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Online proofread

What is proof reading online and how it works?

Most probably if you put yourself a question that makes a headline, you are already aware of the general description of the proofreading. So you’ve got an essay or a personal assignment or some document or maybe a thesis and you realize you are in need to proofread it. In other words you want to check your text as to the correctness and correspondence with regard to orthography, grammar, punctuation, sentence construction, logical structure.

That’s a feasible task if you possess linguistic knowledge and are sure in your possibilities. However if there are some doubts, most likely you will decide to approach the professionals. For example, our professional editors have all the license and diplomas in place. Their vast experience in the field allow them to efficiently perform any task ordered, even proofreading editing, in the fastest and the most efficient way.

In the modern world, a lot of services are switched into the online mode: the food delivery, shopping, application to the different governmental instances, consulting services, education. And if you type in your browser “How to proofread my text online” you will get over 6 mln results! That means that the proofreading services have also been worked out into the online mode. But let us have a look at what we actually are offered.

When we choose to our text to be proofread in the online mode we can enjoy the following advantages of the online services:

  • Easy way of placing an order – you don’t have to go somewhere, look or wait for someone, all you need is just leave a request at the dedicated site;
  • Time and effort saving – by reaching the editor via Web you save your time and effort significantly, by reaching the right person at once;
  • Instant feedback – with the properly organized online services, you receive all the confirmations, remarks and clarification requests for your order almost the same time you placed it. However it is understood that to perform a thorough proofreading some period of time is needed;
  • Flexible mode of the interaction – you can discuss all the conditions of your proofreading request in the time being, get a discount, outline your wishes, request some details of the operation, make your decision as to the choice of this particular service;

However as every coin has two sides, the online services, the editing ones in particular, have their drawbacks as well:

  • Dependence on the Internet connection. If by some reason the Internet or electricity supply has been cut, you wouldn’t be able to use the online services. In case of the slow Internet traffic placing an order at some occasions may take more time than visiting a proofreader in person;
  • The absence of the live contact. The online services in most of the cases are impersonal, the only communication being the correspondence through Web. It is well known that the less communication’ channels are used (including visual, acoustic, kinesthetic) the more details may be omitted and therefore the more clarifications will be needed further;
  • Duplicating the communication with other channels. For most of the cases, the  placement of the online order for proofreading will be followed by the call or e-mail from the operator to confirm your order and clarify the details if any. Thus it is sometimes easier and less time- and effort-consuming to call the operator at once and place an order by the phone call.
  • Superficial quality of the online services. For the services requiring the human factor, like those of the text’ proofreading, the online available programs can serve just as the road signs on the way to the proficient editing. Multiple spellcheckers, plagiarism checkers, grammar checkers, content checkers are based on the set of the tools that are able to perform only formal checking of the text. However precise they might be, they are always focused on some determined factor (i.e. spellchecking) and do not take into account the whole meaning of the text. Thus the correct words, punctuation marks and even the whole sentences that are reasonable in the context of the whole text may be highlighted as incorrect by the online checkers. And otherwise, the incorrectly put words and paragraphs may be passed without noticing if you fully trust to these online tools and do not control their work. That is why the professional proofreading services never fully rely on the online checkers and use them only as auxiliary means in their work.

So when you put the task to the online service, “Perform a proofread of my essay!”, you’ve got to understand you are likely expect the following results:

  1. The “online” adjective will relate only to the way of placing the order. The actual proofreading will be performed offline, by the professional linguist.
  2. The thorough proofreading of a large text cannot be performed within minutes. If it is done so, it is most likely your text was just run through some of the online checking programs, without in-depth analysis.
  3. The efficient proofreader will inevitably need more details than you put in the order form: the goal of the text’ writing, its desired length, style, the type of checking required, formal requirements (font, size, rubrics and so on).

Thus as you see though online services greatly facilitate our interaction with different services, there are certain fields where their use is limited to a certain extent. Let us then compare the particulars of the same services, but within the other mode.

Offline proofread. General overview

Upon analyzing the online services for the text editing and proofreading we have come to the conclusion that for the larger part they are performed offline. It is no wonder, though if we consider how much job a proofreader has with even a tiny text:

  • Checking the overall impression of the text;
  • Looking out for the grammar and punctuation mistakes, typos and correcting them. By the way the comprehensive review on the tricky parts of speech and their use is available in our blog;
  • Adjusting the text to the norms of the readability (making and paragraphs sentences shorter without changing the whole meaning);
  • Ascertaining the text is logically consistent and doesn’t seem incongruent.

Performing these tasks efficiently takes certain time, in some cases there are also additional checks and corrections needed. It is not possible to do it all within 25 minutes (unless it is a really small text and next to ideal). So the experienced professional editing essays services would most likely perform the proofread of you paper offline, even if suggesting it otherwise.

Let’s analyze what advantages the offline proofreading might provide:

  1. No too close deadline. With the offline proofreading, the editor isn’t pressed by a narrow timing and has more space to perform his or her work efficiently.
  2.  Flexibility. The offline proofreader may perform narrowed or widened tasks thus saving on your time and expenses. For example if the proofreader sees from the first brief browsing through the text that there are too many mistakes in it and the general construction and style are poor, he or she may propose to make the rewriting, without prior proofreading that will certainly spare you a part of the cost.  Some tips on the ways to rewrite your text are available on our website
  3. Use of multi-sources. The online programs such as spellcheckers are usually based on one or two reliable sources of grammar, syntax, punctuation system etc. The offline proofreader is a human being who is able to develop his knowledge and implement it. These people are usually well aware of the existing approaches to the linguistic issues and can combine them in their work. They also continually update and upgrade their skills by means of the conferences, workshops, learning and so on.
  4.  Combination of different tools. The professional proofreader never uses a single tool while working with the text. A thorough proofreading requires a combination of tools and their correct use. Among these tools are the online programs as well. However they are used only at certain stages of the editing process and never make a ground of it or substitute the “manual” checks.
  5. Experience. This is the point where offline proofreading scores over the online one. The human proofreader, who performed thousands of linguistic tasks and have dealt with different situations is able to draw conclusions out of them and improve his or her performance. The online programs are based on the joint experience of several professionals however they lack the ability to train their “skills”. There is an individual factor, too. The standard set of the grammar and syntax tools is available for every editor however it is always the point how the proofreader uses it. What kind of the previous experience does he or she have and how does implement it into the work? The answer may lead to the formally impeccable but rather cheerless text or to the colorful and bright one. What would you prefer?

With all its merits, the offline proofreading has its disadvantages, too. In spite of the advantages that arise from the peculiarity of the field and its tasks, the drawbacks are the common ones for all the offline services in comparison to the online ones:

  1. Less speedy than the online services. Though a thorough examination and word-by-word checking are essential in the proofreading, sometimes your deadline just doesn’t let you to perform it properly. For sure, it is better to avoid such situations but sometimes the fast online spellchecking may work better than hour-long discussion of the text’ deficiencies with the professional linguist.
  2. Clumsiness due to the administration process and the working criteria. If you need to proofread a thesis or other academic paper you would only greet a scrupulous and step-by-step spotting and eliminating of deficiencies, with receipt of your permission for every change. However if you need to proofread a personal e-mail without high importance but quickly you would scarcely enjoy such a thorough check. The administration system applied in the proofreading companies also may delay the performance as there are several links in the chain of the order delivery (administrator – manager - proofreader and vice-versa). For some minor tasks, that’s just the thing to be avoided.
  3. Human factor. However experienced and professional the live proofreaders might be, they are still human beings. They may feel depressed, tired, something may distract their attention during the work. Though in the expert companies all works undergo a double-checking, it still may delay the fulfillment of the order. At the same time, online programs are not subject to the failures due to the algorithms written at the core of their systems. Besides, the offline editing is often divided into the minor tasks each being performed by a separate linguist. Although it allows to reach a better result in comparison with one-hand employment, it may sometimes provoke arguments and discussions. Whatever profit you as the final beneficiary might gain from it, it wouldn’t be certainly a perfect timing.

So, the primary advantages of the offline proofreader is the experience and in-depth analysis performed by the expert. It is the ability to develop one’s skills, to learn new methods and implement them in one’s work. However the speed of the order fulfillment is a weak link in this chain – and this is where the online services take their score.

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On or off? Make your choice

Now that we discussed the positive and negative sides of both online and offline proofreading services let us summarize and make our conclusions.

Proofreading is a special approach in editing that involves the use of the linguistic tools for checking and correcting the text in accordance with the existing grammar, syntax, punctuation, logical  rules and regulations. It requires an active attention and gradual proceeding with the text.

The online services for proofreading are of two types: the companies receiving the orders online and then relaying them to the offline proofreaders or the online checking programs (grammar checkers, spellcheckers, plagiarism detectors and so on). The latter are able to perform a thorough check based on a singular or multiple factors (i.e. only spellchecking or also includes punctuation), but they are limited in their capacity to the algorithms once set and rarely renewed. These programs just accumulate their checks, without the chance for development and dealing with the exceptional cases. They can also make mistakes disconcerted with the whole meaning of the text, when the use of the word or a certain form is grounded by the ways of the sense’ transmitting in the text. They possess no ability to interact with the text in the variety of its aspects. If you are inclining to choose the reliable proofreader online there are following points that can make you ascertain in your decision. The additional pitfalls that may materialize during the proofreading of your text are relayed in the article from our blog

The offline proofreaders possess all the merits that the online ones don’t: they are able to improve their skills and knowledge, upgrade their performance, grasp the main idea of the text and adjust the means of expression to it properly. Yet their result is not so imminent than the one of the online checkers and the human factor is present in their work. Some mistakes may be just overlook, even when three or more professionals proofread the text. Their another drawback is the system of administering the orders, when the order must undergo several instances within the company before reaching the actual proofreader and the same way back to the customer.

Thus it is up to you what kind of proofreading to choose. If you wish to make a reasonable decision, you’ve got to set your priorities for this particular task. What is more important, to keep the deadline or to receive a flawless and elegant text? Can your order wait or it should have been fulfilled yesterday? What is your main concern with your text, is it a major (weak idea, logical inconsistency) or a minor (doubtful orthography, wrongly set punctuation) one?

If you have decided on the online services here are some tips for your further proceedings. What are you to do to place a correct order to proofread your paper online:

  1. Make a clear request as to the task that you need to be fulfilled (for example, to proofread only two last paragraphs of the essay).
  2. Set your deadlines. Range them as to the priorities (e.g. proofread a text until 30.08.17, rewrite if needed until 31.08.17). Give a closer deadline (if possible) to the chosen proofreader. For example, if you need your text to be proofread on 02.09.17 make a deadline on 30.08.17. Thus you’ll have time to react in case of a failure.
  3. Check the proofreader’s background. Browse the feedback in the Web and the dedicated forums, surf at their website (pay attention to the updates’ dating), require the license and certificates (if any).
  4. Leave your full contact details and at least two ways of contacting you (e.g. a mobile number and an e-mail).
  5. Clarify the cost for the required services and make sure all the possible expenditures were counted into it.

Placing a correct order, whatever the way your proofreading is ordered and performed you will undoubtedly receive an outstanding result!

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