Why Ignorance Of Grammar Rules Can Ruin Your Life


Presently, when the second decade of the third millennium is going on, importance of studying of English is immensely actual. It is connected with general globalization and demand of English in daily, and business communication with foreign partners or just foreigners.

An increasing number of people aim to learn English. Though at present, not all attach importance to studying of English. But it is in vain, because they will be deprived of those benefits which are opened by the learned language. Moreover, grammar mistakes in your resume can ruin a career of your dream; grammar mistakes in your diploma will           lower your mark or even prejudice your possible hard skills. If even English is your second language, you may do some errors, it is not so strange, and everybody can do it. For example even native speaker can mix by mistake words “affect” and “effect”. The secret is that “affect” is a verb, but “effect” is a noun!

What will the knowledge of English give you and why is it so important?

For a start we will define how you can use English:

1. Communication on travel;

2. Business English (negotiations at work, business letters);

3. Extension of your opportunities to get highly-paid job;

4. You can work abroad;

5. You can communicate with foreigners with a pleasure on the Internet or on the street;

6. You will be able to understand meaning of electronic book editions (as well as usual books). A lot of monographs and scientific articles are written in English and are translated into English. It gives special importance to knowledge of English;

7. 80% of information of all computer networks is provided in English.

And that is not the whole list of English importance. We, team of professionals, will consider everything step by step.

So, at present English is a global language of information transfer both in a business environment, and in daily communication.

For example, you will go on the vacation to any country. If you know English, you will absolutely quietly order a lunch though in your room, though for your table in the cafe - and you will not look at the menu as on the reference book on Chinese. The matter is that this language is understood everywhere where there are tourists or just visitors.

As for the work, if you know English, - really big and wide perspectives of employment open not only in large companies of your country, but also abroad. If you declare your ability to communicate in this language, then it can promise you a position which is well paid. Many corporations and large enterprises contact to foreign partners - and they need the specialists who know English perfectly. So, if you want to try your hand abroad, then you actually need learn English hard.

Many articles are devoted to importance of knowledge of the English grammar. There are two principled approaches to this matter.

The first opinion is the academic position which is typical for the majority of institutes and schools. This opinion assumes impossibility to master English without learning by heart of grammar rules. Unfortunately, in most cases it is possible to learn to read, but with great difficulty - to understand the English speech and to speak English.

The second opinion assumes absolutely polar position. Ignore grammar - your skill of "speaking" in English is on the first place. It is often possible to see lexical shortcomings in the speech of adherents of this approach. For example "I am work in office. I to love game in soccer". Yes, such people can combine rather fluently various English words and they can even understand them. However for the native speaker the similar speech will set the teeth on edge.

Let's consider benefits and shortcomings of both approaches and try to find golden mean!

Actually both approaches are seriously distorted. Each of them goes into extremes. But it is always important to look for "golden mean" which nevertheless is closer to the second position.

The academic way of studying English isn't deprived of serious shortcomings. Many educational institutions (especially comprehensive schools and higher education institutions) pay excessive attention to questions of studying the grammar. But at the same time they forget that generally the knowledge of grammar is necessary for control and improvement of free communication skills. But as the main part of time at such studying is allowed to learning the grammar, knowledge of free communication in English isn't improved.

This situation is caused by understanding that the grammar is the most difficult component of studying of English. Because of deficiency of class periods, the main rate of teachers is given to grammar. It is supposed that pupils will be able to improve other skills without outside help.

But it is important to remember – pupils should study not only English, but the day consists of only 24 hours, and there isn't enough time and wish to do something in their free-time.

As a result pupils after the finishing of educational institutions realize:

- Problems with reading of not adapted texts;

- Difficulties in communication on free subjects;

- Problems in catching of the English words by ear.

And it despite excellent knowledge of grammar, sometimes it is even better than many native speakers'. Many pupils are upset and stop the attempts to learn English.

Now let's consider the second approach.

In many language schools it becomes fashionable to write in the advertisements "learn English without tiresome grammar", "English without cramming" etc. This approach is beautiful, attractive, but as practice shows, it is ineffective. At least the basic grammar is unconditional necessary for any person wishing to speak English.

In general we would like to recommend pupils learning English - to try to hold balance between scrupulous studying of grammar and only talking in English.

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