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For over a decade, Essay-editor on-line agency provides professional services in the field of academic writing & editing. We work with every single client individually and cherish our reputation a lot. We provide a range of safeguards on every order.

Money-backIf you have a complaint with the quality of performed work (or with any other issue), you get the guarantee to get the paid money back. We always try to meet the client half-way and find mutually beneficial solutions.

Plagiarism-freeAll papers we deliver are 100% plagiarism free. We check for plagiarism every document our clients send us. After that, our expert team performs everything required to fix or remove the plagiarized fragments from your text.

SatisfactionEssay-editor experts do their best to meet the requirements and wishes of our clients. Collaboration with our team begins with the careful and detailed clarification of the tiniest aspects of your order. Thus, we achieve the best result and satisfy all client’s demands.

ConfidentialityPrivacy policy is one of the main principles of our work. Our clients are guaranteed 100% confidentiality. All your uploads and downloads are safe and protected. We adhere to strict rules when it goes about safety, security, and privacy of our clients.

The safeguards apply to every single client of our website. We are providing the guarantees because we are 100% sure that our services are of high quality and will meet all your demands. We also believe that Essay-editor Company is the most appropriate option when you seek for professionalism that you can afford.


So, you have completed a research paper. Yet, it is not time to stop if you aspire to get something more than an average result. Editing and proofreading are two next crucial steps to the excellence of the text.

We here, at, offer to make them for you. Our paper editing services are an instant and effective solution to any issue concerning writing. Whether you require revision or proofreading services, you can always turn to our editor and get the competent and timely assistance.

We work with all known types of research papers:

  • a survey research paper;
  • a compare and contrast research paper;
  • a case study;
  • a descriptive research paper;
  • an experimental research paper;
  • an analytical research paper;
  • an interpretative research paper; etc.

The opportunities of are not restricted to research papers only. Apart from the above texts, our editor works with all types of assignments students get from professors and teachers. If your task is in English, please send it to our team, and we will help you out. Even the shortest terms are available. So if you have only 24 hours to complete your research paper, our editing agency can take up this challenge and successfully cope with it.

Why you need professional editors

The decision to edit any research paper is always sensible. It solves plenty of issues and, eventually, brings you close to success. Thus, having ordered paper editing services on our portal, you get guaranteed positive qualitative transformation of your text. In practice it relates to the following moments:

  • getting rid of grammar mistakes;
  • improving the flow of thoughts;
  • correcting the tone and the style;
  • enhancing clarity;
  • making the paper more compelling;
  • demonstration of your findings in the best light, etc.

Our research paper editing services imply the correction of all possible mistakes, adding new abstracts, paraphrasing, rewording, etc. We know hundreds of techniques and methods to improve papers.

All in all, the edited text from our editor is the embodiment of the perfect academic writing style. We ensure the best form of presentation of your research results. By using our service, you improve the level of your manuscript significantly. Our editor is quite helpful in case you need to save time and, meantime, achieve good outcomes.

Professional Research Paper Editing Services for Journal Publication Success

If you're looking for a professional research paper editor to help you with your manuscript, you're in the right place. Our research paper editing service offers a unique service that helps authors get their edited research paper ready for submission to their target journal. Our editing process ensures that your edited paper meets all the formatting requirements and guidelines for the specific document type, so you can focus on the research writing.

Our paper editors have extensive experience in editing research papers, ensuring that your paper is free of grammar errors, spelling errors, and typographical errors. We understand that writing quality and sentence structure play an important role in journal acceptance and publication success. That's why we have a team of journal editors who specialize in different fields to ensure that your edited document has the writing impact it needs to be accepted by your target journal.

We believe that customer service is just as important as the editing services we provide. Our support team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have and help you choose the right editor for your manuscript. We understand that each manuscript is unique, which is why we work closely with you to ensure that your edited paper meets your specific needs and expectations. With our research paper editing service, you can be confident that your manuscript is in good hands and will be ready for submission to your target journal in no time.

Professionalism is very important in any endeavor. Cooperate with certified MBA and PhD specialists at Get competent assistance!


Support 24/7 to build trustful relations

The great service is always online. Following this rule, we provide instant feedback to our clients. Day or night, Sunday or a working day, summer or winter, you are free to write on our live chat. Our agents answer all your questions precisely when you need these answers, but not when it is the time from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. It is very convenient as you can always be informed about the editing process of your paper.

High quality, otherwise what is the sense

The excellent quality of the final draft is the result of our thorough check. The editor detects and corrects all the possible mistakes in your manuscript. Due to the rich and successful experience of our editing specialists, we always comply with university standards and professors' expectations. It is about the peculiarities of an academic language, content free from mistakes, uniqueness, a proper structure, etc.

Effectiveness to help you reach goals

Everything we do here at our paper editing agency is aimed to support students and other clients. People come here for different reasons: to get a high grade, improve the rating, adjust the text to the specific editorial policy, etc. Our experts do not only search for mistakes or detect plagiarism. Considering all the aspects of college and scientific papers, we provide helpful solutions. Your professor or thesis advisor will definitely appreciate your draft after our editing service.

Strict confidentiality for your maximum comfort

We have established a safe system of online communication as it is the basis for reliable research paper editing services. The data we use for work is protected by cutting-edge technologies. does not disclose any facts about your orders. We answer openly to all the questions and publish the terms of use on the website. Whatever you want to know about our conditions, cookies policy, the procedure of placing an order, "rights reserved" principle, etc. can be discussed on the chat.

When editing services are a must

It happens that a student spends many efforts on the study of the subject and writing the report on it. The desire to skip the final stage of creating a research paper seems obvious. It is about editing. Yes, the fatigue is an understandable reason to postpone editing, yet it is not the reason to ignore it. You can always turn to paper editors and purchase their competent services online.

✓ It is your life-changing project

All authors have crucial papers altering their destinies. Say, you need to check the text before the publication in the academic journal. In this case, research paper editing services maximize the chances of success. The same can be said about important college projects, research proposals, theses, etc. Online editing does not cost much; still, it gives a fresh set of eyes and effective improvements.

✓ You are not a native English speaker

Even native English speakers make typos, stylistic mistakes, punctuation errors, etc. Let alone foreigners for whom English is a second language. It is all about the linguistic peculiarities and vocabulary. Our editors check every word in your treatise so that it looks readable and smooth. Besides, our specialists revise the use of professional terms to exclude misinterpretations and confusions.

✓ Extremely complicated requirements to academic papers

If you do not understand the comments of your professor, our research paper editing services are what you need. For years of editing experience, we have learned the most typical and unusual rules of academic writing. We definitely know what your professors expect from your treatise, and we are aware of how to put it into practice.

✓ A lack of time to edit your research paper

There are only 24 hours in a day, and sometimes the terms are very tight. Do not panic and simply buy our research paper editing services. It is a good way to save time and nerve cells.

The process of ordering our research paper editing services

We have taken care of the comfort of our clients. One needs to pass only several simple steps to place an order here. Register on our website, download your draft, select the most suitable terms. The Form has clear hints, yet you can always get additional explanations on the chat. Conveniently, the user can add personal instructions and professors' notes.

A research paper is a serious assignment implying perfect grammar, a logical structure, innovativeness of ideas, and compliance with a bunch of standards. It is difficult to keep all those nuances in mind while writing. We understand it and are glad to offer effective solutions. Contact us at any time to place your order or discuss the details of cooperation via chat.