How To Proofread My Essay Carefully?


It became fashionable and prestigious recently to be the owner of degree of MBA. But fashion and advantage are very different things, and sometimes they are even incompatible. What is MBA, where and how can you receive it, how you should proofread essay or why you should use essay proofreading service instead, and even whether it is worth doing it in today's conditions. That is the task of our team of professional proofreaders - to give you information for reflection - the choice is yours.

The abbreviation of MBA is known around the whole world and designates Master of Business Administration, how Wikipedia tells us. MBA is not an academic degree in traditional understanding; it is degree, if we may say so, of professionalism in the field of business management.      

The MBA programs exist in all developed countries of the world for a long time. And their main objective is training of highly professional administrative personnel. These programs give the chance to the people (which have the higher education and experience in business) to gain profound knowledge in the field of management and business administration. They provide not only theoretical, but also practical preparation in the field of management and related subjects. The main objective of these programs is to help the person to become the good top manager.

Today there are about 2500 MBA programs in the world which are taught at the largest business schools of the world. The annual number of graduates of MVA is close to 150 thousand people.

The main emphasis in these programs is focused on studying of bases of business, especially management, and special elective courses. Implementation of the final project and training in the companies is obligatory. People with the higher education and experience in business are accepted in these business schools. Studying in such schools is paid; its average cost is steadily growing. The average cost of such education is $40000.

Proofreading is a necessary part of any written task. When you proofread what was written, your work improves. It is especially noticeable when you write the essay. Proofreading and editing MBA essay can seem boring work, but if you look at such a work orderly, everything becomes mare easier and more interesting. Don't forget that it is not necessary to hurry here, it is better to proofread the essay systematically.

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How to do proofreading essay in a proper manner:

1. It is more than likely that you write the essay in a text editor. In most of them there is a spelling check. For a start include this check to see spelling errors. Correct them one after another.

2. Further, involve check of grammar (if it is there) in your text editor and look for grammatical mistakes. Now most of text editors distinguish punctuation (if you doubt about your punctuation skills, kindly read our article concerned to this subject) , the preferable length of the sentence, passive voice, the use of time forms of verbs and other grammar things. Kindly try to use your own skills and knowledge, not only what a text editor on your computer offers.

3. Now it is time to proofread the essay by your own, like the essay proofreader does it. Some people advise to print it. Mistakes are better visible on the piece of paper, but not on the computer screen, they say. Begin with a basic idea of your essay. Is it accurate and simple in understanding? Whether the sense of the essay corresponds to a basic idea? If it does not, perhaps, it is necessary to reformulate idea in such way, that it will display contents.

4. Pay attention to the introduction. Is it rather compact and is it competently constructed. Here it is preferable not only to describe your purposes and opinion. The introduction has to set the tone for all essay. And this tone needs to be maintained in all the text. It has to correspond to a subject of the essay.

5. Check the composition of your essay. Each paragraph has to contain pertinent information on a subject. Besides, pay attention to transitions between paragraphs. If there are not accurate transitions from one thought to another, the essay will seem cut.

6. Conclusions of the essay have to display his basic idea. Besides, they need to be written with a careful eye to the structure of your essay and arguments given in it. The essay needs to be read especially carefully. This is the last that the reader sees, and the basic that he will remember.

7. Now that is time to read your creation aloud. Do pauses where it has punctuation marks. It would help you to feel what rhythm there is in your essay. If something isn't pleasant to you aurally, rewrite and read again.

8. When your essay is proofread, we propose you to check spelling, grammar and punctuation one more time, just to make sure that everything is okay and you have missed nothing. The text editor won't notice everything. Attentively check how the subject and the predicate coordinate in every sentence, check times, plural forms, parts of the sentences, the sizes of the sentences and if commas are used in a proper manner. Double-check.

9. If there is an opportunity, let somebody read your essay and offer how you can improve it. If there is nobody who could make, you should do it yourself. Considering that you have already seen your own essay many times, it is better to postpone it for couple of days, and then to re-read again. So you will be able to proofread or edit it by "a fresh eye".

10. By means of a text editor check spelling and grammar the last time. If there is time, re-read it once again before showing to your business-school. Some pieces of advice: When you write the essay for business-school, always leave time for proof-reading and editing. Pay attention to the task of your essay. If the essay has to be no more or not less certain number of words, don't forget about it. For more difficult essays it is desirable to write the plan at first. When editing, address the plan. If you do that, then you will precisely know that you have described all points of your written plan. Read slowly: it is the simplest "to lose" a mistake if you read too quickly.

Well, you have read this article and now you may understand how difficult it is to write your MBA essay. Now you should understand that every essay needs to be proofread. And you have such opportunity to make choice: either you will try to check and proofread essay by your own, or you will place confidence in essay proofreading service.

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