Usage Of Modal Verbs In Past And Present Tenses


Everybody has written an essay at least several times in life and then most people have understood that their essay needs edition. Some of them try to edit it without outside help, some use editing services. Now we will try to get outside of all the essay features. And also you will find out how the writers from essay editing services write essay.

Requirements imposed to the essay:

1. The essay has to be perceived as an integrated whole, the idea has to be clear and understandable.

2. The essay shouldn't contain anything superfluous, has to include only that information which is necessary for disclosure your position and ideas.

3. The essay should have competent composite construction, be logical and have accurate structure.

4. Each paragraph of the essay has to contain only one main idea.

The essay has to show that his author knows and uses theoretical concepts, terms, generalizations, world outlook ideas much deliberately.

6. The essay has to contain the convincing argumentation of the position according to the main problem of the essay, as Wikipedia advises.

Algorithm of writing of the essay:

Attentively read all themes (statements) offered for writing of the essay. Choose that one which will meet several requirements:

a) it is interesting to you;

b) you have understood in general the sense of this statement;

c) you have what to tell on this subject (you know terms, you can give examples, you have personal experience, etc.).

  • Define the main thought of the statement (What is it about?), for this purpose use a trick of a periphrasis (tell the same, but by the own words).

  • Outline the arguments pro and/or contra this statement, using a draft copy. If you gather enough arguments both pro, and contra the aphorism taken as a subject, your essay can have polemic character.

  • For each argument select the examples, the facts, the situations from your own life, from your own personal experience, etc.

  • Think of what literary devices you will use to make language of your essay more interesting, alive (similes, metaphors, epithets, etc.).

  • Divide the outlined arguments and/or counterarguments in sequence. It will be your conditional plan.

  • Think up the introduction to your reasoning (here you can write why you have chosen this statement, define the position, ask the question to the author of the quote, etc.).

  • State your point of view in that sequence which you have planned.

  • Formulate the general conclusion of work and if it is necessary, edit it.

What it is worth to pay attention when writing the essay to the next points:

  1. It is worth noticing that there are no absolutely correct or wrong answers to questions in liberal arts education as it happens in physics or mathematics - there are only more or less reasoned points of view.

  2. As a rule, the final mark for the essay is put down for your own unique ideas, your own judgments and your own arguments.

  3. When declaring your own position the following comes under the spotlight:

  • ability (opportunity) of the pupil to estimate data and a point of view and arguments of others critically and independently;

  • ability of understanding, estimating and establishment of connection between the key moments of any problems and questions;

  • ability to differentiate what is more and less important;

  • ability of understanding analytical approaches and models;

  • readiness to differentiate opposite approaches and models and their application to empirical material, discussion about fundamental issues;

  1. Those works win, which are written shortly, accurately and clearly.

Essay attributes

It is possible to allocate some general attributes (features) of a genre which are usually listed in encyclopedias and dictionaries:

  • Small size. Any tough borders, of course, do not exist. Essay size is from three to seven pages of the computer text. For example, essays on only two pages are often written at Harvard business school. At other universities the essay to ten pages, however, of the typewritten text is allowed.

  • Concrete subject and its subjective handling. The subject of the essay is always concrete. The essay cannot contain many subjects or ideas (thoughts). It reflects only one option, one thought. So you should develop it. Your essay is the answer to one question.

  • Free composition is an important feature of the essay. Researchers note that the essay by its nature is so constructed that it does not assume any formal requirements. It quite often is contrary to laws of logic.

  • Easiness of the narration. It is important to the author of the essay to establish confidential style of communication with the reader; to be understood by the readers, he avoids intentionally complicated, not clear, excessively strict constructions. Researchers note that only the one who masterfully understand the subject can write a good essay, sees it from various parties and is ready to show to the reader not exhaustive, but multidimensional view of the phenomenon which has become a starting point of his reflections.

  • Tendency to paradoxes. The essay is created to surprise the reader. It is its obligatory quality according to many researchers. A starting point for the reflections, embodied in the essay, is quite often the aphoristic, interesting statement or paradoxical definition.

  • Internal semantic unity. Perhaps, it is one of paradoxes of a genre. Free on composition, focused on subjectivity, the essay at the same time has internal semantic unity, i.e. coherence of key theses and statements, internal harmony of arguments and associations, consistency of those judgments in which the personal position of the author is expressed.

So, when writing the essay it is important to define (to understand) its subject, to determine the desirable size and the purposes of each paragraph. Begin with the main idea or the bright phrase, so called catchphrase. The task is to capture attention of the reader. Here is the comparative allegory when the unexpected fact or an event connects the main subject of the essay.

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