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You are a first-year student and you strictly adhere to all the college rules, do not break an inch of the campus rules and submit all your assignments timely and accurately. You constantly make notes of what you do and write down the results of all your academic efforts. Your term paper will be almost ready until the end of the year. Your essay is due tomorrow, and you have it ready from the last week. You decide to go through it once again before sending to your teacher. While you read you understand this is not the text to be sent. Generally the ideas and evidence are OK, but the wording… Somehow all these in particular, somehow, necessary to mention seem clumsy and old-fashioned. So are some sentences On this issue I am bound to say…, The opinions have divided, and the priority factors have not been determined. Yet, in general it is a good essay, and anyhow you don’t have enough time to write a new one. What to do? A simple rewording may be the key to your troubles!

Why hire our essay rewriter

Our agency is glad to offer both free and paid services.

FREE offers:

  • our rewriting tool (a free tool to paraphrase your texts, also known as a rewording tool, essay rewriter tool, article rewriter tool, paraphrasing tool);
  • short essay revision (our expert will check the part of your academic paper).

What to expect from the reworded text by our experts

Clients order rewording and rewriting services for various reasons. Here are the most popular of them:

  • improve the word choice (i.e. correct terminology in academic papers);
  • come up with plagiarism-free content for a research paper;
  • ensure high-quality content;
  • boost search engine optimization (for online content);
  • enhance readability (find appropriate synonyms to avoid tautologies).

7 reasons for rewording my assignment

Reword my essay

The modern whirl of life requires more action from the man than it used to before. We need to do more, faster and more effectively than our ancestors, just to keep things going. That is particularly true for students. Apart from the pile of texts that amasses every year and is bound for studying, the students receive more tasks, of a more complicated nature and to be done for less time than before. In such situation, it is quite a challenge to keep up with the pace, especially when another exciting party is in sight. If you face the approaching deadline and your papers are still lying in the heap on your desk (or make a mess on your PC desktop), it’s time to use the trustworthy academic paper editing services. Apart from saving time, it will upgrade your text to the impeccable writing sample. The A grade is the least you can expect!  

However, if there is no party in the prospects, and you spend time at your room watching the drizzling rain slowly dripping down your window, making order with your assignments may be a good distracting occupation, at least for a while.

Then, browsing some, you discover they look not the way you’d like them to. It’s a good time to gather your skills and knowledge together and reword your paper. We know 7 irresistible reasons for that:

1. Earn a higher grade. It goes without doubt that being properly reworded; your assignment will score more points with your teacher. Adjusting the style, correcting the mistakes, smoothing the roughness will make your text look much more solid – and easier to read.

So, when you got determined on the rewording needs for your paper, and would like to outsource it, all is left to do just typing in the contact form, feedback section or other compartment of the dedicated website, “Reword my paper quickly”. Or “thoroughly”. Or “not expensive”. We shall tailor-cut our services to your individual demands and remarks, so to please both parties with a perfect result. 

2. Challenge your willpower. Performing a rewording of your own text is not that easy as it seems. The thing is, our brain works by the economy principle – once having conceived an idea and having estimated it as an appropriate one, it would rather involuntarily apply another mind effort to rethink it. It needs either a good motive or… a good kick.

Sometimes the need for rewording may not be obvious to the author. The reason is, having written the essay and having turned it over and over in your mind, your brain gets used to it and percepts it as a normal text. Yet if you have the opportunity to fully distract yourself and come back to the text later, some deficiencies will stand out immediately. We hope you can correct them yourself. Remember, though, you can always apply for the assistance of the professional editors https://essay-editor.net/blog/article-rewriting-service-why-do-we-need-it.

3. Try your linguistic skills. To reword the already written text you should be able to form the new verbal expressions for already existing notion. We do it every day, though not on purpose. We use different synonyms and synonymizing constructions, play with the Tenses and the Case, the Voice of the phrase:

You have earned a high grade. Oh, you’ve got the excellent grade! How’s that, the highest grade having been earned by her essay?

Sometimes when the paper makes sense yet you are not pleased with its appearance, it might concern not only the choice of words, but also their correct spelling and usage. Rectifying the regular yet frequent grammar mistakes, often caught in the text of the beginners in writing, foreign students, and many other people, too, can transform the appearance of your text considerably and improve it visibly.

4. Check your creativity. Yes, it is quite a creative task. It is not enough to know simply the grammar, punctuation and other levels of the language. You’ve got to be creative, to be able thinking out of the box. In order to reword your assignment, you need to look at it from the different angle, to highlight its properties and qualities that have been shaded before:

Logical robots – that is how people will be called in while. “Emotion killers” is the right name for the next generation.

5. Boost your logical abilities. Rewording requires the primary sense to be preserved while the shape is modified. Getting too much into the woods will result in losing the thread of the main idea. You need a good logical thinking to keep in line with your initial idea and do not distract onto the unnecessary outside leads, however luring they could be:

The experiment aimed to establish the connection between the social skills of the apes and their creative abilities. We conducted the experiment in order to prove the dependence of the creative manifestations in the apes’ behavior that reflect the ability to analyze the situation and look for the possible solutions…

It is also important to reword your thesis with regard to the changes you have made in your assignment. Your thesis is an important part, an essence of your paper. It is crucial that it should clearly outline your view and contain a brief description of the issue. Being brief and yet concise is said to be a talent. However, anyone can develop and upgrade his or her linguistic talent, should such person wish to apply some efforts to this task. If you do not wish, or do not have a possibility to do so, we shall gladly help you. Check what we can do https://essay-editor.net/blog/save-your-patience-with-the-thesis-editing-service.

6. Enhance your English. Searching for the synonyms, the versions of the same word or utterance that can have slightly different meaning, checking these meaning deviations by means of vocabularies, scrolling the dedicated websites in search of the solutions will result in the significant development of your level of mastering English. Even if you are a native speaker, you can learn a lot about the origin and the tints of meaning of different words and utterances. Rather an exciting experience, that is:

Particular – goes from Latin a small part. Can be replaced by partly, in short, in detail.

7. Have a backup draft for your next assignment. Indeed, sometimes rewording a text makes it completely different in appearance as from the first reading. Having a good idea developed in two ways you would feel more confident for your next task than having none. Besides, you’ve got your own rewording algorithm now – you can turn any of your essay into two or three or four animated papers. That’s a pure profit!

Hope these reasons have inspired you for the decisive step, and your pen is already pointed at the sheet of paper (or your fingers flutter above the keyboard). Now, let’s take a deep breath and plunge into the ocean of words and their meaning – to sail with the rewording stream.

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7 ways to reword an essay

Now that we know the task, let us talk how to implement it. For that we have picked the seven methods that really work! Let’s start:

1. Cutting the extra. If your text looks too wordy, try to look at it as if from the distance. Read it again. Cut the sentences that do not bring any significant meaning to the text:

Thus, the abovementioned proves our conclusions. These factors that show the causes of such events are also their reason’s background.

However, even if all of your messages are well built and do not make the empty meaning constructions, there is always a room for cutting some superficial words, such as adverbial modifiers, attributes, interjections:

Well, that proves absolutely the somewhat unsteady conclusion we have illustrated before. That proves the conclusion we have illustrated before.

Pay attention when entrusting your text for corrections to others. However experienced the editor might be, his or her vision of the paper may differ from yours radically. So it is important to discuss all the particulars in advance. With our cheap college essay editing service you receive all the advantages of the prime quality servicing, including quick feedback and reaction to your needs, impeccable result, friendly attitude. Browse our site for the proofs, and we hope to see your ordering e-mail soon!

2. Adding the needful. If you feel your thesis lacks ground or your suggestions and arguments lack proofs and evidence, add them. Unlike the previous method, here it may be reasonable to add some adverbial modifiers or attributes to highlight the important meaning:

This experiment proved the arguments. Grossly, this final experiment proved the seemingly dubious arguments we have outlined in the previous paragraph.

3. Change the rhythm. If your essay generally looks good, however it is rather boring to read it, try to bring some rhythm into it. Use a simple formula: three alike elements, one different. For example, break the first long sentence into three ones (or make three out of two) and put a long one as the fourth. Do the same with the lists, adjectives, homogeneous elements:

This algorithm includes synthesis, analysis, synthesisand inductive conclusion.

4. Change the logical framework. If you feel your essay lacks a straight structure and transparent logic, try the following technique. Exclude all the logical parts (thesis, theory, arguments, evidence, conclusion). Analyze each part for the logical deficiencies. Fix them. Take the divided parts together again. If this method doesn’t help to make a congruent text, try to exchange the logical parts as to their place in the text. Read the text again. This exercise will help you to grasp the essence of a deficiency and rectify it:

The elephants need a lot of water. They pour the water onto their backs, which is impossible in the shallow places. – here the sentence They need a deeper water area to take the water into their trunks.

This method, though seemingly difficult, turns out to be one of the most effective ones. Should you face any problems with its application, our friendly editors are always there to rule out any of your difficulties. Check what we can do for you https://essay-editor.net/blog/the-best-paper-editor-will-edit-your-course-paper.

5. Check the conjunctions. Sometimes it happens that the text looks logical and straight, however is not easy for reading and understanding. In this case, check the conjunctions, both grammatical and logical ones, between the parts of your text. Sometimes putting the conjunction in its place is able to change the meaning or highlight the necessary clarification:

Clamps are used for securing objects. We used them as a metal-made substance. It turns more comprehensive to say But we used them as a metal-made substance.

See one of our recent posts on dealing with the assignments’ proofreading and picking the right conjunctions https://essay-editor.net/blog/assignment-proofreading-service--less-bother-more-result

6. Play with grammar categories. Introducing different parts of speech or getting rid of some of the excessive ones may serve you well, as we have already shown before with regard to the adverbs and adjectives. However, other grammar categories, such as mood, tense, voice can also modify the meaning and the perception of your texts. Adhere to the simple rules:

  • the correct use of the grammar mood will align your text in a single format. If you wish to bring some animation, an unusual turn to it, dilute it with some subjunctive or even imperative sentences. Watch the effect. Make sure, though, these grammar changes are appropriate for your text and do not bring a vague tune into it:

The results of the experiment will vary. The results of the experiment would vary.

  • Use Active and Passive voice in the proportion 7/2. Preferred Active voice brings dynamic into your text and shortens the sentence, while the Passive makes it wordy and brings uncertainty as to the acting person:

We have studied the principles of the political economy of ancient China. The political economy of ancient China has been studied.

  • Remember about the sequence of Tenses rule. Clashing tenses might irritate the reader not allowing to grasp the meaning at once:

We studied the theory and had made an experiment. We studied the theory and have made an experiment.

7. Use synonyms. If your logic is OK, the grammar categories fit perfectly, all the extra words have been successfully cut out – and your paper still seems far from a perfect text you have in your mind, it is time to reword it with synonyms. First of all, determine the style you’d like your text to be performed in. Then exchange the words onto the corresponding synonyms. For example, if you have chosen a formal style, pick the relevant words:

Classic expressions can make your day with the text. Traditional phrases can influence the whole meaning of the text.

Browsing through and selecting the fitting synonyms may turn out quite a difficult task if you are not a native English speaker. Indeed, knowing all the palette of meanings and there combinations, the places where they fit into or the ones they cannot be used in, requires significant skills and affection to the language and literature. Such are the merits of our staff editors. Just select what service you need, e.g. put an order for a dissertation or essay editor, and these supermen of editing will be right there at your rescue!

So, we see that rewording your essay is quite a manageable task. Sometimes all your essay needs is to be thoroughly proofread.  However, it doesn’t deem possible in many of the circumstances students usually get in. Whether you are head over ears in your primary academic project and do not have time to distract onto “trifles”, or your side job takes a lot of effort and you just can’t allot any further to the polishing of the assignment – this issue can be easily solved. Entrust your paper to a reliable editor, place an order, specify the task and have a spare time for your personal occupations. Be sure to check thoroughly whether a proofreading and editing essay website you entered is a trustworthy one. On that purpose, check the dedicated articles from our blog.

Getting close to the finish of your task, remember to summarize the experience you have gained while performing it. It is much probable you have learned or recalled the grammar rules, the use of the punctuation, some syntactic norms. If you’d like to continue your linguistic discoveries, welcome to our website dedicated to the English language and the ways to improve its mastering by students. If you are interested also in the range and quality of our services, we’d recommend to browse the following articles:

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7 tips to make your reworded essay a piece of writing Art

You have your essay reworded and looking good. However, if you aim for the highest grade or just wish to improve it further, we have prepared some useful tips for you to do it yourself. They are seven, as you might guess:

1. Illustrate your essay by graphic means. Add tables, diagrams, interactive symbols (arrows, rubric points with ticks in the square). Insert a matching picture. Make sure your graphic elements are unique. For that use the picture uniqueness checkers available online. If it is not unique, edit it in the comprehensive modern graphic editor or order a unique picture from the dedicated website.

2. Animate your text with examples. Even if you write on a legal or technical subject, where formality is a key to success, still some moments can be illustrated with the bright examples. For instance, describing the power of electricity, mention the devices where it is used, with a different way of connection and usage of such power. Contemplating on the legal acts, make examples of their acting in the real life (in the court case, for example). The examples also add to the rhythmical picture to the text and allow the readers to check their understanding of the text and get a break from the continuous brain work.

3. Bring uniqueness to each sentence. It isn’t that difficult as it may seem. Thoroughly read your text through. Then by means of the “Search” menu find all the similar beginnings, endings of the sentences, or inside word-combinations. Replace them with the synonymizing ones:

However, this procrastination issue was crucial. Meanwhile, this issue of delaying the task had a great importance.

Check the ways the really efficient service to edit my essay online works! The exclusive services available at the professional companies only can magically transform your text, add a zest and some youthful audacity to it or, otherwise, to bring it into the framework of a strict and straight formal academic style. The options may vary depending on your order and the expected modifications, yet we are sure the result will meet your highest expectations! 

4. Make an intriguing story. However dull and mechanical your subject may seem, it is always possible to make a plot around it. Thoroughly analyze the subject and the possible situations you could tell about. Set them as a logical structure. Make sure the first element has a tint of escaping meaning. Ascertain it is fully revealed in your conclusion. Making such an exercise can cost a lot of time and efforts, but the result will undoubtedly impress you. Make sure you stay appropriate and within the academic style, all the way through your text. Check our free samples available on the website for possible ideas.

That’s an exclusive task that can be properly performed only by the skillful and experienced linguists. Such people make the staff of our editing company. Learn more about the advantages of our online dissertation proofreader who will formalize our text without being dull and will suggest all available options for the rewording of your text.

5, Add unique or unusual evidence. Introducing a fresh or unknown before information will certainly rise up your chances for the highest grade. A profound search and a good knowledge of the subject are required for such a task. You can also use the private libraries and separate editions available online.

Claiming a brilliant idea may seem doubtful if your text looks like the assortment of incongruous paragraphs. Pay close attention to your logical line; make sure your conclusions are not ahead of the arguments and evidence, and certainly not the thesis itself. Browse our articles to find out how we can help you to compile or re-create such a text https://essay-editor.net/blog/editing-and-proofreading-service-will-help-you.

6. Adjust your style and add a zest to it. Just going formal is a good solution for a good essay, but not the way to go for the perfect one. Making your narrative style individual will definitely score you additional points as it would prove your ability for non-standard thinking as well as your linguistic skills. Using an unusual sequence of words without a gross violation of the grammar rules may serve as the indication of your style. So do some archaic words or neologisms. Simple setting of your own textual rhythm will also perform the task.

We obtained an amoeba separated. Such aliment as declared was inappropriate for it. 

Sometimes to make the text unusual and stylish it is necessary to make a step aside of the rules. Certainly, ignorance of grammar or punctuation rules might cost a lower grade, however the clever use of some of the patterns may add additional peculiar sense to the text and make it an outstanding one. Especially if all of the rest has a perfect grammar. Compare My brother has made a quick rise in his career. My low-educated, low-behaved and low-social brother made a quick up-rise in his career.

7. Think out of the box. Being creative without violating the rules will always bring you a step up on your educational and career stairs. You can be creative not only in the content of your text, but also in its execution and the format. For example, describing the psychological principles by means of the mathematic formulae with the comprehensive description. Rubricating the text not supposed to be represented in a list (in this case, make sure you have a solid ground for doing so). Replacing the words with the comprehensive symbols (arrows, Greek letters). For doing that, just imagine the essay on the subject. Then imagine something quite opposite or different (a cat laying on a sofa will do, too). Try to find similarities and discrepancies. Then think how they could be implemented in the text.

Rewording may be a good solution to upgrade your text and raise its readability and even the scientific merits. It is also a good exercise for your linguistic and logical skills. If you need support for the rewording techniques check our recent articles on the subject https://essay-editor.net/blog/essay-revision-service--pros-and-cons.

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A quick test for you in the end. Reword a sentence, “Contacting a professional editor may save you time and money”. Got it right and quick? Congratulations! You are keen on rewording now! Let’s be friends. Check our comprehensive contact form on the website and lodge your order or remark. See you soon!