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Do you want to see the new version of your essay? Download it into our Form, select the most suitable synonyms, and see another variation of your story. It's free, effective, and fun. Let's try now!

How our online paraphrasing tool works:

When working on this instrument we have foreseen, above all, convenience and effectiveness. So the Form is user-friendly, algorithms work pretty well, and online support is always available.

  1. Insert your content
    One can type the text in the big field or copy and paste it from another document.
  2. Pick the synonyms
    Look at your text, you will see words marked with color. Click one of them, and you'll see a list of possible synonyms. Pick the most suitable variant. Repeat this action for a maximum number of words.
  3. Reread your essay
    Evaluate the general picture: reread sentences and check if everything sounds good. Correct grammar, sentence structure, and readability where necessary.
  4. Finish the paraphrasing process
    Press the button to complete it. Now you can use a new version of your essay for further work.
  5. Repeat it
    If you doubt the result, go back to the first step and reword your original content one more time. Conveniently, the number of tries is unlimited.

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Paraphrase online with our tool

  • ★ Established by skilled writers
  • ★ Enhanced with the advanced AI
  • ★ 1M + words in the database
  • ★ Generates an unlimited number of results
  • ★ It costs you nothing
  • ★ No registrations
Created for our professional use, this paraphrasing tool is available for everyone today. Do not miss this opportunity to effortlessly rewrite your essay. Try now!

Essay paraphrasing tool: What does it mean?

Our understanding of this online instrument is not restricted to replacing every word with a random synonym. The sense of professional paraphrasing lies in the meaningful reshaping of the text. For this purpose, the most suitable expressions and terms should be used.

  • We offer both free and premium variants of cooperation.

    1) In the first case, you pick analogs for your original words by yourself. Our software offers a list of alternatives as well as provides a convenient work-frame.

    2) And if you want to feel the benefits from the expert editing service, we'll do everything for you.

  • Simply send us your essay, and our specialists will come up with a fresh plagiarism-free interpretation of your story.

    This is how new valuable unique content can be created here. Please, choose an optimal solution and join our community. Go to the chat to talk it over!

We are glad to see you among our clients! Whether you need a free rephrasing tool or a professional editing service our website is your best solution. Let's talk about our cooperation on the chat!

Free paraphrasing tool: Our advantages

Our website is aimed to support learners with any writing and editing issues. Alongside paid services, we are happy to offer free instruments too. It is sort of our contribution to the development of global knowledge. Inspired by this mission, we've tried to establish a really useful online tool.

  • Paraphrase online for free

    A student is our most frequent user and client. Understanding customers' potential financial issues, we have decided to share some services for free. We'll be glad if our paraphraser will come in handy to cope with a complicated college assignment.

    Tangible results for your essays

    This instrument has a huge database of phrases and words. Importantly, our algorithms analyze the knowledge field and the theme of your paper plus offer a list of the most relevant hints. So you will definitely find a suitable synonym for practically every original word.

    A new free text in an instant

    We have simplified all the steps of using this instrument. Thus, you do not have to spend a lot of time to receive a result. The list of synonyms is generated in a couple of seconds. No long registration procedures or tedious adjustment of settings. Everything is automated for your convenience.

  • Online safety

    Security and confidentiality are crucial features of a reliable contemporary website. With us, you never risk private data. When using this instrument, you do not have to mention your email or any other information.

    Unlimited opportunities of our synonyms generator

    You are free to paraphrase any number of words (0 - ∞) with the help of this program. We do not set limits for the number of pages or papers. Please, use this instrument as many times as you want.

We are thinking about expanding the range of our free tools. Please, tell us what you wish to see among our online instruments. Your feedback is valuable — contact us on the chat!

Article rewriter: When to use it

We have analyzed the statistics of this webpage and now can confirm the popularity of our paraphrasing tool. Indeed, students, content writers, businessmen visit this webpage to receive a free rewriting service quite often.

  • Students find new synonyms to avoid plagiarism

    In the modern academic world, high-quality content is mainly about uniqueness. That is why professors teach students to create projects from scratch. This idea looks clear, yet it's not so easy in practice. In fact, many topics are so widely discussed on the web that the plagiarism checker shows repetitions. Our tool helps users to find fresh suitable alternatives for cliches and well-known expressions.

    Uniqueness for SEO articles

    Google algorithms hate plagiarism and can even ban such articles. Meanwhile, sometimes it is challenging to write a totally unique text. Our automatic rewording will help you find new words and expressions to describe popular events and objects.

  • Generate ideas for creative writing

    Synonyms can spark a thought. If you have no idea about your next story, our tool will give some good hints. Simply upload your previous texts into the box of our tool, and look through the given equivalents. For example, if you work with an environmental theme, you can analyze the generated analogs for this concept: climate, habitat, situation, etc. Take one of these words as a starting point and develop a new thought.

    Rephrase content to adjust the style

    The power of words lies in their correct use. For instance, if your text is written in a creative manner, and you need an academic paper, try to pick other terms and wordings. The list of our offered examples is rather wide. We're sure you'll find new suitable phrases in it.

The paraphrasing tool is awesome, but do you want more? Our editors are willing to check your essay and improve its quality right now. Order here!

The best way to paraphrase: Generator Vs. Our editor

Our team has managed to take the best from existing technologies and implement these opportunities in this paraphrasing tool. Yet, we confess that it still cannot replace a skilled writer or editor.

Despite evident advantages such as a free basis, fast speed, and quite good results, it might not be sufficient for crucial projects. Since we have transparent terms and schemes of work, we warn you about the possible shortcomings of our online paraphrasing tool.

  • The program generates new words in a blink of an eye. Still, you need time to choose the synonyms.
  • If your topic is narrow, the number of synonyms can be minimal. Our algorithm cannot find analogs for some scientific terms.
  • The program does not imply formatting and grammar check functions.

If paraphrasing is not enough to solve your issue, please, use our professional editing services.

Main factors Random paraphrasing tool Our paraphrasing instrument Our professional editor
Price Usually free Free Affordable
Speed Takes significant time Fast The shortest terms
Results Unreliable Require additional adjustment 100% Accurate
Readability Hard to read Good Perfect!
Access The number of tries is restricted Unlimited Unlimited

It is up to you, whether to press the "paraphrase button," hire our editor, or do everything by yourself. Please, evaluate all the variants, consider efforts and time. Whatever you choose, we're always ready to support you! So what do you decide?

FAQ on our paraphrase tool

If you have any issues concerning our paraphrasing tool, please, ask them on the chat. We are always open to discussions.

  • What if online paraphrasing is not enough?

    Cooperation with our online agency is always a good idea. If you want to upgrade your texts, drop us a line on the chat. Together we will find an optimal decision.

    • Grammar improvement

      So you have picked new words for your document, yet you doubt punctuation and spelling. This situation often happens to foreign students, and we are here to handle this problem. Please, hire our proofreader, and this specialist will strengthen all weak places.

    • Optimization of your style

      Expert rephrasing comes in handy if you want to change the tone and voice of your document. Tell us about your expectations concerning the style of the essay, and we'll correct your manner of writing.

    • Adaptation to any requirements

      Our writers and editors know from experience about strict professors' demands. Actually, the idea to create our free paraphrasing tool was born from the desire to help students. And if you need a guaranteed quick result, please, turn to our team. We adapt essays to any instructions.

    • Rewriting

      What is the sense to find suitable synonyms if you need total rewriting? Our professional editors preserve the core message of your essay and enhance all other features: spelling, punctuation, stylistic nuances, formatting, structure, etc. It is the best one-stop solution to receive a new better version of your essay. Order here!

  • How does your program paraphrase my essay?

    Our developers have tried their best to establish this online paraphrasing instrument. In our work, we were guided by the current clients' needs and prospects.

    1. Once you upload the original text into our form, the algorithm is activated. It analyzes your context and theme.

    2. Depending on the topic of your essay, its style, and tone, our program builds lists of synonyms for your initial words. The program does not analyze every single term but considers a significant part of your content.

    3. The user is free to pick any synonym from the given list. By doing so, you can control the outcome and optimize the results.