Case Converter Online Tool

Useful little thing to save time! Do you often forget to switch Caps Lock? This instrument is what you need. Retyping the document just to change the capitalization seems too boring and pointless. We offer a modern convenient solution — use our free online converter!

How to change uppercase to lowercase: Detailed instruction

There is nothing special about using our case converter: everything is clear, convenient, and accurate.

  • Paste the text
    Insert words and sentences in the big field.
  • Choose the proper function
    Please, note that our program takes your phrase as a sentence only if you put a full stop at the end of it. This condition matters when you pick "Sentence case."
  • Click the button and check out the result
    A new version of your text will appear in the box in a second. Fast and precise, just what you need!

Issues with text case? Stop complicating everything — our converter will help you. Simply copy your phrases in our Form and receive an instant result!

Clear field
  • - Generates accurate results
  • - Superfast
  • - Free of charge
  • - Convenient format
  • - Available in most popular languages

Text converter: How to use it

  • The form of our online converter was established so that everyone could easily use it. No long registrations and tricky schemes of work. Just copy and paste your text, push the necessary function, and here is the result.

  • If you've got any issues concerning using this instrument, please, drop us a line on the chat. We're always online to answer your questions.

Versatile converter tool: Available functions

Our instrument converts your letters into several variants of capitalization. We've foreseen all the most popular requests of our users: text transformation into lower case, upper case; capitalization of every first letter or every first word in the sentence; as well as title situations. Let's discuss everything in detail.


    This function means that all the characters will be converted into an upper case. As a rule, such a format is used for the abbreviations and proper names: NASA, KFC, SWAT, IKEA, FBI, ASAP, etc. You can also draw attention to the phrase if you type it in such a way: WE OFFER AWESOME DISCOUNTS UP TO 20% ON EDITING SERVICES. (It's true, by the way.)

    lower case

    There're also opposite situations when you've got to transform every character of your words into the lower case. For instance, you might work with an official report, where the frivolous upper case is forbidden.

    Sentence case

    Do you always begin your sentence with a big letter? If you often forget about this rule, our program will become a reliable helper for you. For the highest possible results, do not forget about full stops.

  • Capitalize Every Word

    This principle is often applied for expressions that mean particular names of countries, states, cities, etc. For example, South Korea, West Virginia, South Carolina, New York, etc.

    Title Case for Headings

    And this feature is our favorite function. We regularly apply it to improve titles for our articles and clients' texts. In comparison with the previous variant, articles, conjunctions, prepositions are not capitalized.

    Helpful hint: If you would like to use our converter at any time, add this web page to your bookmarks. Transform your texts into upper case, lower case, titles whenever you wish. Our instrument is always at hand!

Why we have established these case converters

As professional editors, we constantly deal with different texts and mistakes. Very often, our specialists have to change cases. This action can seem very simple and not serious; still, it takes much time. Case converting irritates even our calmest proofreaders, so we've decided to automate this process. So, today, you can effortlessly change the case: sentence and word will look just like you want.

Converter tool for everyone

You'll be surprised, yet the situation when one needs to change the case is rather popular today. Statistics prove this fact — the number of our users is constantly growing.

  • Students

    The academic style of writing has its rules and standards. Our instrument helps you compose correct titles and get rid of unnecessary upper cases.

    Content writers

    Our converter tool is successfully used by authors. Its opportunities come in handy to change the case for certain pieces of writing.


    Website design is not only about images. Letters, words, and their visual appearance are decisive too. With our case converter, you immediately adjust the case of headings, subheadings, banners, as well as other content. There is no need to retype any phrases, our tool will do it for you.

  • Support agents

    The speed of typing is crucial for support managers, and they often do not have time to retype messages. Meanwhile, the answer written in the upper case looks scary. If you accidentally write the reply in big letters, think about our instrument. One click, and your message turns into lower case letters.


    Who but professional editors and proofreaders know how tedious it is to correct lower and upper case? Besides, there is a risk of making a new mistake when correcting capital and small letters. We claim with confidence that this case converter is the best solution. Our converter is rightly one of the best tools available on the web. As a part of our cutting-edge software, it has already proven itself as an efficient instrument. Versatile, prompt, and accurate, — all you need for convenient work. Try it yourself, we are sure you'll like the result!

Some more situations when you might need to change case

Regardless of the profession, people often need to change upper case to lower case letters or vice versa. It is because texts are widely used in our life.

  • Eliminate unnecessarily capitalization

    CAPITALIZED letters look aggressive in messages and emails. If you have forgotten about Caps Lock and typed a "too loud" phrase, download it to our program. It will automatically change every capital letter into lower case. By doing so, you will effortlessly enhance the tone of your letter.

    Improve your grammar

    The incorrect capitalization looks weird and sometimes even offensive. For example, you've got a list of people whose names are written in lower case. Download it to our tool and pick the function "Capitalize Every Word." The same function can be applied to lists of countries, states, capitals, books titles, etc.

  • Emphasize crucial information

    Our tool is rather helpful when you have to quickly highlight some phrases in your documents or other texts. Be it your social media post or the email to a friend, the upper register makes the chosen words sound more compelling.

What do you think about our case converter? Would you like to see any other functions in this tool? Please, share your thoughts with our support managers. We are online — contact us!