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How to edit essays & succeed?

The success of students depends a lot on the perfect college papers. In case you proofread every your essay, check every college project, and revise every paper, you get more chances to get a good rating. This is how perfection comes. Yet there are only 24 hours in a day, and this process is often tedious and boring.

The best way is to order professional proofreading and editing services. Experts detect and correct all the typos and mistakes fast and effectively, even if the word count is more than 1000. It is a surefire and affordable way to make your essay or any other paper brilliant and score higher in class. Forget the sleepless nights — rely on our expert essay editing help and enjoy a hassle-free life.

Benefits from online essay

A perfectly edited text always matters, as it allows you to impress the university professors, admissions committee, or business partners with flawless, accurate writing. Papers without errors create you a reputation of a good student or a reliable professional. Our professional service takes your texts to the next level.

Editing is a broad term that means the corrections of the text according to some standards of the English language (in the case with college papers, it’s the standards of academic writing). An in-depth editing service from includes the following elements:

  • Grammar and spelling

    Our college essay proofreader will detect incorrectly spelled words, verb tenses, prepositions, articles, and homophones. If grammar rules confuse you, expert help is all you need to get a flawless text.

  • Punctuation

    Puzzled by commas, semicolons, dashes, etc.? The correct punctuation is aimed to ease the reading as well as to emphasize certain suggestions and thoughts in your text. We will polish these issues too.

  • Syntax and vocabulary

    Proper syntax, building correct sentences, and the choice of appropriate words are necessary to create a logical and readable story. We will improve all these nuances to come up with an understandable text. Your thoughts will be presented concisely so that your peers and instructors get everything right.

  • Flow, consistency, tone of voice

    Conversational writing style won’t do; the same can be said about overly sophisticated language. Our professional will check if there are any contradictions in the text, improve the consistency in delivery and the clarity of thoughts.

  • Adherence to style guide

    Your essay or any other paper should comply with APA, MLA, or Harvard guide. Our specialist will format your paper correctly, as well as organize the bibliography and citations according to the necessary rules.

  • Sentences

    Our expert will make sure each sentence is correct and makes perfect sense. He/she will finish the incomplete sentences or shorten the lengthy ones for better readability.

Along with the above features, the editing service of our website includes the addition or deletion of small text excerpts if it’s necessary to explain your thoughts. We consider the requirements concerning the word count attentively. After such an in-depth, comprehensive check, your writing will definitely impress the tutors and contribute to the achievement of your academic goals.


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“Thanks, I got a good grade for my paper. My friend told me about this service when I asked him to edit my essay. He has been using it for 2 years now. I also found it amazing! Their editor for essays is so attentive. I sent them my document, and all mistakes were corrected. Now I do not have to re-read my text 10 times a day. I can ask for professional help and get instant feedback.”


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“I must say I had a great experience with you, guys. You helped me a lot. My editor returned the edited dissertation chapter in two days, although the deadline was one week! She was also kind enough to give a few suggestions on how to strengthen my argument to make the dissertation better. I couldn’t thank you enough.”


“My instructor kept returning my paper. After I ordered an essay revision service here, she finally accepted it and put A-. Also, I was pleased by the fact that your support agent is always online in chat. It is convenient to discuss all the nuances and ask your questions right away.”


The ideal website that will
edit my paper

There are thousands of online companies providing essay editing service; still, it is not easy to find a suitable one. We have managed to create a company successfully coping with all types of checks and improvements of texts.

We go far beyond essay editing and offer a wide spectrum of proofreading and editing services practically in all spheres of science, research, business, and private projects.

Academic papers

The academic assistance from covers the improvement of all the assignments one encounters on the way to an academic degree. We are ready to become your reliable assistant starting from the college application and to the science reports. Our assistants can cope with any assignment: a term paper, an application essay, a dissertation, or any other paper. To receive a high grade, doing in-depth research and presenting your findings on paper is not enough. You have to take care of the style, grammar, correct structure, and proper referencing according to the style guide recommended by your professor. Our editors can help to do exactly this and polish your writing, making it perfect.

Business editing

White papers, reports, press releases, and blog posts that your company publishes should be written flawlessly to build trust in your brand. Moreover, every article that you publish needs to reflect the brand’s tone of voice consistently across all platforms. Let alone the uniqueness of the content ("rights reserved" principle is a must). Our competent editors can improve your business documents and texts and give consultations on the promotion of your company.

Personal editing

Do you strive to apply for a job but not sure if your resume and cover letter are up to scratch? We staff resume editors who can review your documents and fix any shortcomings to help you look like a perfect candidate. Do you have a manuscript of a short story book? We are ready to edit it prior to publishing and help you accomplish your literary ambitions. Send any personal document to us, and we’ll take its quality to the next level. It does not actually matter what the purpose of your story is, or what its word count is. Our enterprise includes specialists in various fields of science, business, education, job search, etc.

Benefit from academic paper rewriting

Rewriting means checking and complete paraphrasing of the entire text or its parts while preserving the initial meaning and ideas used in the text. Rewriting service is extremely helpful for students who want to get rid of plagiarism or simply want to improve the written paper. An experienced academic writer will express your ideas using appropriate language and writing style. The finished rewritten paper will be 100% plagiarism-free, and we’ll attach a plagiarism report to prove this. It will also meet the rules of academic editing and will be formatted in accordance with your preferences. If you got tired and don’t know what else in your text could be improved, get in touch with us. We will give you fresh ideas.

How to edit papers perfectly? Our essay editor knows

Orthography and syntax may be confusing even for a native English speaker. For a German, Chinese, or Italian student, achieving good grammar might be overwhelming. In fact, English language rules can become a global issue for international students. All those nuances and details of using articles and tenses make everyone crazy. Let alone foreigners who do not learn all the peculiarities at school.

Our online essay editor is your reliable assistant

In this case, a professional paper editor will go a long way for you. Our specialist will fix your paper, achieving the correctness and coherence of your thoughts. So, you can confidently hand in your project in class and receive the best grades for your research. Moreover, our editor will keep track of all their corrections. This means that you are able to learn from your mistakes and become a better writer.

Opt for a reliable editing service

Do not make hasty decisions when searching for an editing specialist — you must find a reliable company. Stay away from overly cheap college paper editing services or beginning freelancers – they can do more harm than good for your paper. Take time to research the companies, browse customer reviews and testimonials, and ask for recommendations of friends and peers. Pay close attention to the cookies policy; it must be honest; otherwise, you risk losing your private data.

Among one of the best essay editing websites

Our company has been offering editing services for 11+ years. Our specialists have written thousands of texts for schools, colleges, universities, etc. We are well-versed in lots of disciplines: literature, economics, engineering, and much more. So you can always select what you need. In our business, we use cutting-edge technologies and tools. It is not about a dubious proofreading generator. We leverage premium versions of grammar check programs to proofread college papers for the first time, yet human editors are responsible for the final result. We promise the exceptional quality of the texts and offer free edits and refunds if you’re not satisfied. Since our company operates exclusively online, we can afford to keep our prices cheaper than those of analogous agencies.

Please, do not hesitate to learn more about our essay editing services and other opportunities for students, business owners, blog writers, etc. Our live chat is available 24/7, so you get an instant reply at any time.