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What is the Best Dissertation Proofreading Service and why do I need it for my Paper?

That is probably the most common question the future PhD is asking himself. The general notion of proofreading suggests it is the process of checking the text or another product of the human intellectual activity. The goal of this checking is the detection of possible mistakes, mistypes, incongruities that can affect the perception of the text, and proposing the ways to eliminate them. This checking is to be performed for every text whose author wishes it to be straight, correct and consistent, let alone  dissertation.

Proofreading can be performed by the author himself – provided he is a specialist in this field, possesses good linguistic skills and is able to “mentally withdraw” and look at his text from the position of the outside reader – which most of the authors are not. This is one point for using the dissertation proofreading service – that of the professional and experienced dissertation editors. Besides, the requirements for the modern scientific papers including dissertation, are quite demanding not only for the content of the paper but also for its design (fonts, size, colour, graphics, paragraph size and position and so on), the structure of the text, the terms and notions’ correlation, the presentation of the references in the text. This list can be continued further. Thus preparing a sound dissertation requires not only the skill, knowledge and talent of the scientist, but also that of the linguist!

Top-5 factors proving your dissertation needs proofreading

  • It was prepared within a narrow timeline – the inspiration, zest for science or just pressing deadline made you compose your paper quickly, not giving it a second glance – and allowing for all the variety of mistakes and mistypes in the body of the text.
  • It has a lot of tables, infographics, different colour fonts  and other graphic elements – a large part of the mistakes concerns the unification of such elements and their correspondence to the scientific society’ requirements.
  • It is  a complex work with multi-level quoting and/or intersecting experiments – here the tired eyes of the researcher may miss the obvious discrepancy, well observed by the experienced editor.
  • English is not your first language – and even if you speak it fluently yet some of the terms and their usage may prove to be incorrect or inefficient for the paper’s goals. By the way the optimal ways to study English by yourself are presented in our blog.
  • The requirements for this type of paper are plentiful and/or complicated – the determined use of the graphic elements (e.g. Font Arial size 12 for the title, Font Calibri size 10 for subtitle), fixed text structure (Contents-Introduction-Terms-Abbreviations-Theoretical Background-Research-Experiment-Conclusion-Appendices-References), unification of the quotes and references’ presentation (e.g. Quotes marked by inverted commas, with the surname of a first author without initials in a gap; References marked by brackets, list all the authors, semicolon separated), determined style (scientific, popular science) and other requirements vary in the different countries and regions. That is why the local, for example dissertation proofreading UK service, may be of great help with it. The dissertation editing services by experienced professionals are usually available in 24/7 mode.

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What is actually done during dissertation proofreading?

This question, though seemingly emotion-based, is quite a reasonable one. The result of the long-term theoretic and practical research, time- and effort-consuming work is given away to the outsider. Toreassure yourself, below described in detail are the stages of the paper proofreading process. By the way all changes are introduced in the review mode so that you can easily dismiss them should you like to do so.

  1. Checking the paper:
    1. checking for mistypes – though nowadays we have plenty online checker programs, it is advisable to perform a “manual check” as well to avoid such mistypes as Mossel le Duc (instead of Monsieur le Duc) and  carnival plants (instead of carnivorous plants) – these and other mistypes are easily detected once you applied to our best dissertation editor online;
    2. checking punctuation and orthography – at this stage the misuse or absence of the punctuation marks is detected, also the spelling is performed. By the way, due to modern incorporated spelling programs even the correctly typed name or term may be replaced by the computer with the “right” one, e.g. Focuses instead of Fuchsia, or reciprocate for reiterate;
    3. Checking grammar and syntax the general grammar principles are verified at this stage, as well as the structure of the sentences and paragraphs. It is quite common that being absorbed by the content of the research, the scientist doesn’t pay much attention to its presentation. The assistance of our efficient service for college essay and paper editing can be a great relief. Thus such sentences as The task of the conductors are (must be is) to conduct the current or   The aggressive behavior by (must be of) the crowd is quite a frequent phenomena (phenomenon);
    4.  Checking the text’s style, logical consistency, the structure of the term’s system and their correct use – with the difficult multi-level research, its presentation is always a decisive factor for its success. That is why it is sometimes reasonable to order the dissertation writing at the best custom dissertation writing service. All the reasoning, the theoretical background, the preparation for research, the process of the research itself, its methods, results, conclusion – all must be logically consistent and unified in terms of terminology. This task cannot be performed by the automatic systems as it assumes the perception of the text as the whole unit, the complicated system with the different types of formal and informal connections. The automated system cannot [yet] detect the flaws in conclusion that hasn’t encompassed all the reasoning or has an insufficient ground. People of the medieval tribes used to gather in crowds. The crowds are aggressive and have low social responsibility. Thus, people of medieval tribes were aggressive and had low social responsibility. Among our team of experts there are specialists in different fields of science – you may be sure your paper on any subject will be proofread professionally and at a suitable cost. Just check our services at .
    5.   Checking the text graphics and design in accordance with the requirements for Academic Papers – it is crucial not only to create a legible, comprehensible  and consistent text, but also to ensure it corresponds to the formatting guidelines for the Academic Papers. It concerns the different tables, infographics, appendices, and certainly the list of references. The thorough proofreading performed by the professional linguist is able to detect the tiniest deficiencies and make your text literally the flawless one.

Important: All the corrections are performed in the review mode, thus the final decision as to the changes is up to the author of the dissertation. Find out more about the assistance of the experts in proofreading and editing at .

  1. Author checks the dissertation with the corrections.  At this stage, you will have your dissertation draft with the proposed corrections. Browse through them carefully to form your own point of view.
  2.  If some issues or remarks arose, they are to be solved by collaboration of the author and professional editor. It is crucial to form the same vision of the dissertation for both parties, so it becomes a whole and consistent text, impeccably composed and having a scientific value.

Proofreading your dissertation - your benefits:

  • Technically flawless text, well-compound and logically consistent
  • You spare time and effort that may be dedicated to other important tasks (report preparation, other scientific projects, preparation for exams etc.).  Check further advantages in our article on the thesis editing service.
  • You may be sure your unique research is presented in the optimal way

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