The Best Way to Reword an Essay


Reword an essay

Encountering the necessity to change the already written text usually is similar to a nightmare for most of the students. So many efforts and sleepless nights spent for plotting, composing, comparing, finally writing… only to find out that your essay sucks. Disappointing, right? However, we have more than one solution for you. Enter our web page, type in “Edit my essay” and forget all about it until the next day. Then you will receive your paper as grammatical, coherent and comprehensive as only possible. All that is due to the vast experience of our editors in the field of academic editing, as well as profound understanding of the students’ needs and college rules. For example, we have a series of posts on the fun ways to learn English. Get the assistance of the English-speaking pros in editing, as well as professional consulting for any issue in the English grammar. Our blog is also open for perusal. It presents a lot of academic-style articles on the development of editing technologies, that go side-by-side the thorough researches and entertaining reviews of the aspects of the English language. The fair and transparent system of price rating is another of our advantages. Check for yourself and stay with us longer!

Reword my essay or leave it as it is?

In a moment of doubt, when a large heap of the work is behind, we tend to minimize our efforts. If the freshly written essay can be estimated as “relatively good”, there are poor chances the ever busy student would correct and revise it to make it “good” or even “excellent”. However, if your mark for this essay is a crucial point for your record, and you desperately need the highest grade, most likely you would decide in favor of the revision.

So, what reasoning can propel a student to make corrections to his or her essay? Let us register them below:

  • Indiscernible idea. You have been preparing to write this particular essay hard. You browsed and analyzed different data (see the advice for data analysis), searched on the Internet, abandoned entertainments for libraries, consulted your teacher. Then you got yourself behind your desk with your fingertips above the keyboard. You started writing, returning to some fragments, consulting books and the Web, correcting, revising etc. You have had so many thoughts on the topic that you but felt you’ve got to squeeze them all into this essay of yours. Yet in the end of your insight, when you got to reread your writing, it was but to find out that all the ideas and useful thoughts got mixed up, and there is none standing out and being efficiently revealed.
  • Mixed up argument. Another flaw frequently coming up in the students’ essays is the incongruous representation of the arguments. It is particularly characteristic for the complex essays reflecting more than one idea regarding the topic. When the arguments can be associated with two or more thesis’ points, it takes a lot of analytical effort and high concentration to relate them properly, and not to mix up the conclusions thereupon. It happens when addressing some argument to the particular topic, the writer gets distracted with another one, which can also be related. Thus, the former topic is left incomplete. Getting to unbind the intrinsic arguments, be sure to have the reliable information at hand. It relays yet more full account of the textual trouble, as well as the methods used to deal with it.
  • Incorrect reasoning. Sometimes when you deal with the topics you do not have an integral perception of, you can be deluded by the arguments that seem fitting. For example, before the Middle Age many scientists were quite sure the model of Universe has the Earth as its center, while the Sun is going round the Earth. Such notion was based on the visual perception. Though it was refuted later, yet this system of notions had existed quite long; besides, the other notions (about geometry, for instance), built on its foundation, were proved afterwards to be true. While here we list only the potential problems that may affect your academic paper, would like to state that our specialists can deal with the problem of any level of complexity. Check for yourself and order the affordable essay rewriting services this very moment! You might catch a handsome discount for your order!
  • Inadequate style. A brilliant scientist is not often a brilliant writer or speaker. Most of the times it is otherwise. However strong and irresistible might be your logic and argumentation, yet it might happen that the representation of them differs from what you have in mind. Colloquial words and phrases (awesome discovery, we ought to give props to Aristotle), improper abbreviations (D’ye, comp prog), logically cut out sentences (Ch. Darwin has written a book) can spoil the overall impression of the text, as well as obstruct its fine structure and make it unintelligible.
  • Foul grammar. Though the grammar does not make an essential part of the essay, written by non-linguist, yet it adds much to the text readability and integrity. Besides, some of the grammar mistakes lead to the flaws in meaning as well. It concerns any part of grammar, but mostly the clash of tenses (When I am conducting an experiment, the external factor of the social influence had not been counted), misplacement of the prepositions (It was kind of good theory and nice argument), mixing up the possessive, plural and shortened verbal forms (Laborite’s took the majority at the Parliament, Laborites was the final decision, Laborites’ on a wave in that period).
  • Multiple typos. While all the people are wont to make mistakes, one or two typos per text are quite agreeable. At the same time if the paper is crawling with different mistypes and wrong forms, it complicates the reading significantly. The reader is propelled to reconstruct each form as to its primary shape and meaning, thus spending some time on each mistake. Sometimes it even leads to the loss of the narrative’s thread.

All the situations described above can be the cause for performing the paper’s rewording. Yet it is not the only solution possible. There are numerous editing techniques that in each particular case may turn out more effective than the other ones. A smart and comprehensive outline on each of them is available for perusing on our website. Find them via following leads:

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Cures for the text ailments

Now that the outline of the flaws is presented, and the text “diseases” have been diagnosed, we can get determined as to the possible medicines and the ways of curing them.

Let’s list the “treatments” and also define the cases in which it is appropriate to apply for it:

1. Structural transformation. Modifying the structure of the text can be a simple operation, if you just switch the paragraphs. At the same time, if you define and extract the meaning elements and replace them to another paragraph or clause, meanwhile filling in the gap in the current paragraph, such change will require much more skill and brain work. Structural transformation is applied when such text deficiencies are spotted, as incoherent narrative, weak argument, inconsistent logic.

2. Structural and logical revision. When your essay is completely unsatisfactory, while the main idea is strong and needs to be represented in another way, you can apply revision to the text. Revision implies the thorough analysis of the text, seclusion of the essential structural parts (thesis, theory, argument, examples, conclusion), their remodeling by means of putting the same sense into the other words, and synthesis of such fragments into the integral text. Such a method helps with the texts whose structure and logic are subject to the complete replacement and revision. This task is a complex one, both in its nature and performance. It requires the highest grade of the linguistic skill, as the efficient revision of the paper can be compared to writing the thesis on some of the linguistic aspects. Get on with our dedicated team and hire the knowledgeable dissertation editor right now for your academic paper. You will have a pleasant surprise regarding the price as well!

3. Meaning-preserving rewording. It is the operation of exchanging the words and sentences into their synonyms or synonyms’ constructions. While performing such modifications, it is important to keep note on the overall meaning and the style of the text. Even very similar words can be irreplaceable with each other, others can have the tints of the meaning that can grant their usage inappropriate in certain situations. For instance, replacing the word feeble with shaky can produce a different meaning for the whole sentence: The physical connection between these molecules is rather feeble means that it easy get broken or can get broken from the outside. Meanwhile, the word shaky will produce the meaning that the connection possesses its own properties and can be disturbed out of inner reasons. At the same time, using the colloquial phrase The physical connection between the molecules sucks brings the inappropriate style into the academic paper.

Rewording does not help if your paper shows the signs of the logical or structural weakness. Nevertheless, it helps greatly if the problem lays in the area of style and word dynamics. Sometimes just using one proper word can save a whole paragraph, that otherwise would have to be fully reworded. It is often the case with the term papers of the first years’ students, who usually get more experience during the second year and are able to deal with their mistakes more efficiently then. Meanwhile, they can apply for the term paper editing service by pros who will willingly adjust their texts to ensure the brilliant execution.

4. Correction of the commas, grammar, typos and so on. In the editing field, it is called proofreading. Lots of useful data about this method of the text changing, together with some hints as to the method optimal implementation. It includes correction of all the mistakes relating to the shape of the words and sentences, their correct writing. It also involves the fixing of the commas and other punctuation marks. Requires a good knowledge of the grammar, spelling, punctuation, word combination properties. Proofreading is good at spotting typos and occasional mistakes. Does not influence the meaning development in any way. Is also used as the auxiliary means together with other editing methods.

Above we have outlined the most common editing “treatments” for the textual flaws. Each of them has their subdivisions and can be combined with other editing methods, depending on the character and range of deficiencies in the text.

Wishing to apply for the professional assistance for such tasks? Then we invite you to the world of editing on our website page. The comprehensive outline of the editing services boasting the widest range possible, supported by the democratic prices. Live chat enabling you to receive an answer to your query within minutes. Knowledgeable editors with many years’ experience in the editing for students and postgraduates, trained in the different fields of science, besides linguistics. The comprehensive support of the customers of different and qualification, having different level of the English knowledge. If you are interested in editing and its embodiment, browse also the record of our blog dedicated to this field of knowledge. We propose a flexible system of the services’ rating, and the loyal customers can always count on a nice discount!

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