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From time to time, we all make mistakes. That’s the peculiarity of the human’s action and interaction. Meanwhile, a mistake is not necessarily a negative component of the process of cognition. Often, mistakes allow having a different view of the problem, finding a new way to solve it.Sure, the easiest would be to approach a professional paper editor and never mind the grammar and punctuation mistakes anymore. Still, while you always can apply to your trusted editor for the ...Continue reading

How to Write an Essay


At Essay-Editor’s, we receive numerous requests from our constant and new readers regarding new topics for discussion. The most frequent questions and suggestions concern the way of writing an essay or another paper. Simplifying, it goes like “So, I’ve created a Word file, now what?” Let us analyze the process of writing an essay and fix its stages. Scroll down for a full checklist! 1. Check the deadline. The proper organization accounts for 70% of the success. When Continue reading

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Feeling exhausted after the intensive courses? Need a break for ordering your knowledge and arranging it into your own comprehensive system? We shall help!First, there is plenty of advice to students on our website. On our one-of-the-kind editing blog, we have gathered many small and global hints and tips concerning various spheres of the students’ life. You can find out the best countries in the world to visit for enhancing your English, the way to learn the English grammar without ...Continue reading

Guide to Language Styles


In the modern society, a concept of “style” has become a prevailing one. We often hear and say “style”, “stylish”, “un-stylish” and so on. “Style” can describe different subjects: clothes, music, speech, behavior, entertainment. That is why; a style of writing is an important aspect of the written text.At our editing agency, we employ only knowledgeable specialists who realize the importance of style in writing. Our editors will ...Continue reading

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At all times, students have been the busiest social category. Participation in manifestations and riots, an organization of various practical jokes and a public theater, holding political disputes while sipping coffee (tea, soda etc.) in the cafes, making noisy fun parties… This is not even a tenth part of their occupations. Amazingly, among them, in a feeble handwriting, one could find studying sciences as well.Such a busy agenda, though, could not permit much time to be assigned to ...Continue reading

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Did you happen to write your college essay close to the deadline? Be it the case, there is no time left to check what you actually wrote. However, if your writing skills are above the medium level, you might relax and forget the scruples regarding the consistency, logical flow and the staff alike. Yet, there is a point that might play a joke even with the experienced writers.Editing college papers is the primary occupation of Essay-Editor editing agency. We perform different types of checks, ...Continue reading

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You’ve just passed your high school exams successfully (or something like that) and decided to try your luck with the university? The first thing to do is studying thoroughly all the information available about the institution you have chosen. Visit the website, read the students’ feedback on the Web, ask for your high school teachers’ advice. On the website, you will also find the general and specific requirements for entering the university. Apart from many formal documents ...Continue reading

Five Reasons to Hire a Proofreader


How many times did you stumble on a petty mistake in your essay and regretted the text hadn’t been proofread before? Apply to the Essay-Editor on the constant terms and you will experience no more troubles this way!We have only professionals in our editors’ team who can manage any type of editing work. We serve all kinds of editing that you might need, and for all types of texts: fine literature essays, academic dissertations, magazine articles, on-Web posts, important e-mail ...Continue reading

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There is plenty of information on the Internet regarding the checking and correction of the written texts. The professionals and beginners make their input writing the articles, participating in discussions on the forums, consulting for free or at the minimal cost. Yet, this type of advice is not the one to be remembered for long if you do not need it at the moment. There is hardly a single student to be found who would study the basics of editing scrupulously before actually getting the ...Continue reading

Steps to the Amazing English Editing


Does your paper need editing? Answering this question might take some time. Sometimes, there can be unnoticed mistakes that would spoil the overall view of the text. Sometimes, it might be written correctly, but in a dry and unimaginative way. Sometimes, the separate paragraphs and sentences seem OK, but together they do not make a whole. Then, you would need to revise the text and its logical structure. But, what to do if your text is just not interesting? Will editing help?Yes! We say so at ...Continue reading