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Space homeland

Do we wholly realize that we are a full-fledged part of the cosmos, its product? What do we know about the Space?

I think nobody reflects upon the fact that people consist of the same atoms and molecules as stars and planets, the difference is only in concentration and ordering. Substance of our organisms will participate in "the boiling copper" of space events and transformations, even after our death.

So how can an ordinary inhabitant enlarge his notion about the Universe? It is enough to lift up his eyes toward the sky at the deep night. Staring at stars we can feel unification with the great magnificence of the Cosmos.

From any point of Ukraine we can see The Milky Way (the galaxy that contains our Solar System), constellations of Ursa Major (also known as the Great Bear) and Cassiopeia. The last deserves special attention. At first place, it has a shape of English letter “W” in consequence of five brightest stars.  And at second, this constellation was named in honor of the queen Cassiopeia in Greek mythology. The legend tells she was a woman of improbable beauty and she boasted of it every moment she could. As a punishment Cassiopeia had been turned by Poseidon (god of the seas) into the constellation. So nowadays everyone can enjoy her beauty just looking at the sky.

It is just the smallest thing we could do not to forget about our “space homeland”. A person should decide himself: to look at the ground or at the sky.

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