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Essay-editor term paper editing company will fix your paper and make it plagiarism free

What is a term paper? It is the “rehearsal” for a final qualification paper, i.e. thesis. In spite of the fact that a term paper has similar with an abstract essence, approach to research, and basic material analysis, its creation helps get ready and cope successfully with the final college paper that summarizes all the years of studying.

Professors almost always advise choosing for a term paper such term paper topics that will become the basis for thesis. It will be easier to reveal the issues presented in a future thesis paper, based on previously conducted research. Besides, academic advisers welcome the initiative of the students who suggest their own topics, instead of choosing from the list.

During the period of studying, students need to create several term papers, and the difficulty of the assignments increases annually. In the first and second years, a term paper reminds a detailed abstract, meanwhile the senior students need to add a practical part to their research. Taking into consideration that term paper is not a simple matter and students have so many other assignments to do, it is worth thinking about professional support. It will let you save much time and energy.

Looking for the most competent and simultaneously affordable website to purchase for term paper, you should know that essay-editor.net is the most reliable and loyal helper for thousands of college students. Our experts are perfectly aware of all the subtleties that allow making any academic paper brilliant. Keep on reading and you will find out several helpful tricks that can help you improve your texts. However, bear in mind that only qualified professionals can provide you with the finest results.

Term papers are usually of two types: written study and project. The first one is usually created by the students of humanities specialties. Such a paper maintains the analysis of specialized issues related to the specialty of a student. The second type is written by the students of technical fields. Both types have a common thing, which is a traditional theoretic part with the review of the fundamental academic basis and reasoning of the study methodology. However, a project always contains calculation – usually, a whole chapter is devoted to it. More detailed information is attached in the explanatory note. A project can also be supplemented by the drawings of A1 format, mock-ups, and models.

Division based on specialties is quite vague: the students of humanities specialties can do projects as well, for instance, applied linguists, sociologists, journalists. Students who study exact and natural sciences, such as mathematics or physics, can create written study. Anyway, as well as any other academic paper, a term paper consists of the interrelated parts: introduction, body, and conclusions, also appendix, if needed.

Fixing term paper to pass plagiarism check

It does not matter how much you do not like plagiarism check procedure, it is mandatory. That is why modern students look for the new ways to outsmart antiplagiarism programs and meet the requirements set by educational standards.

Some time ago it was not obligatory to check academic papers for plagiarism. However, today it is a must. Plagiarism is a very crucial issue especially when it goes about thesis and dissertation. That is why teachers tell their students to check every paper for plagiarism and improve its uniqueness.

What tricks do not help outsmart antiplagiarism programs

There are so-called “dirty” ways to improve the uniqueness of text. Not only students but also indecent “specialists” who offer to fix a text are aware of them. Antiplagiarism program developers know all those tricks as well and that is why they constantly improve the algorithms of file processing and recognition of the ways of overriding the system.

Today the following popular pieces of advice on how to outsmart antiplagiarism are out of date and not working at all:

  • To replace the letters with the ones from another alphabet that look the same.
  • To insert a hidden senseless but unique “anchor text”.
  • To divide or unite sentences.
  • To move paragraphs.
  • To write invisible punctuation marks or any symbols instead of spaces (typed in background color or microscopic (no more than 1) font).
  • To change the order of letters (as if it is a misprint).
  • To change the order of words in a sentence ignoring common sense, basic grammatical and syntactic rules.
  • To use “Antiplagiat Killer” programs (they use unsophisticated tricks such as adding diacritical marks, i.e. accents, apostrophes, grave accent, etc., that are easily detected when checking).

Any modern antiplagiarism program easily recognizes all these tricks. Automatic synonymizers and all kinds of online translators within their program capacities can cope with the task but the result of their machine work will cause much confusion.

True recommendations

You can and should fight for the high rate of uniqueness but you will need to make some mental effort. So this is how to write a term paper to pass plagiarism check:

  1. To use as many as possible sources for the creation of theoretical part and profoundly process their texts. Only small quotes and commonly agreed academic definitions with obligatory references can remain unchanged. After analysis and synthesis, it is necessary to retell the whole paragraphs with your own words.
  2. To add as many as possible one’s own conclusions, arguments, and ideas.
  3. To paraphrase the sentences: to look for the synonyms, remove uncommon expressions, abbreviations, set expressions, and introductory words specific to someone else’s text, and rightly cut the number of specific terms.
  4. To change the structure of a text – the number and size of the paragraphs, division into subsections, etc.
  5. To insert the formulas, statistic data, and tables in the form of drawings. If you cannot find an appropriate image on the internet, it is easy to do it by yourself, for instance, using PrntScr button on the keyboard and making a screenshot (do not forget to cut everything you do not need). Teachers have no objection to this method because they understand that it is very hard to achieve the required uniqueness of a term paper without damaging technical characteristics or statistic data. The most important is not to abuse this method and not to try to insert huge fragments of text, in such a way.
  6. To find a paper on a necessary topic in a foreign language, translate it using online translator, and try to fix on your own.
  7. To find a printed publication that is not available on the Web yet and, without many changes, to use its text.

Finally, one of the hardest to fulfill but very effective tip: to choose a rare topic for your paper. Antiplagiarism programs use the materials from websites, scientific articles, abstracts, dissertations, thesis, digital books, and so on. In order to create something actually new, it is necessary to work hard.

The result will let not only stop deceiving yourself and fixing others’ works to trick an antiplagiarism program but also achieve professional success in the near future.

Top tips to improve the uniqueness of text

  1. Text rewriting. In order to achieve the term paper uniqueness of 70% and more, it is necessary to rewrite it in your own words. For this purpose, it is necessary to replace several words in a single sentence and insert introductory words and phrases.
  2. Using shingle method in your favor. A shingle is a piece of text of a certain length that consists of consecutive words. If it is known in advance that your paper will be checked with a service that uses shingles, it will be easy to increase its uniqueness. When you check your paper for plagiarism, you get a report with the plagiarized fragments. In order to achieve better uniqueness, it is necessary to add one or two more words to each such fragment or just replace the last word in a fragment.
  3. Using translator. If you translate the text of your term paper to some foreign language and then translate it back, it is possible to achieve the necessary uniqueness. In this case, instead of the original words, a translator uses their synonyms, and thus, the text fragments differ from the original ones.
  4. Using foreign sources. If you add the fragments of text from foreign sources translated to English, you can improve paper uniqueness. Antiplagiarism programs often consider the materials in a single language, and it means that a fragment taken from a foreign site and translated will be unique even without changes.
  5. Presenting information in tables. Every term paper, as a rule, contains tables, diagrams, and other similar elements. If some information is presented in such a form, it is not only easier to perceive but also becomes unique.
  6. Word wrapping. If you enable word hyphenation, an antiplagiarism system often considers such wrapped words as two or three.
  7. Writing term paper by yourself. This is the most effective method because a term paper written on your own, not copied from someone else’s work published on the internet, is guaranteed to pass plagiarism check successfully.

Let’s sum up

So term papers are checked for plagiarism with the help of special programs and services. Despite the fact that there are many tricks to change the texts and make them unique, they are not reliable. That is why it is strongly recommended to entrust this task to the experts. Essay-editor specialists guarantee to fix your paper, remove all the tiniest inaccuracies and errors, and make it 100% plagiarism free. Remember that the tips given above can help fix your text but the result will be barely satisfactory. If you need a really good paper of high quality, you need expert support. We guarantee that with our professional assistance you will get a unique text and pass plagiarism check successfully. Contact our support team anytime for more details.

Our Guarantees

For over a decade, Essay-editor on-line agency provides professional services in the field of academic writing & editing. We work with every single client individually and cherish our reputation a lot. We provide a range of safeguards on every order.

Money-backIf you have a complaint with the quality of performed work (or with any other issue), you get the guarantee to get the paid money back. We always try to meet the client half-way and find mutually beneficial solutions.

Plagiarism-freeAll papers we deliver are 100% plagiarism free. We check for plagiarism every document our clients send us. After that, our expert team performs everything required to fix or remove the plagiarized fragments from your text.

SatisfactionEssay-editor experts do their best to meet the requirements and wishes of our clients. Collaboration with our team begins with the careful and detailed clarification of the tiniest aspects of your order. Thus, we achieve the best result and satisfy all client’s demands.

ConfidentialityPrivacy policy is one of the main principles of our work. Our clients are guaranteed 100% confidentiality. All your uploads and downloads are safe and protected. We adhere to strict rules when it goes about safety, security, and privacy of our clients.

The safeguards apply to every single client of our website. We are providing the guarantees because we are 100% sure that our services are of high quality and will meet all your demands. We also believe that Essay-editor Company is the most appropriate option when you seek for professionalism that you can afford.

The reasons why I edit my research papers online at essay-editor.net

We are doing our utmost to make your visits on our site and cooperation with our team as pleasant as possible. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and not to experience any inconvenience.

What else do our clients get?

  1. Best price guarantee. If you purchase our services, we guarantee you the best price compared to other companies that offer similar services. You can check it on your own. Select several on line agencies, and ask for the price for the same service you want to buy. You will see that our prices are 5-10% (or even more) lower than the average price on the market. When you order any service, you know its total price that does not change, i.e. there will be no extra fee, additional charge, or something like that.
  2. Quality guarantee. Before delivering a document, our experts check it thoroughly at every level to be sure that it totally corresponds to the set demands. Our clients receive only completely done and checked papers. If you buy services at essay-editor.net, you always benefit more than you expect.
  3. Full security guarantee. The whole client base, as well as any personal data of our clients, is confidential. We also secure the preservation of your payments where all data is fully protected. Our correspondence, consultations, and any other sort of communication are reliably protected as well. With respect to payment, our clients can choose any system and method they prefer. This is another safety measure because, in such a way, our clients use the payment system they trust to.
  4. Round-the-clock support guarantee. We have enough professional employees to secure competent customer support 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. We are always ready to respond to any request immediately. There is a live chat option on the site, or you can email us at any convenient time.

What do our guarantees mean?

When you cooperate with a writing / editing agency and ask to work on your text, of course, you want to know what result you can expect for your money. This is completely natural desire, and we will gladly explain to you what is what.

The first and extremely important thing you should know is that we cannot give 100% guarantee that your paper will get the highest grade (if you are a college student). There is more, such a guarantee cannot be provided by any serious agency that is responsible for its actions. The reason is that it is not for us to decide and, unfortunately, a perfect paper is not the only factor that can influence the result. Sometimes personal relationships may interfere. We just want to say that there are some things that do not depend on us and that we cannot influence. However, there are many other things that are in our power. These are the things we can do perfectly and can provide guarantees on them.

When we speak about SEO texts, the situation is the same: any solid company cannot give 100% guarantee that your text will be at the top of the internet. It is important to know that many factors influence the rating of websites. These factors are, for instance, technical condition of the site, correctness of the HTML code, reputation of the domain, quality of content, technology of site creation, number of requests, and regularity of updating in search engines. All the factors mentioned above are taken into consideration by the specialists when they count the deadlines and cost of the performance of work on a text.

By the way, when it goes about website optimization and promotion, another reason for the lack of firm guarantees is the existence of direct competitors who promote their sites actively as well. Thus, an absolute guarantee for bringing every request to the top can be given only by those “specialists” who will not have to take responsibility for what they say. We are honest with you, unlike them.

  • Proper execution of jobs. We can confidently claim that we will do our utmost to achieve the best result possible so that your paper or document would reach its goal. We shall work at full capacity to meet your requirements and make you satisfied. We also benefit when you get the desired result because we cherish our reputation a lot, and also, our happy clients recommend us to their friends and familiars, and return to us to order other services they need.
  • Supreme result. If you are a college student, we guarantee improvement of your academic performance and better grades. In case if you cooperate with us to promote your website, we can guarantee visible and stable increase of website ranking. We promise to make every effort to improve any paper or document you send use. An improved fixed text, in its turn, helps you reach the wanted aim. In order to get maximum results, we recommend ordering combination of services that complete and reinforce each other.
  • Regular reporting.We guarantee that during the whole period of work we will inform you about every stage and, eventually, provide you with a full report on the performed work. You will see what changes and corrections we have done. Also, there will be comments on what you can do to make your writings better, improve your knowledge, writing style, what requires more attention, and so on. There is more, you can ask for the report at any time when your paper is still in progress to control the process. In such a way, you can monitor the transformation of your paper, correct or change the demands of your order if needed. Any information will be available to you anytime.
  • Full protection.Since customer safety is very important for us, we want to emphasize it once again. We guarantee the safety of information and confidentiality of any data that our clients present us. All the access data is stored and used in an encrypted form. It is hidden not only from third parties but also even from other company employees who are not engaged in your project.

We use the most transparent and honest scheme of collaboration. You can be perfectly sure that 100% of our effort will be directed at the achievement of the maximum result.

As you can see now there are many reasons to give preference to our on-line company. Essay-editor is rightfully considered as one of the finest research paper editing help websites, though we assist not only with academic college papers but any other types of text materials. Our agency specializes in copywriting and copyediting as well. All our employees, i.e. consultants, writers, editors, proofreaders, revisers, as well as technical specialists, are not only certified and highly experienced but also very friendly, polite and honest. This is one of the reasons why many customers return to Essay-editor site to use our services again. However, the key reason is that we deliver high end quality papers.

We also want to warn you when you decide to buy goods or services on line. Unfortunately, there are many cheaters who need only money, and it can be really hard to recognize them. They know how to masquerade well and throw dust in the eyes. That is why you need to be extremely careful! If a company is credible, you will easily find any information about it on the web: when it was established, what its activity field is, clients’ reviews, and so on. Also, everything you need to know should be presented on the site so that the visitors could read it anytime.

We want to assure you that our site is licensed and all our experts are certified Master’s and PhD degree owners. They are true professionals in their fields. You can check out the reviews of people who have already become our customers, used our services, and are 100% satisfied with our joint work. We always ask our clients for feedback. Thus, our prospective clients can get more objective and full idea of our agency, and we, in our turn, can work on ourselves and develop to provide you with even better services. Let us prove you that we are worth being trusted. If you order at essay-editor.net, you get not only supreme result but also material benefit. Every client gets a discount and a personal bonus. Our team has a lot of pleasant perks for you. Welcome to Essay-editor! You will love it!

Professionalism is very important in any endeavor. Cooperate with certified MBA and PhD specialists at essay-editor.net. Get competent assistance!

Pay for research papers little money and have your text edited and proofread professionally

A licensed professional on-line agency offers a full line of services, starting with rewriting & revision and ending with writing from scratch. Thanks to the work of qualified and experienced experts on our site, every service is performed competently, quickly and delivered as soon as possible. Besides, our company offers its clients a good discount up to 20%. Welcome to the world of writing excellence, where experienced certified specialists will help you create your unique error-free text materials.

Editing services

Editor’s services include a number of specified functions that help the author of a text to convey his (or her) message and ideas, following the existing rules of grammar and spelling. The task of an editor is to transform your text into a coherent and clear that corresponds to the topic chosen for its creation.

First of all, an editor pays attention to the presence of grammar errors, conciseness of a written text, as well as its content. Such a specialist is not responsible for fixing a text. An editor can only point at the detected flaws and send a text to its author providing every necessary comment for its improvement.

There are several types of text editing:

  • Popular at time of typewriters. Its intention is to proof read a text and to compare it with an original text.
  • Reduction and correction. This is the reduction of text material size with the preservation of logical sense of a written text. This type of editing removes excessive word repetitions, unnecessary text elements, and preserves a precise structure and brevity of thought that an author wants to convey.
  • Adaptation and correction. This is a deep processing of a text. It is mostly applied when a topic is interesting and relevant but the author, due to his (her) busyness or lack of writing skills, is not able to produce the needed text clearly and organically. In this case, editor’s assistance is required.

Proofreading services

The main function of a proof reader is to fix punctuation and orthographic mistakes in a text, remove typos, and so on. A proof reader is a literate person, who perfectly handles the language and knows the rules of a selected text genre (i.e. article, essay, research paper, advertising, web post, etc.). Attentiveness and literacy are the important criteria for such a specialist.

The services of a proof reader are different in format. They include not only correction of all types of mistakes but also reference lists check, proper dash mark, correct formatting of footers, footnotes, as well as control of the word agreement in a text. A proofreader also checks the number of spaces between the words. This type of specialist should have profound knowledge of the field of text material correction. The main goal of a proof reader is to make a text ready for being presented by making it grammatically, stylistically, and technically correct. In such a way, a text material will become not only literary beautiful and colorful but also competently and correctly written. Different on-line companies have different prices for proofreading services. However, the most affordable proofing fee is at essay-editor.net.

Difference between editing and proof reading

On the one hand, editing and proof reading go in parallel, and it seems, at first glance, that they cannot exist without each other, but it is not like that, in fact.

It is worth mentioning that a text without editorial interference can exist (and even being published, but we strongly do not recommend doing it), but proof reading is obligatory in any case. The reason is that a competently written text always attracts readers, meanwhile, a text that contains mistakes can push the general public away.

Editing implies such functions as dividing text into the paragraphs and chapters, reduction of text size, removing the elements that do not harm the main idea, literary correction, as well as fixing the flaws of content. Proof reading deals with the issues of a different nature, in particular, punctuation check and removal of misprints, spelling errors correction, syntactic check, as well as the elimination of word formation mistakes.

These two types of services differ in price. Naturally, this is an individual issue that depends on a text itself and on a pricing policy of a company or specialist you are going to cooperate with. We want to remind you that the cheapest services of highly professional quality are delivered by Essay-editor on-line agency. It should be mentioned that often editor’s services are considered as more valuable and highly paid, meanwhile, proofreader’s services cost cheaper. The reason for this is that an editor makes more effort, spends more energy, knowledge, and creativity on one’s order compared to a specialist in the field of text proof reading.

Main reasons to collaborate with a specialist

First of all, we want to mention that a proof reader and an editor are people educated and experienced (at least, they should be). They have worked on and fixed dozens or hundreds of texts, including academic papers and web articles. They see with the naked eye all the inaccuracies or stylistic mistakes that an ordinary person almost never notices. Second of all, the aim of these people is to turn one’s written text into an interesting, unique, clear and correctly created product.

Unfortunately, not always an amateur author has enough knowledge to present his (her) thoughts properly. That is why in these cases people appeal to the specialists who can help structure, add more sense, and format correctly their writings and drafts.

Here are the cases when it is really necessary to ask professionals for help:

  • When it goes about academic writing (different types of college papers, Master’s or PhD thesis, etc.);
  • Before publishing text in mass media;
  • In case when an author lacks skills and experience in the field of text writing;
  • At the completion stage, when an author has the text written clearly and smartly but there are doubts about its literacy.

Simply put, whatever reason for cooperation with a specialist is, it is better to do it without hesitation. This is the thing that can never hurt.


  • Essay-editor Company guarantees total confidentiality and preservation of any information that we receive from our clients. Your texts, drafts, any publication will never get to the third parties.
  • It is also important that we can guarantee with an accuracy that we shall fulfill your order within a specified time frame. We will do it competently for a cheap price. You entrust your order to the experts in writing field who will never fail you.
  • A proof reader will check your text for grammar, orthographic errors, stylistic inaccuracies, formatting, and everything else needed.
  • The most important thing that a specialist has, i.e. the way he (she) can benefit you, is absolute literacy. The main task of an expert is to turn your writing into a text that meets all the language rules.
  • After editing and proof reading, our experts revise your texts as many times as needed to get everything perfect.

How to distinguish an experienced and qualified editor from an aspiring and weird one

  1. A weird editor will aggressively defend his (or her) position. Such a person can even yell and offend, and will not be able to divide a text into paragraphs properly. It is advised not to cooperate with such personalities. However, with time, they can change. They need time and patience.
  2. An aspiring editor will calmly and discreetly lecture you about what and how should be done, make several references to the authoritative sources, and offer to read an argumentative reply on his (her) blog. This is the sign that a person has started to work in this field not so long ago. Most likely, he (she) has not had serious orders yet, and his (her) only editorial work is the text about him(her)self. It is necessary to check the experience of such a person.
  3. An experienced editor will calmly ask: “What is your editorial policy?”. In case if you do not have your own editorial policy, a good editor will invite to create it. Also, you can hear something like: “I have my own opinion about it but when it goes about commercial projects, I adhere to the standards set by the clients”.

All of the above is the indicator of editor’s experience. An aspiring editor will be trying to assert him(her)self by giving as many arguments as possible: the more arguments there are, the smarter he (she) feels. Experienced specialists will work on more serious issues, in particular, how to create that very text that a customer needs. We know about all these types because we have met them and most true experts have also passed every stage described previously. That is why we perfectly know what a professional editor should do and what should not.

We want to assure you that all the experts at essay-editor.net are highly qualified, experienced and certified. Our employees are the graduates of the best world universities, MBA and PhD degree holders engaged in the field of academic writing for more than ten years. They constantly develop their knowledge and monitor all the changes in their professional sphere to perform the best work possible.

Our job is our passion and style of life. Our on-line agency is our pride. We cherish our reputation greatly, thus, we deliver only high-quality services. Of course, we care for our clients and do our utmost to make them feel safe and comfortable when visiting our website and ordering our services. We have a friendly team of skillful editors, proofreaders, writers, revisers, and a friendly pricing policy. You can hardly find something more affordable than the services we offer. Do you question our words? You can check it on your own. Naturally, it will take some time and effort, but we are ready to wait as much as needed.

We are always there to answer any question you have and respond to your requests immediately. Our biggest goal is to be useful and meet your requirements. Our clients’ success is equal to our personal success. That is why we care so much for you and are ready to do our utmost for making you satisfied and happy. You are always welcome at essay-editor.net.