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Proof read my paper

You’ve got your essay nice and ready however doubt its grammar values? Learn how to solve your problems in a wink!

What it means to be a paper proofreader

The history of the text editing dates back centuries as the ancient Greeks already used to introduce corrections and changes to their texts. Though the tools and techniques developed greatly until the present time (there certainly was not an online spellchecker or plagiarism detection program), the area of their use hadn’t been reshaped throughout the years. It still includes punctuation, orthography, grammar, syntax, style and format of the text. These tasks are successfully performed by the modern editors. If you plan to edit essay do not hesitate to contact a reliable editor.

When contacting your editor, have you ever mused on what kind of person he or she is? By the way, do you know whether your editor is male or female? Whether he has the progressive mind or relies on the traditional technologies? Presently interacting on the Web we do not know much about the people we deal with. So, we decided to recreate the portrait of the proofreader as it looks from the inside of the editorial team.

The person you entrust your paper with, is:

  • Easy-going. It may seem strange that a person dealing with the letters and numbers is quite a talkative and pleasant interlocutor. However, seeing the Verb-Substantive pair, such as She sing or the possessive attribute My’s for the thousand time in a day, cannot but result in either quitting or developing the easy-going and even somewhat light-hearted nature. It works as the protective reflex against the working routine.
  • Noisy. Oh, yeah, proofreaders are noisy! Instead of peering intently into the document searching for the crafty and elaborate mistakes, they constantly mumble, exclaim the slurred utterances and fiddle with the spinner or other noisy toys. They say it helps them to concentrate. Hard to believe but they manage to spot and detect all the flaws and rectify them without ceasing all that outrage.
  • Meticulous. That is where the profession stands out. The proofreader is not only profoundly scrupulous when looking for the petty mistakes in your text; he or she will also find a format incoherency in the Coca-Cola logo, or the non-symmetric protector on your car’s tires. Shouldn’t they be detectives, I wonder.

This quality helps a lot when dealing with the lengthy text. Learn more about our editors’ services for dissertations and other academic papers, by means of the article

  • Creative. Though their occupation is a rather conservative one, implying the strict adherence to the rules, proofreaders turn out to be quite innovative people. It’s usually them fixing the stuck printer by means of a hair clip and a ruler, and putting the ice cubes tray under the fan to aid the poorly working AC. These guys look at the same patterns for too long, that’s why they splash their creative sparks in other spheres. Learn more about the recent progress in the online proofreading, described in one of the recent posts in our blog

Have you recognized your proofreader in this description? After all, proofreading papers is not that boring as you might think. Occasionally if you sit next door to their office, you might hear bursts of laughter at the subsequent passage with a typo or mistake:

My duties were to climb the area and insure to feel  it with the peasant air. – Instead of My duties were to clean the area and ensure it was filled with the pleasant air.

So, next time contacting your editor, keep in mind you may be talking to quite easy, fun and inventive people. Contact our cheap proofreading and editing papers service to lodge your order!

Proofreading is not the only one occupation of the professional editors’ team. Numerous orders we get vary greatly in the scope (with regard to the volume and destination of the text) and the specification of the tasks (some texts need thorough proofreading, others – just slight correction of the title, yet others – rewriting or complete revision). Each of them has a comprehensive description in our blog. Check it out:

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What will be corrected in my text upon proofreading?

Upon checking with the man let’s get down to his job. An order to proofread paper has been placed, and you await for results. What can you expect to receive in a lapse of time? Remember, our proofreading service works in 24/7 mode.

Thus, your text will be corrected in the following aspects:

  1. Orthography. All the annoying theys, cucumbersome, aplods and prefashions will be duly corrected and you won’t probably ever know such obvious mistakes have been found in your text. Your online thesis proofreader and editor will transform your text into the grammatical symphony with no false key. They’re romantic, the proofreaders.
  2. Punctuation. No more doubt whether to put the comma after the adverbial clause Last hot summer or whether an apostrophe is needed after the possessive Cathy’s. Though finding a solution yourself would help to develop and master your English skills greatly, it is good to ensure the perfect result via the professional editor’s support.
  3. Grammar and syntax. You will have your Tenses placed correctly (no We singed aloud), with consideration of the sequence of tenses (When I will be arriving, she has already opened the gate), all the modifiers will fit into their proper places (We exchanged glances quickly. It was nighttime).
  4. Style. Any author would but express his or her individuality in his or her text. It goes beside ourselves, we cannot influence it. A peculiar word choice, repeating grammar constructions, setting and development of the sense. All of it is called style. Learn more on the style of writing if you’re interested in the topic. Meanwhile let us see how your text would benefit if the expert editor will adjust its style. Your lengthy passages will be shortened or broken into simple sentences. The hard and bulky constructions will be replaced with the light and readable ones (Master, who was an islander, couldn’t believe his eyes and suddenly cried. The native islander, Master couldn’t believe his eyes. He suddenly cried). All the informal lexis will be shifted to the literary analogues (We kind of knew such a bummer could happen. We supposed we would not be successful in our first experiment).

That’s a set of the positions considered by the proofreader when working out your text. If you plan toimprove your English skills check the assortment of the best articles from our blog. They include the ones dedicated to the typical problems of the novices in English learning, as well as to the ways and reasons to perform the revision and modification of the written text.

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What mind picture of a proofreader did you have before reading this post? Has it changed? Would you like to argue some point or, maybe add some on your own? Let us know! We value your feedback and your time – do not waste it anymore. Just contact us through the simple form on our website.