Transcription Benefits for the Academic Research Community


According to recent research, students are some of the busiest and most stressed out individuals dwelling on this planet. As per the reports, more than 30% students accused stress to be the most detrimental factor hindering their academic growth.However, using modern technology effectively and harnessing the benefits can definitely allow the students to eliminate stress and save a lot of time. But what is that technology that can help students eliminate the stress? Well, this is exactly what ...Continue reading

Copy Editor Resume: Samples of a Professional Paper


Editor: Features, Requirements, Vacancies, ResumesEditors: who are they and what do they do?An editor is a specialist who is professionally engaged in editing, i.e. in preparation of texts for presentation (articles, literary works) as well as preparation of big-volume works for publishing (books, magazines, online publications). Today’s books, newspapers and magazines are published not only on paper. They can be presented in the form of CD for reading, watching and listening (audio ...Continue reading

Why Do People Use Essay Editing Services?


Polls show that people don't trust the text written with mistakes. It is supposed that if the person isn't capable to write competently, so information which he gives, is unveracious. The professional in any business, showing illiteracy in the speech or on the letter, makes people to doubt his competence. Often it isn't true, however many people have such prejudice. No smaller harm of reputation is done also by stylistic, logical, factual mistakes in the text. They complicate reading and Continue reading