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What is Admission Essay Editing Service about?

You decided on submitting your application to the college or university. Such a step implies that among other supporting documents (curriculum vitae, records, certificates) you have to draw an Admission Essay. Whether it will be a regular admission essay on some general topic (e.g. “Why I Intend  To Enter Norwich”) or, like some colleges require, an improvisation on the specific and tricky subject (for instance, “Are We Alone?”), this piece of writing must be compiled correctly and consistently, with no grammar, punctuation, logical or other mistakes or typos. Thus the stage of the essay editing must be undoubtedly included into the process of the text preparation.

The Admission Essay is usually submitted along with other documents, such as curriculum vitae, diplomas and certificates and so on. It is required to represent the applicant as a person, to reveal his or her character, way of thinking, style of speech. It must affirm the University admission officer in his or her decision to accept you as a student, upon studying of your other documents.

The common way of addressing the task of writing the admission essay is to read some examples first. It is a good practice provided you do not intend to blandly copy-paste the sample just changing some words in it, like your name and the name of the college. Remember that the admission officers look out for the individual style in order to make an impression of the way you think and act. Nevertheless, if some of the samples sound particularly good for you and you think you couldn’t make better yourself, still take it as a base, not a total platform of your text. Remember to rewrite it thoroughly, too. For the tips how to do it check our recent article  

Almost every educational institution has its own requirements as to the style, content and volume of the admission essay. However all the types of the admission essays can be grouped by two criteria: the level of the educational institution and the level of the fixation of the topic.

According to the educational institutions the admission essays are required to enter, they can be divided into three large groups:

  1. College. If you plan to enter the college as the mediatory stage on the way to the university or your vocational qualification, you need to understand the admission requirements may be less strict here than in university. The applicants are just out of the high school and are not required to have fundamental knowledge of the subject they intend to study.  The essay usually can be brief (up to 300 words) and is examined as to the future student’s intentions and personal qualities, such as character, emotional stability, social activities and so on.
  2. University. These institutions represent a higher level of the educational process as they allow obtaining a degree in the specialization chosen. It explains their requirements and regulations being quite strict. The admission officers will look for special anchors in your essay that prove you are fit to master the chosen specialization. It may be a good knowledge of the field, expressed by usage of the specific terms, a capable logic apparatus (which can be represented by the consistent, well-rubricated text), an open-minded way of thinking, a strong intention for studying the mentioned field of science. The university education foresees that you will plan and implement your studies yourself, under a general supervision of the lecturers, curators etc. So the self-dependence and ability to plan for yourself is also a valuable quality to showing in the admission essay.
  3. Post-graduate school. These institutions represent the highest educational level and allow obtaining the academic or professional degree. Here, though the topic of the admission essay may be quite a regular one, the essay will be thoroughly analyzed for the desired qualities of the future academic, such as sharp mind, wide scope of thinking, ability for synthesis and analysis, deep knowledge of the subject ability for the prospects’ envisioning, creativity etc. The volume and the content of the essay may be different.

With regard to the topic of the essay, the admission essays may also divide into:

  • Open-ended essays on free or general topic (e.g. “How do I see my future with X college”). Such essays can seem easy at first, as the general subject doesn’t foresee a specific knowledge and may be simple to describe. However, you should keep in mind that it’s not a universal truth / common knowledge that admission officers look for in your essay. The topic is just a base for you to build your own building on it. Remember that the main task of your admission essay is to reveal your personality and show your strong motivation and a good basis for your further studies.
  • Specific essays on the determined subject. Though seemingly difficult due to being limited to one subject and requiring the specific knowledge of it, it may represent a good opportunity to show the creativity of thinking and the non-ordinary approach. Remember that your goal is the same – to tell about yourself and the way you see the world and science, however you also need to develop the topic of the essay. If managed to perform this task and combine these two must-be topics, you will most certainly get an outstanding essay to ensure your admission.

So the admission essay represents a special kind of the written text which primary goal is to highlight the author’s personality and intelligence. It may be dedicated to general issues or specific problems and must reveal the facts about the applicant that are not reflected in other submission documents. The admission essay is required to show a level of the applicant’s scope of thinking, creativity, logical thinking, knowledge of the subject and the awareness in the field of the future studies.

Now that we know the aim let us see how to achieve it.

What mistakes you should avoid in your Admission Essay

Now that we know what a good admission essay should look like, it is logical to think of how to make such an essay. Let us look at this issue, though, from another end: we shall examine the things that you shouldn’t mention or allow in your admission essay, whatever kind it is.

The common mistakes in the admission essay that lead to the non-acceptance of the student’s application:

1. Writing the same essay for all the institutions you apply to, or use general samples for your essay. Be specific about each admission essay you write. Learn some facts about the university you apply to, show the different sides of yourself in your various essays or at least provide different proofs for them. Let each essay tell its own story. And yes, if you use some basic text for all your essays, don’t forget to proofread it and ensure the name of the institution is put correctly. Avoid saying, “My mother studied chemistry in Liverpool, so I decided to apply to Cambridge this year, too”. Reduce all the regular clichés as well. Besides, as we mentioned before the requirements of the university for applicants may vary in different institutions. It is very important then, to study thoroughly these directions and implement them in your essay.

2. Talking about the topic only, without disclosing your character and personal qualities. It is the frequent mistake for the foreign students. The ethical and culture code in many countries prescript the concealment and diminution of the student’s part in his or her academic achievements. It is certainly shouldn’t be a boasting-only description of your studies, though. Be yourself and show yourself. Find your own balance between modesty and boasting. Instead of writing “My social activities are insignificant in the scope of the world problems. I participated in some campaigns of gathering and sorting of litter” give an account of your activities without its evaluation: “I am concerned about the ecological issues and participate in the litter-gathering and sorting campaigns in capacity of the volunteer”.

3. Be too formal. The scientific language is supposed to use the formal style of speech. However don’t forget that your essay is not that much dedicated to your studies, than to disclosing your personality. Allow some emotions and personal suggestions in your text. Don’t put many of the regular clichés as well.

My studies were always marked with the interest to mechanics. I always liked mechanics and never missed a moment to study it in action.

4. Exaggerate your achievements. Whatever your level of knowledge of experience is, it is never late to increase it. Even if you presume you don’t have enough points by some criterion, mention what you have and tell about the way you are planning to develop it. Do not say what is not true. It may be easily checked and may lead to your disqualification.

Though I was always interested in the stage writing, my practical exercises so far have been fixed on the writing the programs for the kids’ parties in the neighborhood. Realizing I need a development for my skills I applied for the Stage Writing courses in my town.

5. Repeat the facts outlined in other submitted documents. You may mention that you obtained a certificate in the field of linguistics in the context of the story about the winning in the contest for the English idioms. However listing anew all your diplomas and certificates the admission officer already knows about from your submission will only overcharge your text with useless information.

6. Do not prove your statements. Briefness is important, however the lack of the significant information can be also crucial. If you make a statement, for example I volunteered in the project of old buildings’ demolition, make sure you don’t leave blank spaces that a reader would question. In this example these can be “How? In what capacity? What you learned?”.

I volunteered in the project of old building demolition in the capacity of marketing assistant. My task was to explain to community what had been going on and the goals of this project. I developed my communicative skills a lot then.

7. Use a large general scope. The admission officer isn’t interested in the listing of the problems and regularities in some field of science. His or her attention, however, will be riveted to the phrases where you describe your own position. Be precise and specific, whenever possible. Tell only the important things:

A lack of food is a critical humanity problem nowadays.I’d like to direct my studies in the future to the solution of the food resources replenishment by means of the proactive agriculture.

Got on the track of such mistake in your essay? Tried to correct it but it seems the whole meaning goes askew? See how editing and proofreading services on the website can help you to solve this problem!

8. Talk only of yourself. It is true the admission essay is aiming to represent your personality. It is also true it must reflect your interest in this particular institution and your awareness of its general structure, specialization, traditions. It’s good if you manage to interlace these passages and form a view that you’re almost a student already.

Enrolling for the Business Management study in Brunel I realized it would require a certain ground experience to succeed. So I took my time and started learning the Principles of the Business Management with the online course.

9. Use specific humor. Remember the admission officer may be of different culture, region, background and views than yourself. Always be tolerant in your views and avoid the overly intimate style of communication:

And here’s what I’d tell you: this tomato would never ripen be there less new fertilizer than I added. When I added this new fertilizer, the tomato has ripen within two days.

10. Be wordy and use long descriptions with numerous details. It may work only if you apply for the qualification of the art of the language, and require the usage of the special techniques, too. Any other occupation would only benefit of the brief yet informative description in your essay.

During my first year at the high school that I studied assiduously in, I took part in numerous events of the social life. In the high school, I participated in social activities, such as …

11. Jump from subject to subject without logical connection. An inconsistent text is poorly readable and comprehensible. If you are not applying for the Creative Writing specialization, do not use such effects in your admission essay.

I’ve been a professional skier for five years. I am a chemist now. – though may be intriguing, it is not advisable to use such patterns.

Experiencing a similar mistake in your essay, do not get into despair if it cannot be fixed immediately. Let your text lay down for a while. Engage yourself with some other occupations to make your mind turn to other categories. Upon this, return to your essay and examine the problem again. It is most likely that you will see it in a new lighting. Yet if by some reasons you don’t get to fix it yourself, remember a professional service to rewrite the essay or article like a pro is there for you anytime.

12. Write the text the way it goes. Representing a sheet of paper full of the plain text will certainly take some points off your account. The admission officer deals with thousands of texts daily and their design and readability sometimes may play a final part in his or her decision. Instead of saying “I used to work at the information desk at charity events. I also volunteered in the paper utilization program” make a list:

I am active in the social projects:

  • Work at information desk at charity events;
  • Volunteering in the paper utilization program;

13. Go over 700 words in your essay. Too long an essay may provide a full description of your preferences and character, but also show you don’t value the time of other people and lack the ability to control your speech. Be brief and informative.

14. Submit your essay without proofreading. Though it is a common truth that any important text is to be proofread before being sent to the next stage, there are still a lot of people who miss this important stage. Pay attention to every detail in your text and ask others for help. Sometimes your brain may mislead you because of the prescribed patterns. If you know the text should read “In July I also studied chemical effects in the process of varnishing” you may well slip the sentence “In July I also studies chemical reflexes in the process of vanishing”.

While we hope by means of the present article you managed to avoid the described mistakes, there is always a room for the further development of your ideas and your text. Check the editing dedicated articles on our website for the fresh ideas:

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How to write an Admission Essay for the “Accepted” pile

Clarifying the mistakes and the way to eliminate them is a good practice for your writing skill as well as the part of proofreading of your essay. However, apart from saying how to avoid the wrong it is reasonable to say how to get to the right. Let us list the must do’s for your admission essay:

1. Begin early. By all means try to start building the concept of your essay as soon as you have received the task. Starting early gives you an advantage of the gradual development of your ideas, searching or inventing for original proofs, performing a thorough proofreading of the text. Still, if somehow you’ve gotten into the grip of the pressing deadline you might need a trustworthy service to place an order to proofread your paper online. Using such services can spare you the significant time and add the self-confidence, as you know for sure your essay is impeccable in its grammar and style.

2. Show your knowledge of the institution you apply to and its activities and traditions. That will make you closer than other regular outsiders. Be precise here: As the Liverpool University excels in its studies of the Genomes, I would be happy to develop my experience of microbiological researches within this exciting program.

If you are going to succeed with your essay, it is reasonable to ensure its success with the person who defines it. The role of the admission officer foresees many peculiar tasks that commonly meet the goal of making a decision as to the acceptance / non-acceptance of the student. Therefore getting to know more about the admission officers and their criteria of acceptance may help a lot in forming the proper image of yourself by means of your essay.

3. Illustrate your knowledge and experience (if any) of the subject; use the specific terminology if you know it well. This will prove you are on close terms with the field and are interested to develop your knowledge.

The studying at the Construction Engineering course gave me an experience and inner knowledge about the construction materials and the way to handle them properly. I believe it would help me a lot in my future architect projects.

4. Illustrate yourself. Your task is to present your character and researcher’ qualities. Describe yourself and your views, your preferences in science, your social activities. Develop the topic of the essay and illustrate it with the stories from your life. Draw your own conclusions. Even the negative experience may benefit your essay if you show you have made a right conclusion out of it.

Losing the physicist contest because of the mistake in calculation I decided to rise up my level in Math. I studied thoroughly on my own, also attended to the online course on Algorithms. Next year I won the first prize at that contest.

5. Pick your words. It is of a prime importance that your essay does not look as a dull formal text. If you’re on close terms with the academic terms and the specific ones for the subject you are going to study, use them throughout your essay. But do it wisely. The scientific style and specific terms are appropriate when you talk of the subject, e.g. your further occupation. However, when you describe some moments from your personal life, try to let go the formalism and talk your language. Be emotional if you’re inclined to.

I studied history with eagerness. I read all the works on the Crimean War and visited the sights myself. As I am fond of travelling it gave me an amazing experience of combining the research and the personal pleasure and making them equal.

However if upon proofreading you find out that your text doesn’t show a sign of the individuality, while you were working hard on it, it is possible that all it needs is a proper rewording. Consult our blog for the useful information about it 

6. Proofread your essay thoroughly. It may be helpful to outsource this task to someone adult or to the dedicated services. The well-read animating text highlighting your personality and emphasizing your knowledge and experience may be rejected for a single disappointing typo showing you did not pay much attention to verifying your essay. Proofread not only as to the general sense, consistency, readability, but also for grammar, punctuation, orthography and syntax correctness.

It may seem after such a thorough research that writing an admission essay is a complicated task manageable by true artists only. However, remember that millions of students enter the universities every fall all over the world. Just follow the simple principles: know your subject, get to know about the educational institution that you apply to, be yourself, be honest, fix the mistakes, double-check your essay before submitting it. That’s it, you’re on the roll! And we’re sure in a short while you will get a message with “Accepted” on it!

While combing through the college and writing service’ websites for the bits of information you need to have a proper filter to weed out the non-important data and implement useful tips. Do that easier with assistance of the further posts in our professional blog:

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