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If you look for the proofreader or the editor, probably you perfectly know how absence of all types of mistakes is important for the first impression about your text. The spellchecker doesn't distinguish variable cases of writing, and the friend with congenital literacy cannot know about a difference between a long and short dash. But professional proofreader perfectly will cope with it. — is service for fast improvement of the texts. We will make your text competent, clear, logical and readable. It will be completely ready to use: we will take care of indissoluble gaps, the correct quotes and long dashes. Our service is the most quickest at the global market. It isn't necessary to call and write letters — just insert the text into a form of the order and pay for it.

The order will be automatically sent to one of the checked proofreaders online. Then the text will be proofread by the second expert. It will allow to get rid of all mistakes. During 7 years of work we have received only positive customers' reviews.

The proofreading, as Wikipedia says, is the whole complex of corrections directed on improvement of text perception, and also process of correction of inaccuracies, mistakes, defects and typographical errors.

The text is the instrument of achievement of the purpose

Words help us to achieve the goals. We use oral speech for carrying conviction at personal meetings. The text and graphics are everything we have on the Internet. The text of the Resume and the Cover letter is your one tool for receiving a desirable position. The descriptions and photos of goods in online store are your only way to sell them. The text of the offer is your only way to interest the potential client. The text of your graduation project is your only way to graduate from the university with highest distinction.

Creation an excellent text is not easy

Anybody can write some text. But creating interesting and useful text is quite difficult. Here is the minimum required from the text as the tool: keeping the main idea and logic, informing an essence, making the reader sit up and take notice. Thus it is desirable not to be lost in commas and not to do ridiculous spelling mistakes.

Proofreading on includes:

• Correction of typographical errors;

• Correction of errors of word formation, such as wrong order of new words formation and connection of parts of the word;

• Correction of morphological mistakes. It means correction of the wrong formation of grammatical forms (forms of number, short forms, degrees of comparison, etc.);

• Syntax check. It means correction of an incorrect combination of syntactic units (phrases and sentences), correction of incorrect sequence, correction of mistakes in structure of phrases and so on;

• Spelling check, i.e. rules of using of capital letters, rules of hyphenation, rules of hyphenated, solid and separate writing of words;

• Check of punctuation. It means the use of punctuation marks.

Proofreading stages on our site:

Proof-reading has to be of no single character, but consist of several stages for achievement the best results.

The first proofreading on is primary reading of the text. Proof reader performs:

• elimination of spelling and punctuation errors;

• correction of shortcomings of semantic and stylistic character;

• unification of the symbols used in the text, units of measure, terms, clippings, reference designations;

• check of correctness of tables design, footnotes, lists, completeness of the bibliography.

The second proofreading on our site is final reading of the text:

• ensuring unity of the text design— reductions, names, dimensions, footnotes, font allocations, etc.

• checking the paper second time, in case the first proof reader has missed several inaccuracies.

Requirements imposed on the professional proofreader to work with us:

Work of the proofreader doesn't intend creativity, but demands great devotion. Useful qualities for the proofreader are attentiveness and ability to concentrate. As the corrected text is read several times, attention becomes dull during working on it. Therefore ability to abstract from contents of the text is important for the proofreader.

It doesn't mean that reading has to be "mechanical", thoughtless, but sometimes in the course of proofreading it is necessary to look at material not as on complete, independent work, but only as on paragraphs of the text.

It is undoubted that the proofreaders have to possess absolute literacy. So-called "congenital literacy", or "feeling for language" is good help, however they cannot neglect studying the theory as intuitive approach to the text happens true only in total of knowledge the English language rules. The proofreader has to be acquainted with standards according to information, library and to publishing.

The proofreader has to be confident computer user, as soon as he needs to be able to work in various text editors. Advantage is also acquaintance with publishing process, but it can be carried out in the course of work. The "profile education" sometimes occurs in requirements to the applicant for the proofreader's position. Employers usually mean that the expert has to be the graduate of printing higher education institution or college or, at least he has have finished special courses.

However, despite of steadily high demand of proofreaders, there is a little number of educational institutions where it is possible to get this specialty. But it is also possible to work as the proofreader, having philological or journalistic education. The preference is been given to the first, in view of profound studying of English. Some requirements to the proofreader depend on specifics of the texts he works on. Carrying out proofreading the scientific article it is necessary to have at least approximate idea of area to which it is devoted, to know the main terms, etc. Ambition and creativity in proofreading work aren't welcomed, in difference, for example, from editing. However initiative is reasonably desirable, especially in all that concerns additional verification of texts.

We are ready to make necessary work on proofreading the essays, resumes, qualifying papers, texts of documentation, websites, presentations and other materials. Only the text demanding proofreading is necessary for us from you.

Order proof-reading or literary editing your text from specialists of the and be sure that we will make this work faultlessly and in time!

You can examine the prices of proofreading in appropriate section on our site. Or just contact us! We will consult you on any questions with a great pleasure!

What about digital skills?

If you order proof reading service on our website, you can be sure that our professionals will treat your paper carefully. We will help you improve your text and will keep its uniqueness.

Not every person, even being 100% literate, can look for mistakes carefully during several hours. That is why the following several features are very important for a proofreader:

  1. Patience (or ability to sit still for a long time);
  2. Sustained attention;
  3. Greater focusing.

A proofreader is a very responsible profession and work, thus, a person who provides this kind of services should know the following things:

  • All the rules of spelling and punctuation, including all exceptions;
  • State standards of document formatting;
  • The principle of work with different dictionaries;
  • Special proofreading signs;
  • The method of text correction, including the usage of specialized programs and new technological tools;
  • The methods of processing of formulas and various symbols, if it is necessary in a particular case;
  • Additional knowledge (basics of law, foreign language, etc.), depending on the specificity of a company.

Also, sometimes a proof reader performs some functions of an editor. Usually you can see something like this in small companies.

If you ask yourself “How do I become a proofreader?” or “Do you need qualifications to be a proofreader?”, we will answer this question. Most proofreaders are the graduates of linguistic and philology universities and colleges. Also, an appropriate education can be received in a specialized educational institution. In addition, there are special courses for those who want to improve their professional skills.

On our website, all the specialists are a university degree holders and professionals with a wealth of experience. When you turn to us for assistance, you can be 100% sure that you will get the wanted result!

Is line editing another word for proofreading?

We often face the situation when people do not see the difference between the work of an editor and proofreader. They both fix the texts, they both make them better. So what is the difference? The difference is about the following things.

1. Objectives

The objective of a proofreader is quite simple but extremely important – this specialist removes spelling and punctuation inaccuracies, fixes misprints, corrects grammatical flaws, etc. A proofreader does not work with the meaning and stylistics of a text.

An editor performs “deeper” work. For this specialist, it is necessary to delve deeply into the content of a text, understanding the thoughts and feelings of a text writer. An editor will rewrite a complex sentence and divide it into two, will change a bit the way it is presented, however, without loss of meaning. An editor will advise on how to make a text brighter, more emotional and stronger.

If during the process of editing a proofreader sees that a sentence should be rewritten almost completely, he / she points at a mistake and offers a possible formulation.

An editor does not have the responsibility to check the whole text for mistakes. However, if there is a mistake, he / she will fix it, of course.

2. Terms

A proofreader checks a text only once, and that is why the time of proof reading depends only on the size of a text. The more pages there are the longer editing is. The exact terms and price of the service you can learn by contacting our support team or emailing us anytime.

Editing always takes more time because it consists of two phases: the first check —> comments of a text author —> the second check. The terms of order fulfillment is counted by a manager. Unlike proof reading, the terms also depend on how much quickly a text author reacts to the comments and agrees on the changes with an editor.

3. Price

Editing and proofreading services have a bit different pricing policy. Anyway, you can ask us to calculate the total price and after that decide if you want to purchase our services or not. Also, the price depends on the level of professionalism of an editor or a proofreader you work with. You can be sure that only the best professionals work for our company, however, the prices remain affordable to everyone.

Do I need a proofreader if I've already worked with an editor?

  • If you are not completely sure that your text is error-free, that there are no misprints or other inaccuracies, you need to hire a proof reader. Hire the best one on our website, and on the agreed date, you will get your perfectly polished text.
  • If it seems to you that the stylistics of a text does not really correspond to the topic or there is something wrong with composition, appeal to an editor. Your text will be improved and get much better.
  • If you are planning to buy both services, we would recommend having your text proofread first. After that, an editor will check the whole text afresh and fix other inaccuracies.
  • If you are not sure what exactly specialist you need, send us an email or use our live chat on the website. Our managers will tell you in more detail about the work of an editor and a proofreader and will help you make a right decision.

Reliable way to proofread a paper professionally

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