Top 9 Thesis Editing Services: Last Updated Review


Some projects become milestones in our lives, and a thesis is one of them. A flawless and well-thought-out paper opens numerous opportunities in front of its author. Apart from an academic degree, it brings a solid reputation and appreciation from the community. So, the thesis must be perfect, and an impartial expert editing service will help you with that.

Here is a rating of top professional editors prepared by our assistants. From this article, you will find out:

  • Who is rightly the best editing agency today?
  • How is the rating composed?
  • What makes the most professional editing service?

We have conducted fair research to reveal the most successful participants in the online editing and proofreading market. Our results are backed by facts, and we openly demonstrate our system of evaluation.

Here are the initial data for our experiment:

  • The document to be edited: A Master's thesis
  • The number of words: 20000
  • Terms: 2 weeks
  • What we want: comprehensive editing and proofreading services

Top best dissertation editing services

When working on this list we have considered the most popular clients' expectations and preferences. Due to rich practical experience in the sphere of academic writing and editing, we have collected a big database of information on users and customers. Besides, we have analyzed the situation in the market of dissertation editing services. Thus, our team has studied the way the user comes to opt for the particular editor.

choose the best dissertation editing services

As we see, the most decisive factors influencing the choice of the user are:

  • the balance between the pricing policy and the quality of the edited document;
  • conditions and terms of the service (their clarity and convenience);
  • usability of the website;
  • the convenience of the communication process.

The information on the above points has formed the basis of our research.

top editing services for thesis Your #1 assistant

The heroes of honest ratings often turn out to be little-known companies. It is because some businesses do not invest a lot in online advertising, still it in no way means poor results of the service.

Advantages of this editing team

Good prices

We have revealed that this website sets the most affordable prices. Probably it is due to a good system of bonuses and the absence of large-scale advertising campaigns.

Flexible terms

They offer different deadlines, so one can pick a long one and, thus, minimize the cost of the service. Meantime, urgent editing and proofreading service is also available.

Proofs of professionalism

We did not find any negative reviews of this agency on the web. Plus, our assistants have ordered their editing service. The expert did a good job, and the final draft of the text is perfect.

Scribendi: 20+ years of experience


This service has rightly earned good popularity. It is probably the oldest company that managed to keep running this business since 1997.

What we have liked most about them

Immediate feedback

The support manager was polite and explained everything clearly.

The general impression from the website

Informative and convenient web pages, logical navigation.

Some observations

  • When using an online calculator, we could not set our deadline. There were only two variants available for our project: 72 hours and one week.
  • The company adds taxes to the final price for clients from Canada. It is because their head office is in this country.
  • We have noticed an extensive online advertising campaign, including Google Ads.

Editage: Paid services + Free materials


This is another experienced participant of the thesis editing services. For 19+ years of work, they have collected a big database of helpful materials for authors and students. And they share them for free.

Things that are worth your attention

✔ They care about readers and clients

As a client-oriented company, they appreciate feedback from users and customers. One can leave a comment on their service or website in the field "Share an idea." It looks nice.

✔ Impressive statistics

The company demonstrates amazing achievements such as: two million successfully edited papers, including PhD projects, 50000 clients, cooperation with representatives of more than 190 countries, etc.

✔ Wide specialization

Both native English speakers and foreigners can find competent assistance here: the specialization of this agency covers all possible subject areas, including Life Science, Physical Engineering, Business, and many more.

Americanmanuscripteditors: Foreigner-friendly portal

AmericanmanuscripteditorsWhat is special about this service

✔ Not only for English speakers

Their portal is available in several foreign languages, including Portuguese and Turkish. It is very convenient for international students.

✔ Communication process

We could not find a constant online chat working 24 hours a day. Instead, the website offers phone calls and emails.

✔ The opportunity to get an instant quote

Conveniently, one can quickly calculate the price depending on the word count and the type of the project (dissertations, general academic texts, materials for journals). Yet only two deadlines are available on the site: 72 and 48 hours.

Scribbr: Decent rating on Trustpilot


Arguments in favor of this company

✔ An individual feedback on your project

This agency promises to give personalized comments on the improvement of your paper.

✔ All types of contemporary editing services are available

Here one can purchase different editing services packages to improve grammar, punctuation, readability, and other aspects of the academic writing style. The competencies cover all kinds of texts beginning from essays and to the university theses.

✔ Online instruments

They do not only edit projects but also offer free tools for users such as a citation generator and a plagiarism detector.

Dissertationbydesign: Modern view on services promotion


What is special about this editing site

✔ Pleasant fresh design

Minimalistic stylish blue website makes this enterprise stand out among other participants of the online market.

✔ Not only dissertation editing assistance

Apart from standard APA, developmental editing, and proofreading, they specialize in coaching, consulting, workshops, and courses devoted to dissertations.

✔ Social media

The representatives of this agency share helpful information for students on their social media: LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube.

Getproofed: A fancy website


Why users choose this service

✔ Modern website

The site leaves a good impression due to its well-thought-out design, animated features, and optimal usability. Conveniently, one can upload the file in MS Word, PDF, Keynote, and other formats.

✔ Excellent online reputation

Users leave a big number of positive feedbacks on official rating websites, such as Trustpilot, for instance.

✔ Certifications

We have noticed that this agency has three quality certifications, and it speaks of their serious approach to business.

Toptierediting: APA gurus


What they offer

✔ Focus on APA standards

The company positions itself as an expert in APA rules and, thus, offers competent editing services for such formats of academic projects.

✔ Friendly to beginners

We have noticed pleasant 10% discounts for newcomers.

✔ Three tiers of services plus the basic level

Their clear table visually explains what every level of the service includes: formatting, sentence structure improvements, examination of the word choice, etc.

Pubrica: Knowledge-driven editors


Specific features of the company

✔ Orientation on sciences and medicine

Their website demonstrates mainly expertise in research, medical, and scientific areas.

✔ The communication system

We have received an immediate answer from the support agent.

✔ Instant quote of the service

We could not quickly count how much it will cost us to check 20000 words: the projects are discussed individually.

Have you already tried any editing services? Please, share your feedback with us, and we'll consider it in our next ratings. Contact us on the chat.

The truth about ratings of editing and proofreading services

Our review is honest and well-argued, and we feel obliged to warn you about some moments.

1) We demonstrate the situation at a particular point in time.

2) Some factors are impossible to consider; for instance:

  • current bonuses and discounts (there can be individual offers, as well as discounts during holidays and other special occasions);
  • the workload (some agencies can be extremely busy at certain times, and thus, you might have to wait for a long time to receive the edited paper).

3) We have tested one project with specific conditions. It was chosen on the basis of the most frequent users' requests. Meantime, your priorities can be different, do not forget to consider them.

Expert tips on how to choose the best editor

Whether you study humanities, arts, or sciences, expert editors will significantly improve the level of your academic achievements. Our assistants have analyzed the life stories of our regular clients, and we've seen that our services are rather impactful.

editors make your life better

Here are some leading questions that will help you choose a suitable agency or editor.

  1. Are there any guarantees of perfect results?
  2. What is the average turnaround time?
  3. Do editors specialize in thesis editing of your academic discipline (History, English language, and linguistics, Business, etc.)?
  4. Do the editors work according to the style guide which is suitable for you?
  5. How do they calculate the price: is it per page or hour?
  6. Do they have a 24-hour support service?
  7. Discuss the level of your project (Master's thesis, postgraduate school dissertation, Ph.D. level).
  8. Talk over your expectations from the final draft (elimination of all possible spelling, syntax, formatting mistakes; what else?)
  9. Do these dissertation editing services imply a period of free revisions to correct final mistakes?

Helpful hint: Pay attention to the currency of the price: there could be USD, Australian, Canadian dollars, etc.

Our verdict on the best editors

We consider that all the above companies are decent representatives of the dissertation editing agencies. With different approaches to this online business, they can significantly contribute to your academic success. The only thing is to select the most suitable one. We hope this list has helped you with that.

Trust our specialists, we'll prove that our first place in this rating is no accident. Place an order here!