Academic Editing And Proofreading Services: Top 8


Contemporary education is often about a big number of essays, reports, and other writing assignments. Indeed, the text is becoming a popular instrument of communication between students and teachers. That is why it is important to present thoughts and ideas in a clear manner without mistakes. Professional proofreading and editing services will help you with that.

We have considered the offers and conditions of the most popular online companies to demonstrate the most decent variants.

This list is created on the basis of real facts, a transparent system of evaluation, and our personal impressions from the websites.

the best editing services

The best editing services according to our experts

When working on this list we considered available information on the web, as well as conducted little independent research. Guided by the clients' most often requests we have selected the basis for our experiment and compared companies' offers proceeding from these parameters.

The below tables contain symbols:

— yes, the company specializes in editing this type of text;

— no, according to the information on the website the agency does not work with such assignments;

? — such orders are discussed individually. One-stop proofreading, editing, rewriting platform

One-stop proofreading websiteIf you are looking for a universal online helper this portal is just for you. They work with various fields of knowledge, academic disciplines, and purposes.

Powered by the mission to assist learners and authors across the globe their professional editors provide competent and efficient assistance to everyone who has issues with texts. Whether you have a short essay or a long thesis, they'll find a competent specialist precisely for your goal.

It is here where customers receive reliable support and effective solutions from the proofreader and editor at the best prices. An honorable company

We have been pleasantly surprised by their social mission: with every completed order the company gives one book to homeless people.

Alongside proofreading and editing services, this agency also specializes in translation and publishing services.

The prices vary depending on the word count, complexity level, and delivery deadline. Multinational professional editors

Proof-reading-service.comThese specialists offer competent services around the world and not only in the English language. Representatives of this company edit academic papers and other documents related to education, science, and research in Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and several other languages.

These proofreaders and editors mainly specialize in academic and scientific texts. Their competencies cover editing for academics, authors of journals, and contemporary learners. Conveniently, this team works with all types of disciplines, including medicine, as well as hard and social sciences. Modern multipurpose agency is another decent representative of the editing and proofreading business. We have liked their user-friendly site, high ratings on reputable portals, and a wide diversity of services.

One can easily calculate the cost of the order by using a free online calculator. Please, upload your files or enter your number of words. It shows prices depending on the volume of work and time frames. It's possible to use a 12- and 24 hours deadline.

The stylish design of their web pages demonstrates a serious approach to editing and proofreading services. Everything is clear and transparent, and nice illustrations add positive emotions. Excellent online ratings

ProofreadingpalThis award-winning team has rightly earned a good reputation in the online world. Indeed, they have a rather wide spectrum of services, including editing projects for college or university, texts for business, as well as documents for a job-seeking process.

We've liked that crucial information on their services is concisely presented in videos. These specialists promise that you will definitely like the results of their work; otherwise, you can count on a full refund. The satisfaction guarantee contributes to their reputable image. Scientific and technical editing you are looking for someone who specializes in editing texts for technical and scientific spheres, these experts are just for you. Their capacity covers improvements of texts for grants, presentations, reports, as well as marketing materials.

They have already successfully edited corporate materials for global pharmaceutical, agricultural, car businesses.

The biggest advantage of this agency is an efficient combination of research, technical, and editing skills. It is a good choice for a student studying hard sciences. Editors of the future

Merudio.comIt is one of the most interesting agencies. We've read that they have invented an AI-based tool for editors — And we are impressed that this Canadian company provides translation services from Chinese to English and vice versa.

Alongside academic editing and proofreading services for learners, they also help educators with portfolios and documents for career development.

You can send them your file if your paper requires competent formatting or comprehensive academic editing. As a result of this service, one can get a certificate proving a professional level of editing. It is good evidence of their serious approach. Award-winning business

Editorworld.comThis US-based company demonstrates detailed information on its team. One can find PhD-level experts, different subject-matter specialists, award-winning writers and editors there. It is convenient to read a review of every specialist.

The agency is equally good at editing for foreigners, academic goals, business, and personal projects. We've appreciated that they work with the same-day turnaround, that is deliver services even within two hours.

It is a good choice for newcomers. These editors offer an opportunity to test their professionalism at no cost — a free sample edit is available.

What we could not foresee when choosing the best editing service

Although we have tried to conduct an impartial and comprehensive analysis of today's online editors and proofreaders, some factors still could not be taken into account.

• Present bonuses and discounts

Businesses regularly offer good deals on different occasions. It could be a discount for the newcomer, a holiday sale, a bonus for a regular customer, etc. It's impossible to evaluate such offers as we do not know your situation.

• Your particular case

When working on this list of top editors we were guided by the most popular clients' orders. If you need any specific non-standard services, please, discuss these moments with support agents first. For instance, our team is always willing to ensure an individual approach.

How to find suitable proofreading and editing services

A little warning: The results of our reviews are recommendatory and contain personal views. Even expert recommendations do not guarantee a brilliant result if you follow them. So, here is a short guide on how to detect the best agency precisely for your situation.

1) What do you expect from the final edited and proofread version?

Since editing is a rather wide concept, please, firstly clarify what you need. Such terms as "copy editing," "proofreading," "formatting," etc. can be perceived in different ways. So it is better to formulate the expectations correctly. For instance, write down the list of possible manipulations with your text:

  • elimination of grammar errors,
  • correct punctuation mistakes,
  • adapt the article in accordance with the editorial policy of the journal,
  • improve the structure and logic of the text,
  • prepare the article for its publication in a journal, etc.

2) What is your budget?

Expert native English editors guarantee excellent results, and their assistance can correspondingly cost a lot. However, it is always possible to find agencies with a more suitable price-quality ratio.

Some helpful hints:

  • if it is possible, choose only necessary types of services (i.e. only proofreading or only formatting);
  • orders with longer deadlines usually cost more than average services.

Your best solutions lie at the intersection of these two items: your budget and expectations from the result. If you do not have time to dive deep into details and analyze every agency, please, turn to us. We'll find the most suitable specialist for your assignment.

And have you ever tried English editing services? What was your experience? Please, share your impressions, and we'll consider them in our further work. Contact us on the chat.

So, what is the best editing or proofreading service?

Years of intense experience in the writing and editing business enable our team to competently talk about this type of service. We can claim with confidence that the best agency or editor is the one that solves your issue efficiently. For instance, you might need only a spelling check, so why overpay for the whole package of editing services? Or you might want to improve the academic style of your document, enhance arguments, add comments, etc. In this case, simple proofreading is not enough. The order requires a professional approach.

Our agency is just what you need. We adapt to your situation and offer the most suitable editing and related service. Everything beginning from grammar check to substantive editing is available here.

What text do you need to revise and improve? We'll do it in the best way. Let's try now — place an order!