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You need professional help with your personal statement since it is a matter of your reputation and future success. Whether you write it for your dream college or prospective company, it must be brilliant. Our editors know how to improve your personal statement so that it highlights your best parts and brings the desired college acceptance letter or job position.

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Our Guarantees

  • Money-back

    In case when the fulfilled result does not meet your expectations or does not meet the requirements mentioned in your order, we guarantee to give you money back. Our main goal is to secure high-quality services, and we adhere to the principle “the customer is always right”.

  • Plagiarism-free

    Every single text created or fixed by our experts is original and unique. We check papers for plagiarism and remove or rewrite every plagiarized element. In such a way, we secure 100% uniqueness of paper. This is a crucial factor for any written text, especially for academic college papers. We will help your papers get rid of plagiarism fully.

  • Satisfaction

    Our team consists of skillful experienced specialists who are perfectly aware of what to do and how to do it in the best way possible. They will not only fulfill your order in accordance with all your demands but also will do it as fast as needed. Your paper will be delivered in time.

  • Confidentiality

    We are grateful for your trust and appreciate it a lot. Thus, we approach our customers and their private life very respectfully. All information and data presented by our customers acquire the status of confidential and are thoroughly protected from the third parties and unwanted viewing. All clients’ data is used only for contacting you and delivering the orders.

Why edit a personal statement with our service

Our agency brings you plenty of benefits. Unlike ordinary companies specializing in personal statement editing, we really care about our clients. was established to help people all over the world with all types of texts and make them closer to their goals. Bearing this mission in mind, our top editors try their best to come up with the best versions of your personal statements.

  • Only professional editing and proofreading service

The expertise of our specialists is felt, above all, in perfect results of their personal statement editing services. Making every order with skill, they bridge the gap between your dreams and reality. Expert level and years of successful experience help our editors to offer effective changes to your personal statements.

  • Understanding your personal instructions

We attentively review all the given information concerning your personal statement. If you want to add your own recommendations, our editor will compulsorily consider them.

  • Additional suggestions can proofread your personal statement, edit it, and offer recommendations if you do not mind. Our team has already edited so many documents, that now we have an eye for all the crucial nuances about writing a personal statement.

  • We meet deadlines

As time is the most crucial resource for modern people, we value every hour and minute. Your perfectly edited personal statement is delivered within specific timeframes mentioned in your Order Form. We realize that you need to submit your paper by a certain date, and we are not going to fail you. You can select any turnaround for your order.

  • Optimal prices

We adhere to honest work principles and do not overcharge. The cost you pay for editing personal statement is a fair sum of money. It corresponds to the number of efforts spent on this service, and that's it. We do not strive to get extraordinary profits; so, the balance between decent quality and a modest price is our main principle.

What you get with our personal statement editing

A personal essay from our editor is a unique story, showing your intellectual and creative capacity in the best light. When you use our editing and writing services, you receive undeniable advantages.

• We create your value for the future college/company

You could be a great school pupil or an excellent graduate student with outstanding talents and skills. Still, it does not matter if you cannot prove how helpful you can be. Our specialist edits your essay so that it explains why they should accept you. He/she can find the most suitable moments at the intersection of your biography and expectations of the admission office or recruiters. Your well-edited statement will contain only relevant information demonstrating that you are the best candidate for the position.

• We make you sound clearly and professionally

Words matter when it deals with such important documents as personal statements. Your writing style, grammar, and content are evidence of your intellectual skills, creativity, attentiveness, and respect for generally accepted rules. Our editing services help to take your writing to the next level. With a well-considered structure, absence of typos and errors, right tone and voice, you get more chances to get accepted.

• We bring self-confidence

Our regular clients know that we provide flawless compelling essays. It means that one can be absolutely sure about the quality of the final draft. Services from make you self-assured, and you rid yourself of unnecessary worrying.

Still have doubts? Not sure if it’s worth ordering our services? Contact us and specify any issue that interests you.

Guarantees of our editing and proofreading service

  • We save your money

Count how many hours or even days you waste on composing your personal statement. Every hour has its value. You could spend this time on the job or study and thus earn money or contribute to your self-development. Our services do not cost much, and meantime they are effective. Besides, we regularly send bonuses to your email. Appreciating your positive feedback, we give pleasant discounts too.

  • We do not copy personal statements

It’s unacceptable for us to leverage templates for such serious papers. All the texts are written by our specialists. You can always count on unique essays for your high schools, colleges, universities, etc.

  • You will like our personal statement editing service

You might have spent a lot of time and life forces writing your essay, and now you expect to get only excellent editing assistance. Using our services, you always receive effective help. Our specialists review all your instructions and preferences to come up with the most suitable paper for you. We offer free additional revisions if we do not meet your initial requirements.

  • Safe and confidential editing services

Our agency has strict rules concerning privacy policy. Do not worry about the disclosure of information from your letters, messages, or files. Neither your school teachers nor your friends will know about your experience of using our online platform. We do not send spam to your email address and use a safe program to protect data.

If you have any questions about cooperation with us, please, ask them on our live chat. Click the button and tell us about your needs.

Our editing service is always a good idea

Editing a personal statement can be extremely hard, whether we talk about university admissions or applying to the job. You could throw away tens of drafts during this tedious process before you write the best ever essay. It is far not a hastily done high school assignment. Our agency offers an easier and more pleasant way to create your personal statement. Simply download your textual document, and get a perfect paper after a while.

With professional personal statement editing services, you will see how powerful your essay can be. Our editors know how to make you stand out among other applicants. Let our team guide you to success. Send us your personal statement to get its better version!