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What is editing and
proofreading services process?

Editing is the final stage of the creation of any academic assignment. Its purpose is to detect a wide range of writing mistakes, from misspelled words and grammar issues to logical flow of ideas and tone of voice. If you want to get a high grade and impress your instructor, no mistakes should be overlooked! Unfortunately, many students find the writing and researching process so overwhelming that they are simply too tired to edit on their own. And here’s when editing services come into play.

Essay editing services process is not as simple as it may seem. Firstly, it requires utmost attention to detail – if you’re not attentive enough, you can miss the most obvious errors and hand in the paper with flaws. Secondly, you need to be really good with words to detect style issues or use the optimal sentence length. And finally, it’s time-consuming. Experienced editors recommend that you put the text aside and then return to it in a few hours so that you could see it with a fresh eye. Do you really have time for that?

Hiring an editor resolves all these problems with a click of fingers. Entrust your paper to professionals, and they will fix it according to the norms of modern English and requirements of academic style. Our in-house editor can fix the paper of any time in less than 12 hours. And thanks to our in-depth editing process, you’ll be able to get a better grade for the assignment.

Why hire cheap paper editing

  • Save time on editing

    Citing a paper is time-consuming itself. So, you probably don’t have time or are too tired to properly edit. Why not entrust this tedious activity to professionals and focus on other academic and personal priorities in your life?

  • Better quality of editing

    it’s incredibly tough to detect mistakes in your own writing. Your eyes get used to the written text so you may simply overlook them. Automatic spell checkers can’t always make the cut as they skip mistakes as well. When it comes to high-quality editing, nothing can compare with a qualified human editor.

  • Get better grades

    when you submit a paper, it’s not only your ideas that are evaluated. Instructors also pay attention to the grammar, style, correctness of citations and formatting. All these issues can be fixed by our proofreader, and thus you’ll earn higher grades for most important assignments.

  • Improve your skills

    an editor will provide a tracked version of your essay that shows the corrections made. Thus, you’ll be able to clearly see the mistakes you typically make. Learning from and avoiding these mistakes will help you become a better writer.

Fixed and transparent prices

Are you tired of services that advertise low prices and then apply hidden charges so you overpay a lot? At our website, you can calculate the price before placing an order and the price you see will be final. All prices are shown per page (275 words). Moreover, all new clients get 20% off their first order. And if you return to order more, you can get a lifetime discount.

Forget the overpriced agencies – our fees for proofreading start at $5.99 only. And, since our company works exclusively online, we keep the prices low while maintaining the high quality of editing. Don’t trust us for word. Place your order today and make sure.

Competent and highly-qualified
essay editors

Our website team comprises of stars of an editing profession. The quality of your research paper or thesis editing depends a lot on the qualifications of the editor. We staff writers and editors with BA, MA and PhD degree, and assign the professional depending on your academic level. Moreover, our editors and subject matter experts, so they can make meaningful edits into your highly-specialized paper.

We carefully handpick professionals who want to join our team. All applicants have to pass a timed English test, show their experience in a certain field of study and edit a sample document. We work with American and British proofreaders and you can choose the preferred version of English. Moreover, we have an internal quality control system that ensures that all edited papers meet the standards of academic editing.

Thus, by entrusting your paper to us, you make the writing process easier for yourself and get better grades. Don’t hesitate anymore – write to us and say “Edit my paper for me ASAP!” We’ll pick an editor or proofreader who can make your assignment shine.


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“I must say I had great experience with you guys. My editor returned the edited dissertation chapter in two days, although the deadline was one week! She also was kind enough to give a few suggestions how to strengthen my argument to make the dissertation better. I couldn’t thank you enough”


“My instructor kept returning my paper. After I ordered a revision service from you, she finally accepted it and gave A-. Also, I was pleased by the fact that someone is always online in chat so you can discuss the paper and ask your questions right away.”


“This is my fifth order with you and I’m happy with the level of service I get here. My editor does an excellent job on both editing and proofreading. I’m also satisfied with your prices. Not only they are affordable, but also my discount keeps growing as I place more orders.”


“I’ve ordered term paper editing last week, and got an A for this paper. Fantastic job! The editor has improved sentence order and word choice as well. They also gave me a 20% discount for this order so I saved a lot. I recommend this service to all my friends and plan to order more papers.”


How to self edit my paper?

Self-editing is strenuous for two major reasons. Firstly, you spend too much time in front of your paper as you write it and your eyes simply stop noticing any mistakes. As we read something, we tend to focus on the meaning of the text in general rather than spot writing flaws. And secondly, it’s difficult to edit your paper well if you’ve never learned linguistics. You may simply not know that some issues are there because the college doesn’t teach English grammar!

Yet, handing in your paper without editing is likely to bring you a low grade. Or, the instructor might not accept it and return it for revision. To avoid these confusing situations, learn the following principles of self-editing that professional academic proofreaders use.

  • Read the paper aloud

    This may sound confusing at first, but as you read the document aloud, you’ll notice the sentences that are too long, incomplete, or make little sense. This trick also helps you spot missed words, double-typed words and poor word choice. Thus, you’ll be able to improve the flow and the rhythm of your writing, making it easier to comprehend for a reader.

  • Correct ruthlessly

    You worked hard to put this paper together and therefore you may feel reluctant to make in-depth corrections and rewrites. Maybe, you don’t feel like crossing out the words that you picked carefully. Yet, at the editing stage you need to step back and edit like it’s not your words. And the main criteria you should use is that every word and sentence should make sense.

  • Mind the word count and other restrictions

    Most essays and papers have length limitations as specified by your professor or instructor. Say, if you were asked to write six pages, you shouldn’t exceed this length. So, if your paper turned out longer, you’ll need to remove some paragraphs during editing. Also check that your paper meets other university requirements, such as the number of sources, font, and format.

  • Improve the word choice

    In academic papers, you should use academic language and industry terms. On the flip side, you need to avoid slang, unexplained abbreviations and conversational tone. To ensure all words are spelled correctly and in the right meaning, consult Common Errors in English Usage by Paul Brians. You might also want to use Thesaurus to pick synonyms and enrich your vocabulary.

  • Check the citations

    Check that each quotation is referenced properly to avoid occasional plagiarism. Issues in formatting can affect the final grade or even lead to your paper being not accepted by an instructor or the journal editor.

    Editing the text you have written by yourself takes a great deal of resilience. You’ll have to spend a lot of time and take multiple rounds of editing to detect all mistakes. A pro editor can detect grammar, style, punctuation, syntax and a wide range of other errors, returning you a flawless piece.

What is the definition of an essay proofreading service?

Proof means reviewing the final draft to correct minor issues in writing. It assumes fewer corrections in text comparing to editing. A proofreader doesn’t change words or sentence structure but rather focuses on grammar and punctuation.

Proofreading is perfect for large and important academic papers such as thesis, term papers, and dissertations. The proofreader doesn’t interfere with the content of the paper, fixing only technical issues to ensure the correctness and accuracy in writing. Our proofreaders are professional linguists and have years of editing experience, so you can be confident in the high quality of editing even at the PhD level.

Comprehensive essay rewriting services

Today’s internet environment provides users with versatile information on any request. Trying to attract the public’s attention, text authors present interesting and useful materials on many highly demanded topics. That’s why, on different websites, we can often see thematic articles and texts that contain similar content. In this case, the question arises: “How to achieve high uniqueness of text materials?”. There’s a reliable and practical way to solve the problem of text uniqueness that’s called text rewriting.

If you’re in need of unique content for your website or blog, feel free to order rewriting from our website. Our staff copywriters will help you improve the uniqueness of your web content, professional documents or any other document types you may need.

Types of professional editing we
can help you with

  • Academic papers

    term papers, admission essays, dissertations and any other paper types you can think of. To get a high grade, doing in-depth research and presenting your findings on paper is not enough. You need to take care of the writing style, grammar, correct word choice and proper referencing according to the style guide recommended by your professor. Our editors can help to do exactly this and polish your writing, making it perfect.

  • Business editing

    white papers, reports, press releases and blog posts that your company publishes should be written flawlessly to build trust in your brand. Moreover, all the materials that you publish need to reflect the brand’s tone of voice consistently across all platforms. Our competent editors can improve your business documents and texts and help the promotion of your company.

  • Personal editing

    do you want to apply for a job but not sure if your resume and cover letter are up to scratch? We staff resume editors who can review your documents and fix any shortcomings to help you look like a perfect candidate. Do you have a manuscript of a short story book? We will be glad to edit it prior to publishing and help you accomplish your literary ambitions. Send any personal document to us, and we’ll take the quality of your copy to the next level.

Benefit from academic paper rewriting

Rewriting means complete paraphrasing of the entire text or its parts while preserving the initial meaning and ideas used in the text. Rewriting service is extremely helpful for students who want to get rid of plagiarism or simply want to improve the written paper. An experienced academic writer will express your ideas using appropriate language and writing style. The rewritten paper will be 100% plagiarism-free, and we’ll attach a plagiarism report to prove this. It will also meet the standards of academic editing and formatted according to your requirements. If you got tired and don’t know what else in your paper could be improved, get in touch with us for a rewriting service.

What is the essay revision?

Have you ever had that frustrating experience when the instructor returns your paper for improvement? Revising and improving your paper takes time, moreover, you need to be confident that the paper will meet their requirements. Our writer can assist you with it. For example, you haven’t defined the abbreviations before using them. Or, you wrote “The first man that walked the moon” which is incorrect because you should use “whom” in such cases.

Revision service means the correction of the written paper according to your tutor’s comments. This may include expansions, clarifications, explanations of theories, and adding definitions. The writer will fix the text based on what your tutor asks for, thus helping you get the maximal grade for the assignment and relieving you from stress associated with rewriting.

Hire a reliable editing service

Don’t make hasty decisions when searching for an editor – you want to find a reliable company. Stay away from overly cheap services or beginning freelancers – they can do more harm than good for your paper. Take time to research the companies, browse customer reviews and testimonials, and ask for recommendations of friends and peers.

Our company has been providing editing services for 11+ years. We specialize in lots of academic disciplines, from literature to economics to engineering. We guarantee the exceptional quality of writing every time, and offer free edits and refunds if you’re not satisfied. And, since our company operates exclusively online, we can afford to keep our prices cheaper than those of our competitors.

Work with the native English essay editor

Grammar and syntax may be confusing even for a native English speaker. And if you’re a German, Chinese or Italian student, achieving good grammar might be overwhelming. In this case, a professional paper editor will go a long way for you. Our expert will fix your paper, achieving the correctness and coherence of your writing. So, you can confidently hand in your paper in class and get the best grades for your research.

Moreover, our editor will keep track of all their corrections. This means that you can learn from your mistakes and become a better writer.

Who should do the college essay editing service for you?

If you aim at getting high grades, you’ll want to entrust the editing to someone who is competent and reliable. With this in mind, asking a peer to proofread your term paper isn’t the best idea. Just like you, they aren’t an experienced editor, so they can overlook a lot of typos and grammar issues.

There’s also an option to use an online spell checker. But don’t rely on automated checkers completely. While they can detect many technical errors, such as missed commas or words spelled wrongly, they cannot find more complex and advanced issues.

The optimal solution is to find a pro online editor. They’ll effectively fix potential errors, saving you time so you could focus on other important papers. And it won’t cost you a fortune – our prices start at $5.99 only.

To get started, place an order and we’ll assign it to an editor who specializes in your discipline. You can talk to the editor directly and send your ideas and suggestions to them. We’ll send your order as an editable DOC file, so you can make further changes to it if needed.

Resume editing that helps you get hired faster

Apart from admission essays and business documents, we also assist with resume and cover letter improvement. There’s no secret that to get noticed by the modern employers you have to market yourself actively on a resume, let alone the fact that it should be enriched with relevant keywords.

Whether you’re looking for an entry-level job after graduation or you’re an experienced professional, we’ve got you covered. A resume editor will make the writing style in your document more professional, improve the design and add relevant skills that will get you noticed. Whether you’re a marketer, salesperson, lawyer or web developer, we’ll match you with the writer who knows your industry.