for professionalism in this field are quite high.

The essence of proofreader’s profession:

  1. A proofreader checks a text for mistakes and compliance with the formatting standards (the format of the presentation of dates and numbers, proper dash, inverted commas, and so on).
  2. Not a single print edition works without proofreading, for example, newspapers, magazines, booklets, books, etc. Proofreaders are also often hired by the developers of high-quality websites. Businessmen usually turn to professional proofreaders to check their business documents or correspondence.
  3. A proofreader fixes only the violations of the language rules (correct / incorrect) and does not deal with the stylistic flaws (worse / better). To fix stylistics is the job of an editor, however, often only one specialist performs all the functions.

Main skills:

  • Literacy, profound language knowledge, linguistic gut / sense;
  • Attentiveness, ability not to miss a single comma;
  • Knowledge of typography principles (graphic design of a text when printing);
  • Knowledge of proofreading marks and methods of text correction;
  • Knowledge of how to use special manuals and dictionaries.

In your opinion, what services can be ordered at a cheap price, without worsening the result? For entering the discussion and leaving your comments, fill-in the contact form on our website. Looking forward to hearing from you!