How To Learn English For Free And By Yourself?


How to learn English

Everyone realizes how important it is to know English. Learning English on your own are at the same time difficult and interesting task, especially for those people who are used to achieving their goals in life. If you organize your classes correctly, choose the right method and purchase the necessary dictionaries and textbooks, the training will not only be effective, but it can also turn into pleasant entertainment. This is the case when the goal justifies the means, because together with the knowledge of the language a person acquires a lot of bonuses: the expansion of the circle of communication, the ability to read classics in the original and navigate in an English-speaking country without the help of an interpreter, and many other advantages. However, not all people have the means to attend quality courses. Education in special schools is quite expensive. Therefore, many people think about how to learn English for free without the help of tutors and teachers. This task is quite feasible under certain conditions.

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What Prevents The Learning Of The Language?

Most people are convinced that it is impossible to learn English independently or at least to make a little progress in learning it. And the reasons for this are stereotypes. Yes, yes! It is someone else's beliefs that make us give up our dreams and they sound like this:

– Learning English independently is an impossible task.

– The process of learning to a certain level of knowledge (for example, advanced) is dragged on for years.

– Everyone who studies the language at home does not achieve the desired result.

– To learn English, you need to immerse yourself in the language environment.

In fact, all these statements are not groundless and they only mean one thing: to study English independently is a rather complex and thorny path. And how long it will be, directly depends on what goals and means are used in the learning process.

Clear Goal Settings And Correct Motivation

You will never force yourself to practice the language regularly "just in case." You must know exactly why you decided to study English. There are a lot of options:

– To get a position in a respectable company.

– To read your favorite books in the original and watch American movies.

– To marry a foreigner

– To become a student of English-speaking country.

– To settle in another country and feel comfortable, etc.

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You need to determine to what level you want to tighten up your knowledge (study the base, learn to understand what you are reading and writing, translate books and documents, to feel free while communicating with native speakers, etc.). Studying English independently and for free, you simply have to set real goals for the task. All that had been said the above, fix on paper.

How not to lose motivation half-way? Remember that you should periodically check the received knowledge. To do this, you will need various tests, which can easily be found on the Web. Only by observing positive changes, you will be sure that it is really worth continuing. Be sure to encourage yourself for your success.

Where Should I Start Learning English For Free?

Be prepared for the fact that you have to allocate a lot of time for classes. Of course, you will not achieve anything if you learn the language once a week. Lessons should be regular. Make an individual work plan and follow it steadily. It is difficult to learn English on your own because of the lack of vigilant supervision of the teacher. But you have an iron motivation, don’t you? You yourself can perfectly handle it!

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Common Mistakes Of Those Wishing To Learn English

Many people try to learn a foreign language for years, but they do not achieve anything. Perhaps, at first they even put a lot of effort, but then the lessons become boring, and, most importantly, ineffectual. The person sees that there is no result, and convinces himself that he "simply does not have the ability for languages". It's just an excuse. Most "incapable" does not go to learn English for free only because they choose the wrong system of instruction. Approximately the same as in schools and institutes, where a foreign language was not a profile subject. So, what are the mistakes?

"The More Words I Learn, The Better My Knowledge Will Be." Of course, having a rich vocabulary is an advantage. But a trivial memorizing does not lead to anything good. After learning a thousand new words, you can hardly communicate freely with an Englishman. You just do not understand him. You will frantically try to "snatch" familiar words from the monologue of the interlocutor. But it is extremely important to learn how to perceive whole speech.

"I Can Easily Learn English By Simply Translating My Favourite Songs And Movies." Naturally, you will learn to better understand English by ear, but this is not enough. There is nothing you can do without knowledge of grammar and correct pronunciation. If you are of course serious-minded about it.

"The Only Reliable Source Of Knowledge Is Various Books. So I Will Learn Grammar Rules, Fill Up The Vocabulary, etc. ". As you can see, in this version there is no practice at all. Theoretical knowledge needs to be worked out regularly. Otherwise, everything that was in your head will soon "disappear".

So, from all that has been said above, one important conclusion has to be drawn: in order to learn English independently and for free at a decent level, it is necessary to pay attention to ALL aspects of the language. The lessons that you will make for yourself can be divided into three types:

– Learning English phonetics.

– Learning English grammar.

– The practice of written and spoken the language.

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Next, we'll talk about what materials can be used to master each of these aspects of the language.

Learning English Phonetics

Perhaps, it is with phonetics that we should begin. You, in fact, wish to get rid of an ugly accent and to make the speech as much as possible approached to native speakers? In that case, you need a good knowledge of the sounds and pronunciation of English words. For this, you will need audio courses. Very good are the phonetic materials from Ann Baker. They can be easily downloaded from the Internet:

For beginners, the "Tree or Three" course is suitable. The edition is published in English. The book is divided into many systematized sections. An audio file is included, which contains a lot of practice for listening and pronunciation. Undoubted plus - you are taught by native speakers!

For the intermediate level (Intermediate), a similar manual is recommended - "Ship or Sheep". It is built in exactly the same way as the previous course. To check the received knowledge, you are also suggested recording dialogs by ear. Then you can check the correctness of your text by simply looking in the book.

Both courses help to learn the correct pronunciation of sounds and words. In addition, gradually you will improve the understanding of English speech.

By the way, if you want to work hard on improving the perception of English speech, be sure to consider the following advice. You will be very useful for special audio books. There is a lot of hard work to do, but the result is worth it. You will need to display what you hear on paper, and then compare your records with the original text. Thus, you not only learn to better understand English speech but also to some extent improve grammar. For example, you should pay attention to the book "He knows too much" by Alan Mali. Of course, starting such an activity is worthwhile after achieving an average level of knowledge.

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Learning English Grammar

Above we have already come to the conclusion that it is not worth focusing on grammar. However, you cannot do anything without it, because you must know at least basic rules (how to construct phrases, sentences, what times to use in this or that case, and so on). Be prepared for the fact that learning English grammar is a rather monotonous and sometimes even boring process. You will have to familiarize yourself with a number of rules and consolidate knowledge with written exercises.

What Benefits Will Benefit You In Learning Grammar?

It is worth paying attention to a series of textbooks "Round-Up" from Virginia Evans. On the Internet, you can download manuals designed for people with a level of "elementary" to "above average." Benefits reflect the modern rules of English grammar. Exercises with a touch of humor make the learning process much more fun. After each section, you can pass a control test. Keys and answers to assignments can be found in the Teacher's Guide.

Many experts believe that for many years the grammar book of Raymond Murphy has proved its worth. It is quite functional and easy to understand and still occupies a leading position among educational materials. The Murphy textbook is presented in the form of a grammar guide with fixing exercises. It is not necessary to do it in a certain sequence, it is possible to finish it in one place, and start completely from the other.

Macmillan "Grammar in Context". The universal course includes 48 grammatical topics, necessary tables, additions and answers to assignments. Behind one page of rules and explanations of the topic are three pages of exercises to consolidate the knowledge gained. The textbook is very common among tutors. Used in the preparation of foreign language teachers and translators in universities. And if you are in need to be explained, what is wrong with your essay, our professional paper editor.

If you are quite advanced in English grammar, pay attention to Mark Foley's "Advanced Learner's Grammar" course. The book provides detailed explanations. Thanks to the textbook you will get acquainted with the subtleties of grammar and learn how to avoid common mistakes. The manual is quite a lot of practical exercises and special tests for diagnosing knowledge.

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Practice Of Written And Spoken Language

In order to learn English for free without the help of a tutor, you need more practice. You need to learn not only to read, write, understand the interlocutor but also to express your thoughts, both on paper and in conversational speech.

First of all, you will need to work on expanding the vocabulary. Do not memorize words from the dictionary, but go to this task consciously. Believe me, you can remember new expressions with pleasure. There are several options:

Watch Interesting Films With Subtitles (or without them). Excellent motivation for learning new words. Do you want to know what is going on in a particular film? Then find fascinating films and arm yourself with an online dictionary.

Do You Prefer Literary Works? In this case, Ilya Frank's method of reading is sure to please you. Special books are divided into a number of fragments. At first, the reader sees before him an adapted paragraph with the translation of words and comments. Then it is suggested to read the unedited text. Memorization of words will occur naturally due to their repeat ability. After a few months, your knowledge will improve significantly.

The problem for many people who study the English language is that they think too long before expressing their thoughts. A person first comes up with a phrase in his native language, then translates it into English, and only then speaks aloud. To cope with this difficulty can only be through practice. Take the rule of regularly taking excerpts from any works and retelling them. Do not mechanically memorize, but beautiful to tell, with the right intonation and expression and, naturally, with a fairly high speed. You can practice even standing in front of a mirror. Soon you will notice a positive effect.

Without what it is impossible to learn English independently?

Interest is an important driving force of human activity, and it is almost impossible to overestimate its importance in the study of English. It is this aspect that the concentration of attention, the richness of associations and the perception of a new material depend because everything that delivers pleasure - goes easily and naturally. A person, who is engaged in inner motivation, is able to achieve much greater results than the one to whom it is imputed.

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Desire is the second powerful factor that motivates learning. If he goes in tandem with an interest in language or with a professional need, he gives very good results.

In order for the desire to turn into an action, a clearly articulated goal will be required. First of all, decide for yourself why you need English and how much you need to know it, as well as determine for yourself the period during which you will achieve a certain result.

Now imagine what opportunities you have for achieving this goal. These can include trips to English-speaking countries, live or virtual communication with native speakers, new techniques, and modern teaching materials.

Studying English for free, you should not forget about the need to communicate with other people. To achieve this, you can use Skype. On the Web, you can find many communities in which people want to get a language practice. It will be just fine if you can find a native speaker as a permanent interlocutor. A virtual friend will surely draw your attention to the mistakes made. If you are not yet ready for voice communication, start with online chats.

In conclusion, I would like to remind readers that the result of the work depends largely on your attitude. Be sure that you will succeed! The self-study will be effective because you put maximum effort into this. Free English not only in a mousetrap!

So, that’s it! Now you know how to learn English for free. If you have any questions about the services that we provide, fell free to contact our support agent.

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