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Reword my essay

When you find out your text does not fit some of your requirements or expectations, one of the simplest ways to deal with this problem is to modify your text. Depending on the complexity of problem it might require simple rewording or deep editing. If you need some guidance as to the way to edit papers, make a visit at our website. There you can find all the necessary hints and tips for the editing techniques for your papers, as well as find out the optimal ways to improve your English skills. See the professional advice from the specialists how to speak English fluently and in a short time. Whenever you need assistance, be it eleven o’clock in the evening or three o’clock in the morning local time, our professional editors who are English native speakers and have plenty experience in all the peculiarities of the written texts, will provide their specialists’ consulting gladly at any time. See the proof in the perfect style and performance of our academic writing samples. Follow us on https://essay-editor.net/blog/we-provide-only-excellent-proofreading. See for yourself how it works and get your personal discount within today!

Reasons to reword my work

 When you deal with some work having the factual and feasible result, you usually leave the space for the opportunity to revise it, should it be to some extent dissatisfying for you. The same rule applies to the written texts. Sometimes you can even decide to write the text fully again in another way, starting from the beginning. See the tips from the advanced writers on how to do it efficiently. This usually happens when you see your text is the contrary to the requirements you set, and there is no way the slight revision will help it. However, such situations happen rarely. In most of the times, the light or not so deep editing or modification of the part of the text can do the trick.

Certainly, it also depends on the character of your work and the level of its formality. If it is some report that is to be made within an especially set framework, there is no way but to rewrite the content. However, if it is a free style essay, you can easily deal with it using the rewriting and rewording techniques. A full account of the editing methods is available in the article on the proficient academic thesis editing services online.

Still, the first thing to do is to define the complexity and the character of the problem. This will set the issue and identify the text’s weak points. In turn, such operation can enable the successful dealing with the problem and finding its optimal solution. Below outlined you can find the groups of reasons that might propel you to reword your paper in order to get rid of some of its deficiencies.

  • The idea of the paper is inconceivable from the text. When you know the topic well and have many ideas about it, it is a significant temptation to embody them all at once. Yet, this may lead to the dissipation of the sense, when it seems the text is about everything at once, but nothing in particular. At the stage of writing, the solution may lay at the determining on the single topic and straight adhering to it during all the text. As to the already prepared text, it is probable that you will have to cut some fragments out of your paper in order not to mislead the reader. However, if they are written well, do not erase them entirely. Save them somewhere in the folder “Future ideas” on your computer, or write them on a separate sheet to use for your future writing. Dealing with the different connected ideas is not an easy task for the beginner in writing. Check the advice from the professional editors and see how you can develop your text; and your thinking. Catch the style at https://essay-editor.net/blog/college-paper-proofreading-service--the-basics and see what assistance we can provide.
  • Poor style. The text in general looks well composed and straight, the idea is transparent and well grounded. Still, the impression the text produces blurs all these merits due to the inappropriate style. Check the sources helping to enhance your writing style and make it similar to that of the best writing specimens. Different unnecessary additions, like so to say, well (as an interjection), certainly (in excessive amount), informal words and phrases (like awesome, whatcha, keep a roll etc.), or, to the contrary, too rigid and formal constructions (such as we are bound to say, considering the unusual circumstances, it is reasonable to mention and so on) can make even the bright and unusual text seem dull and unworthy, as it is unpleasant to read. Improving the style by means of the editing techniques, you will have your ideas preserved and represented in the favorable light. Check the means for recomposing your style as described in the English grammar dedicated posts featuring the linguistic part of our blog.
  • Not an interesting text. Your paper may be well composed, have strong ideas, solid arguments, good presentation, yet it may lack a zest in it. It is simply uninteresting to read it. Though this problem may require the usage of more sophisticated editing techniques, still it can be solved without changing the whole text and writing it again. You will have to deal with the style here, too. Especially if your task is writing a professional business letter. But mostly, you will have to set your priorities and enable your text to highlight them properly. The aim is, to make the other parts of the text serve as auxiliary to the main idea, and support it. It may be reached by rephrasing the paragraphs, inserting the allusions to the main topic into them, changing the mode of the narrative (for example, putting the sentences into the subjunctive or interrogative mood: Our newly invented tool needed the approbation on the field. Would our newly invented tool meet the challenge of the usage in the field?The wager could be placed on the results of the approbation of this tool in the field.). To solve this issue in the professional way, you can apply to our editing service. You can articulate your order in any words initially, even like “I need revising for a paper”. We shall call you back and clarify all the details, as well as provide you a handsome discount!
  • Spotting the plagiarism. Even the most interesting and fresh text can be marked as not unique by the modern plagiarism checkers. These programs analyze not only the text and its writing patterns, but also the system of linking, referencing, paragraph framing, style patterns and so on. Thus, a phrase We have found out the results of the biological and social experiment match our expectations can be defined as not unique, except for the words biological and social. In order to avoid plagiarism or minimize the influence of non-unique fragments you can apply various editing and logical techniques, described profoundly in our post describing the measures to be taken to avoid outward plagiarism in your text. The special division of our linguistic blog contains the sample texts showing the top possible grade of uniqueness, as well as the grammar correctness.    

We have settled the reasons that have led us to the rewording. Now it will be practical to discuss the ways to perform it; and the ways your text may be improved, at the same time. Let us proceed to the next chapter for that.

professional rewording services and paraphrasing tool

The most efficient rewording techniques

Talking about rewording, we’ve got to mention it is one of the simplest editing methods. Rewording is usually applied when the text requires no major changes, yet would look better with the slight modifications. It does not require the deep rewriting methods, when you actually write the text all over again using the different words, patterns and paragraphs. Yet it serves well in the cases we have listed in the previous chapter.

 By the way, if you are interested in the professional editing and its methods, you are welcome to peruse our blog. There you will find an assortment of articles on linguistic thematic written by the practicing professionals, that will help you to classify and systematize your knowledge of English and the editing of the English texts, and to replenish it with the new findings. We always keep on track with the developments in our field, and are always glad to share our knowledge with you. See more of what it means in the post depicting the revision of papers by the team of talented English writers. Some new and interesting data about the editing and English studies is available in the special linguistic section of our blog.

The effective rewording is based on the particular editing techniques (and there are plenty of them described in one of our fascinating pieces of writing https://essay-editor.net/blog/the-meaning-of-proof-reading, see how many useful things for your rewording are available here). We shall list them in the sequence of the increasing complexity and sophistication of method.

1. Switching the synonyms. The simplest yet effective way is the exchanging the words for their synonymous ones. The synonyms may be both the adjacent and obvious ones (like swirl turn, couplepair, sparkling bright) or more complex and various (adhesive having the sticking properties, biology the science of life and living organisms, ritualize establishing the custom social actions as setup properties). (Have problems with your synonyms? File for our term paper reliable editing service!) The latter type is more difficult to apply, as it is not included into the synonyms’ vocabularies, however it serves well the goals of rewording. It can significantly change the design and overall impression of the text and improve its readability. However, apply this technique wisely. Simply changing all the words to their synonyms, without estimating the overall sense, can lead to the contrary result: the text becomes illegible and illogical, or simply bulky and grotesque. Check the next phrase and its synonymous analogue:

This topic is worked out well in the dedicated sources. The described theme name discloses its essence within the thematic origins.

When switching synonyms, substitute the least appropriate words or the ones complicating the sentence. Compare such synonyms’ replacement within the same phrase:

The mentioned topic is elaborated in the next sources.

To outsource your rewording, estimate the benefits of our professional essay revision service. This information will definitely help you to reach the right decision.

2. Grammar transformation. This editing technique implies the replacing of the words, as well as word-combinations for the other parts of speech / grammar categories. For example, the gerund combining is replaced with the substantive noun combination, the noun exhaustion with the participle tired, the adjective handsome with the adverb nicely and so on. Learn more about the professional tailor-cut grammar editing services provided by our experienced in-house editors. As we see, this technique is similar to the synonyms switching one, yet it deals less with the sense of the word, and more with its grammar properties. By the way, we’ve posted a comprehensive and easy article for you, describing the ways to apply different tenses in the English grammar. Coming back to rewording, the switching between the different voice constructions (respectively Passive and Active ones) is an illustrative example of this technique. Compare the next two sentences:

The writer applies to the editor’s if he wants his papers to be represented properly in the respectable academic sources. The editor is approached by the writer if the latter wishes to represent his papers properly in the respectable sources.

As we see, here another grammar exchange was applied: the participle to be represented was replaced with the infinitive to represent.

This technique is optimal for the beginners in light editing mode, as it does not require much effort yet can sufficiently modify the text without altering its idea.

Another good example is the paraphrasing of the direct speech patterns and quoting. Using the indirect speech can serve well if you need to quote some source without altering the meaning and preciseness of the phrase. Let us see:

The famous artist Grandledoux used to say: “Art is the soul of the culture”.

The famous artist Grandledoux used to call the Art the soul of the culture.

Using this technique, pay attention to the representation of the sense in the final text. It shouldn’t differ from the initial one, at least not significantly.

3. Modify the composition of the sentences. We have a comprehensive advice ready for you on what is the revising and editing a paper means and the elegant ways to embody it.  If the general idea, wording and the consistency of the text are acceptable, yet you are going to modify the text insignificantly, try to perform the editing by changing the sentences’ formal pattern. The large lengthy sentences can be broken into smaller ones, too short ones are to be joined into one complex sentence:

The experiment was held. It showed the predictable positive results. The experiment has shown the predictable positive results.

Our investigation of the social embarrassment has been suspended at the stage of reasoning due to the lack of facts as to the previous incidents of this kind. Our investigation was dedicated to the social embarrassment. It has been stopped at the stage of reasoning. We lacked the facts of the previous incidents of this kind.

The neighboring sentences that serve as homogeneous descriptions, can exchange places with each other:

This conclusion is drawn basis the results of the experiment. It may be used in such fields as bioenergetics and social dynamics. The conclusion may be used in such fields as bioenergetics and social dynamics. It was drawn basis the results of the experiment.

On applying this method, the sober estimation of the changes is very important. See if the exchanged sentences are not alike. If they have relatively the same length and their sequence is not important, there is no reason to replace them mutually. At the same time, breaking or joining the sentences can lead to the change of the stylistic tint and flavor of the text and affect its overall readability. The special admission essay writing  and editing service is always on guard of the perfect style and correctness of your papers.

4. Use the additional sources. If you are perusing your text and estimate your argument as weak or the theoretical background insufficient, it may be worth to spend a while and check the other sources on the subject. You well might discover some data that will support your present argument or, to the contrary, weaken its positions. See the algorithm of selecting the reliable sources for your academic writing. Anyhow, even if you plan to leave the text as it is, it is better to be warned about the possible contradictions your teacher or opponent may disclose, and be prepared to answer them in due course. For example, if you are writing about the perinatal practice of the Western medicine, it won’t be an extra to know about the opposite practice of the Inuit tribes. Or if you are writing about the alternative energy sources, it won’t take much place to mention the types and condition of the traditional energy delivery.

When applying the new information, watch the length of your text and the limit of words you are allowed. See also if the new information does not require further explanations that may make the text too bulky and incongruous in terms of sense and style.

Rewording is one of the editing methods. The other methods consist of rewriting, revision, restyling of the text. Rewriting is usually performed for the goal of the more substantial text modification than rewording.

Our reliable dissertation proofreading service online is available at any time for approaching in order to assist you with your editing requests, as well as to consult regarding the reliable academic sources for your paper.

5. Add examples. Though this technique rather refers to revision than rewording, yet in particular cases it may be sufficient to improve the text until the acceptable level. Analyze your paper as to its assertion points. If the space and the style of your paper allow it, bring two examples at each assertion. This will bring more animation to the text; enable to make its argument more solid and explanatory. It also helps to increase the text readability significantly, especially when the examples are marked by another font or color, or marking, or simply put in the separate paragraph.

[Apart from the standard polite phrases in colloquial and formal speech] the subjunctive sentences can express politeness, instead of the seemingly doubtful formal construction:

I’d rather avoid spoiling your party with my gloomy moods.

Wouldn’t it bother you to pass me the fork, please?

Short on fresh examples? Spend some time to study the professional advice from the English native speakers in our blog! We have prepared a tailor-made assortment of the selected articles that will help you in choosing the right direction with your editing!

6. Break the information into the sense blocks. Rubrication is the essential factor in the academic style of paper writing. See the main principles applied for the correct rubrication depicted by the specialists. However, it is also successfully applied in the other styles of texts. It helps to improve the text’s impression by the way of marking the information blocks and letting the reader spare the time for reading deeper into the non-important fragments. Besides, it illustrates better the way of your understanding of the information and ability to classify it. See the text below:

The sentences can be featured by the following modes: narrative, subjunctive and interrogative. The former is usually ended with the full stop, so is the middle, and the latter has the question mark for the end punctuation mark.

Now compare as to the way the data is perceived in the following text:

The sentences can be featured by the following modes:

  • Narrative. Usually ends with full stop;
  • Subjunctive. The usual punctuation mark is the same: full stop;
  • Interrogative. Its punctuation is the question mark.

Apart from the lists, the information blocks can be represented by the tables, diagrams, other graphic elements (infographics, pictograms). This technique can significantly diversify your text, develop its design and bring some points to its styling. If you wish to stay on guard of your mistakes when writing, submit your text to our cheap and quick proofreading service online. We guarantee the quality result, the full support and the best prices!

The listed techniques represent the essence of the editing process of rewording and the different ways it can be implemented. When applying them, always estimate the final text as to the sense modifications and consistency of style. If the logic, the sense, the shape and style are sufficient, the task can be considered as fulfilled perfectly. If you choose the top-ranked linguist for the improvement and development of your academic paper, it is also a way of receiving the impeccably grammatical and consistent text. See the merits described in the following piece of writing https://essay-editor.net/blog/the-paragraph-rewriting-service-and-its-logical-background.

However, sometimes identifying the way something should be done is not the best way to explain. That is why, to reflect the issue in full, we have decided to provide the look from another side and list the popular mistakes the beginner editors are wont to do at their first rewording attempts. Scroll down to see them.

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 academic essay rewording

What not to do for your rewording

The simplest way to plunge into some process is to try to do it yourself. Then you’ll be studying on your own mistakes and will be able to make your own conclusions as to the way it must be done. In this way you acquire your own experience and can improve your further performance.

However, when you are already warned as to the nature of the possible mistakes, you can avoid them even at the stage of the initial draft of the text. Such assistance may be invaluable when you have a tight schedule or the deadline is approaching. Determine the ways to avoid mistakes in your writing or at least minimize their quantity, in order to create an impeccable paper right from the blank sheet.

The mistakes are considered as such because they complicate the understanding of the text; make it less informative, interesting and logical. Yet, it is important to know what mistakes lead to a particular result; instead, you may be trying to modify your unique fragments to no avail for reaching the anti-plagiarism rate of 100%, while the real non-unique ones might be left unattended. If you are in doubt as to your ability to spot mistakes, you can always contact our expert paper proofreader and top-class editor. Here below we shall provide a list of the unfavorable text properties that are caused by the mistakes in the rewording process.

So, you will know that you made a mistake if your text shows the following deficiencies:

  • There are factual mistakes. Certainly, it has more to do with the theoretical background and the initial preparation of your argument and database. Yet it can happen that the initial text has been correct, and the reworded one contains some factual mistakes. It can happen if you have added some sources for your rewording, or unwillingly misinterpreted the given facts by the usage of inadequate synonym. See the sentence below:

Darwin has described the theory of natural selection in one of his books.

Now look at the reworded phrase with the inadequate synonym and the wrongly added fact:

Charles Darwin has discovered the theory of the natural selection in one of his first books.

  • There are grammar mistakes. However brilliant your rewording may turn out, whatever successful synonyms and rephrasing techniques you have selected and implemented, there is no room for grammar mistakes in your final text version. To avoid them, perform a thorough proofreading after you’ve done with the rewording and final adjustments. If you are looking for the cheap and quality essay proofreading, check the special prices on our website within today! Now look how the grammar mistakes and typos can spoil even the logical and creative text:

The teohrie of a bleck houls thas can be naim a teohrie o’ a blaint lait aswel.

  • Personal opinions and comments. You have already provided your ideas and thoughts on the topic while writing the initial text. Certainly, if you perform the rewording of your own text, you are free to add any comment you like. However, the practice proves the less is added during rewording, the less is the sense changed and/or affected. For instance, see the next message and the additional comment it received after the rewording:

The laser is able to go through the wall, on certain conditions.

The laser is able to go through the solid wall easily, on certain prescribed conditions.

Check your assignment for the too much personality in it. Get the efficient assignment proofreading service at the best price in the market!

  • Additional unproven data. If you have chosen among others the technique of the additional sources’ implementation for your rewording, make sure your sources and their content are the reliable ones. Otherwise, you might encounter the deserved criticism from your teacher and the subsequent poor grade. Do not rely on a single source, especially if it contradicts all the other ones you have read. Still, check the sources’ origin and the scientific approval as well. One printed book approved by the World Academy of science is worth a thousand posts found on the Web. For example, the following statement is considered as a myth by the official science:

An average man uses only 10% potential of his brain.

Using it for your argument may make your text more vivid and formally better grounded, but in the eyes of the experienced scientist it will be worth less than it would be without such a fragment.

Knowing what your text shouldn’t be is good, but not enough. It is also useful to find out how to avoid writing such a text. For that, we have gathered the deeds and actions you should avoid if you wish to ascertain you are on the right track with your writing and rewording. For all your queries and assistance regarding rewording, contact us through our website or by any means suitable for you. It’s as easy as typing in the question field of our contact page “Help me to rewrite my thesis” or “Proofread my dissertation”. We’ll be right there to help!

Besides, there exist other techniques of rewording not listed in the above chapters. They were omitted due to their character that can be perceived as an illegal or essentially wrong. If you need advice on the ways to avoid such methods during your writing, go with the link https://essay-editor.net/blog/why-should-i-write-and-edit-my-essay.

So, to perform a quality rewording, by all means avoid the further things:

  • The “mechanic” rewording. This technique is sometimes used by the unscrupulous people who are far from the professional editing. It aims for reaching the high grades of the text uniqueness and consists of replacing the text fragments with some other ones that cannot be traced by the plagiarism checkers as non-unique. Such “methods” include the replacing of the letters with the graphically same ones taken with the lettering of another language. Usually such letters as c, a, o, e are exchanged. Another way can be the usage of the text screenshot instead of its Word or other text editor’s version. The pictures are not scanned by the plagiarism checkers and are automatically graded as unique. However, this kind of cheating can be easily spotted. The replaced letters can be highlighted by any text editor. The texts in the frame of pictures and tables is usually not accepted by teachers. So this technique can work in a rather limited area and can be easily revealed.
  • Dull synonyms switching. Simply exchanging all the words with their synonyms will lead first of all to the sense modifications. Next, it will affect your style gravely. It will make the text look as if it was written by the person not having a proper knowledge of the English language, and the topic of the text. For example, see the next sentence:

MBA essay editing service working online is the sufficient service for your editing needs.

And now check its dumbly switched analogue:

The specialist of the entrepreneur activities’ management piece of writing activities on the web are the good activities for everyone’s revision requirements.

Just another word about our dedicated staff. We have prepared a selected article for you on the places where it is comfortable and effective to learn English. Guess you’ll like it, check it now!

The last message is incongruous and bulky, besides, due to the cumbersome constructions, its meaning is almost inconceivable. Avoid applying the synonyms switching technique without measure and further estimation.

  • Adding “empty” words and phrases. Another wrong way of performing a rewording is adding something with the zero meaning. This technique includes the words, word-combinations and phrases that do not add anything to the text in terms of the meaning yet increase its length and create the impression of the contentious writing. These are usually adverbs and adverbial clauses, such as literally, enormously, completely, absolutely, fully and so on. See that the adverb inclusion does not add anything to the meaning of the following sentences:

We have received completely all the packages we were meant to obtain.  

Our experiment was absolutely transparent.

We wanted to investigate the character of the social anger. For that reason, we have held a field observation and an experiment.

Let us make a remark at once, that this method can be fully justified within the framework of the literary writing. However, in the academic work, it should be avoided.

The adjectives can also play a part of the “zero” in the sentence:

We did have the needed and necessary tools for that operation.

Our investigations have shown the unexpected exciting results.

Within the certain circumstances, any part of speech can serve as such empty inclusion. To avoid it, always proofread your text upon writing and editing it. The recommendations on how to find the online essay proofreader for students and the advice for the efficient proofreading can be found here https://essay-editor.net/blog/how-to-choose-the-best-proofreading-services.

This chapter reflects the ways and methods of the wrong “rewording” of your texts. Be on the lookout of the listed mistakes, avoid implementing the wrong techniques, and you will automatically keep the track of the right ones. However, if you need to find the optimal solution, you will have to apply more efforts to that task.

To receive the assistance in your editing visit our website. Its comprehensive design and navigation will direct you to the division you need, – be it the informative blog describing the editing operations and the peculiarities of the English studying, or the user-friendly contact page, or informative page of prices for our services. For any inquiry, you will receive a correct and well-grounded reply, helping you to clarify some issue for your English studies or to specify the conditions of placing an order with us. If you wonder how to choose the best editor for your papers, see the “Services” division of our blog. There you will find the lightly conveyed yet comprehensive data on the different kinds of editing and the ways to estimate the process of editing and its result.

What Are the Benefits of Using Online Program

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To simplify

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At times, essay rewording is required to describe and simplify the original text. If you do it yourself, there is always the risk of facing the problem of plagiarism or damaging the original ideas of a text. That is why it is always better to turn to professionals and ask them to assist competently. Essay-editor specialists are the best helpers when it is required to rewrite a text.

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Rewriting can be extremely time-consuming. So, we have created a convenient rewording tool. Just a few minutes, and you receive a new version of your text. 

One can use it for: 

  • creative writing (to find new ideas and alternate words for tautologies);
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This instrument can serve as a paragraph rewriter tool, an article rewriter tool, or a word changer.

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How Should I Reword This Essay to Get Successful Results?

  • Thorough reading. Read your text carefully and make sure that every word is appropriately used, and that the text has meaning in general. If sometimes causes doubts or looks weird, it is necessary to reword this element. When reading, you should not stumble upon the words, and the meaning should be maximum clear. The experts of our website perfectly know how to reword any text properly and make it outstanding.
  • Taking notes. Before writing or correcting any paper, it is necessary to take notes of what exactly you are going to do. It is better to have kind of plan at least. Also, you can write down all the thoughts and ideas that come to your mind. Then, reread your notes and select the best ideas that will help create a great paper.
  • Logical organization of the notes. As soon as you take the notes, it is necessary to organize them, i.e. put in a logical order. The notes should be related to your subject directly, and there should be no excessive unnecessary information. If you use it in your paper, it will only reduce the quality of your text and, as a consequence, you risk getting much lower grade.

Anyway, when it goes about creation of various papers, or when it is required to fix them, i.e. to reword, to rewrite, to edit or to proofread, our specialists are always ready to assist you. The best custom services at the most affordable prices are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week on our website. Reach your goals with our professional support!

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