How to Carry On Business Correspondence


The main principles of the Business CorrespondenceWhen we write something, we usually think of the person we address this writing to. Depending on the receiver, we use certain patterns and words, reveal or conceal some information. We also use a different style. There are four accustomed styles of writing in English, each serving the certain needs of the information sharing. Basis these four “ground” styles the other sub-styles are formed in reply to the demand of certain groups ...Continue reading

Admission Essay Editing Service – You’ve Been Accepted!


What is Admission Essay Editing Service about?You decided on submitting your application to the college or university. Such a step implies that among other supporting documents (curriculum vitae, records, certificates) you have to draw an Admission Essay. Whether it will be a regular admission essay on some general topic (e.g. “Why I Intend  To Enter Norwich”) or, like some colleges require, an improvisation on the specific and tricky subject (for instance, “Are We ...Continue reading

Do We Need A Passive Voice?


Passive Voice in briefs“It was three o’clock in the morning. I was exhausted and my mind hadn’t been visited by a single bright idea by that time. I was obsessed with the intention of shaking off that horrid Passive Voice. But whatever had been done by me, my paper inexorably has been marked by its sinister omen. A decision was taken, finally: the Passive Voice was let in. I was crushed under its force. To be continued…” If a smile touched your face while ...Continue reading

Dissertation Proofreading Service – Dealing With Doubts


Brief outline of the Dissertation Proofreading ServicesWhen someone says “I need to proofread my essay” we can imagine the process and the approximate toolkit used by the proofreader, as well as the volume of text. However with the dissertation proofreading it goes otherwise. We tend to imagine a complicated multi-level linguistic operation that lasts for hours, is featured by numerous repetitions, revisions. In some cases, that just hits the point.However in general the ...Continue reading

How To Master Complex Tenses In English


Complex, not complicated. The characteristic of the Complex tensesA Tense is a tricky yet simple grammar category that, though used regularly, doesn’t have a common fixed definition up to now. The existing approaches to grammar show different understanding of a Tense notion and thus, provide different Tense classifications. What they agree on, is that Tense is connected with the category of time and that it is presented by Verbs.The traditional grammar implies there are only two ...Continue reading

How to Use the Adverbs in Your Speech


How, when and in what manner. The Adverb’s definition and problems of classificationBefore writing the first essay for your college course, you most probably have thrown a glance over different manuals on the way to write the academic paper. Many of those guidelines advise to address the general questions of “What?”, “How?” and “Why?”. This is where the almighty Adverb claims its right for the top place in your paper among other Parts of Speech. ...Continue reading

Online Proofread – Make a Wise Choice


What is proof reading online and how it works? Most probably if you put yourself a question that makes a headline, you are already aware of the general description of the proofreading. So you’ve got an essay or a personal assignment or some document or maybe a thesis and you realize you are in need to proofread it. In other words you want to check your text as to the correctness and correspondence with regard to orthography, grammar, punctuation, sentence construction, logical ...Continue reading

Where To Use Participles In Your Speech


The Participle Crowd. Description And ClassificationThe language reflects the state of mind of the people who use it – that’s a common knowledge. As for English it constantly relays the idea of the active approach to life. It possesses a multi branch classification of the verbs and their forms, that express different sides of the Action; the Active mood and Indicative and Imperative inclinations are always in the preferable position in the oral and even written speech.The ...Continue reading

Proofreading Companies: Pros and Cons


What are Proofreading companies?You don’t have to be a brilliant detective to guess the occupation of the proofreading company. It’s proofreading all right, the score is yours. Yet it is not that simple as it seems from the beginning.First of all, let us be clear about the term. It consists of two words, the meaning of each of them adds to the whole sense of the word-combination. Let’s disclose their meaning.“Proofreading” means the active reading of the ...Continue reading

A Tricky Task – How to Proofread My Document Properly?


Do I really need to proofread my document?It is most probably that you already know well what a proofreading process is or at least what result is expected from it. Get straight with your ideas, put them simply, check for grammar, commas, typos – that’s pretty much it.However there are certain requirements applied to the particular types of the paper being proofread. The way of proofreading the student’s essay would differ from checking the personal e-mail, or correcting ...Continue reading