Some Important Points To Consider When Revising Your Essay


Essay revising - Editing the thesis statement effectively

Creating a good essay is a challenging task that requires using enough evidence, having no grammar errors, introducing a powerful thesis statement, etc. Though a student may have good writing skills to generate a decent paper, there is still the need to revise it in a proper manner.

The revision process does not mean that students cannot use the writing tools correctly. In fact, all experienced writers are aware and always have a main point of revising the entire paper at the end of writing the paper.

If you now think that we are trying to assure you that the revising process is not bad in your case, you are totally right. All writers edit their works prior to their publication for spelling mistakes, misused words, logical flow, the use of transition words and their appropriateness, sentence level, punctuation, reference list and citation style, the number of paragraphs, and the overall organization of each paragraph.

Key tips for the revision process for each one of you to make the academic writing piece ideal

The first thing to consider is: do you have to do a revision of the hard copy of the assignment or a digital copy? Why is this important?

Typically, people believe that software programs automatically revise the content in an effective manner, thus saving their time and making the content highly attractive for readers.

However, this is a big mistake. Such programs may lead to confusion in the body of the essay because of the tendency to change the meaning of words, thus changing ideas developed by the writer.

Therefore, it is more convenient for students to have a hard copy of the written essay to make the necessary changes by hand. Revising your essay implies highlighting the areas that need improvement and leaving comments right from the introduction to the last paragraph - the conclusion.

We can suggest some tips for revising a paper in an effective manner.

Make sure to have enough time

Many students wonder how much time they would require for revising the paper thoroughly. Of course, it depends on the assignment and the requirements put forward by the instructor to write it. Also, the answer may be found in the amount of time spent to develop the essay that should be revised and re read.

As a rule, having one day or just a couple of days to revise the draft of the paper is enough to get the big picture of what should be changed to make the paper better.

You need to remember that getting the perfect final result, it is necessary to focus on the essay precisely, identifying gaps, relevant evidence, and each point that needs attention.

At the end of the writing process, read the paper loud

It is a crucial step because when you write an essay, the brain is exhausted and cannot perceive the information you have already written in a cohesive manner.

Since your task at this stage is to revise the paper for logical order and locate the paragraphs to insert new ideas, the brain may mislead you. You may even miss extra words in the sentences or spelling errors that may change the meaning of the main idea of the essay.

Reading the essay loud will help you determine short sentences or extra long sentences, any grammar mistakes in a sentence, improper word choice, etc. This is a significant aspect of delivering a quality paper.

Follow the required organization and structure of the essay

One point to take into account is the structure of the essay you are writing should be easy to understand and clear. Readers should follow the main ideas expressed by you as well as connect the argument in each paragraph with the thesis outlined in the clear introduction.

The transition from the topic sentence presented in the introduction through the body paragraphs, to the essay conclusion should be smooth and logical.

Writing an essay is sometimes a chaotic process because the writer should incorporate sufficient evidence from the relevant article helpful in writing topic sentences. Revision of the first draft of the essay will show that some paragraphs include sentences that do not support the main argument and instead oppose it.

The key point of the revision process is to ensure the logical organization of the paper, i.e. beginning, the body of the essay, and conclusion.

Formatting and language of the essay

The mistake of almost every student is ignorance of the citation style required to be used for writing an essay. The fact is all papers are scrupulously checked for the specific referencing style and the failure to follow it may result in a reduced grade.

Though the essay written by you is ideal, but citations and references do not correspond to the university's guidelines, or figures and tables are not effectively presented, be ready to receive lower grades.

To avoid this, be sure to use the style guide to cite each sentence in a paragraph correctly, as well as each source in the bibliography.

Furthermore, the language of the paper plays a vital role. It is not about creating sentences from the phrases to present the argument. Rather, it is about using the right phrases, academic language.

How is it possible to use language in essay writing effectively? Using appropriate transitions and rich terminology will be highly effective.

Consider the following elements when you revise the language of each paragraph of the essay


Academic writing of a Master's Degree should not include such contractions as it's, ther're, etc. Instead, the draft should consist of full words and phrases like it is, there are, etc. Contractions are the words used in casual speech, and the academic writing piece does not imply the use of informal language until it is requested to do so.


The use of slang in the academic paper paragraphs is completely unacceptable. Be sure to avoid it when doing a final revision.

Misused phrases

There are a number of misused phrases or units you should be aware of. You need to search the Internet to identify them.

Casual expressions

Please be highly attentive to the use of formal language when writing topic sentences in the essays. This is necessary because this type of paper is formal. Exclude all informal phrases and units in the final draft when editing it.


Clichés and idioms are not used in academic papers. Especially, when you need to present an argument or thesis in a sentence. This may undermine the strength and meaning of the argument you present in a paragraph.

Ascertain the essay has achieved its purpose

As a rule, the assignment is created with a particular aim like conveying a specific message, expanding the research on a given topic, highlighting the particular topic within a particular domain, etc. The process of revision will help you find out whether the essay you are going to submit has achieved its major purpose.

Try to imagine, whether it will be possible for the reader to give a summary of the essay presented in simple, short sentences? Are you sure you have found the right answer? If yes, then move further. If no, it is time to refine this aspect.

Make an emphasis on the idea of the thesis

You should remember that the nature of revision does not end on correcting grammar, punctuation, and typos. No. The emphasis should be made on the overall progress and sentence and paragraph development of the future assignment.

Check the coherence of the essay

The flow of the main ideas is fluent when the coherence of the essay is perfect. Also, the reader may surely state that the assignment is easy to read due to the connection between each paragraph and sentence structure.

Typically, writers achieve coherence in an essay by using transitions to effectively demonstrate the way the ideas are constructed in a sentence and further in a paragraph.

What else may be done to improve the quality of the essay? Enhancing the transitions used when you revise the essay to make it sound more professionally and academically sophisticated.

Moreover, another aspect to take into account is the analysis of the facts and ideas presented in each paragraph in terms of their relevancy and persuasiveness. Undeniable evidence is what you need to support the claims made throughout every single paragraph.

Control the adherence to the formatting rules

Check the length of the essay and the requirements set for this aspect. Try to balance between the lengths of the paragraphs: make sure each paragraph is visually and informatively equal to the previous and subsequent paragraph.

Prior to submitting the assignment, please make sure to check adherence to the correct formatting and citation guidelines because these parameters prove to play a vital role in the overall process of essay evaluation.

It may happen that the essay does not meet the expectations of a teacher. What to do?

You have made so much effort but the final result is highly disappointing? You thought you did everything right and the essay looked just as professionally and accurately as it should be but the teacher tells you the opposite?

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