How The Best Academic Editing Services Work


When you finish writing your academic paper, it is obvious that you need to edit it. It is a truism, let us say, a new Murphy’s rule. However, it is not always convenient to edit your paper by yourself. That’s why we exist. Our English editors online will evaluate your paper’s language to Shakespeare’s level. Just place an order our consult our support team. There are several reasons for visiting our site and asking us for some professional help:

  1. Right after writing a paper you may be too tired to edit it. Writing and editing are not similar processes; they require different ways of thinking and actions. So, your brain would not recover itself and it would be difficult to edit a paper right after writing, you would miss many mistakes.
  2. You may not have needed skills for editing. Yes, editing is an independent work and requires specific skills. Not every person has got them and it is not their fault. For editing you need to develop criticality, great diligence, assiduity and accuracy. Even if you are sure you have written a great paper, you may have no results in editing.
  3. Usually for editing there is no free time left. All academic papers are needed to be written by the specified time. And very often you finish writing a paper a day or an hour before representing it. Even a skilled academic editor needs time; however, ours can always make miracles.
  4. You may be afraid of making or missing a mistake. Well, lack of self-confidence is a usual reason of bad marks or results. Unfortunately, it is not easy to become self-confident while editing, as you always need to be critical to yourself. The emotional barrier may be too big for that. That’s why you need to involve a third person to the process.

Everybody faced or will face such problems with academic editing and writing. All these problems can lead you to several ways of solving. You can try editing the paper by yourself or you can ask for online help. Our document editor service has got thousands solutions for you. Our team consists of skilled writers and editors, who had worked with billions of academic papers and saved hundreds of careers and lives. They can provide you with the best variant of editing, so you can relax and rely on professionals. Among our services editing is one of the most popular, so we face editing every day and our editing system has became sharp and precise. Academic editing services in the Internet usually do keep the approaches of their work from the clients. We can share with you some secrets.

How We Work?

Let’s undercover some techniques of our job and discover the secrets of master editing. Right after placing an order your paper goes to one of our skilled editor. Years of work developed a complicated system of algorithms that are applied to your paper. First of all, we, according to the kind of your paper, details and your special requirements we study the paper, its structure and content. That’s why it is good to point all the details and tips you can provide. More information you can get to us, more results you will see after our job. Why the structure makes so much sense? An academic paper is a document of strict rules of composing and even two similar dissertations of different academic styles differ very much. First of all we point out an introduction. This part of a paper reveals the reasons why did you start it and what are you going to reach by your research. We check the logical sequences of your paper; see if sentences flow into others well and if the paragraphs are connected with each other. A good editor always writes outlines based on a complete paper and then analyze the overall organization of the academic paper. The most common mistakes are: lack of styles knowledge, no logical connections between the parts of the paper shortage of conclusions of their erroneous meaning that does not reflect the paper.

What We Need To Do With The Content

After the structure check and editing our writers start to check the content of the paper. It’s a very important part, as we cut off all plagiarism, dialectical and vocabulary mistakes. Every sentence of your paper is read and the analysis of how it sounds is held. Experts of our site ensure that every sentence transfer your thoughts completely and in the proper manner. Usually academic papers suffer from one mistake: the sentences are too long and become non-readable. We give recommendations and point out of how to rewrite your text to make it clear and strict. Plagiarism is one of the hugest problems of every academic paper. To reveal the plagiarism we use the most convenient services that are connected to the world databases of academic writing. By the way, we use the similar systems the universities use, so there will be no surprise for you: if guarantee the paper has no plagiarism, no one will find it in your paper.

We Mind Style And Details

After content revision we see if the style of a paper is on a high level. The tone of your writing, length of sentences, dialect, and difficulty of reading are analyzed. It may seem to be unnecessary, but many students, especially non-English speaking people. When these steps are made, we begin checking other details. We use spellcheckers and then revise the paper for more spelling and punctuation mistakes. A living person is always a last section of the chain, as the machine can miss some essential or complicated mistakes. Sometimes if there are many issues with editing, the special editor conference is held, so many editors are working on your paper. As a result of our job, you get a 100% plagiarism free, structured paper with proper language. Such paper meets all the requirements of the academic writing styles and reflects the research conducted in the most convenient way.  It may seem the process takes too long. Well, actually, it depends on the paper’s length, but we always confine ourselves to the schedule you need.

Well, this is the brief description of our editing. Of course, we cannot describe all the techniques and approaches, as they are special and can vary from client to client. We think that this special approach distinguishes us from other services and makes our clients so happy. So, remember, no matter how you write your paper, editing will be a problem. And the best way to solve a problem is to give your paper to our skilled editors.

Our website has the most affordable pricing rates and that’s why we often get orders from different countries. It means that absolutely everyone can afford our custom writing services. Since we work with all world countries, we ensure 24-hour on-site assistance, and our experts are always ready to deliver the most urgent orders. For this purpose, Essay-editor company has the headquarters and agencies in various cities, for instance, Toronto (Canada), Houston and Chicago (the United States).

Our regular customers never think about the cost and order the services without hesitation. They know that we have the lowest proofing fee and the prices are reasonable. By the way, medical school and law school students, as well as ESL program students, are among our most frequent clients. Correct grammar of their scientific written assignments is very important and that’s why they order competent proofreading.  Also, MBA thesis and PhD dissertation papers based on APA demands are often ordered. We have helped thousand of seniors graduate without problems. Another thing of our site is copy-editing aid. Many copywriters use copyediting services to save their time.

Of course, this is not the fullest list of our activities. We’ve just mentioned the key points. If more information is wanted, if you have a question related to studying process, if there is some personal demand you want to get satisfied, turn to our support team. It is available 24/7 and always willing to give you a hand. Whatever question you might have, do not think twice before asking it. Send us a message at once.

We have a friendly team of true professionals who are passionate about their job. You’ll love to work with us!