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How to choose a reliable editor?

This short guide is established by our professional assistants precisely for our users. We hope it will help you find an optimal solution among thousands of available variants.

1) Proofreaders or editors: Decide on your goals

Evaluate why you require this service and think about your expectations. Determine priority parameters:

  • the quality of the final result (what mistakes you want to eliminate);
  • the urgency;
  • the convenience of online cooperation (the necessity of constant support, order procedure);
  • your budget.

2) Search for professional services

Surf the Internet to find some good variants or ask your friends about their experience of hiring proofreaders or editors on the web. Compare the deals: your optimal decision is somewhere at the intersection of the affordable cost, good terms, decent reputation, quick turnaround time, etc.

3) Talk to the representatives of the website

Quick feedback speaks of a well-established work process, and informative answers are evidence of professionalism. Make sure it is possible to discuss all the issues in advance, before placing an order.

4) Ask them to edit the part of your document

If you want to test the skills of the specialists, begin with little volumes of work. For instance, our proofreader can check a small piece of your writing. Thus, you'll see how good our cheap editing services are.

You could skip all these stages right now and just place an order here. We are a one-stop editing agency with wide professional opportunities. You'll definitely find an effective solution to your writing issues here.

Spending hours on tiresome editing is not always effective. You might lack editing and proofreading skills and just waste time. Turn to our professional specialists — we'll do everything with skill! Order now.

Why opt for our cheap editing services?

We realize the full significance of editing and its role in the success of our customers. This serious approach and flexible terms are the best arguments in our favor.

1) We guarantee comprehensive in-depth editing

We call things what they are and feel the difference between editing and proofreading. Having purchased an editing service here, you receive all types of improvements for your texts, including developmental, copy, mechanical, line editing. It is far more than a quick grammar check. We delve into every order and analyze it backwards and forwards.

2) Affordable prices

Firstly, our editing is much cheaper in comparison with the writing service. Meanwhile, the quality of the final draft is often more valuable than a custom-written text offered by dubious agencies. It is all about high expertise.

You'll definitely like our offers since we adhere to an honest and transparent pricing policy. The price per word is very pleasant, and it fully corresponds to the awesome quality of our work.

3) Flexible terms

Please, tell us about your issues on the chat, and we'll offer the most suitable deal for your budget and goals. We have both cheap services and premium variants. For instance, you can hire our top editor if you require significant improvements for your most crucial projects. And on the contrary, there's an opportunity to save money if your deadline is not urgent and all you need is to proofread the document.

4) Safe online environment

The process of our online communication and cooperation is absolutely risk-free. This website uses cutting-edge technologies protecting your data and files. Every message and document is reliably encrypted. Besides, we have a strict NDA, so nobody will know about your cooperation with our specialists.

5) Rich practical background

Years of successful work in the writing and editing business have given us valuable knowledge and practical skills. We have thousands of satisfied clients across the globe, and you can join them right now too. Just contact our support managers on the chat and write about your issues.

6) Multidimensional editing

Our team specializes in various types of text:

  • academic papers,
  • all types of documents for college students,
  • blog articles,
  • fiction books, and many more.

WVery few online companies offer to do something at cheap prices, and none of them guarantee such a professional level of help as we do! Do not miss this opportunity — order here!

Principles of our editing and proofreading service

★ Multi-step editing process

One quick revision is not enough to check the text thoroughly even if it deals with simple proofreading. We consider a step-by-step procedure to be the most effective way to check your texts.

Our specialists check every paper several times to bring effective results. Depending on your goals and the package of services, our team focuses on:

  • every symbol (letter, punctuation mark);
  • word (vocabulary);
  • phrase (sentence structure, verb tense);
  • logic (clarity of explanations);
  • readability (transitions, tautologies, manner of writing), etc.

★ A science-based approach to editing

The profession of the editor or proofreader has much in common with science and research. We research materials, study rules, analyze your orders, etc. A systematic approach enables us to edit your paper fast without compromising the quality.

Besides, our employees have degrees in English Language and Linguistics, Philology, and other related disciplines. All this helps us detect mistakes with skill.

★ We know when to stop

Our job is to improve the general quality of your paper and adjust it to the given requirements. We know the boundaries and do not change the main thoughts and the core message of your story. These proofreading and editing services are not about total rewriting of your texts and imposing our views. We respect every writer and his/her ideas and, thus, preserve their sense. All we do is check and correct the manner and form of their presentation.

Let your reflections and thoughts look perfect on paper. Our team is willing to help you with any service aimed to improve your text. Place your order here!