How To Make Learning English Fun?


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Back to the topic of our post.

Let’s face the reality, learning English is not easy, just like every other language.  And, oh God help me, it can be really boring from time to times. Like, when you are trying to remember which preposition where to put, or which verbs to use after the Gerund.

Fortunately, it is possible in the twenty-first century to start learning English with some fun. Do you want know how? Here we go.

1. Read

You don’t have to spend hours and hours sitting at your desk and learning new words. I’m not saying that you don’t have to learn new words at all. Just, take it easy and don't torment yourself.

The world will not fail to hell if you spend day by day a little of your time enjoying a good book. Plus, reading modern authors you can see how easily changeable the lexis is. But don’t forget about classics, it will never fade away.

Attention! Don’t you dare to read “Fifty Shades of Gray”! Disgusting book with a horrible plot, unbelievably stupid characters, and horrible, horrible language. You don’t need it.

What you need, is to read this article it will help you to understand what you’ve got to do.

2. Watch Films

I mean come on! Who doesn't like to sit and to watch some good film with a friend and a basket of popcorn? But if it’s hard for you to understand all words that characters saying, simple turn on the subtitles. However, do not read them during all the time, otherwise, there will be no use, you will simply not hear the speech because you concentrated on reading too much. See, between hearing (which is harder) and reading, our brain will choose to read, for him is it easier to catch all the information with a method that is familiar. Quick glance down will be enough to see the word that you missed.

3. And TV Shows

Well, unlike films, TV Shows last for a much longer time. Within years TV Shown became extremely popular among younger generation. And who can blame them, when there is a possibility to see their favorite characters on the screen a little longer, than two hours.

If you sure that you have a tough nerve system then I recommend you to watch one of the most popular TV Shows – The Game of Thrones. Warning: do not favor any character in this show, there is a big possibility that he or she will end up dead within four episodes.

Shameless – what a perfect example of how not to waste your life. It’s like a guide for you; you see something going in this show – do completely opposite.

Sherlock – there is absolutely no way that you didn’t hear about this amazing British show. I must admit that the last season wasn’t as good as third, but still, it is worth to be seeing. And heard; trust me, the British accent is something incredible.

The Walking Dead – well, if you like the theme of zombie apocalypses, this show will be perfect for you. Just, be ready to cry several times per one season. There will be some moment that will break your heart.

Westworld – it started in 2016 but even now this TV Show have an impressive amount of fans. Who knows, maybe you will become one of them.

Now, I think that’s enough with the TV Shows. Most of them have more than four seasons, so prepare yourself, for they will consume a huge amount of your free time.

Let’s wander off the point for a minute or so, shall we?
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Here we go again.

4. Write something

Really, just write. It can be notes of what you have to do, it can be some dream diary or travel book where you can describe your traveling and in five years or so you will have something that is full of memories.

What I did, is that I began to write really funny jokes that I and my friends crack every now and then. At this point, we ended with almost a hundred of them. When we reread them, it is impossible not to burst out of laugh. Then, a few months later I began to write essays about my favorite books for a literary contest that my teacher recommended. But since this teacher wasn’t my mentor, I had to find and to fix all of the mistakes by myself, and it’s not that easy when the deadline if puts weights on your shoulders. I asked a good fellow of mine to proofread my paper. He literally saved me.

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5. Music

“Where the words leave off, the music begins”.

It is known fact that the music is a panacea for millions of people on this planet. It can heal you when you are broken, it can motivate you when you’re feeling hopeless and weak; in the right moment, music can change a lot, if not everything.

Lyrics, that you hear when you’re listening to music is important too. Very often truly gifted musicians like to insert a bit of wordplay in their songs, and this is where you’ll have to search for lyrics, otherwise you are risking not understanding the sense of the words at all. Also, new songs contain a word or two of modern slang, which, by the way, can be very handy; it will help you to keep your English skill trained.

6. Mobile Apps

Every time you enter Play Market or App Store, just find this type of games where you have to guess the words. Usually, they are free and can entertain you for a long period of time.

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