How To Learn Present Simple Easy


English is a very popular language today. It is spoken in almost every country. So, it is important to be able to communicate with English speakers. Especially, if you are a tourist. Sometimes you need to say some simple things. When you need to get somewhere or to ask for help. Here comes Present Simple Tense. The basis of English. Check for more information about editing and proofreading service on the Internet. We strongly recommend to check our English professional editing service. Here you can find a lot of information about how to learn English. You can find a lot of interesting essays on our website.

Let’s talk about Present Simple Tense in details. Why Present Simple is so important?
We use it to talk about:

  • something that happens again and again;
  • something that is true right now;
  • something that always true;
  • something that is true in future;

As you can see, Present Simple Tense if vital for those, who wants to learn English and to speak it freely. It gives you an opportunity to talk about things, that is true for present time. And it is exactly what you have to do, for example, while traveling to English speaking county. People will understand you won’t make any trouble to them as well as to yourself. Check how to write A+ essay.

So, there are some useful exercises, that will help you to learn Present Simple Tense. But before doing it you have to find yourself being in a good mood and looking forward to new thing in your life. It is the best tip to learn everything. Just learn how to want to learn. Also check blog of our website for more information.

Here we go.

1. Learn by hard the third person S;

It is the most frequent mistake of all people, who learn English. Kill off it. Just learn by hard. It will help you to learn Present Simple Tense. And, actually, it is how native speaker picks up, that you are a tourist. Check for more information about English.

2. Learn by hard such verbs as do and does;

In English we use do and does to make negatives and questions. You have to know exactly how to it works. You will often ask something. And here we have Present Simple too. Read more info about our proofreading:

3. Introduction and eliciting names;

Write down your name on the paper. Only first name. Then try to answer such questions;

  • What is my name?(My name is…)
  • Who am i?(I am…)

Then write down name of your friend or someone, who you can call he or she. And try to answer such questions;

  • Who is he?(He is…)
  • What is his name?(His name is…)

After that do same thing with she.

4. Say something, you do every day;

Just remember things, you do every day. For example, read books, watch TV, brush your teeth, go for a walk with your friends, listen music, dance or something else. Then try to say it. Speak about yourself.

For example:

I read books every day;

I learn English every day;

I take shower every day;

I do my best every day;

After that try to say something, you do not do every day.

For example:

I do not eat sweets every day;

I do not smoke every day;

Than change every day to never.

For example:

I never watch TV till late;

I never drink alcohol;

As you see, it is a perfect way to improve your knowledge of Present Simple Tense and also it is kind of reflection. It did not occurred to me, that I had smoked every day, till I said it to myself . Use it to become better. Check more information about how to study English. Here goes more general tips, that will help you to learn Present Simple Tense. But also you can use it for something else, you want to learn.

1. Try to do exercises every day.

Stability is that thing, which makes great things. Just get a habit to do exercises every morning. It will take about five or ten minutes. You can just ask yourself some questions and then answer it. It is a perfect exercise to improve your speaking and even spelling. Or just find exercises on Internet and try to do it every day. Read about reword paper service online.

2. Do not go on, if you are not sure;

If you are sure, that there is something, that you do not know perfect – do not go on. Do not do next exercises. Do not learn next lesson. Make it perfect as well. Only then go on. It will help you to learn things in system. The great things did not appear from nowhere. It is the result of long and hard work. Check also some information about punctuation skills:

3. Learn to want to learn;

It is very important to want to learn, what you learn. You will know it, if you know, what it will give to you. What you will be able to do. Just try to imagine, that you have already known all that things, you want to learn. What opportunities do you have now? Is it that thing, you want to know? Be motivated and you will be successful.

To sum it up, we can say, that it is not hard to learn Present Simple Tense. The only thing, which you need is your insistence. There are a lot of exercises on the Internet, which will help you as well as a good teacher of English. Here you can contact us.

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